Bills by Author for 2023 Session

115 Authors

Aguirre - House

HB 821 Notaries; revise residency requirements of.
HB1030 Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Law; clarify employees of state licensee may work remotely.
HB1123 Delivery of payment services; regulate.

Anderson (122nd) - House

HB 912 Firearm suppressors; authorizing manufacture and possession in Mississippi and prohibit enforcement of federal laws governing.
HB1060 Electric vehicles; authorize charging by nonutilities.
HB1061 Electric transmission infrastructure; prescribe requirements for issuance of certificate of public convenience and necessity.

Arnold - House

HB1235 Civil Air Patrol members; authorize granting of administrative leave and leave of absence to for certain emergency services.
HB1244 Memorial highway; designate a segment of MS Highway 365 in Prentiss County as the "Howard Tillman Bobo Memorial Highway".
HB1245 Memorial highway; designate a segment of MS Highway 364 in Prentiss County as the "James Millard Jourdan Memorial Highway".
HB1246 Memorial highway; designate a segment of MS Highway 365 in Prentiss County as the "Leland L. Holland Memorial Highway".

Bain - House

HB 266 Department of Public Safety Headquarters Office; name in honor of Commissioner David R. Huggins.
HB 769 Harvey Moss Wildlife Management Area at Tuscumbia; designate Tuscumbia Wildlife Management Area as.
HB 840 State Public Defender; revise certain powers and duties of.
HB 402 Fleeing law enforcement; increase penalties for the crime of.
HB 408 Reckless endangerment; create the crime of.
HB 529 Department of Public Safety; revise various provisions.
HB 534 Drug Intervention Courts; standardize references.
HB 838 Mississippi Tianeptine and Kratom Consumer Protection Act; create.
HB 412 DNA samples; destroy upon request for expungement.
HB 405 Bribery of a candidate; revise statute of limitations.
HB 532 Mississippi School Safety Guardian Act; create.
HB 533 Adoption procedures; revise home study and residency requirements.
HB1697 City of Farmington; authorize the use of low-speed vehicles and golf carts on certain public streets with certain restrictions.

Barnett - House

HB1187 Mississippi Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board; separate from Mississippi Real Estate Commission and from Mississippi Real Estate Appraisal Board.
SB2239 State law enforcement officers; authorize use of uniforms, weapons and vehicles off duty while performing security services.
SB2862 Sales tax; provide industrial exemption for tangible personal property first used in another state.
HB 691 Memorial highway; designate a portion of U.S. Highway 45 in Wayne County, MS, as the "Army Sergeant Eric C. Newman Memorial Highway."
HB1105 Secretary of State employees; authorize certain employees to carry a firearm.
HB 690 Chickasawhay Natural Gas District; increase compensation of board of directors and chairperson of.
HB1209 City of Waynesboro; extend repealer on authority to impose tax on bars, restaurants, hotels/motels, B & Bs.

Barrett - Senate

SB2519 Town of Monticello; authorize tourism tax on restaurants, hotels and motels.

Barton - House

HB1277 Mississippi Dual Credit Scholarship Program; create.
HB1805 Jackson County; authorize to enter a MOU with DFA regarding Singing River Health System and healthcare workforce academy.

Bell (21st) - House

HB 702 Reverse auction; revise method of receiving bids through for agencies and governing authorities.
HB 842 Office of Workforce Development; authorize to work with MS Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy to create an accountability system for certain nonprofits.
HB 843 Mississippi Department of Employment Security; authorize to conduct background investigations on certain employees.
HB 845 Mississippi New Economic Development Training Assistance Grant Program; create.
HB 846 Sixteenth Section land; revise zoning authority of local governing entities to prohibit restrictions on school districts' ability to build on said lands.
HB 916 General experience rate; provide that noncharges caused by COVID-19 pandemic shall not impact.
HB 844 Office of Workforce Development; revise funding mechanism for and create Mississippi K-12 Workforce Development Grant Program.

Bell (65th) - House

HB 722 Controlled substances; exclude fentanyl testing materials from definition of "paraphernalia" under.
HB 723 Mississippi Transit Corporation; establish and create study committee.
HB 498 Municipalities allowed to establish overdue water/sewer payment programs, certain; extend program repeal date.
HB1815 Suffrage; restore to Mary Green of Hinds County.

Bennett - House

HB1177 Educator misconduct; clarify provisions relating to disciplinary action taken against personnel of public special purpose schools and other educators.
HB1365 Assistant teacher salaries; prohibit school districts from using any state-funded increase to substitute the local contribution.
HB1173 EEF procurement cards; authorize issuance to eligible charter school teachers.
HB1174 Public schools; authorize to have a supply of FDA-approved opioid reversal agents on premises to counter opioid overdose.
HB1176 National board certified education professionals; clarify provisions related to certification component reimbursements.

Blackmon - House

HB 483 Sentencing judge; authorize to set date to revisit sentencing of nonviolent offenders.

Blackwell - Senate

SB2297 Forensics laboratory; require approval of model of intoxilyzer equipment that is readily available to law enforcement agencies.
SB2372 Mississippi Hospital Sustainability Grant Program; establish and provide eligibility for funds.
SB2054 Appointed state officers; provide for the removal of for certain forms of willful neglect.
SB2212 Recipients of Medicaid; extend postpartum coverage up to 12 months.
SB2224 Insurance; prohibit insurer or third-party payors from setting maximum dollar amount of reimbursement for proper ventilation treatment.
SB2160 State Board of Cosmetology and Board of Barber Examiners; merge into one board.
SB2922 DeSoto County; authorize to transfer parcel of county-owned property to City of Olive Branch for construction of animal shelter.

Blount - Senate

SB2797 Mississippi State Asylum Records; provide procedures and exempt from confidentiality and privilege requirements.
SB2164 Real property owned by school districts; allow to be sold for development.
SB2530 "Secretary of State Eric Clark Coastal Preserve" and "Gollott Island/Godfather Point"; Department of Marine Resources designate.
SB2585 William F. Winter and Jack Reed, Sr., Teacher Loan Repayment Program; revise provisions of.
SB2720 Tax-forfeited land certified to state; authorize Secretary of State to withhold 10% for the cost of tree removal.
SB2152 City of Byram; authorize governing authorities to levy parks and recreation tax on restaurants.

Bounds - House

HB 366 Sam G. Polles State Office Buidling; designate the MS Dept. of Wildlife Central Office Buidling as.
HB 287 Mississippi Forestry Commission; authorize to electronically accept bids for timber sales.
HB1375 Municipal annexation; require additional services to annexed area to be completed within three years of annexation decree.
HB 860 "MS Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Rights Act" and "Uniform Athlete Agents Act"; bring forward.
HB 288 Public Utilities Staff; authorize certain personnel to be filled by consulting contract.
HB 809 Executive Director of Public Utilities Staff; remove Public Service Commission from the process of appointing.
HB1067 Mississippi Broadband Accessibility Act; create.
HB1225 Telephone solicitation; bring forward provisions of law relating to.
HB1793 Neshoba County; authorize contribution to Philadelphia Transit.

Boyd - Senate

SB2545 Highways; Dedicate a section of Highway 35 to Constable Raye Hawkins.
SB2546 Highways; dedicate a section of Highway 51 to Deputy Joe Kenneth Cosby.
SB2547 Highways; Dedicate a section of Highway 315 to Nolan Mettetal.
SB2696 Income tax credit for qualified adoption expenses; increase amount for Mississippi children and remove CPS requirement.
SB2336 Prevention of overdoses; authorize use of drug-testing equipment and expand use of opioid antagonists.
SB2652 Mississippi Vulnerable Person Abuse Registry; create.
SB2346 Material harmful to minors; provide for liability for any entity that distributes on the internet without age verification.
SB2377 CPS; enact Mississippi Safe Haven Law, establish clear path to permanency for children in custody of.
SB2384 Foster Care and Adoption Task Force; create.
SB2647 Real estate licensee; revise liability.
SB2167 Early Intervention Task Force; establish.
SB2191 Mississippi Foster Parent's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities; create.
SB2333 Public schools; require staff training to assist with seizures.
SB2518 City of Batesville; extend repealer on hotel/motel & restaurant tourism tax.

Boyd (19th) - House

HB1150 Charter schools; bring forward various provision relating to powers and duties of authorizer board.

Boyd (37th) - House

HB1108 Rural water associations; authorize those providing sewer services to participate in the ARPAA Rural Water Association Infrastructure Grant Program.
HB1725 Lowndes County; authorize contribution to Prairie Land Water Association using ARPA Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.
HB1726 Lowndes County; authorize contributions to certain nonprofit organizations using ARPA Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.
HB1727 Lowndes County; authorize contributions to any public utility/assoc. to expand, repair water/sewer infrastructure using ARPA funds.

Branning - Senate

SB2559 Transportation; extend repealer on harvest permit authorization and fees.
SB2561 Highways; make the MS Transportation Commission vote on use of ERBR Fund monies majority instead of unanimous.
SB2602 Highway Memorials; designate segment of Highway 25 to Kash McGraw and Bridge to Stacey Ricks.
SB2588 "Commissioner Dick Hall Hospitality Station"; MDOT to designate Warren County Welcome Center as.
SB2562 Transportation; allow public and private partnerships to establish electric vehicle charging stations.
SB3120 Capital Expense Fund; FY2024 appropriation to MDOT for certain infrastructure expenses.

Bryan - Senate

SB2574 Health and safety standards set by the State Board of Health; require counties to comply.
SB2575 State Department of Health; provide that health insurers may not deny the right to participate as a contract provider.
SB2369 Department of Human Services; extend repealers and revise certain applicable sections.
SB2576 Community Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Centers and Programs; bring forward code sections.

Burnett - House

HB 850 School ad valorem tax levy; authorize levying authority for certain districts to approve/disapprove request for certain increases.

Busby - House

HB 986 Transportation; allow public and private partnerships to establish electric vehicle charging stations.
HB1002 Petroleum Products Inspection Law; delete repealer on.
HB1003 Mississippi Fully Autonomous Vehicle Enabling (MS FAVE) Act of 2023; establish to regulate operation of autonomous vehicle on public roads.
HB 605 PERS; contribution rates not increased unless authorized by Legislature, and make recommendation on changes to the plan.
HB1547 City of Pascagoula; extend repealer on hotel, motel and bed-and-breakfast tax.

Butler (38th) - Senate

SB2963 City of McComb; extend repealer on hotel/motel tourism tax.

Byrd - House

HB 626 Boards of Supervisors; provide exception on prohibition of expending certain funds in last months of office to meet federal ARPA spending deadline.
HB 858 Mississippi Regional Preneed Disaster Clean Up Act; create.
HB 631 Disabled veterans motor vehicle license tags; revise certain provisions regarding disability rating.
HB 857 Local Government Debt Collection Setoff Act; clarify term of "claimant local government" under.
HB1211 Counties and municipalities; authorize to enter into certain agreement when utilizing certain federal funds.
HB 752 MS Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia; revise eligibility beginning with kindergarten.

Calvert - House

HB1159 Pat Harrison Waterway District; authorize municipalities to join.
HB1025 Airport authority; authorize to dispose of property with a fair market value of zero if certain conditions are met.

Carpenter - House

HB 675 State Veterans Affairs Board; revise provisions regarding processing appeals of claims.
HB 677 County veteran service officers; revise certain qualifications for.
HB 693 Aldermen and councilmen; increase the maximum amount of surety bond that may be given by.
HB1039 Occupational licensing; revise certain provisions relating to members of the military to include veterans.
HB1033 MS Management and Reporting System Revolving Fund; require administration to submit report of purchasing needs to legislative committees.
HB1034 State Veterans Affairs Board; revise composition of.
HB1207 Paramedics Recruitment and Retention Scholarship Grant Program; create.

Carter - Senate

SB2338 Municipal waterworks; ensure just, reasonable and transparent billing in.
SB2102 Impending emergency excavation; define, establish advance notice requirements and require premarking for.
SB2103 Definitions and penalties regarding regulation of gasoline and petroleum products; extend repealer on.
SB2104 Mississippi Gulf Coast Region Utility Act; extend repealer on.
SB2492 Electric vehicle charging; allow by non-utilities while maintaining consumer protections.
SB2697 Oil and gas severance taxes; extend repealers on lower rate for production from horizontally drilled wells.
SB2341 Electric transmission infrastructure; maintain state jurisdiction over integrity of.
SB2339 Provision of law establishing energy efficiency standards for building construction; extend repealer on.
SB2494 Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act; transfer enforcement authority to Attorney General's Office.
SB2140 National Security on State Devices and Networks Act; create.

Caughman - Senate

SB2180 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

Chassaniol - Senate

SB2139 Mississippi USA Semiquincentennial Commission and Mississippi Semiquincentennial Celebration Fund; create.
SB2511 Destination marketing organizations; bring forward provision related to.
SB2830 Tourism; revise list of entities that may not have interest in wholesalers or distributors.
SB2138 Tourism; designate the Mississippi Opal as the state gemstone.
SB2695 Tourism Project Incentive Program; extend deadline for MDA issuance of certificates approving participants.
SB2887 State Treasurer; modify certain provisions concerning the deposit and investment of excess state funds.
SB2359 Tourism; Mississippi Main Street Revitalization Grant Program.
SB2151 Town of North Carrollton; extend repeal date on restaurant tourism tax.
SB2521 Town of Carrollton; extend repealer on provision of law authorizing to levy tax on sales of restaurants.
SB2960 City of Grenada; extend repealer on hotel/motel & restaurant tourism tax.
SB2004 Town of Duck Hill; authorize governing authorities to levy tourism tax.
SB3150 City of Kosciusko; authorize election for restaurant tax to fund tourism and parks and recreation.

Clark - House

HB 124 Private incarceration of state inmates; provide exception to 10% cost-savings requirement to state.
HB 133 "Mississippi Joint Municipal Law Enforcement Act"; create.
HB1356 City of Lexington; extend repealer on restaurant tourism tax.
HB1583 City of Durant; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.
HB1800 Holmes County; authorize contributions to the Holmes County Long-Term Recovery Committee.

Cockerham - House

HB1229 Department of Public Safety; authorize charges for services with other state agencies.
HB1217 Court interpreters; revise program under the Administration of the Administrative Office of Courts.
HB1218 Rivers McGraw Mental Health Treatment Court Act; revise.
HB 485 Sexual assault evidence kit; regulate the processing of.
HB1149 Path to permanency; provide for children in Child Protection Services.
HB1216 Circuit judges and chancellors; increase office operating and expense allowances and support staff funding.
HB 726 Supreme court, court of appeals, chancery courts and circuit courts; bring forward code sections related to.
HB1215 Child Support; suspend for incarcerated persons under certain conditions.
HB1227 Mental Awareness Program for School Act; enact to provide for mental health service providers and certain trauma-informed training.
HB1228 Community schools; authorize implementation under the administration of a district innovation.
HB 888 Child support; authorize for disabled child past the age of majority.

Crawford - House

HB1048 "Universal Changing Tables Installation Incentive Grant Program Act"; establish to be administered by Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Creekmore IV - House

HB 232 Dairy show; relocate the show held in Lee County, MS, to Pontotoc County, MS.
HB 703 "Medal of Honor Trail"; designate portion of Interstate 22 and U.S. Highway 78 within the State of Mississippi as.
HB 824 MDOT; authorize to assist publicly owned gas and water districts with certain removal and relocation projects.
HB 519 Landscape architects; authorize to participate with multi-disciplinary engineer and architecture firms.
HB1222 The Mississippi Collaborative Response to Mental Health Act; create.
HB 704 Television series production; provide incentives for certain.
HB 231 Tobacco education, prevention and cessation program; add fentanyl and drug abuse prevention education.
HB1791 Union County; authorize assessments on misdemeanor convictions and nonadjudications for capital improvements.

Currie - House

HB 419 Tourism; provide assistance to destination marketing organization.
HB 772 Mississippi Opal; designate as official state gemstone.
HB1266 Mississippi USA Semiquincentennial Commission and Mississippi Semiquincentennial Celebration Fund; create.
HB 280 Foreign governments; prohibit sale of agricultural lands to.
HB1094 Wastewater and sewage; authorize MDEQ to fine any municipality or county for improper disposal of.
HB 281 Law enforcement officers killed in line of duty; clarify that beneficiaries may receive sidearm of.
HB 859 Public special purpose schools; exempt from certain audit requirements.

DeBar - Senate

SB2364 Mississippi Adequate Education Program; bring forward provision related to.
SB2361 Mississippi Modified School Calendar Grant Program; establish and provide eligibility criteria.
SB2649 Minority; remove for beneficiaries of certain insurance policies.
SB2811 Local supplement for assistant teachers; prohibit school districts from reducing when given state minimum raise.
SB2812 Board for administration of certain failing school district; extend date of repeal.
SB2700 Homestead; provide full exemption for unremarried surviving spouse of U.S. military member killed on active duty or training.
SB2623 Mississippi State and School Employees' Life and Health Insurance Plan Task Force; establish.
SB3143 City of Lucedale; authorize to levy tax upon sales of restaurants for the purposes of funding parks and recreation.
SB3145 George County; authorize to levy 3% sales tax on the sales of hotels and motels within the county and 1% tax on the sales of restaurants.
SB2520 City of Waynesboro; extend repealer on authority to levy tax on hotels, motels, restaurants and bars.

DeLano - Senate

SB2841 Law enforcement officers & fire fighters death benefits black tag; authorize black version of regular tag.
SB2842 Use tax; revise standards for municipality's eligibility to receive monies from special infrastructure assistance fund.
SB2729 Limitation of liability requirements for information technology contracts; clarify.
SB2586 Computer science curriculum; clarify terminology to specify who may provide instruction in.
SB2717 Department of Information Technology Services; require to report ransomware incidents and revise provisions related thereto.
SB2728 Statewide master agreements and utilization of information technology acquisitions made by other entities; authorize.

Denton - House

HB1712 City of Vicksburg; authorize to contribute funds and in-kind services to Tate Cemetery.
HB1711 City of Vicksburg; authorize contributions of funds and in-kind maintenance services to Beulah Cemetery.

Deweese - House

HB1101 Corporations and LLCs; authorize determination notices and certificates of administrative dissolution to be served by email to registered agent.
HB 773 Real estate brokers and agents; revise liability regarding disclosure statements.

England - Senate

SB2245 Sale of seized weapons; authorize use of proceeds to purchase equipment.
SB2420 Public Funds Offender Registry; create.
SB2347 Hospital police department; authorize for certain private entities.
SB2090 Board of Funeral Services; revise provisions related to.
SB3140 City of Gautier; authorize to enter into public/private partnership for construction of an inclusion playground.

Eubanks - House

HB1306 Elections; revise certain provisions about names of candidates appearing on the ballot, judicial candidate's annual report and fraudulent absentee voter applications.

Eure - House

HB 606 The Mobile/Online Betting Task Force; authorize.

Evans (45th) - House

HB 904 Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District; authorize to transfer Kemper Lake to Kemper County Board of Supervisors.
HB 903 Counties and municipalities; revise fine amount that may be paid by those convicted of violating anti-littering ordinance.

Felsher - House

HB 989 Child Protection Services; remove from DHS and make it a separate agency.
HB 208 Computer science curriculum; clarify terminology to specify who may provide instruction in.
HB 209 Terroristic threats; revise elements of.
HB1161 Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact; enact.

Fillingane - Senate

SB2122 Bribery of a public official; increase statute of limitations to 5 years.
SB2127 Terroristic threats; revise elements of.
SB2282 Pseudoephedrine; delete the automatic repealer on the provision that authorizes the distribution of.
SB2698 Ad valorem tax; extend fee-in-lieu qualifying period for renewable energy project.
SB2323 Community hospitals; allow consolidation and collaboration involving other hospitals.
SB2099 Motor vehicle theft; revise penalty for.
SB2100 Receiving stolen property; revise the crime of.
SB2101 Criminal law; revise crimes of fleeing a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and carjacking.
SB2146 Uncrewed aircraft systems; regulate.
SB2343 Capitol police; revise jurisdiction of.
SB2634 Child support; allow criminal charges three years after the child turns twenty-one.
SB2088 District attorneys; increase office operating allowance.

Ford (54th) - House

HB 544 Valued policy law; exempt builder's risk insurance policies from.
HB1162 Reciprocal insurance; revise sworn declaration requirements of and board of directors for.

Ford (73rd) - House

HB1027 State Fruit; designate the blueberry as.
HB1318 Baby drop-off and safe haven; revise provisions that regulate.
HB 510 Foster Parents' Bill of Rights; and Responsibilities; create and require to be provided to foster parents.
HB1045 Libraries; regulate the material that is curated for children and younger teens.

Gunn - House

HB1301 Career coaching program; modify directive of Office of Workforce Development from piloting to implementing long term.
HB1342 Adoption procedures; regulate by creating a licensure authority.
HB1341 Digital or online resources or databases; require vendors to verify technology protection for persons under 15.
HB1371 Therapists; create a felony for those who have sexual contact with patients.
HB1373 "Released-Time Moral Instruction Act of 2023"; enact to permit students to receive religious instruction during the school day.
HB1490 Licenses issued by Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; require suspension for failure to pay child support.
HB1671 Tax credits; revise certain existing and authorize additional.
HB1702 Sales tax; exempt sales of books at the Mississippi Book Festival.
HB1816 City of Clinton; extend repeal date on additional tourism tax on hotels and motels.

Haney - House

HB 894 Violations of local zoning ordinances; authorize governing authorities to pursue administrative or civil penalties for.

Harkins - Senate

SB2448 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize for supporters of the Magnolia Speech School.
SB2736 Endow Mississippi Program tax credits; extend time period for authorization.
SB2681 Mississippi Development Authority; extend and codify repealers on certain laws related to.
SB2306 Flood and drainage control districts; revise number of directors for certain municipalities.
SB2482 Motor vehicles; allow Department of Revenue to transmit liens and receive lien satisfactions electronically.
SB2449 Sales and use taxes; bring forward code sections for the purpose of possible amendment.
SB2692 Bonds; repeal authorization for unissued bonds and replace with cash funds.
SB2603 Digital Asset Mining Protection Act; create.
SB2858 Mississippi Small Business Investment Company Act; increase the amount of investment tax credits that can be allocated under.
SB3102 Income tax; revise certain provisions relating to electing pass-through entities.

Harness - House

HB 922 Alcorn State University; update references to in code to reflect current name designation.

Hickman - Senate

SB2199 County prosecuting attorney; clarify authorization to defend persons in criminal prosecutions in any other county.
SB2281 Mississippi Fentanyl and Drug Abuse Education Program; establish within Department of Mental Health.
SB2485 Early Intervention Act for Infants and Toddlers; add certain individuals to definition of qualified personnel.
SB3141 Kemper County; authorize board of supervisors to expand scope of authority of Gas District to become county utility district.
SB3142 Lauderdale County; extend date of repeal on authority to fund LCDF Chaplaincy program with certain revenue.

Hill - Senate

SB2734 County boards of supervisors; permit to expend federal funds during the last term of office of such board.
SB2735 Mayoral veto power; clarify scope of.
SB2075 Birth certificate; adoptee may obtain certified copy of original after age 21.
SB2073 Age of majority; lower to 18 for securing loans and entering contracts for real property.
SB2079 Mississippi School Protection Act; enact to allow armed educators.

Hines - House

HB 170 Domestic abuse court program; establish.
HB1790 Washington County; reenact and extend repeal date on hotel and motel tax supporting a sports complex.

Hobgood-Wilkes - House

HB 793 EMS Memorial; Health Dept. shall design and construct to honor EMS personnel who died in line of duty.
HB1200 Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program; expand to allow certified academic language therapists (CALT); to provide dyslexia therapy services.
HB 795 Shoplifting; require to calculate total price of all shoplifting items for fine.
HB 985 EMS Advisory Council; revise membership of.

Holloway - House

HB1286 Alcorn University Extension Annex; rename the "Dr. Jesse Harness, Sr., Extension and Research Center".
HB 566 Headlights; require to be used whenever windshield wipers necessitated.
HB 823 Commission on Education and Economic Competitiveness; establish to develop vision for the state's future economic and educational success.

Hood - House

HB 787 Mississippi Board of Registration for Foresters; bring forward all code sections and authorize to suspend license of licensee for failure to satisfy judgement.
HB1056 School employees; revise rate for payment for unused leave to unlicensed employees upon retirement.
HB1561 Ad valorem taxation; revise types of new enterprises eligible for tax exemption.
HB1807 City of Eupora; authorize tourism tax on hotels/motels/Airbnbs and restaurants.
HB1819 City of Eupora; authorize conveyance of certain property located within city's industrial park.

Hopson - Senate

SB2444 ARPA programs; bring forward provisions related to for possible amendment.
SB2454 Budget; bring forward code sections related to and provide for transfers.
SB2663 Mississippi Historic Site Preservation Fund; revise grant eligibility and require annual report.
SB2446 Appropriations; revise certain transfers, fund authority, and FY2023 appropriations.
SB2749 School board members; increase pay.
SB2961 Appropriations; additional for various state agencies for FY2023 and FY2024.
SB2751 Sixteenth section lands; no law, ordinance or regulation shall prohibit school districts from using for educational facilities.
SB2664 Appropriations; revise certain FY2023 appropriations and direct transfers.
SB2750 Automated External Defibrillators in Public and Charter Schools Grant Program; establish.
SB2962 Appropriation; additional appropriations for various state agencies for FY2023 and FY2024.
SB3000 Appropriation; IHL - General support.
SB3001 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.
SB3002 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.
SB3003 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.
SB3004 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.
SB3005 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.
SB3006 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.
SB3007 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.
SB3008 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.
SB3009 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.
SB3010 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.
SB3011 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.
SB3012 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.
SB3013 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.
SB3014 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.
SB3015 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.
SB3016 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.
SB3017 Appropriation; Military Department.
SB3018 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.
SB3019 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.
SB3020 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.
SB3021 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.
SB3022 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.
SB3023 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.
SB3024 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.
SB3025 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.
SB3026 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.
SB3027 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.
SB3028 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.
SB3029 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.
SB3030 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.
SB3031 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.
SB3032 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.
SB3033 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.
SB3034 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.
SB3035 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.
SB3036 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.
SB3037 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.
SB3038 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.
SB3039 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.
SB3040 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.
SB3041 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.
SB3042 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.
SB3043 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.
SB3044 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.
SB3045 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.
SB3046 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.
SB3047 Appropriation; Gulf Coast Restoration Funds to the Mississippi Development Authority.
SB3048 Appropriation; Personnel Board.
SB3049 Appropriation; Secretary of State.
SB3050 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.
SB3051 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.
SB3052 Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund; FY2024 reappropriate to certain agencies.
SB3113 Appropriation; additional to Office of Workforce Development for certain programs, ARPA funds.
SB3114 Appropriation; additional to DEQ for Mississippi Municipality and County Water Infrastructure Grant Program, ARPA funds.
SB3115 Appropriation; additional to DOH for ARPA Rural Water Associations Infrastructure Grant Program.
SB3116 Appropriation; additional to DFA for destination marketing organizations and Main Street Association, ARPA funds.
SB3117 Appropriation; additional for DFA - Office of Insurance for State and School Employees' Life and Health Insurance Plan, ARPA funds.
SB3118 Appropriation; additional to DFA - Bureau of Buildings, ARPA funds.
SB3119 Appropriation; additional to DOH for Mississippi Hospital Sustainability Grant Program, ARPA funds.
SB2150 Warren County; authorize to enter into lease agreement or lease-purchase arrangement for public safety purpose.
SB2892 City of Vicksburg; authorize to contribute to the creation, development and promotion of the Dr. Jane Ellen McAllister Museum.
SB3109 Warren County; authorize board of supervisors to contribute funds to certain nonprofit corporations.

Horan - House

HB1131 MS Prison Industries Act; bring forward certain sections pertaining to.
HB 799 Inmate Welfare Fund; increase portion of the fund that is utilized to fund Inmate Incentive to Work Program.

Jackson - House

HB1264 School districts; authorize to provide feminine hygiene products for female students in Grades 6-12.
SB3110 Tunica County Utility District; delete provision of law subjecting to rate regulation by Public Service Commission.

Johnson - Senate

SB2011 Sales tax; exempt motor vehicle transfers to and from trusts, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.
HB 334 Motor vehicle; revise requirements for scrapping, dismantling or destroying when owner does not have title in his or her name.
SB2018 Sales tax; remove tax on wholesale sales of beer.
SB2360 Agricultural high schools; revise board membership.
SB2376 Youth court; clarify that disclosure of certain records in criminal matters do not require youth court approval.
SB2215 State depositories; revise definition of "primary capital."
SB2599 State funded schools; may participate in extracurricular activities against non accredited and nonpublic schools.
SB2077 Charitable Organizations; Raise audit threshold for contributions to $750,000.00, and use a cash basis only.
SB2312 County-owned real estate; establish competitive bidding process for lease or sale.
SB2648 Financial Institutions; Earned wages access.
SB3101 Mississippi Full Expensing Tax Reform Act of 2023; create.

Karriem - House

HB1581 City of Columbus; extend repealer on alcoholic beverage and restaurant tax.

Kinkade - House

HB 515 Training facilities; include in categories eligible for license fee increase proceeds.
HB 516 Conservation officer; decrease minimum years of law enforcement experience required to be appointed a.
HB 517 Guide and outfitter services licenses; revise annual fee for both residents and nonresidents.
HB 999 Sales tax; deposit portion of revenue into the Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund.
HB 976 Boats; require validation decal certifying the awarded number to be displayed on each side of vessel.
HB 979 Hunting; provide exeception for recovering mortally wounded animals at night with use of light.
HB1000 Foster and adopted children; allow foster or adoptive parent to choose school or school district of enrollment.

Kirby - Senate

SB2203 Public land in Rankin County; authorize DFA to assign property to state agencies and establish new Veterans Nursing Home.
SB2724 Department of Public Safety building project and contract; exempt from certain public purchasing requirements.
SB2589 West Rankin Parkway; expand permission for use of federal funds.
SB3151 Rankin County; authorize to contribute county funds to Trustmark Park for economic development and tourism purposes.
SB3152 City of Pearl; authorize to contribute municipal funds to minor league baseball stadium for economic development and tourism purposes.
SB3153 City of Pearl; extend repealer on hotel/motel & restaurant tourism tax.

Ladner - House

HB 37 Standard Dedeaux Water District; delete provision on compensation of commissioners.
HB 33 The Ashley Henley Investigative Authority Act; create.
HB 770 Mississippi Office of Space and Technology; create to be administered by MDA, which shall staff.

Lamar - House

HB 401 Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission Law; revise certain provisions relating to a manufacturer's ownership of motor vehicle dealership.
HB 390 Historic property income tax credit; revise certain provisions regarding.
HB 763 MDA FY23 appropriations from Gulf Coast Restoration Fund; revise those made to the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission.
HB 388 Income tax; revise local governmental entities that may collect debt by a setoff against a debtor's refund.
HB1167 Residential builders and remodelers; revise license examination for certain license applicants.
HB1169 Income tax; revise method of collecting delinquent tax from public officers and employees.
HB1170 Motor vehicles and manufactured homes; authorize Department of Revenue to issue electronic liens and titles.
HB1194 County boards of supervisors; authorize donations to MS Main Street programs and civil rights memorials.
HB1195 Retirement; allow certain members of PERS to purchase up to three years of creditable service.
HB1293 Public purchasing; require state agencies to give a preference to Mississippi-made drones and prohibit purchase of drones made in China.
HB1155 Residential subdivisions; authorize property owners to establish and/or amend convenants, conditions and restrictions.
HB1168 Municipal special sales tax; revise use of revenue for certain.
HB 968 Sales tax and use tax; revise provisions regarding computer software, computer software service and computer service.
HB1020 Capitol Complex Improvement District courts; authorize.
HB1648 Mississippi Small Business Investment Company Act; increase the amount of tax credits that can be allocated under.
HB1668 Income tax; revise certain provisions regarding pass-through entities.
HB1723 Tax credits; authorize for business contributions to certain organizations supporting food pantries or soup kitchens.
HB1733 Income tax; revise deduction for depreciation for certain expenditures and property.
HB1734 Bonds; authorize for various purposes.

Lancaster - House

HB1016 Memorial highway; designate segment of MS Hwy 8 in Chickasaw County as the "Deputy Jeremy Allen Voyles Memorial Highway".
HB 815 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

Massengill - House

HB 16 Election commissioner; revise office of to be nonpartisan.
HB1528 Benton County; authorize to contract with and/or contribute to the Institute of Community Services, Inc.

McCarty - House

HB 729 "Mississippi Successful Techniques Resulting in Delivering Excellence in Education and Employability (STRIDE) Scholarship Program"; establish.
HB 730 "William F. Winter and Jack Reed, Sr., Teacher Loan Repayment Program"; revise to expand eligibility.
HB 817 Early Learning Collaborative; increase minimum funding levels for full-day and half-day programs.
HB1369 MAEP; determine cost of using Average Daily Membership (ADM) in lieu of ADA with 90% threshold attendance trigger.

McCaughn - Senate

SB2120 Firearms; authorize law enforcement officers to purchase at fair market value upon retirement.
SB2524 Sixteenth Section land; authorize long-term contracts for sale of certain forest products.
SB2684 Children's Promise Act; revise definition of "eligible charitable organization."
SB2392 Fees for county garbage collection; revise provision related to.
SB2548 Motor vehicles; clarify that vehicle length restrictions are the same for day and night operation.
SB2638 Ballot initiative measure process; revise the statutory provisions of.
SB2525 Forestry; create the Forestry Facility Grant Program.
SB2653 Nonprofit corporations which receive public funds; require reporting to Secretary of State.

McGee - House

HB 854 Marriage and family therapists; revise certain requirements for licensure.
HB 537 Municipalities; authorize waiver of liens, under certain circumstances, for costs associated with cleaning menaced property.

McLean - House

HB 995 Rape; revise elements for the crime of and remove spousal exception.
HB 996 Intestate succession; child conceived by assisted reproduction after decedent's death is deemed to be living at time of death.
HB1084 Insurance agents; revise the continuing education requirements of those who are 65 and have been licensed for 20 years.
HB1087 MS School for Math and Science; increase licensed employees' salaries by amount corresponding to increases to amount and years in teacher salary scale.

McMahan - Senate

SB2006 Festival wine permits; remove repealers and reverters on provisions relating to.
SB2218 Third-party service; prohibit from using name, likeness, trademark or intellectual property of merchant without agreement.
SB2019 Sales tax; exempt sales of coins, currency and bullion.
SB2890 Lee County; authorize annual contributions to Sanctuary Hospice House.
SB2149 City of Guntown; authorize the use of side by side vehicles on certain public roads.

Michel - Senate

SB2181 Distinctive motor vehicle license tags; authorize for 2022 National Championship Rebels.
SB2227 Federal Home Loan Banks; provide certain rights and procedures regarding collateral.
SB2228 Pet insurance; establish provisions for the sale and renewal of policies.
SB2616 Real Estate Commission; decrease fees charged by.
SB2617 Fire insurance policies; exclude provisions related thereto from applying to builders' risk policies.
SB2622 Mississippi Prior Authorization Reform Act; enact.
SB2615 Contract personnel; authorize to purchase base plan of the State and School Employees' Health Insurance Plan.
SB2839 Public Improvement District Act; amend to allow municipality to perform duties and exercise powers in certain circumstances.
SB2137 "Mississippi Native Plant Month"; designate each April as.
SB2722 "North Forty" property; authorize DFA to purchase.
SB2433 Regulation of public utilities; exempt distribution of water by eligible homeowners association to its own residents from.

Miles - House

HB 617 Mississippi Development Authority Tourism Advertising Fund; use portion of monies in to advertise for state parks.
HB 618 Transportation funding; authorize public-private partnerships to include naming rights.

Mims - House

HB 273 Health Care Impact Grant Program; establish to provide grants to hospitals and nursing facilities.
HB 478 Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact; create.
HB 518 Local Provider Innovation Grant Program; revise certain provisions of.
HB 584 Qualified Health Center Grant Program; clarify that amount specified for grants under is minimum amount to be issued.
HB 271 Appropriation; Health Department for distributing funds to hospitals under the Health Care Impact Grant Program.
HB 272 Appropriation; Health Department for Local Provider Innovation Grant Program.
HB1787 Scenic Rivers Development Alliance; authorize to create special purpose entities.

Moran - Senate

SB2550 Commercial crabbing licenses; applicable to boat instead of each fisherman.
SB2551 Department of Marine Resources, Office of Marine Patrol; cooperate with federal law enforcement.
SB2727 Mississippi Office of Space and Technology; create and direct Mississippi Development Authority to administer.

Morgan - House

HB1788 City of Columbia; extend repeal date on hotel/motel and restaurant tourism tax.

Newman - House

HB1125 Regulate Experimental Adolescent Procedures (REAP) Act; create to regulate transgender procedures and surgeries.

Oliver - House

HB 549 Sales Tax; exempt certain sales of property transported from this state and first used in another state.

Owen - House

HB1111 County court jurisdiction for termination of parental rights; authorize for both involuntary and voluntary termination.
HB1110 Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act; create.
HB1115 Durable legal custody; clarify jurisdiction for.
HB 400 Election crimes; revise the penalties for certain.

Paden - House

HB1703 Coahoma County; authorize reserve and trust fund trustees to use certain amount of fund to supplement county general fund.

Parker - Senate

SB2595 ARPA Workforce Development and Retention Act; provide expiration date of grant funds.
SB2597 Mississippi Comprehensive Workforce Training and Education Consolidation Act of 2004; extend repealer on.
SB2613 Nonemergency transportation providers; extend date by which providers may provide service without a permit.
SB2810 Office of Workforce Development; amend certain provisions relating to.
SB2514 Secretary of State; clarify authority to transfer land records to Department of Archives and History.
SB2552 MS Comprehensive Workforce Training & Education Consolidation Act of 2004; extend repealer on code sections conformed to.
SB2202 Child support; create presumption that support continues past the age of majority for a disabled child.
SB2596 Mississippi Nonprofit Transparency Act; create.
SB2371 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Nurse/Allied Health Workforce Development and Retention Act; create.
SB2889 Mississippi Capitol Region Utility Act; create.
SB2335 Income tax credit; allow for employer making direct payments to entity for dependent care on behalf of employee.

Parks - Senate

SB2486 Mississippi Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Act and the Mississippi Uniform Agents Act; bring forward sections.
SB2581 Commission on College Accreditation; revise technical provision related thereto.
SB2373 Skilled Nursing Home and Hospital Nurses Retention Loan Repayment Program; establish.
SB2487 Mississippi Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Scholarship Program; establish.

Pigott - House

HB 363 Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce; technical amendments related to certain powers and duties.
HB 484 Petroleum Products Inspection Law; delete repealer on definitions and penalties under.

Polk - Senate

SB2817 Mississippi Burn Center; bring forward code sections for possible amendment.
SB2053 Deficit Prevention Act; require state agencies to notify certain officials when likelihood of a deficit exists.
SB2844 Bureau of Fleet Management; revise duties thereof.
SB2673 Mississippi Real Estate Appraisal Board; make independent from Mississippi Real Estate Commission.

Porter - House

HB 64 Licensed child care facilities; require to purchase and maintain a certain minimum amount of liability insurance.
HB 65 Landlord-tenant; authorize tenant who is survivor of domestic abuse to break lease without penalty.
HB1196 City of McComb; extend date of repeal on hotel/motel tourism tax.

Powell - House

HB 384 Alcoholic beverages; authorize local authorities of wet jurisdiction to permit package retail sales on Sunday.
HB1310 Elections; revise provisions related to the integrity of.
HB1276 State officers; provide for a runoff election for.
HB 383 Oil and gas severance taxes; extend repealer on lower rate for production from horizontally drilled wells.

Read - House

HB 603 State budget; bring forward sections relating to.
HB 604 New programs funded with ARPA funds; revise certain provisions and bring forward sections of.
HB1088 State budget; provide for various transfers and create new special funds.
HB 602 District Attorneys; increase the operating allowance of.
HB 834 Assistant District Attorneys and criminal investigators; increase authorized number of.
HB1089 State budget; revise provisions of several FY 23 bills and create special funds.
HB1593 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.
HB1594 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.
HB1595 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.
HB1596 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.
HB1597 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.
HB1598 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.
HB1599 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.
HB1600 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.
HB1601 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.
HB1602 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.
HB1603 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.
HB1604 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.
HB1605 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.
HB1606 Appropriation; Fire Academy.
HB1607 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.
HB1608 Appropriation; Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.
HB1609 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission.
HB1610 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.
HB1611 Appropriation; Arts Commission.
HB1612 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.
HB1613 Appropriation; Education, Department of.
HB1614 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.
HB1615 Appropriation; Library Commission.
HB1616 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.
HB1617 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.
HB1618 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.
HB1619 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.
HB1620 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.
HB1621 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.
HB1622 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.
HB1623 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.
HB1624 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.
HB1625 Appropriation: Child Protection Services, Department of.
HB1626 Appropriation; Health, Department of.
HB1627 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.
HB1628 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.
HB1629 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
HB1630 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.
HB1631 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.
HB1632 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.
HB1633 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.
HB1634 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.
HB1635 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.
HB1636 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.
HB1637 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.
HB1638 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.
HB1639 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.
HB1640 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.
HB1641 Appropriation; Attorney General.
HB1642 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.
HB1643 Appropriation, Reappropriation, DFA - Bureau of Building - FY2024.
HB1644 Appropriations; additional for various state agencies for FY 2023 and FY 2024.
HB1715 Appropration; Health Department for funding the ARPA Rural Water Associations Infrastructure Grant Program.
HB1716 Appropriation; DEQ for funding the MS Municipality and County Water Infrastructure Grant Program.
HB1717 Appropration; DFA - Office of Insurance for reimbursing the State Health Plan for eligible expenses incurred.
HB1718 Appropriation; DFA Bureau of Building for completing capital projects at state-owned buildings and grounds.
HB1719 Appropration; DFA to assist destination marketing organizations in paying for marketing activities.
HB1720 Appropriation; UMMC for repair and renovation of the adolescent psychiatric program facility.
HB1722 Appropriation; UMMC for construction, repair and renovation of the School of Dentistry.
HB1721 Appropriation; Health Department for MS Baptist Medical Center in Jackson to establish a burn center or unit.

Reynolds - House

HB 923 Bob Tyler Fish Hatchery; designate the fish hatchery located in North Mississippi as.
HB 685 Deeds to married couples; create a rebuttable presumption of joint tenancy with rights of survivorship.
HB 870 Justice Court appeals; revise number of days to circuit court.
HB 871 Ad valorem tax; extend time for partial exemption and fee-in-lieu of ad valorem tax agreement for certain renewable energy projects.
HB1540 Town of Coffeeville; authorize a tax on restaurants to provide funds for tourism, parks and recreation.
HB1541 Tallahatchie County; authorize conveyance of public library to the Town of Webb.
HB1542 Tallahatchie County; authorize conveyance of public library to the Town of Tutwiler.
HB1794 City of Charleston; extend date of repeal on restaurant tourism tax.

Roberson - House

HB 393 Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine; extend repealer on authority to sell and purchase without a prescription certain products containing.
HB1029 United States Space Force; provide that reference to "Armed Forces" and "Uniformed Services" in Mississippi law shall include members of.
HB 252 Festival wine permits; extend repealers on authority to issue and certain provisions relating to.
HB 256 Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corporation; extend repealer on requirement that audits be submitted by November 15.
HB 259 Medical radiation technologists; delete repealers on registration statutes.
HB 261 Income tax; extend credit for qualified contributions to an endowed fund at qualified community foundations.
HB 392 Income tax; extend tax years for employer taxpayer to claim credit for employees' blood donations during blood drive.
HB 395 MS Major Economic Impact Act; extend deadline for issuance of bonds for certain automotive parts manufacturing plant projects.
HB 396 Tourism Project Sales Tax Incentive Program; extend authority of MDA to approve participants for projects.
HB 522 Mississippi Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal System Law; extend repealer on.
HB 588 MS Workforce Training and Education Act; extend repealer on the act and in 2004 chapter law for conforming code sections.
HB 735 Retailer Tax Fairness Act; create.
HB 253 DUI suspension; clarify how the 120 days are counted.
HB 264 Energy Efficiency standards on buildings; extend repealer on statute requiring certain buildings to meet.
HB 258 Educational Facilities Revolving Loan Fund; extend repealers on statutes relating to sales tax distribution and state public school building fund.
HB1477 Harvest permits; extend repealer on authority of MDOT to issue.
HB 249 MS Medical Cannabis Act; extend repealers to certain state laws for Departments of Health and Revenue in connection with.
HB 397 MS Gulf Coast Region Utility Board; extend repealers on.
HB 451 Bail; revise how the amount is determined and authorize certain options for the defendant.
HB1792 City of Starkville; revise the definitions of the terms "hotel" and "motel" under the city's motel-hotel tax.
HB1795 Oktibbeha County; authorize contributions to the Education Association of East Oktibbeha County Schools.
HB1796 Oktibbeha County; authorize contributions to the J.L. King Center.
HB1797 Oktibbeha County; authorize contributions to maintain Camp Seminole Road.
HB1798 Oktibbeha County; authorize contribution to Brickfire Project.
HB1799 Oktibbeha County; authorize contributions to Sally Kate Winters Family Services.

Rosebud - House

HB1213 Water Infrastructure Grant Program; DEQ shall give priority to applicants not receiving funding in first round grants.

Rushing - House

HB 371 Bonds; revise purposes for which proceeds of bonds authorized for City of Union.
HB 556 "Property Clean up Revolving Fund"; establish.
HB 920 Radar; clarify how population is calculated.
HB 454 Radar; authorize use by municipal law enforcement officers in certain municipalities.
HB 374 Wiretapping; authorize state and local law enforcement to use for human trafficking.

Sanford - House

HB 246 Real property; right of first refusal expires on grantee's death unless specifically stated otherwise.
HB1392 MS Vulnerable Persons Abuse Registry; require Department of Human Services to establish.
HB 241 Campaign finance reports; revise the time for filing electronically.

Scoggin - House

HB 365 Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; allow to speak to student regarding civic involvement with principal's approval.
HB 521 Length of Service Award Program; authorize for the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters.
HB 443 MS Commission on College Accreditation; authorize IHL Board to provide staff, facilities and other means of support to.
HB 771 HELP Grant and MTAG Programs; revise level of funding provided to eligible students.

Seymour - Senate

SB2390 Executive Director of the State Veterans Affairs Board; appointed by Governor with advice and consent of Senate.
SB2187 Disabled veterans motor vehicle license tags; revise certain provisions regarding disability rating.
SB2197 Veteran service officers; authorize certain action on behalf of a veteran under a power of attorney, provide immunity to.
SB2523 Pecan Harvesting Law; revise penalties for violating.
SB2534 Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; require additional regulation of freshwater fishing guides.
SB3139 Jackson County; authorize Board of Supervisors and Utility Authority to share equipment, labor, services, resources and funds.

Simmons (12th) - Senate

SB2703 Driver's license fees; waive for applicants in MDCPS custody.

Simmons (13th) - Senate

SB2777 School attendance officers; revise to increase the minimum base salary.
SB3065 Bolivar County; authorize contributions to Fannie Lou Hamer Breast Cancer Foundation and Community Action Agency.

Smith - House

HB1017 Memorial intersection; designate intersection of U.S. 45 and CR 110 in Clarke County as the "Army Spc. Terry Kishaun Dantez Gordon Memorial Intersection".

Sparks - Senate

SB2337 Conspiracy; revise statute of limitations.
SB2379 Code books; revise number required to be ordered from publisher.
SB2495 State inmates; require MDOC to pay increased rate to house inmates in county jails.

Steverson - House

HB 557 MS Rural Dentists Scholarship Program; increase number of students who may be admitted into annually.
HB 848 Mississippi Digital Asset Mining Act; create.
HB1661 Sales tax; exempt sales of coins, currency and bullion.
HB1662 City of Ripley; authorize expansion of water system in Tippah County except in certificated areas other than those in the city.

Suber - Senate

SB2542 Highways; dedicate a section of Highway 8 to Jeremy Allen Voyles.
SB2612 Construction; bring forward code sections concerning local permitting and State Board of Contractors licensing.

Summers - House

HB 368 State identification for homeless persons; authorize.
HB1811 Suffrage; restore to Gerald Laird of Jefferson Davis County.
HB1812 Suffrage; restore to Rahmond Williams of Hinds County.
HB1813 Suffrage; restore to Cornelius Clayton of Monroe County.

Tate - Senate

SB2353 Elections; increase wage range for poll workers.
SB2526 Pat Harrison Waterway District; authorize municipalities to join.
SB2351 Elections; allow the Attorney General to investigate alleged election fraud.
SB2358 Ballot harvesting; ban.
SB2423 Elections; require that candidates receive majority of votes in general election to be elected to statewide office.
SB2352 Elections; penalty for fraudulently requesting or submitting absentee ballots.

Thompson - Senate

SB2308 Municipalities; authorize to assess administrative or civil penalties for zoning violations.
SB2851 Technology-based capital assistance programs; revise certain terms and amounts of assistance.
SB2544 Regulation of oyster beds and water bottoms by the MS Department of Marine Resources; bring forward authority.
HB 88 Natural Resource Camp Pilot Program Act of 2023; establish for students in Lee and Monroe Counties.

Tullos - House

HB 559 The Phillip Cameron Hendry Mississippi Mosquito and West Nile Virus Awareness Week; designate the second week in April annually as.

Turner - House

HB 217 Taxes levied by commissioners of master water management districts; remove requirement that boards of supervisors must implement.
HB 540 Personal and professional services; require the Department of Finance and Administration to conduct solicitations of for certain agencies.
HB 538 Pat Harrison Waterway District; provide county withdrawal from district not effective until close of FY in which county obligations met.
HB 768 State Personnel Board; require agencies seeking an exemption from the oversight of to submit written plan of justification to Legislature and SPB.
HB 880 Mississippi Consumer Privacy Act for State Agencies; create.
HB 882 Renaissance Assistance Program to Initiate Development; create to assist small businesses.
HB1197 City of Baldwyn; extend date of repeal on tax for hotels, motels, restaurants and convenience stores.

Turner-Ford - Senate

SB2309 MS Department of Archives and History property; add parcel known as "The Old Magnolia Church" for transfer to U.S. Park Service.
SB2723 Certain real property located in the Capitol Complex area; authorize DFA to purchase.

Wallace - House

HB 552 Poll managers; increase the compensation of.

Weathersby - House

HB 422 Public land in Rankin County; authorize DFA to assign property to various state agencies and institutions and establish new Veterans Nursing Home.
HB 423 Former First Christian Church property within the Capitol Complex; authorize DFA to purchase.
HB 535 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.
HB 874 MS Dept. of Archives and History property; authorize DFA to clarify donation of certain lands in Claiborne County to U.S. Dept. of Interior - National Park Service.
HB 876 Columbia Training School Property; clarify purposes for which the Marion County Economic Development District may be reimbursed.
HB 877 USM; clarify authority to enter into insurance agreement for protection of property at the state port at Gulfport.
HB 917 Mississippi Worker's Comp commission office building; place under the supervision and care of DFA.
HB 875 Public purchases; revise bidding requirements for certain projects and other related to Mississippi Landmarks.
HB 536 MSU; amend authority to enter into a long-term lease for housing and retail purpose to extend the original lease term to 65 years.
HB1667 City of Florence; authorize a tax on restaurants and hotels/motels.

Whaley - Senate

SB2543 Chronic wasting disease; bring forward code sections for the purpose of possible amendment.
SB2556 Qualifications for appointment as a conservation officer; clarify.
SB2853 Small unmanned aircraft systems; require state purchase and servicing of from American companies only.

Wiggins - Senate

SB2381 Medicaid; authorize liquidated damages in requests for proposals, bring forward provision related to.
SB2382 Out-of-state lawyers; required to disclose whether licensed to practice law in Mississippi in television ads.
SB2678 Department of Child Protection Services; separate agency from the Department of Human Services.
SB2644 Divorce; authorize where marriage is irretrievably broken.
SB2645 Circuit court districts; increase number of assistant district attorneys and criminal investigators.
SB2298 Bail agents; revise procedure for determining in municipal and justice courts.
SB2082 Child support; administratively suspend obligations for incarcerated individuals.
SB2153 Transportation; require disclosure of the total charges in the rental of motor vehicles.
SB2380 Supreme court; require to promulgate rules requiring the disclosure of all entities financially interested in litigation.

Williams - Senate

SB2003 Highways; Dedicate a section of Highway 12 to G. Louis Jones.
SB2538 Mississippi Regional Pre-Need Disaster Clean Up Act; create.
SB2590 Mississippi State University authority to lease property for public-private partnership student housing; increase term.
SB2781 Mississippi Access to Maternal Assistance Program; create and provide for duties and responsibilities.
SB2569 Transportation; allow and regulate autonomous vehicles.

Yancey - House

HB1158 Medical Cannabis Act; revise certain provisions of.
HB1315 Pornographic media materials; regulate access to minors and require age verification.
HB1390 Abstinence education; delete repealer on school board requirement to adopt a policy on abstinence-only or abstinence-plus.
HB1299 Pharmacy benefit managers; require to make available to the public, without redaction, contracts relating to pharmacy benefit management services.
HB1068 Water Quality Accountability Act; create.
HB1070 Patriotic Education Grant Program; establish.
HB1072 Hazardous trees on tax forfeited land; authorize counties/municipalities to remove and Secretary of State to reimburse for the removal of.
HB1157 Vehicle rental; require those engaged in to disclose total charges, including all additional mandatory charges.
HB 4 Tianeptine; include in Schedule I controlled substance list.
HB1071 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise schedules.
HB1317 Pharmacists; authorize to test for and administer treatment for minor, nonchronic health conditions.
HB1521 City of Brandon; extend repealer on tax on sales of prepared food and drink at restaurants and bars.
HB1325 City of Brandon; extend repealer on hotels/motel to fund amphitheater and other ancillary improvements.

Yates - House

HB 370 Municipal elected officers; authorize removal of using the same process as removal of county elected officers.
HB 696 Capitol Complex Improvement District; revise boundary lines of.
HB 697 Homeowner associations that provide water to its residents, certain; prohibit PSC from providing certain regulation of.
HB 698 Municipal water, wastewater and sewer services; require equity based billing based on use of.
HB 700 Flood and drainage control districts; revise the number of directors for certain municipalities.

Younger - Senate

SB2608 United States Space Force; references to "Armed Forces" in Mississippi law shall include members of.
SB2512 Counties; authorize to designate ARPA funds to rural water and sewer associations and municipalities for infrastructure projects.
SB2002 Memorial highways; designate segments of highways to Bradford C. Freeman and Douglas Anderson.
SB2068 Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact; enact.
SB3108 Lowndes County; authorize to lease property for nominal consideration for nonprofit use for the benefit of disadvantaged children.
SB3146 Lowndes County; authorize to contribute Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to certain nonprofits.
SB3148 Lowndes County; authorize Board of Supervisors to contribute available funds to public utilities and water/sewer associations.

Zuber - House

HB1136 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance to supporters of the Mississippi Road Builders Association.
HB1140 Beer, light wine and light spirit products; revise manufacturers prohibited from having interest in wholesalers or distributors.
HB 49 Resident lifetime hunting and fishing license; authorize Department of Wildlife to issue if parent was born in the state and was on active military service at the time of applicant's birth.
HB1139 Simple assault; authorize judicial discretion when assessing fines.
HB 3 Third-party delivery service; prohibit from using name, likeness, trademark or intellectual property of merchant without agreement.
HB 276 State Board of Physical Therapy, authorize to issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents.
HB1172 Federal home loan banks; define term and provide process for handling delinquent insurer's secured claim.
HB1190 Health benefit plan; authorize plan sponsor of to consent, on behalf of covered pensions, to delivery of all communications by electronic means.
HB1191 Pet insurance; create legal framework by which it may be sold in the state.
HB1041 State depositories; revise certain definitions relating to align with federal regulatory standards.
HB1141 State employees life and health insurance plan; revise to include coverage for contract personnel.