Bill List for 2024 Session

The Legislative History Project only provides video of bills that are debated on the House and Senate floor. Bills introduced but not debated are not provided in any form.

House Bill

Principal Author
HB 37 Physical therapists; revise circumstances and criteria under which they may implement treatment without a referral.Currie
HB 41 Podiatrist; authorize to perform ankle surgery when meet certain requirements.Barton
HB 42 MS Rural Dentists Scholarship Program; increase number of students who may be admitted into annually.Steverson
HB 43 Wildlife; provide that the state has a duty to protect and sustain for the public's benefit.Kinkade
HB 44 Physical therapists; not required to have prior work experience to work at PPEC center.Roberson
HB 48 Residential subdivisions; authorize property owners to establish and/or amend convenants, conditions and restrictions.Lamar
HB 73 School attendance officers; transfer responsibility of employment from MDE to local school districts.Owen
HB 74 Memorial highways; designate segment in Noxubee County as the "Chief Petty Officer Andrew Triplett Memorial Highway".Mickens
HB 75 Memorial highway; designate a segment of U.S. Highway 45 in Macon, MS as the "Sgt. Travis S. Cooper Memorial Highway."Mickens
HB 80 Presumption of death; create for missing persons who have undergone a catastrophic event causing imminent peril.Currie
HB 120 Memorial highways; designate segment in Shannon, Lee County as the "Johnny R. Patterson Memorial Highway."Thompson
HB 124 Tuskegee Airmen Day; designate the fourth Thursday in March.Hulum
HB 155 Local governments capital improvements revolving loan program; include municipal natural gas facilities.Faulkner
HB 177 Dietician Licensure Compact; create.Currie
HB 286 Sexual Battery; remove statute of limitations when DNA evidence is discovered.Owen
HB 292 DUI suspension; clarify how the 120 days are counted.Roberson
HB 295 Arrest warrants; authorize electronic applications, signatures and records for.Anderson (122nd)
HB 297 Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services; revise bidding procedure.Zuber
HB 298 Capitol Complex Improvement District; authorize demolition of certain property, authorize grants for development of certain property.Crudup
HB 299 Mississippi Forestry Commission; authorize to electronically accept bids for timber sales.Bounds
HB 300 Department of Wildlife; authorize reimbursement for discounts relating to hunting and fishing licenses and other fees.Bounds
HB 302 "MS Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Rights Act" and "Uniform Athlete Agents Act"; bring forward.Bounds
HB 308 Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program; revise to remove eight rounds requirement.Ford (54th)
HB 310 Application for privilege license tag for vehicles; increase from seven to thirty working days.Ford (54th)
HB 313 Board of Cosmetology and Barbering; create to regulate cosmetology and barber professions.Newman
HB 315 Mississippi Code; modernize terminology by replacing "mentally retarded" with "intellectual disability".Yancey
HB 317 EMS Memorial; Health Dept. shall design and construct to honor EMS personnel who died in line of duty.Hobgood-Wilkes
HB 319 Distinguished motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance to supporters of the Columbia Academy Cougars.Morgan
HB 325 Real property; right of first refusal expires on grantee's death unless specifically stated otherwise.Sanford
HB 328 Alcoholic beverages; increase number of package retailer's permits a person may own.Powell
HB 329 Alcoholic beverages; authorize local authorities of wet jurisdiction to permit package retail sales on Sunday.Powell
HB 331 Counties and municipalities; authorize to choose not to be subject to requirement for permitting as a condition to construction.Smith
HB 342 Recreational landowners; add cycling to the list of activities exempt from liability.Shanks
HB 346 "Seizure Safe Schools Act"; establish.Roberson
HB 349 Squatted vehicles; prohibit modifications to motor vehicle which raise front fender a certain height above the rear fender.Shanks
HB 365 Mississippi Musicians Month; designate the month of March each year as.McGee
HB 413 Dog bites; authorize payment for actual expenses for injuries caused by.Sanford
HB 418 Continuing education training for police officers; extend to require for public colleges and universities and PRVWSD officers.Bell (21st)
HB 419 Health care certificate of need law; bring forward code sections related to.Zuber
HB 430 Alcoholic beverages; allow direct sales and shipment of certain wines to residents in this state.Zuber
HB 438 Shoplifting; revise penalties for crime of.Newman
HB 443 Elected official; prohibit from holding more than one elected office at the same time.Newman
HB 445 Driver's license; restore ability to suspend for certain traffic violations.Newman
HB 504 Rural Firetruck Acquisition Assistance Program; authorize an additional round for counties and municipalities.Byrd
HB 516 State agencies procurement; bring forward code sections related to.Zuber
HB 526 Hunting; authorize hunters to wear fluorescent pink as an alternative to fluorescent orange.Rushing
HB 539 Medicaid; provide for presumptive eligibility for pregnant women.McGee
HB 564 Urban renewal project powers; revise definition of.Zuber
HB 585 "Dignity and Safety for Incarcerated Women Act"; enact.Newman
HB 595 Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts; allow to speak to students regarding civic involvement with principal's approval.Scoggin
HB 616 Mississippi Rare Disease Advisory Council; create at UMMC.McKnight
HB 619 Memorial highway; designate a segment of MS Hwy 15 in Jasper County as the "Major Samuel S. (Coach) King Memorial Highway.Tullos
HB 624 Income tax; reenact and extend repealer on credit for certain railroad expenditures.Steverson
HB 628 Public records; extend repealer on statute granting persons public right of access to.Ford (54th)
HB 634 Sidearm of retired or deceased law enforcement officer; provide that the employing agency shall determine the amount.Currie
HB 652 State Port Authority and other ports; delete repealer on authority to use design-build method of contracting.Ford (54th)
HB 653 Trip optimizer system; extend expiration date of moratorium on application to state agencies of.Ford (54th)
HB 659 Alcoholic beverages; revise certain provisions relating to sales to persons under the age of 21.Steverson
HB 691 Mississippi Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training; revise composition of and provide with investigative authority.Shanks
HB 694 Commercial Driver's License; require notice to employer when possibility of suspension for unpaid child support.Massengill
HB 697 Mississippi Aviation Safety Act; create.Massengill
HB 702 Transportation funding; authorize public-private partnerships to include naming rights.Steverson
HB 722 Judicial districts; revise.Horan
HB 724 Expungement; clarify expungement of pardoned convictions.Horan
HB 728 Prescription drugs; prohibit discriminating actions against 340B drug discount program entities.Barton
HB 733 Sales tax; deposit portion of revenue into the Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund.Kinkade
HB 750 State Grand Jury Act; codify and extend repealer.Shanks
HB 751 Commercial motor vehicles; extend repealer on authority of Commissioner of Public Safety to create voluntary inspection program.Shanks
HB 752 Public Service Commission; extend repealer on its creation and powers and duties.Shanks
HB 753 State Board of Cosmetology; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 755 Parole; extend repealer on statute prescribing conditions for eligibility.Shanks
HB 756 Prison Industry Enhancement Program; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 757 State offenders; extend repealer on authority to house in county jails when space is unavailable.Shanks
HB 758 Pilot Work Initiative at Central MS Correctional Facility; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 759 Mississippi Prison Industries Act of 1990; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 760 MS Qualified Health Center Grant Program; extend date for Department of Health Grants for increased services and physicians.Shanks
HB 761 Harper Grace's Law; extend repealer on authority to research and dispense CBD oil for medical purposes.Shanks
HB 763 Pilot Work Release Program; extend repealer on authority of sheriff to establish for certain offenders in certain counties.Shanks
HB 764 State Department of Health and State Board of Health; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 765 MS Critical Teacher Shortage Act; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 768 Israel Support Act of 2019; extend repealer on.Shanks
HB 770 MS Office of Workforce Development; extend exemption from Public Procurement Review Board rental agreement requirements.Shanks
HB 773 Elected State and District Officers; extend repealer on authority to exceed salary cap for professionals employed by.Shanks
HB 774 MS Mobile Sports Wagering Act; create to legalize "online race book" and "online sports pool" betting.Eure
HB 775 Prior authorization; impose certain requirements on health insurance issuers regarding.Creekmore IV
HB 776 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.Turner
HB 777 Alcoholic beverages; revise policy of state regarding prohibition of.Powell
HB 783 Child custody; require presumption of joint custody and equal parenting time.Aguirre
HB 818 Insurance; revise the Rural Fire Truck Matching Assistance Program, the MS First Responders Health and Safety Act and the Municipal and County Fire Funds.Turner
HB 819 Insurance; remove filing fee on auto cancellation or nonrenewal appeals and exempt life line applicants from prelicensing requirements.Turner
HB 822 CCID inferior court; clarify appeals from and repeal appointment of temporary judges.Lamar
HB 823 Memorial bridge; designate north bridge on MS Hwy 309 as the "Hubert Ingram Memorial Bridge."Faulkner
HB 844 State Parole Board; require to solicit recommendations from and provide notification to certain individuals before parole hearing.Currie
HB 845 Charitable organizations; require IRS forms filed annually with Secretary of State to be for the most recent fiscal year end.Yancey
HB 846 Chancery clerk fees; conform recording deeds to land sold for taxes and redemption of such lands.Yancey
HB 848 CON; remove chemical dependency services and facilities and psychiatric residential treatment facilities from CON law.Yancey
HB 867 Student transfers; remove requirement for current district of attendance to approve release.Owen
HB 868 "Property Cleanup Revolving Fund"; establish.Rushing
HB 869 Giglio letter; require prosecutors to give law enforcement officers an opportunity to be heard before sending.Burch
HB 871 Balance billing; exclude practice of dentistry from prohibition on.Turner
HB 873 Purple Alert; establish as additional means to aid search of missing persons with cognitive disabilities.Mansell
HB 874 Department of Public Safety; revise salary scale of MHP and MBN officers.Cockerham
HB 888 Insurance mitigation; revise various provisions related to.Turner
HB 893 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance to supporters of the Navy Seabee Foundation.Haney
HB 900 "The Families' Rights and Responsibilities Act"; create.Rushing
HB 903 Machine gun; provide crime for conversion to.Felsher
HB 904 "Victims of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Fund"; revise deposits for.Felsher
HB 906 Professional music therapists; provide for licensure by State Department of Health.Byrd
HB 907 MS Childcare Teachers Shortage Study Committee; create.Scoggin
HB 922 Election commissioner; revise office to be nonpartisan.Sanford
HB 934 Consumer reports; limit redisclosure to third party.Yancey
HB 939 Mississippi University Research Authority; revise and clarify composition of.Scoggin
HB 940 MS Transportation Commission; revise publication and bid requirements for Design-Build projects and allow use of alternate contracting methods.Massengill
HB 970 Medicaid; extend date of repealers on the services and managed care provisions and the provider assessment provisions.McGee
HB 974 State Board of Mental Health; authorize DFA to sell and convey certain real property on behalf of to City of Water Valley, MS.Creekmore IV
HB 975 State Board of Mental Health; authorize DFA to purchase certain real property in Tupelo, MS, on behalf of.Creekmore IV
HB 978 State Veterans Affairs Board; revise provisions regarding processing of claims.Carpenter
HB 991 "Medal of Honor Trail"; designate portion of Interstate 22 and U.S. Highway 78 within the State of Mississippi as.Creekmore IV
HB1000 Corporations and LLCs; authorize notice of dissolution by electronic mail only.Deweese
HB1001 Veterans cemeteries; authorize interments in under federal Burial Equity for Guards and Reserves Act.Carpenter
HB1003 Homestead exemption; revise time within which certain homeowners may apply for.Carpenter
HB1004 Sex offender registry; revise definitions for provisions of law that regulate.Horan
HB1006 Recreation crab licenses; limit to license holders rather than households.Anderson (122nd)
HB1007 Oyster tags; authorize the printing of by the catcher.Anderson (122nd)
HB1013 Paramedics Recruitment and Retention Scholarship Program; create.Carpenter
HB1015 DPS; authorize inspectors to assist other officers.Carpenter
HB1021 Pawnbrokers; authorize Commissioner of Banking to establish by rule a process allowing certain purchased and/or pledged goods to be stored off premises.Zuber
HB1023 DHS Fraud Investigators; allow to drive unmarked vehicles.Horan
HB1024 DHS; authorize to recover costs of fraud investigations.Horan
HB1025 Department of Corrections; eliminate executive deputy commissioner from.Horan
HB1026 Medicaid; make various technical amendments to the program.McGee
HB1030 DHS; authorize to enter into lease with counties having local offices to maximize federal funds.Creekmore IV
HB1035 Justice court judges; include in the "Nonpartisan Judicial Election Act".Horan
HB1037 Deficit appropriations; revise process for state agencies to avoid the need for. (PEER bill).Currie
HB1048 Peer-to-peer Car Sharing Program Act; create.Ford (54th)
HB1060 Performance bonds; increase threshold amount in public works contracts.Remak
HB1062 Pawnbrokers; authorize to pass credit and debit card processing charges to customers.Zuber
HB1063 Excavation; revise procedures and require white lining in certain stances.Powell
HB1068 County medical examiners; require to enter information electronically.McGee
HB1074 Terroristic threats; increase penalties when made against an airport.Summers
HB1079 Clean claim; clarify requirements for.Turner
HB1086 Land partitions; revise provision that regulate.Sanford
HB1087 Ballot harvesting; include certain definitions in prohibition on.Sanford
HB1088 Circuit courts; authorize jurisdiction for persons with criminal charges who may need civil commitment procedures.Horan
HB1089 Indigent counsel; increase compensation for.Horan
HB1090 Paraphernalia; revise definition under the Uniform Controlled Substances Law.Bell (65th)
HB1091 Broadband equipment speed; increase to FCC requirement regarding ad valorem tax exemption.Tullos
HB1092 Automobile airbags and supplemental restraint systems; establish standards for installation of.Yancey
HB1100 Minors; prohibit health care providers and institutions from providing health care to without parental consent.Yancey
HB1102 DHS; authorize to use communication approved by financial institution for encumbrances.Cockerham
HB1103 Alcoholic beverages; authorize certain municipalities designated as qualified resort areas to regulate certain matters regarding the sale of.Waldo
HB1105 Limited Liability Company; remove prohibition on using the words "partnership" and "limited parternship" when providing a name for.Yancey
HB1106 National board certified occupational therapists and school psychologists; require salary supplement for public education employees.Roberson
HB1116 Public Sevice Commission; remove from the provisions of the MS Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.Bounds
HB1117 Public Utilities Staff; remove from the provisions of the MS Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.Bounds
HB1121 State officers; make minor, nonsubstantive changes regarding swearing in of.Sanford
HB1123 MDOT; authorize the transfer and conveyance of certain real property to Greene County Board of Supervisors.Burch
HB1126 "Walker Montgomery Protecting Children Online Act"; establish to protect minors from harmful content.Ford (73rd)
HB1129 Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce; transfer from UMMC to the State Department of Health.Mims
HB1130 Living Donor Protection Act; create.Turner
HB1135 Election day disputes; require list of judges selected to hear to be provided to certain officials.Wallace
HB1137 Opioid antagonists; authorize community organization to receive and administer.Nelson
HB1140 Public Records Act; revise time limitations for producing a competitive sealed proposal.Ford (54th)
HB1143 Advanced Metastatic Cancer; prohibit health plans from requiring step therapy before covering certain drugs to treat.Creekmore IV
HB1144 Diagnostic and supplemental breast exams; prohibit insurers from imposing any cost-sharing requirements for.Creekmore IV
HB1149 Counties; authorize to only maintain electronic format of law books in county courtrooms and public county law libraries.Carpenter
HB1153 Tobacco; prohibit sale to persons under.Scoggin
HB1156 Polling places; prohibit from being closed within sixty days before an election.Summers
HB1161 Alcoholic beverages; authorize municipalities in dry counties vote to come out from under the dry law.Lamar
HB1162 Child sexual abuse; revise statute of limitatitons for claims.Lamar
HB1163 Community and junior colleges; authorize to contract or enter into interlocal agreements with local governing authorities for first responders services.Lamar
HB1167 Marriage and family therapists; revise requirements for licensure.Yancey
HB1190 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.Roberson
HB1192 Virtual public schools; authorize operation by certain educational providers or locally sponsored virtual public schools.Roberson
HB1194 Expulsions; authorize aggregate reporting by State Department of Education of data relating to.Roberson
HB1196 Sextortion; create crime of.Roberson
HB1206 Open Season; revise dates for fur-bearing animals and hunting opossums, racoons and bobcats with dogs and guns.Kinkade
HB1207 Alcorn University Extension Annex; rename the "Dr. Jesse Harness, Sr., Extension and Research Center".Holloway (76th)
HB1208 Hunting and fishing on lands of others; revise provisions relating to and provide penalties for.Calvert
HB1210 The Dr. Elton Mac Huddleston Rural Veterinarians Scholarship Program; establish.Mangold
HB1211 Criminal justice agencies; bring forward sections that regulate.Yancey
HB1213 Living Donor Protection Act; create.Denton
HB1214 Joint Legislative Study Committee on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Other Digital Assets; create.Steverson
HB1216 Memorial highways; designate segment in Marion County as the "Sheriff J.V. Polk Memorial Highway.Morgan
HB1220 Tax forfeited property; authorize Secretary of State to reimburse local governments for tree removal and cleanup costs.Yates
HB1222 Laser hair removal; restrict the practice of to certain health professionals.Yates
HB1225 State Auditor; authorize to review and examine municipalities under certain conditions.Yates
HB1226 CCID inferior court; authorize additional judges and clarify appeals from.Yates
HB1229 Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Act; extend repealer on educational scholarship accounts (ESA).Roberson
HB1230 Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District; extend bonding authority until July 1, 2027.Roberson
HB1234 Tenancy by the entirety with rights of survivorship; create rebuttable presumption when deed to both spouses.Sanford
HB1252 Implied consent laws; authorize nonadjudication for violation under certain conditions.Horan
HB1253 Post-conviction collateral relief; require certain petitioners to obtain Supreme Court permission before filing in trial court.Horan
HB1257 Notary public; clarify maximum fee permitted and authorize qualified nonresidents to be commissioned as.Hulum
HB1258 16th section land; authorize local school board to grant an extension to holder of a long-term lease in good standing.McGee
HB1265 Pharmacists; authorize reimbursement for under certain insurance policies, plans, or contracts.Yancey
HB1269 Landscape architects; authorize to participate with multi-disciplinary engineer and architecture firms.Creekmore IV
HB1271 Real estate; revise liability for certain provisions.Deweese
HB1273 Department of Public Safety; revise various provisions relating to.Horan
HB1274 Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy; create study committee on partnership with.Bell (21st)
HB1279 Shrimp trawling; provide that certain waters shall be permanently closed to.Anderson (122nd)
HB1284 Mississippi Foreign Land Ownership Act; create to prohibit acquisition of forestry and agricultural lands.Pigott
HB1286 Motor vehicles; provide procedure for licensing rental fleets.Steverson
HB1287 Memorial highway; designate segment of MS Highway 30 in Prentiss County as the "Jamie Neal Guin, PCEPA Lineman, Memorial Highway."Arnold
HB1288 Memorial highways; clarify names of certain to reflect official title of U.S. service members for whom they are named.Arnold
HB1290 Charity Protection Act; create.Yancey
HB1298 Mississippi Wild Turkey Stamp; establish.Kinkade
HB1301 Construction contracts; provide certain requirements regarding retainage.Bell (21st)
HB1303 Fresh Start Act; revise certain provisions of.Yates
HB1304 Grain graders; provide process for certification of.Pigott
HB1311 Community and junior colleges; authorize board of trustees to reduce or waive out-of-state tuition for certain students.Mims
HB1315 MS Youth Court Information Delivery System (MYCIDS); require audit of.Hood
HB1316 Public purchasing; require competitive bidding for web-based application for MYCIDS.Hood
HB1319 Homeowner's insurance; prohibit insurer from refusing to issue or to renew policy soley based on roof's age.Hood
HB1323 Statute of limitations; increase for sexual battery of a vulnerable person.McKnight
HB1324 Home Inspector Regulatory Board; revive and provide that MS Real Estate Appraisal Board shall regulate home inspectors.Barnett
HB1325 Secretary of State employees; authorize certain employees to carry a firearm.Barnett
HB1341 Students of active duty service members and civilian personnel; revise residency requirements to allow transfers to another district of choice.Felsher
HB1342 Controlled substances; bring forward sections for unlawful possession of.Owen
HB1343 Scrivener's affidavit; revise authority for attorney who submitted but are now retired.Owen
HB1344 Nonprofit Corporations; require annual report to be filed with Secretary of State.Yancey
HB1350 Telephone solicitors; prohibit from making any solicitation regarding Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare supplements.McGee
HB1351 Child placed in foster care; clarify that youth court must be consulted before placement is revised.Hobgood-Wilkes
HB1352 Telephone solicitors; prohibit calls regarding Medicare supplements and to consumers opting out of all calls.Hood
HB1353 Horseracing; include in equine liability.Bounds
HB1354 Alcoholic Beverage Control Division warehouse; increase amount of revenue bonds authorized for and bailment fee authorized for paying debt service on bonds.Lamar
HB1355 State agencies; Personnel Board and LBO shall develop salary funding levels for.Read
HB1356 Telework; revise certain provisions regarding use of by employees of state service agencies.Read
HB1357 Department of Agriculture; revise authority to spend certain funds.Read
HB1359 Serial bonds or single term bonds; authorize counties and municipalities to issue.Aguirre
HB1363 Internet; create civil liability for distribution of child pornography and obscene matter by commercial entities.Wallace
HB1366 Mississippi Principal and Income Act of 2013; revise provisions relating to partial liquidation.Haney
HB1370 Trespass; clarify elements of.McMillan
HB1376 Qualified residential treatment programs; authorize certain youth in Child Protection Services to be placed in.Creekmore IV
HB1377 MS Consumer Alternative Installment Loan Act; require Dept.of Banking to issue memo authorizing new maximum loan amount and revise amount calculation.Aguirre
HB1378 Homestead exemption; increase for honorably discharged veterans 90 years of age or older.Remak
HB1379 "Students Safe at School Act"; create to provide procedures for active shooter drills and simulations.Barton
HB1382 Bail; make certain amendments to provisions related to.McLean
HB1390 Grand jury; clarify procedures for recusal of district attorney.Owen
HB1396 Community Eligibility Provision of National School Lunch Program; require certain school districts to apply for.Porter
HB1401 Polling place; prohibit facility that sells alcoholic beverages to be used as.Rosebud
HB1403 Justice Court; revise filing fees.Sanford
HB1404 Runoff elections; revise time for holding to four weeks.Sanford
HB1406 Absentee voting; revise various provisions of.Tullos
HB1408 Residential roofing contractors; revise requirements under Insurance Benefits Roofing Repair Consumer Protection Act.Turner
HB1410 Insurance reimbursement rates; revise certain provisions.Turner
HB1417 Health care industry zone; expand radius for location of certain facilities for certification by MDA as.Eure
HB1420 Public procurement laws; exempt certain contracts for museums.Ford (54th)
HB1421 Public purchasing; increase threshold for bidding and revise provisions related to reverse auctions.Ford (54th)
HB1432 Memorial bridges; designate bridges on U.S. Hwy 72 in Alcorn County, near Burnsville, MS, as the "Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Bridges."Carpenter
HB1439 Riparian rights; revise what may be included in.Ladner
HB1440 Juvenile offenders; provide alternative sentencing and parole options.Horan
HB1441 Felony; increase penalties for commission of with use of semi-automatic firearm.Horan
HB1447 SAVED; create study committee to determine establishing model school for failing schools in the Mississippi Delta.Roberson
HB1450 Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact; authorize entrance for purpose of facilitating mobility of teachers married to service members.Roberson
HB1453 "Investing in the Needs of Students to Prioritize, Impact and Reform Education (INSPIRE) Act of 2024"; create.Roberson
HB1454 Conditions for parole eligibility; extend date of repeal on.Owen
HB1455 Work initiative; remove cap on number of inmates who may participate in and revise certain reporting requirements for.Owen
HB1459 MS Uniform Post-Conviction Collateral Relief Act; bring forward.Owen
HB1460 Municipality and County Water Infrastructure Grant Program; bring forward for possible amendment.White
HB1461 Vape directory; require Department of Revenue to maintain and publish.Yancey
HB1463 "Carrol V. Hood Memorial Highway"; specify parameters of location for designation.Holloway (76th)
HB1471 BEAM; prohibit from accepting gifts or other benefits from any broadband service provider, vendor, or contractor.Powell
HB1473 Bonds; repeal authorization for certain unissued bonds and replace certain unissued bonds with cash.Lamar
HB1478 Alternative nicotine products; prohibit sale or distribution of if prohibited under federal law or FDA rule or regulation.Hall
HB1485 Income tax; exclude forgiven, cancelled or discharged federal student loan debt under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program from the definition of "gross income".Evans
HB1487 Capitol Complex Improvement District; revise boundaries of.Yates
HB1489 Ambulance services; provide for payment for treatment in place and provide for minimum reimbursement rate in health insurance policies.Hobgood-Wilkes
HB1519 Short-line railroad; authorize certain towns to acquire and operate.Cockerham
HB1525 Alcoholic beverages; revise certain provisions regarding locations for sale of.Powell
HB1527 HIV medications; prohibit health plans and Medicaid from subjecting to protocols that restrict dispensing of.Hines
HB1533 Bioenergy; considered carbon neutral when produced from biomass.Morgan
HB1537 Sexual offense; provide immunity for reporting.McLean
HB1542 Intestate succession; child conceived by assisted reproduction after decedent's death is deemed to be living at the time of death.McLean
HB1548 Cardiac emergency response plan; require local school district to implement.McCarty
HB1558 Social media platforms; require owners or operators of to regulate advertisement of tobacco and nicotine products.Hood
HB1560 Governmental tort immunity; bring forward sections.Hood
HB1567 Workforce development fund; bring forward code section on.Bell (21st)
HB1568 Jackson State University; authorize to expand physical boundaries to promote safety on campus.Bell (65th)
HB1577 Bidding terms for public depositories for counties and municipalities; make compatible.Aguirre
HB1579 Business Improvement Districts Act; make various revisions concerning.Haney
HB1583 Consumer Freedom of Choice in Appliances Act; create.Hale
HB1584 Memorial Highway; designate segment of MS Hwy 9 in Webster County as the "Warrant Officer William H. "Bill" Seaborn, Jr., Memorial Highway.Hood
HB1589 Motor vehicles; revise certain provisions regarding discharge of liens and scrapping.Lamar
HB1590 PERS; reconstitute membership of board and rescind scheduled employer's contribution increase.Zuber *
HB1603 Organ procurement organizations; records and proceedings of PEER review committees are confidential and not discoverable.Eure
HB1604 Comprehensive Career and Technical Education Reform Act; revise certain portions of regarding industry certification and grants.Roberson
HB1607 Mississippi Women's Bill of Rights; create.McLean
HB1609 Voting rights; restore for certain disqualifying crimes.Karriem
HB1612 Pharmacy benefit managers; revise provisions relating to.Hobgood-Wilkes
HB1615 Public procurement laws; exempt certain purchases and contracts for landmark buildings from.Bennett
HB1617 County industrial development authorities certain; revise certain provisions regarding.Boyd (37th)
HB1618 PERS; define "instrumentality" for purpose of PERS laws and include health care collaboratives in the definition.Deweese
HB1620 Use tax; revise certain provisions regarding funds distributed to municipalities and counties for infrastructure assistance.Lamar
HB1621 Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive Act; revise certain provisions of.Lamar
HB1622 Towing of commercial vehicles; regulate the nonconsensual towing of by towing and recovery services.Steverson
HB1623 Tourism project sales tax incentive program; bring forward sections of law relating to.Steverson
HB1624 Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program; create state associate and standardize operations of local programs.Fondren
HB1625 Corporate breach of security; require reports to the Attorney General.Faulkner
HB1627 Nonprofit Agricultural Membership Organizations; exempt from insurance regulation.Deweese
HB1629 Ambulance service providers; provide for minimum rate of reimbursement under any policy of accident and sickness insurance.Carpenter
HB1637 Radiological health services; revise fees charged by State Board of Health for providing.Creekmore IV
HB1638 Income tax; allow DHS to collect debts owed to it through setoff against state income tax refunds.Creekmore IV
HB1639 Delta Regional Health Authority; create task force on the establishment of.Creekmore IV
HB1640 Mental Health; revise procedures for screening, evaluation and commitments for those with issues of.Creekmore IV
HB1641 Public records; exempt public body's records containing client information concerning economic development projects.Lamar
HB1642 Tax credits, various; bring forward sections of law relating to.Lamar
HB1644 Ambulance services providers; contracts with to provide exclusively in county or city must allow other providers to respond when necessary.Yates
HB1647 Commissioner of Insurance; authorize to implement a state insurance exchange, authorize income tax deductions and insurance premium tax credit.Lamar
HB1648 Electronic bids; authorize public utilities to provide system for submittal of as additional option.Lancaster
HB1655 Candidate qualifications; revise process for.Felsher
HB1658 County and municipal executive committee agreements; revise.Sanford
HB1659 Public Trust Tidelands; revise various provisions related to.Anderson (122nd)
HB1660 Cigarettes and vape products; require Commissioner of Revenue to establish separate directories to regulate sales of.Lamar
HB1662 Workforce development; revise certain provisions related to.Bell (21st)
HB1664 Acceptance or offer of gifts; revise provisions relating to.Powell
HB1665 Capitol Complex Improvement District; authorize incentive for development of property in.Lamar
HB1668 Mississippi Teacher Residency Program; require Legislature to fund for fiscal year 2025.McCarty
HB1669 Assistant teachers; revise qualifications for employment.McCarty
HB1670 MAEP; clarify classification of exceptional children in preschool for reporting and purposes of funding teacher units.McCarty
HB1673 Legislative vacancy; revise procedure to fill.McCarty
HB1675 Unclaimed property; prescribe process to be used by certain cooperatives with regard to disposition of.Aguirre
HB1676 Mississippi Intoxicating Hemp Regulation Act and Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act; revise certain provisions of.Yancey
HB1678 Baby safety devices; require to be inspected and approved by Health Department before use by emergency medical services provider.McGee
HB1681 Memorial Highways; designate segment MS Hwy 513 in Clarke County as "Lance Corporal Mac Hamburg, MSMC, Memorial Highway."Smith
HB1683 MS Charter School Act of 2013; bring forward for purposes of possible amendments.Owen
HB1685 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise schedules.Hobgood-Wilkes
HB1689 Election crime; create for dissemination of a deep fake within 90 days of an election.Sanford
HB1692 State JROTC Coordinator; exempt from qualification requirements of the State Personnel Board.Felsher
HB1696 Failing schools; revise processes relating to being placed into a District of Transformation and abolishing the MS Achievement School District.McCarty
HB1697 Law enforcement and certain first responders killed in line of duty; authorize payment to family up to 30 days.Grady
HB1701 Taxes, various; bring forwards sections of law authorizing and providing for distribution of revenue.Lamar
HB1704 Appropriations; revise certain FY 2024 appropriations and direct transfers.Read
HB1705 Budget process; bring forward certain sections relating to and provide for transfers of funds.Read
HB1706 Programs funded with ARPA funds; revise certain provisions and bring forward sections of.Read
HB1707 2023 Local Improvements Projects Fund; clarify and correct names and purposes of certain projects funded from.Read
HB1710 Income tax; authorize a tax credit for certain employers that sponsor skills training for employees.Bell (21st)
HB1725 Medicaid; seek federal waiver for plan to allow Medicaid coverage for persons described in the federal Affordable Care Act.White
HB1744 City of Lucedale; authorize election for tax on hotels/motels to fund parks and recreational capital improvement projects.Lott
HB1764 Sales tax; revise rate regarding certain oil, gas and other mineral resources services, equipment and materials.Powell
HB1768 Income tax; provide a credit for taxpayers who provide paid maternity and paternity leave for employees.Steverson
HB1776 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.Bounds
HB1777 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.Bounds
HB1778 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.Bounds
HB1779 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.Bounds
HB1780 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.Bounds
HB1781 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.Bounds
HB1782 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.Bounds
HB1783 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.Bounds
HB1784 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.Bounds
HB1785 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.Bounds
HB1786 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.Bounds
HB1787 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.Bounds
HB1788 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.Bounds
HB1789 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.Bounds
HB1790 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.Bounds
HB1791 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.Bounds
HB1792 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.Bounds
HB1793 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.Deweese
HB1794 Appropriation: Child Protection Services, Department of.Deweese
HB1795 Appropriation; Cosmetology and Barbering, Board of.Deweese
HB1796 Appropriation; Health, Department of.Deweese
HB1797 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.Deweese
HB1798 Appropriation; Fire Academy.Deweese
HB1799 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.Deweese
HB1800 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.Deweese
HB1801 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.Deweese
HB1802 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.Deweese
HB1803 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.Deweese
HB1804 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.Deweese
HB1805 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.Deweese
HB1806 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.Deweese
HB1807 Appropriation; Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.Deweese
HB1808 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission.Deweese
HB1809 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.Deweese
HB1810 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.Deweese
HB1811 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.Mims
HB1812 Appropriation; Attorney General.Mims
HB1813 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.Mims
HB1814 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.Mims
HB1815 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.Mims
HB1816 Appropriation, Reappropriation, DFA - Bureau of Building - FY 2024.Mims
HB1817 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.Mims
HB1818 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.Mims
HB1819 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.Mims
HB1820 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.Mims
HB1821 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.Mims
HB1822 Appropriation; Arts Commission.Oliver
HB1823 Appropriation; Education, Department of.Oliver
HB1824 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.Oliver
HB1825 Appropriation; Library Commission.Oliver
HB1826 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.Oliver
HB1830 Appropriation; additional appropriation FY24.Read
HB1855 Sales tax; exempt sales, leases or other retail transfers of certain fixed-wing aircraft.Oliver
HB1916 Appropriation; Health Department for grants to hospitals ineligible for grants from Hospital Sustainability Grant Program.Mims
HB1939 Income tax; authorize a credit for costs incurred for development of certain property in the Capitol Complex Improvement District.Lamar
HB1942 Income tax and insurance premium tax; authorize a credit for certain investments in qualified community development entities.Lamar
HB1943 Tobacco; define "heated tobacco product" under tobacco tax law and provide for rate of excise tax.Steverson
HB1949 Appropriation; Administrative Office of Courts for eligible ARPA expenses.Oliver
HB1950 Appropriation; Finance and Admin, Dept. of, Bureau of Building, Ground, and Real Property Management for eligible ARPA capital projects.Oliver
HB1951 Appropriation; Health, Department of, for funding the ARPA Rural Water Associations Infrastructure Grant Program.Oliver
HB1952 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of, for purchases of ARPA eligible equipment.Oliver
HB1953 Tax credits; authorize for contributions by certain taxpayers to certain hospitals, bring forward various tax credit sections of law.Lamar
HB1982 Mississippi School Resource Officers School Safety (MS ROSS) Act; create to provide funding to local law enforcement agencies.Lamar
HB1983 Bonds; authorize issuance for various purposes.Lamar
HB1984 Ad valorem tax; authorize a tax credit for certain refines of oil, gas and petroleum products.Lamar
HB1985 Income tax and ad valorem tax; authorize a child credit, bring forward various tax credit sections of law.Lamar
HB1986 Tax credits; revise provisions regarding eligible charitable organizations assisting with providing health care services to low-income individuals.Lamar
HB1987 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for loans to improve certain properties in the Capitol Complex Improvement District.Lamar
HB1988 Children's Promise Act; increase amount of tax credits that may be allocated under, bring forward various tax credit sections of law.Lamar
HB1990 Ad valorem tax; authorize counties to establish minimum revenue amount to be produced by certain property.Lamar
HB1991 Sales tax; revise definition of "gross proceeds of sales", "gross income" and "installation charges" and exempt certain services.Lamar

Senate Bill

Principal Author
SB2004 Grain grading; require state or federal certification and compliance with Federal Grain Inspection Service standards.Johnson
SB2016 Illegal dumping; increase penalties for.Horhn
SB2022 Juvenile offenders and district attorneys; revise provisions related to.Fillingane
SB2037 Child support award; cost of health insurance coverage obtained by noncustodial parent considered in determining.McCaughn
SB2038 Adoption petitions; clarify that attached certificate may be executed by any physician.McCaughn
SB2058 Nonpartisan Judicial Election Act; amend to include justice court judges.Fillingane
SB2059 Biomass and Bioenergy with carbon capture technology; define.McCaughn
SB2060 Memorial bridge; dedicate the Little Biloxi Bridge to World War II Infantryman Willie Edward King.Seymour
SB2062 Artificial Intelligence in Education Task Force Act; enact.Johnson
SB2072 Physical therapy practice laws; revise various provisions of.Blackwell
SB2125 State employees; authorize the state to offer health savings accounts to.Johnson
SB2130 Homeowners' insurance; prohibit insurer from cancelling or denying coverage solely due to roof's age.Johnson
SB2131 Child support; create presumption that support continues past the age of majority for a disabled child.Parker
SB2132 Child support; withhold gaming winnings of persons who have outstanding child support arrearages.Michel
SB2135 Shoplifting; modify finding required before imposing a sentence of imprisonment.McLendon
SB2140 Mississippi Prior Authorization Reform Act; enact.Michel
SB2142 Designate American Quarter Horse as the "Official State Horse of the State of Mississippi."Hickman
SB2143 Ad valorem tax; designate the authority of certain counties to levy up to seven mills for garbage collection.Blount
SB2144 Runoff elections; amend to lengthen the timing requirement.England
SB2145 Defending Affordable Prescription Drug Costs Act; enact to prohibit discriminating against 340B drug discount program entities.Wiggins
SB2152 Department of Human Services; authorize to enter into lease with counties and to appoint certain county directors.Fillingane
SB2156 Mississippi Rare Disease Advisory Council; create at UMMC.Blackwell
SB2157 Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact; enact.Fillingane
SB2159 Marriage and family therapists; revise certain requirements for licensure.Fillingane
SB2161 Medicaid reimbursements; revise certain provisions relating to a psychiatric residential treatment facility in DeSoto County.Blackwell
SB2165 Dietitian Licensure Compact; enact.Blount
SB2169 Local supplement for assistant teachers; prohibit school districts from reducing when given state minimum raise.DeBar
SB2170 Appropriation; additional to Department of Health.Blackwell
SB2174 Motor vehicle theft; revise penalty for.Fillingane
SB2175 Receiving stolen property; revise the crime of.Fillingane
SB2177 Bail; make certain amendments to provisions related to.Fillingane
SB2179 Department of Public Safety; revise certain provisions related to.Fillingane
SB2180 CCID inferior Court and DPS; revision provisions related to.Fillingane
SB2186 Sale of seized weapons; authorize use of proceeds to purchase equipment.England
SB2196 Mississippi Terroristic Threats Law; provide enhanced penalty for threat against airport.Thompson
SB2218 Mississippi Ireland Trade Commission; establish.Harkins
SB2226 Israel Support Act of 2019; extend repealer on.Harkins
SB2232 Newton Municipal School District; require election of board of trustees by population of the school district.McCaughn
SB2240 Board of Medical Licensure; revise licensure status, definitions, procedure, fines and temporary practice authority.Blackwell
SB2244 Foster care children; allow free access to museums and state parks, allow free transcripts from colleges and junior colleges.Hickman
SB2245 Education data; authorize the Department of Education to report aggregate data in compliance with federal standards.DeBar
SB2246 Preschool reporting requirements; revise technical provisions related thereto.DeBar
SB2248 City of Amory; reenact and extend repealer on hotel/motel and restaurant tourism tax, and authorize election for additional 1%.Bryan
SB2250 Squatted vehicles; ban.Barrett
SB2260 Right to counsel; authorize State Defender to provide where there is a constitutional right.Wiggins
SB2261 Child support; make certain amendments to provision concerning recovery from delinquent noncustodial parents.Wiggins
SB2262 Child support; revise provision related to in order to mirror current DHS practice and federal requirements.Wiggins
SB2266 Mississippi Electronic Court System; require free access for public defenders.Barrett
SB2268 Missing or unidentified persons; provide procedures regarding investigation of.Wiggins
SB2272 Charities; amend the initial registration process.Polk
SB2275 MDOT; authorize the transfer and conveyance of certain real property to the Board of Supervisors of Greene County.DeBar
SB2276 Clinic building at 1308 Belk Boulevard; transfer to Mississippi Department of Public Safety.Suber
SB2279 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise schedules.Turner-Ford
SB2283 Public Service Commission; extend date of repeal on.Carter
SB2285 Department of Public Safety; bring forward code sections related to officer salaries.Wiggins
SB2288 Images or audio altered or created by digitization; criminalize dissemination of in certain circumstances.Johnson
SB2298 Bonds; raise maximum fee paid to state's bond attorney from $500.00 to $750.00 for validation and issuance of.Johnson
SB2300 Occupational Licensing Review Board; revise membership.Hill
SB2302 State agencies; notify Legislature of proposed rule adoption.Hill
SB2304 Income tax refunds; provide procedures for MDOR to set off debts owed to MDHS against, and for hearings and appeals.Fillingane
SB2307 Compensation of elected state & district officers; extend repealer on.Parker
SB2308 Mississippi Public Records Act; extend date of repeal on.Parker
SB2309 Trip optimizer for state employee travel reimbursement; extend moratorium on application to certain state agencies.Parker
SB2310 County authorization to assess emergency telecommunications service charge; extend date of repeal on.Parker
SB2311 Sheriffs; revise cap on annual salary supplement.Wiggins
SB2318 Ad valorem taxes; authorize local governments to grant exemptions for raw materials and work in progress inventory.Parker
SB2320 Motor vehicles; require proof of liability insurance before license tag or decal may be issued or renewed.Blackwell *
SB2325 Forestry Facility Grant Program; bring forward.McCaughn
SB2329 Early Intervention Task Force; reconstitute and set membership and responsibilities.Boyd
SB2332 MAEP; revise funding formula.DeBar
SB2339 High school graduation requirements; allow sign language to be counted as a foreign language.Hill
SB2340 Harper Grace's Law; extend repealer on authority to research and dispense cannabidiol (CBD oil) for medical purposes.Bryan
SB2341 Physician grant funding from Qualified Health Center Grant Program; extend date of funding.Bryan
SB2343 Mississippi Modified School Calendar Grant Program; establish and provide eligibility criteria.DeBar
SB2348 State Workforce Investment Board; make technical changes to provisions related thereto.DeBar
SB2349 Cardiac emergency response plans; require schools to implement and provide procedures and certain immunity related thereto.Boyd
SB2355 Walker's Law; enact to criminalize sexual extortion.Williams
SB2367 Ranked-choice voting; prohibit in Mississippi elections.England
SB2381 Pawnbrokers; remove the requirement of on-premises retention of purchased goods.McMahan
SB2382 Pawnbrokers; allow to pass credit or debit card processing charges to customers.McMahan
SB2386 Appointed counsel; increase maximum compensation for.Wiggins
SB2404 State Bond Attorney; authorize interim appointment in case of conflict of interest.Hopson
SB2405 Alcoholic beverages; revise certain provisions regarding locations for sale of.Harkins
SB2406 MS Public Records Act; exempt certain private information of persons conducting in-state operations.England
SB2407 Assistant teachers; revise certain licensure requirements.DeBar
SB2408 Identification cards and driver's licenses; require to have 988 Crisis Lifeline information.DeLano
SB2417 Mississippi Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Act and the Mississippi Uniform Agents Act; revise provisions of.Boyd
SB2422 Election disputes; specify judges with jurisdiction to hear.England
SB2424 Absentee ballots; voters can cure ballots declared defective due to signature issues.Tate
SB2425 Ballot harvesting; define terms.Tate
SB2441 Alternative nicotine products; prohibit distribution or sale of certain products.Hill
SB2444 Central Mississippi Pilot Prison Industries program; expand to all state, regional and private correctional facilities.Barnett
SB2445 Correctional system programs; extend repealers.Barnett
SB2448 "Mississippi Earned Parole Eligibility Act"; extend repealer and authorize parole for certain juvenile homicide offenders.Barnett
SB2451 Corrections; require implementation of improved model for projecting inmate population growth.Younger
SB2453 Inadequacy of service; authorizing the commission to cancel a municipality's certificate to provide service upon findings of.Whaley
SB2454 Mississippi Gulf Coast Region Utility Act; set to repeal on July 1, 2024.DeLano
SB2457 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.Williams
SB2465 Public property; direct MDOT to convey certain land used as a park to the City of Marks.Jackson
SB2466 Alcoholic beverages; revise certain provisions relating to sales to persons under the age of 21.Fillingane
SB2468 Budget; bring forward code sections related to and provide for transfers.Hopson
SB2470 Sales tax; move the back-to-school sales tax holiday to the second Friday in July.Michel
SB2476 Tax credits for qualified charitable and qualified foster care charitable organizations; extend repealer on.Harkins
SB2477 Income tax; reenact and extend repealer on credit for certain railroad expenditures.Harkins
SB2486 Proposals and requests for qualifications; simplify the receipt and registration process.Johnson
SB2487 The Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Death Benefits Trust Fund; bring forward provision related to.DeLano
SB2492 Use tax; allow municipalities to use revenue for personal property or equipment to be used for certain authorized purposes.Branning
SB2493 Bonds; repeal authorization for unissued bonds, and replace with cash funds.Harkins
SB2494 State agency property; authorize DFA as central leasing agent for all state agencies.Blount
SB2495 County boards of supervisors; may designate board attorney to serve as hearing officer in disputes regarding delinquent solid waste fees.Kirby
SB2500 Homeless encampments; prohibit on public property and define as public nuisance on private property.McMahan
SB2502 Counties; shorten notice requirement for special meetings from five days to three days.Parks
SB2509 Motor Carrier Regulatory Law; extend repeal on voluntary inspection program.Branning
SB2514 State Veterans Affairs Board; revise composition of.Tate
SB2519 Mississippi Foreign Land Ownership Act; create.McCaughn
SB2526 Special Care Facility for Paroled Inmates; bring forward provisions for possible amendment.Wiggins
SB2529 District attorneys; amend provision related to temporary appointments.Fillingane
SB2530 Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Program Act; create.Michel
SB2532 Bonds; clarify municipalities and counties may issue serial and single term.Boyd
SB2535 Divorce; authorize a court to grant when it is determined that a marriage is irretrievably broken.Wiggins
SB2543 Consumer Alternative Installment Loan Act; create a cap adjustment based on the loan amount.Sparks
SB2544 Public deposit bidding; conform processes.Polk
SB2545 Auditing threshold; define monetary donations.Polk
SB2549 Chancery clerk; increase fees for recording deeds to land sold for taxes and redemption of such lands.Kirby
SB2550 Assistant district attorneys and criminal investigators; bring forward provisions related to.Wiggins
SB2556 Early Learning Collaborative Act; require the Department of Education to provide certain data on educational effects.Younger
SB2557 Ground lease for solar installation at Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experimental Stations; authorize.Williams
SB2558 Mental Health Regional Commissions; authorize boards of supervisors to agree to board compositions.Hopson
SB2567 On-premises tobacco permit; authorize Department of Revenue to issue.McMahan
SB2568 Native wineries; authorize to make sales at one satellite location in same county.McMahan
SB2569 State employee telework policies; amend.Sparks
SB2570 Office of Workforce Development; extend exemption from PPRB provisions on rental/leasing of real property for agency business.Sparks
SB2572 State Workforce Investment Board; amend to allow for proxy participation in meetings to meet quorum.Sparks
SB2575 Campaign finance; reform.England
SB2576 Voter ID; clarify what constitutes a valid voter ID.England
SB2577 Digitizations; create a criminal penalty for the wrongful dissemination of.England
SB2579 Absentee ballots; change receipt deadline.England
SB2580 In-person early voting; allow.England
SB2599 Alternative Incarceration Methodology (AIM) and intervention courts; bring forward statutes related thereto.Sparks
SB2600 Parole and probation officers' study committee; study transferring authority and functions to DPS.Sparks
SB2601 Utility Service; prevent government restrictions based on energy source required.Chassaniol
SB2602 PSC and Public Utilities Staff; clarify ability to receive campaign contributions or participate in political activity.Carter
SB2603 Excavation; revise procedures and required white lining in certain stances.Carter
SB2604 Public utilities contracts; allow certain bids to be submitted electronically.Carter
SB2606 DUI suspension; clarify how the 120 days are counted.Barrett
SB2613 Police chiefs and officers; require certain continuing education.Sparks
SB2614 Uniform Post-Conviction Collateral Relief Act; amend certain provisions related to the filing of motions under.Sparks
SB2626 Firearms and weapons; authorize nonviolent felons to possess and use.Hickman
SB2627 Firearms; criminalize manufacture, possession and use of machine gun conversion devices.DeLano
SB2628 Mississippi Capitol Region Utility Act; enact.Parker
SB2631 State property; amend MDAC ability to expend funding for the Ag Museum and clarify the location of state fairgrounds.Whaley
SB2634 Memorial highways; designate segment in Shannon, Lee County, as the "Johnny R. Patterson Memorial Highway."Bryan
SB2635 Nonconsensual towing; regulate towing and charges for commercial vehicles.Branning
SB2638 Cottage foods; further define and increase seller's allowed annual gross sales amount to $50,000.00.Seymour
SB2639 Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; bring forward certain code sections regarding.Michel
SB2643 Highways; dedicate a section of Highway 8 to William Forrest Winter.Chassaniol
SB2644 Harvest permit license tag; increase weight category for.Branning
SB2645 Mississippi Department of Transportation; design-build requirement revisions.Branning
SB2647 Mississippi Comprehensive Coastal Conservation and Restoration Act of 2024; enact.Thompson
SB2648 Mississippi Department of Marine Resources; authorize oyster lease reconfiguration and make technical amendments.Thompson
SB2649 Department of Environmental Quality; provide additional powers to Executive Director.DeLano
SB2651 Trespass to hunt, fish, shoot or trap; revise offense description, and impose penalties and fees.Suber
SB2652 Wild turkey stamps; require for wild turkey hunters 16 years of age or older.Suber
SB2653 Design-build method of contracting; extend repealer for use by State Port Authority.Thompson
SB2659 Mississippi Parks Corporation; create.Bryan
SB2662 Drones; allow use of for hunting, trapping and taking wild hogs.Suber
SB2681 Certified Academic Language Therapists; allow to help instruct students with dyslexia in schools.England
SB2682 MS Critical Teacher Shortage Act of 1998; extend repealer on.DeBar
SB2684 Department of Education; to require to study and develop guidance on technology, nutrition and transportation.DeBar
SB2685 Retired teachers; authorize to receive PERS benefits and work full-time in certain critical shortage areas.Parker
SB2689 State subject area tests and accountability standards; replace with college prep test and revise provisions.DeBar
SB2690 Charter schools; set certain school accreditation rating requirements for renewal of charter.DeBar
SB2691 Open enrollment; allow school district transfer if transferee board accepts, guarantee for active duty military children.DeBar
SB2693 Failing schools and districts of transformation; revise certain provisions related thereto.Hopson
SB2695 Driver's education; revise certain provisions related thereto.DeBar
SB2696 Mississippi Main Street Grant Program; amend administration of and qualifications for.McCaughn
SB2697 Property exemption; revise provisions regarding property belonging to certain foundations.Simmons (12th)
SB2698 Cyber Security Review Board; create.Williams
SB2699 Purchasing law; raise expenditure triggering requirements for competitive bids.Simmons (12th)
SB2700 State offenders serving sentences in county jails; repeal repealer.Simmons (12th)
SB2703 Cybersecurity; prohibit agencies from paying ransoms.Williams
SB2707 Business Improvement District Act; technical amendments.Blount
SB2708 Department of Public Safety Headquarters; authorize DPS to sell or lease the land.Suber
SB2713 Regional health authorities; create the Delta Regional Health Authority.Parker
SB2714 Qualified residential treatment programs; authorize as alternative placements for children and youth in CPS custody.Bryan
SB2715 Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science; relocate to the campus of Mississippi State University.DeBar
SB2717 Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation; clarify conflicts in laws concerning leadership.Sparks
SB2724 Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance and Promise Grant Program; create to provide financial assistance to students.Boyd
SB2725 University System Efficiency Task Force; create to examine the efficiency of the state public university system.Boyd
SB2727 Mississippi K-12 and Postsecondary Mental Health Task Force; create and provide membership and duties.Boyd
SB2728 University of Mississippi; authorize to enter long-term lease with approval of I.H.L.Boyd
SB2729 Rural Physicians Scholarship Program and Rural Dentists Scholarship Program; revise certain provisions of.Boyd
SB2733 Pharmaceuticals; authorize the Division of Medicaid to establish a wholesale prescription drug importation program.Wiggins
SB2740 Insurance; authorize counties, municipalities, school districts and other political subdivisions to pool risk.Michel
SB2744 Community mental health centers; rename and require certain oversight measures by Department of Mental Health.Boyd
SB2753 SAFER Act; enact.Harkins
SB2756 State and School Employees' Health Insurance Board; require board to determine applicable insurance benefits and exclusions.Michel
SB2761 Judicial support staff; bring forward provision related to.Barrett
SB2762 Retainage; further define and outline the process related to.Williams
SB2764 Manufactured homes; create affidavit of ownership.Fillingane
SB2770 Ballot initiative process; revise statutory implementation.Parker
SB2771 Judicial redistricting; bring forward code sections related to.Wiggins
SB2776 Immediate possession; authorize for certain public agencies for roads & public utilities for an economic development project.Michel
SB2780 Authority of Secretary of State to approve leases located on Public Trust Tidelands; clarify.Blount
SB2788 Mississippi Real Estate Commission; remove Home Inspector Board.Sparks
SB2792 Foster care and adoption; revise provisions related to per recommendations of task force.Wiggins
SB2799 Public official appointments; revise terms of office and appointment procedures on certain state boards, districts and agencies.Sparks
SB2801 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize for supporters of Clarkdale High School in Lauderdale County.Tate
SB2803 Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law; revise definition of "qualified resort area."DeBar
SB2822 Administrative Office of Courts; bring forward code sections related to.Sparks
SB2823 Medicaid; revise various technical provisions related thereto, including reimbursement levels and facility eligibility.Blackwell
SB2825 Appropriations; revise certain FY2024 appropriations, fund authority and transfers.Hopson
SB2830 Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive Act; revise definition and annual report due date, and correct agency reference.Parker
SB2840 Building Fund for the Arts; authorize Mississippi Arts Commission to retain monies for administrative costs.McLendon
SB2841 State Treasury Efficiency Act; enact.Polk
SB2844 Variable Compensation Plan; make certain amendments.Hopson
SB2846 Appropriations; make technical revisions to certain transfers and provisions related to local projects.Hopson
SB2848 ARPA programs; revise and bring forward related provisions and provide for determination of unobligated funds by Nov. 1.Hopson
SB2849 ATVs & UTVs; require titling, and exempt from ad valorem tax when held by retailers on consignment or floor plan basis.Barrett
SB2851 Nonprofit agricultural membership organization; authorize to issue health insurance and exempt from insurance regulation.Michel
SB2853 Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Corporation; create.Johnson
SB2856 Cleaning dilapidated property; bring forward code sections related to.England
SB2857 Medical cannabis act; set additional provisions related to background checks, department investigations, fees and appeals.Blackwell
SB2858 Health benefit plans; set provisions related to diagnostic breast exams and individualized investigational drugs.Harkins
SB2860 Medication Aide Act; enact to allow aides to assist in the administration of medication in personal care homes.Bryan
SB2862 Radiological health services; authorize Board of Health to collect fees in congruence with certain federal regulation.Bryan
SB2871 The Mississippi Juvenile Tobacco Access Prevention Act of 1997; amend to provide consistent reference to age.Suber
SB2873 Medical records retention requirements; provide for.Parker
SB2874 State Board of Funeral Service; require certain continuing education courses for licensees.McCaughn
SB2883 Community health workers; revise provisions of.Boyd
SB2886 Nicotine vapor device directory; require manufacturers to provide certification, set penalties and other provisions.Boyd
SB2888 Medical Cannabis Research Advisory Board; enact and create the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Research Program.Blackwell
SB2897 Ad valorem tax on home; allow credit or rebate for certain disabled veterans and surviving spouses of military members.Harkins
SB2903 MS Deferred Comp; allow Roth and other after-tax accounts, and comply with qualified domestic relations orders.Blount
SB2904 PERS; require any terminated plan to pay unfunded actuarial accrued liability to board in a lump sum before termination.Blount
SB2907 PERS optional retirement program for IHL employees; revise remittance of employer's contribution based on start date.Harkins
SB2916 Lobbying; require lobbyists with a material financial interest in an issue or bill to register with legislative officers.Thompson
SB2917 Capitol Complex Improvement District; define authority.Michel
SB2926 Appropriation; additional appropriations for various state agencies for FY2024 & FY2025.Hopson
SB2990 Taxation of oilfield services; restructure.Carter
SB3006 Appropriation; IHL - General support.Hopson
SB3007 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.Hopson
SB3008 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.Hopson
SB3009 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.Hopson
SB3010 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.Hopson
SB3011 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.Hopson
SB3012 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.Hopson
SB3013 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.Hopson
SB3014 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.Hopson
SB3015 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.Hopson
SB3016 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.Hopson
SB3017 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.Hopson
SB3018 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.Hopson
SB3019 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.Hopson
SB3020 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.Hopson
SB3021 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.Hopson
SB3022 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.Hopson
SB3023 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.Hopson
SB3024 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.Hopson
SB3025 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.Hopson
SB3026 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.Hopson
SB3027 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.Hopson
SB3028 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.Hopson
SB3029 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.Hopson
SB3030 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.Hopson
SB3031 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.Hopson
SB3032 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.Hopson
SB3033 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.Hopson
SB3034 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.Hopson
SB3035 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.Hopson
SB3036 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.Hopson
SB3037 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.Hopson
SB3038 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.Hopson
SB3039 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.Hopson
SB3040 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.Hopson
SB3041 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.Hopson
SB3042 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.Hopson
SB3043 Appropriation; Personnel Board.Hopson
SB3044 Appropriation; Military Department.Hopson
SB3045 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.Hopson
SB3046 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.Hopson
SB3047 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.Hopson
SB3048 Appropriation; Secretary of State.Hopson
SB3049 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.Hopson
SB3050 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.Hopson
SB3051 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.Hopson
SB3052 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.Hopson
SB3053 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.Hopson
SB3054 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.Hopson
SB3055 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.Hopson
SB3056 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.Hopson
SB3057 Appropriation; Gulf Coast Restoration Funds to the Mississippi Development Authority.Hopson
SB3058 Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund; FY2025 reappropriate to certain agencies.Hopson
SB3059 Appropriations; additional for various state agencies for FY2024 and FY2025.Hopson
SB3070 Income tax and insurance premium tax; authorize a credit for certain investments in qualified community development entities.Johnson
SB3099 Income tax; authorize a credit for certain employers that sponsor skills training for employees.Wiggins
SB3105 Tobacco excise tax; provide rate for heated tobacco products.Sparks
SB3106 Tax exemptions; revise qualifying standards for business enterprises operating data centers.Harkins
SB3161 Ad valorem tax; authorize a tax credit for certain refineries of oil, gas and petroleum products.Harkins
SB3162 Appropriation; additional to DMH-Children & Youth PRTF, ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3163 Appropriation; additional to DFA-Administration, ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3164 Appropriation; additional to DFA-Bureau of Buildings, ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3165 Appropriation; additional to MDOT-Surface Transportation Projects, ARPA funds.Hopson