Bill List for 2013 Session

The Legislative History Project only provides video of bills that are debated on the House and Senate floor. Bills introduced but not debated are not provided in any form.

House Bill

Principal Author
HB 2 Weapons; clarify definition of concealed.Gipson
HB 3 MS Eminent Scholars Grant; allow transfer to MS college or university to receive.Howell
HB 19 Appropriation; Wireless Communication Commission; Additional 2013.Frierson
HB 20 State funds; transfer sum from Motor Vehicle Ad Valorem Tax Reduction Fund to Capital Expense Fund.Frierson
HB 21 State funds; transfer sum from Department of Insurance Fund to Budget Contingency Fund.Frierson
HB 22 Appropriation: State Government Agencies Budget Contingency Fund and Capital Expense Fund; additional 2013.Frierson
HB 24 Teacher and administrator licensure; clarify grounds for denial and reinstatement procedures.Moore
HB 28 Crimes; revise attempt.Denny
HB 30 Cosmetology board; require to expedite processing and issuance of licenses by reciprocity to spouses of military personnel.Mims
HB 37 Adoption; revise home study and residency requirements.Snowden
HB 47 Partition of property; revise method of appointing freeholders.Snowden
HB 55 Elected school boards; elect all members at time of presidential election.Moore
HB 64 Fall dairy show; relocate from Marion County to Lamar County.Pigott
HB 68 Health discount plans; delete repealer on requirements for.Formby
HB 69 Medical radiation technologists; extend repealers on registration statutes.Formby
HB 70 Surplus lines insurance; delete repealer on exemption from premium tax on property risk written by DFA on behalf of state.Formby
HB 74 Student attendance; allow excused absence for those participating in 4-H & FFA sponsored events not to exceed five per academic year.Holland
HB 80 Municipal courts; revise amount allowed to charge convicted misdemeanor offenders for jail costs.Baker
HB 83 MS Motor Vehicle Commission Law; provide compensation that manufacturer or distributor must pay dealer upon termination of franchise.Baker
HB 85 UCC; publish Ch. 9 on SOS website.Baker
HB 86 Tort Claims Act; revise liability for automobile wrecks involving police and firefighters.Baker
HB 88 DUI; clarify nonadjudication of certain violations of minors.Gipson
HB 90 Commercial Driver's License Act; revise to clarify one year disqualification requirement.Gipson
HB 91 Driver's license; provide fines from other state's electronic traffic cameras shall only be recognized if a Driver License Compact state.Gipson
HB 102 "Wounded Warriors Special Hunt Areas"; authorize commission on wildlife to establish in certain areas.Moak
HB 117 MS Development Authority Job Training Grant Fund; create to provide job training grants for certain eligible business enterprises.Smith (39th)
HB 118 Districts of Innovation; authorize State Board of Education to approve creation of in local school districts.Turner
HB 120 Emergency management; designate area in Haley Barbour Building as the "MCDEMA Memorial Wall."Stringer
HB 121 School superintendents; require to certify all statistical information submitted to SDE.Brown (66th)
HB 125 Child Death Review Panel; revise membership of and delete repealer on.Formby
HB 128 Harvest permits; extend repealers on authority of MDOT to issue and provisions establishing maximum weight of such vehicles.Formby
HB 129 State Port Authority; extend repealer on authority to use design-build method of contracting.Formby
HB 130 Public Service Commission; extend repealer on its creation and ability to hire attorneys for certain proceedings.Formby
HB 131 Crimes; prohibit impersonating a firefighter.Mims
HB 132 State property; ratify conveyance of property in Marion County by DHS in 2011.Morgan
HB 134 Physician assistants; extend repealers on authority for issuance of temporary license to certain.Formby
HB 135 Southern Arts & Entertainment Center; conform law to center's name change of "Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Center."Snowden
HB 136 Bailiffs; authorize to administer oaths in court.Snowden
HB 137 Cooperatives; provide for the incorporation of.Moore
HB 138 Adequate education program; require SBE to recalculate base student cost for each fiscal year.Frierson
HB 141 Counties and municipalities; prohibit from establishing mandatory minimum wage.Turner
HB 142 County courts; revise jurisdiction.Baker
HB 144 Criminal Forfeiture; provide procedure for offenses with no specific procedure.Baker
HB 145 Public purchasing; allow consideration that a bidder has a local presence in determining best value.Snowden
HB 148 Delinquent garbage and disposal fees; authorize property with to be sold when there is a lien by county.Baker
HB 151 Child Protection Act; revise.Gipson
HB 156 Gulf Coast Region Utility Act; revise various provisions of.Frierson
HB 175 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for improvements to the Mississippi Craft Center.Martinson
HB 178 Agricultural crimes; revise crime of livestock theft.Shows
HB 180 Public officials; not eligible for nonadjudication or other sentence reduction for embezzlement.Baker
HB 181 MS Highway 29; designate segment in City of Ellisville as "Wyonie 'Sonny' Patterson" Memorial Highway."Shows
HB 193 Municipal clerks and managers; clarify how such shall be paid and revise discretionary pay.Martinson
HB 209 Real property; clarify certain required identifying information for instruments presented to the chancery clerk for recording.Snowden
HB 225 "MS Hwy. Patrol Fallen Officer's Memorial Highway Act;" enact to designate certain public roadways in honor of.Flaggs
HB 232 Election; require candidates to designate an agent to receive any notice or service of process.Denny
HB 233 Sheriff; authorize to charge reasonable expenses for executing service of process.Baker
HB 240 Controlled Substance Law; clarify notice for administrative forfeiture.Baker
HB 242 Controlled Substances Law; provide for emergency scheduling.Baker
HB 244 Civil cases; revise procedure for certain small claims.Baker
HB 245 Court reporters; shall receive personal and major medical leave.Baker
HB 261 Transportation; revise certain restrictions on design-built projects of the Mississippi Transportation Commission.Johnson
HB 269 Law Enforcement Officers Death/Disability Benefits Trust Funds; expand to include emergency management personnel and provide additional funding.Miles
HB 275 Municipal, county and state executive committees; prohibit those who violate the public trust from serving on.Martinson
HB 276 Distinctive motor vehicle license tags; authorize for various purposes.Warren
HB 279 Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport; provide venue for trials for offenses committed at.Baker
HB 286 Lead-Based Paint Activity Accreditation and Certification Act; delete opt-out provisions.Upshaw
HB 301 Prescription drug benefits; require use of a uniform prior authorization form by health insurers providing.Howell
HB 307 Rural Physicians Scholarship Program; remove limitation on number of students admitted each year.Mims
HB 317 Community colleges; provide for optional out-of-state waiver policy to be determined by board of each college.Snowden
HB 323 Commissioner of Insurance; increase the amount of reward which may be offered in cases of arson.Chism
HB 324 Commissioner of Insurance; may conduct financial and market analysis of insurers/provide confidentiality of documents.Chism
HB 333 Products liability; revise to include designers.Denny
HB 334 School buses; repeal law requiring to be driven less than certain speeds.Morgan
HB 364 Counties; authorize to sell surplus property at auction.Reynolds
HB 365 Murder; create first and second degree and revise penalty.Baker
HB 366 Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration Commission; revise composition of.Martinson
HB 368 Jesse Brent Memorial Bridge; designate portion of Highway 82 bridge in Washington County as.Bailey
HB 369 Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013; create.Moore
HB 372 MS Transportation Commission; authorize to donate real property in Perry County, Mississippi, to U.S. Forest Service.Johnson
HB 373 MTC; revise paid educational leave program to a stipend program for students agreeing to work as civil engineer for.Johnson
HB 374 Health insurance; prohibit issuance of policy restricting insurer from assigning benefits to provider.Chism
HB 375 Risk based capital laws; include health organization insurer under.Chism
HB 376 Speed limit; increase maximum for interstate highways and certain controlled access highways from 70 mph to 75 mph.Stringer
HB 379 County funds; revise time in which excess county funds can be invested.Chism
HB 387 Agriculture equipment dealers; include all-terrain and off-road utility vehicles in inventory protection.Baker
HB 391 Professional licenses; certain military-trained applicants and military spouses shell receive by reciprocity when in MS.Jennings
HB 394 Municipalities and counties; authorize to sell surplus real and personal property at public auction.Reynolds
HB 411 Hospices; prohibit issuance of new licenses for unless specifically authorized by legislation.Bounds
HB 413 USM; authorize Department of Finance & Administration to sell certain real property located in Jackson County, MS.Barker
HB 417 Mississippi Department of Marine Resources' oyster check station; change name to "Colonel George J. Wright, Sr." building.Eure
HB 422 Mental Health; allow board to sell 3 buildings at East MS State Hospital and lease them back by lease-purchase.Snowden
HB 425 Student Tuition assistance; revise high school course work requirements to obtain for state institutions of higher learning.Crawford
HB 431 Homemade beer; authorize making of homemade beer for domestic or household uses.Baria
HB 435 Public records; access not diminished because stored in certain manner and revise civil penalty.Turner
HB 436 MTC; authorize to receive and expend SASHTO scholarship funds for transportation studies.Johnson
HB 437 State Fire Marshals; grant limited police powers to.Chism
HB 441 Commercial driver's license; provide that certain drivers with visual impairment in one eye may obtain.Lane
HB 446 Absentee ballots; revise how ballots are kept and authorize a resolution board to review.Denny
HB 449 School district superintendents; require all to be appointed beginning in 2016.Moore
HB 450 School district financial procedures; clarify distribution of funds and time of payment of employee salaries and wages.Moore
HB 461 Compact for education; repeal.Barker
HB 463 U.S. Flag; authorize flying at 1/2-staff when member of the Armed Forces dies on active duty.Jennings *
HB 468 Uniform Power of Attorney Act; enact.Blackmon
HB 473 State Auditor; authorize to conduct performance audits of state-funded economic development projects.Snowden
HB 477 Wrongful death; clarify who may bring action.Gunn
HB 478 MS Accountability and Transparency Act; require detailed description of expenditures of bond proceeds on website.Gunn
HB 480 State agencies and officials; require to regularly update information on their websites to ensure that it is current.Gunn
HB 481 DUI; revise use of ignition interlock device.Gunn
HB 482 Mississippi Interagency Council on Homelessness; create.Barker
HB 485 MS Public Records Act; exempt weapon permit information.Baker
HB 488 State-funded buildings; require that rating systems used for shall only use certain certificate credits for forest products.Reynolds
HB 489 Vessel pilots; limit and regulate liability of.Busby
HB 495 State Fairgrounds; authorize DFA and Dept. of Ag. to enter into agreement for law enforcement patrol of.Weathersby
HB 496 Parental rights; establish fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children.Brown (20th)
HB 498 Performance bonds and payment bonds; exempt requirement of for contracts less than $50,000.00.Weathersby
HB 499 Mississippi Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law; repeal.Brown (66th)
HB 502 Public purchasing; require state agency purchasing offices to have all purchasing officials certified.Turner
HB 508 Wireless communication devices; authorize use of by certain officers or employees of various divisions of MSU Extension Services.Sullivan
HB 516 Emerging crops; delete repealer on maximum amount of loans to certain enterprises under Emerging Crops Fund.Sullivan
HB 517 Mississippi Highway 15; designate certain bridge in Chickasaw County as the "Representative William E. 'Billy' Bowles Memorial Bridge".Sullivan
HB 519 Tax levy to support school districts; authorize levying authority to veto school board request for increase up to seven percent.Moore
HB 522 MS Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program; revise comprehensive investment plan and investment options for.Mettetal
HB 524 Dept. of Wildlife; authorize to enter into agreement with local EPAs to maintain and operate state park electrical infrastructure.Bounds
HB 525 MS Industries for the Blind; State Personnel Board not required to approve salary of executive director of.Read
HB 530 Recreational off-highway vehicles; restrict use of on public property.Johnson
HB 533 Election contest; provide procedure for candidates for office of election commissioner.Denny
HB 534 Insurance; revise various laws regarding.Chism
HB 542 Municipalities; require minutes to be automatically valid after 30 days.Scott
HB 545 Uninsured motorist coverage; delete minimum number of vehicles necessary to purchase nonstacking coverage.Chism
HB 546 Municipal special sales tax; revise composition of commission that will establish master plan for use of revenue.Calhoun
HB 549 State Auditor; require state agencies and colleges to submit copies of internal audit reports to.Read
HB 552 Certificate of free sale; authorize the Dept. of Agriculture to issue for agricultural products grown, produced or manufactured in MS.Sullivan
HB 559 Check Cashers Act; reenact and delete repealer on.Guice
HB 560 Medicaid; extend repealers on various provisions in Medicaid program.Howell
HB 563 PERS; prohibit investments in companies that invest in oil-related or mineral-extraction activities in Iran.Watson
HB 566 Income tax; authorize a credit for costs paid by a business enterprise to expand and relocate employees to this state.Smith (39th)
HB 572 Legal Holidays; revise authority of cities and counties to designate.Bennett
HB 578 Department of Corrections; authorize to contract for housing of males at certain county/regional correctional facility.Flaggs
HB 590 Mississippi Main Street Investment Act; create.Lamar
HB 591 Headquarters sales tax exemption and income tax credit; revise number of jobs necessary to qualify for, provide new exemption and credit.Smith (39th)
HB 610 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of new School of Medicine classroom building at University of Mississippi Medical Center.Smith (39th)
HB 613 Crimes; prohibit distribution of alternative nicotine products to minors.Smith (39th)
HB 614 Mississippi Proprietary School and College Registration Laws; revise.Mettetal
HB 620 Municipalities; revise authority to clean menaced property.Wooten
HB 625 Firearm Protection Act; enact.Formby
HB 636 Certified academic language therapy; include in category of individuals eligible for annual salary supplement.Moore
HB 637 Financial literacy curriculum; require State Board of Education to revise grades for which offered.Moore
HB 649 Election contests; revise how judges are designated to hear.Denny
HB 652 Public safety; require MEMA to establish statewide planning and mapping system.Weathersby
HB 667 Campaign finance; require Statement of Intent and notice for failure to file reports for.Denny
HB 672 Dyslexia Education Scholarship Program; increase maximum number of students eligible to 20.Byrd
HB 673 Human Trafficking; revise law.Byrd
HB 684 Depicting child engaging in sexual conduct; revise.Buck (72nd)
HB 686 Computer fraud; clarify definition of computer network.Buck (72nd)
HB 699 Traffic signal lights; direct MDOT to install and operate at highway intersection in George County.DeBar
HB 702 MS Highway 63; designate segment of in Greene County as "Senator George Cecil McLeod, Jr., Memorial Highway."DeBar
HB 709 Domestic violence law; revise.Buck (72nd)
HB 710 Crime Victims' Compensation Act; revisions to grounds for denying compensation.Buck (72nd)
HB 713 Mississippi Above Ground Storage Tank Act of 2013; enact.Upshaw
HB 714 Forfeiture of bond; revise.Rogers (61st)
HB 716 School district consolidation; require in certain county.Barker
HB 718 Interagency Farm to School Council; establish.Barker
HB 719 MS Individual On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Law; extend repealer on and revise various provisions of.Mims
HB 720 Child support; change reference to Uniform Support Act.Mims
HB 722 Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act; revise requirements for certification of health care industry zones under.Smith (39th)
HB 725 Guardian of the person; revise provisions regarding notice to creditors.Snowden
HB 733 Constables; require to file compensation reports to the State Auditor.Denny
HB 738 Highways; designate certain memorial highway and scenic byway.Nelson
HB 745 Sales tax law; provide that permit to engage in business issued under is valid for one year unless renewed.Smith (39th)
HB 747 Bail; provide restrictions.Chism
HB 748 Mississippi Reciprocal Insurance Law; revise.Chism
HB 749 Bail licensing; revise testing.Rogers (61st)
HB 750 County port and harbour commission; revise the number of appointments made to.Monsour
HB 751 Bureau of Plant Industry; remove requirement for notarization of quarterly seed sale reports & revise administrative procedures relating to.Sullivan
HB 753 Syrup Containers Law; revise to require pure syrup to comply with regulations prescribed for.Sullivan
HB 757 U.S. Highway 184; designate segment of in Lawrence County as "Lawrence County Veterans Highway."Evans (91st)
HB 761 Tourism Project Sales Tax Incentive Fund; increase period of time that MDA may make payments from, revise certain definitions.Martinson
HB 765 Alternative Fuel Vehicles for Mississippi Act of 2013; create.Smith (39th)
HB 770 MS Fair Commission; authorize to contract with DFA for providing law enforcement control at Mississippi State Fairgrounds Complex.Sullivan
HB 771 Country of Origin Labeling; include term "fish" in category for which notification must be provided.Sullivan
HB 772 Weights and measures; prescribe administrative penalties and due process for violations of.Sullivan
HB 776 Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program; establish.Mims
HB 777 Pharmacy benefit manager licensure statutes; extend repealers and conform certain definitions.Hamilton
HB 779 Compulsory school attendance; lower age to 5 years and disallow parent from removing child from kindergarten.Williams-Barnes
HB 780 Early Care & Education Voucher Program Fund; create in State Treasury and fund from General Fund ending cash balance.Barker
HB 781 Pre-kindergarten programs; require State Dept. of Education to implement on phased-in basis beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.Barker
HB 783 Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Act; increase the amount of rebates authorized under.Martinson
HB 788 Post-conviction relief; revise time limitation.Formby
HB 797 Election commissioners; grant discretionary authority to boards of supervisors to increase per diem and reimburse mileage.Barker
HB 798 Healthy Food Retail Act; create to encourage consumption of affordable healthy foods in underserved communities.Barker
HB 799 Memorial highways; designate certain as "Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient" when appropriate.Staples
HB 800 Sales tax; authorize a diversion to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.Baker
HB 805 MS Bd. of Levee Commissioners and Bd. of Levee Commissioners of the Yazoo-MS Delta; allow entry onto lands for surveying and other levee lands for surveying and other levee purposes.Bailey
HB 806 Administrative Procedures Act; revise.Smith (39th)
HB 813 State assessments; bring forward code section for amendments.Frierson
HB 817 Elevators; enact the Mississippi Conveyance Safety Act.Baker
HB 818 Mississippi Student Forgivable Loan Programs; consolidate and clarify terms and conditions of.Mettetal
HB 822 School administrators; prohibit districts from hiring as consultant if last employed by a failing district.Gunn
HB 826 Strengthening Mississippi Academic Research Through Business Act; create.Smith (39th)
HB 836 Tunica County; authorize contribution to the Aaron E. Henry Community Health Clinic, Inc.Burnett
HB 841 Sales tax; reduce rate on sales of power and fuel to a producer of oil and gas for use in oil recovery or sequestration of carbon dioxide.Smith (39th)
HB 842 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Fund.Smith (39th)
HB 844 Sales taxation; exempt sales of power or fuel to certain enterprises for industrial purposes.Smith (39th)
HB 845 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Mississippi Community Heritage Preservation Grant Fund.Smith (39th)
HB 849 Minors; allow sentencing discretion in capital cases.Hood
HB 854 Employment security; revise the general experience rate for all employers and how persons receive benefits.Bell
HB 866 Unlawful entry and detainer; revise service of process and notice.Lamar
HB 867 "Mississippi Air Service Development Program Act of 2013"; create.Monsour
HB 868 Justice court clerks; clarify annual educational requirements.Horan
HB 879 Students of military personnel residing on base; allow parent or legal guardian to choose school or school district of enrollment.Bennett
HB 881 Free port warehouse; clarify date ad valorem tax exemption takes effect.Currie
HB 882 Flood and drainage control districts; revise various laws regarding.Denny
HB 886 Public purchasing laws; provide exemption from bid requirements for fuel purchases for certain machinery and equipment.Shows
HB 890 Education Works: MS Literacy-Based Promotion Act/open enrollment/performance-based pay; create.Moore
HB 892 Sales and income tax; authorize extensions of examination period by agreement between the Commissioner of Revenue and the taxpayer.Smith (39th)
HB 893 Adoption; provide means for natural parent to regain parental rights after termination.Hood
HB 894 Public Service Commission; may establish multi-year rate recovery plan for certain new electric generating facilities.Beckett
HB 896 MS Speech-Language Therapy Scholarship for Students with Speech-Language Impairments; create to provide students with school choice.Barker
HB 901 State funds; transfer certain to BCF, and create Local Governments Emergency Communications Equipment Loan Program.Frierson
HB 904 Telemedicine services; health insurance plans must provide coverage for to same extent as for in-person services.Barker
HB 906 Opportunity Scholarship Program; create for low income students to attend nonpublic schools.Moore
HB 907 Crime victim compensation; increase by 25%.Reynolds
HB 908 Crime; create offense of selling timber or minerals on mortgaged property without notifying holder of mortgage.Reynolds
HB 909 Controlled substances; revise Schedules III and V.Baker
HB 912 Loans; limit to single borrower shall allow for credit exposure from derivative transactions.Zuber
HB 917 Public Service Commission; remove ability to regulate rates of certain utilities and cooperatives that operate within municipalities.Beckett
HB 919 State Auditor's office; delete repealer on certain provisions affecting powers and duties of.Shows
HB 921 County Fire Services Coordinator; revise the qualification of.Chism
HB 922 "High economic benefit project"; extend repealer on exemption of certain highway projects from definition of.Formby
HB 925 Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act; extend repealer on.Formby
HB 927 Gaming; revise salary of chair of athletic commission so that salary of secretary may not exceed that of chair.Snowden *
HB 928 Real estate; allow scrivener's affidavits to correct errors in real estate instruments.Snowden
HB 932 Mississippi Department of Employment Security; expand authority of.Bell
HB 933 Sales tax and use tax; revise certain definitions regarding doing business in this state.Smith (39th)
HB 934 Qualified equity investment tax credit; revise certain provisions regarding.Smith (39th)
HB 935 Tourism; create the MS Tourism Advisory Board and the Tourism Advertising and Marketing Fund; create a pilot program to fund.Martinson
HB 939 Eligibility of children in certain licensed residential facilities to receive federal education funds; provide.Crawford
HB 942 Private investigators; require to show proof of licensure before getting driver's license.Monsour
HB 943 County court; authorize boards of supervisors to establish.Baker
HB 944 Scenic byway; create the "Noxubee Hills Route".Hood
HB 945 Occupational diploma; revise manner of issuance to increase employment opportunities for students with special needs.Crawford
HB 952 University Research Center; require report compiling and analyzing costs associated with certain reductions in state revenue.Mayo
HB 955 Reading Proficiency Program; establish in public schools to achieve grade level reading by end of 3rd grade.Martinson
HB 958 Concealed firearms on school premises; require local school board to adopt policy authorizing certain school employees to carry.Carpenter
HB 963 Recreational activities; add aircraft to list of authorized activities on certain land.DeBar
HB 964 State-issued credit cards; prohibit sellers from imposing a surcharge on buyers for using.Frierson
HB 967 Mississippi Corrections Accountability Act; create.Flaggs
HB 974 Gaming; clarify that operation of Internet sweepstakes cafe is illegal gambling activity under state law.Bennett
HB 975 Districts under conservator; provide for special election in certain to fill vacancies on school board.Moore
HB 976 State funds; revise certain provisions regarding deposit and investment of excess.Smith (39th)
HB 987 Ms State Veterans' Home; designate home in Kosciusko as the "Brigadier General Martha Jo Leslie Mississippi State Veterans' Home".White
HB 990 PERS; update investment options for excess funds of the system.Huddleston (15th)
HB 992 Income tax; exempt a portion of income of certain physicians/nurse practitioners practicing in critical physician shortage areas.Smith (39th)
HB1001 Resident combination small game license; reduce price for issuance to $8.00.Bounds
HB1002 Commercial fishing license; revise manner of issuance for resident and nonresident fishermen.Bounds
HB1003 Historic property income tax credit; authorize the transfer, sale or assignment of the credit.Smith (39th)
HB1005 Trapping; revise provision relating to manner of and dates allowed for selling of pelts.Bounds
HB1007 UCC; revisions to Articles 2, 4 and 9.Baker
HB1008 UCC; provide for refusal and termination of false filings.Baker
HB1009 Child support; authorize DHS to contract with vendors to improve program.Crawford
HB1010 Hotel renovation projects sales tax incentive; authorize for certain projects.Martinson
HB1015 Driver's license reinstatement fees; increase and provide for the distribution of.Smith (39th)
HB1028 Municipal economic development district; authorize establishment of.Blackmon
HB1043 Crimes; provide procedures for expunction of certain felonies of persons under 18 years of age at time of conviction.Smith (39th)
HB1049 Bonds; remove the authorization for the issuance of certain state general obligation bonds.Smith (39th)
HB1065 MS Professional Massage Therapy Act; revise various provisions and extend repealer on.Smith (39th)
HB1066 Mississippi Tort Claims Act; revise to include volunteer fire departments when performing governmental activities.Chism
HB1068 MS Radioactive Waste Transport Permit Fees; authorize to be used for preparedness.DeLano
HB1072 Mississippi Territorial Waters; extend.Eure
HB1080 Emergency telecommunications; extend repealer on training requirements/funding.Formby
HB1085 Caylee's law; enact.Martinson
HB1097 Emergency aid to Local Governments Loan and Grant Program; transfer administration of to MEMA.DeLano
HB1104 Emergency Management; define certain terms and authorize MEMA to expend funds for public preparedness and mitigation.DeLano
HB1106 Subdivision plats; provide that future filings may be in digital media format.DeLano
HB1107 Emergency Management; MEMA may provide travel advances to personnel of emergency management support forces.DeLano
HB1112 Schoolchildren's Religious Liberties Act; create.Formby
HB1132 Department of ITS; may charge vendors a fee to recover cost of providing procurement services.Turner
HB1134 Mississippi Public Utility Rate Mitigation and Reduction Act; create.Beckett
HB1139 Primitive weapon season; authorize use of firearm of choice upon certain private lands during.Bounds
HB1154 Utility worker; killing of shall be capital murder.Shirley
HB1161 Petroleum Products Inspection Laws of MS; extend repealer on definitions and penalties under.Formby
HB1162 Acupuncture Practice Act; extend repealer on.Formby
HB1164 Cosmetology licensure law; extend repealer on and revise various provisions of.Formby
HB1165 Mississippi Auctioneers License Act; extend repealer.Formby
HB1167 Anemometer towers; extend repealer on requirement of marking for aviation.Formby
HB1169 Group purchasing programs by certain public hospitals and regional mental health centers; extend repealer on authority to participate in.Formby
HB1174 Retirement; exclude value of maintenance furnished to PERS members after 7-1-13 for retirement purposes.Currie
HB1181 Energy Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund; increase period allotted to issue bonds allocated for.Cockerham
HB1182 Nutrition labeling of food; reserve regulation of to the Legislature.Turner
HB1183 State airplanes; authorize DFA to purchase liability insurance for.Chism
HB1186 MS Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer on.Zuber
HB1188 Scenic byways; designate certain scenic byways in Madison County.Martinson
HB1198 Unemployment benefits; prohibit charging experience rating of employers for payment of employees who leave to accept other work.Turner
HB1208 Cosmetology Board; require to issue photo ID to licensees to display at place of employment.Dixon
HB1212 Law enforcement; provide for electronic citations for certain offenses.Lamar
HB1216 Commission on Marine Resources; authorize to consent to federal aid legislation to ensure continuation of federal funds for marine conservation.Eure
HB1218 Honey bees; include sales by producers of in the list of agricultural products exempt from sales tax.Morgan
HB1231 Truth in Sentencing Task Force; create.Snowden
HB1233 S.A.F.E. Mortgage Act; violation of limitation on owner financing of residential mortgage loans will not affect title.Snowden
HB1236 Municipalities; clarify the authority to hire full-time and part-time attorney as a municipal employee.Martinson
HB1243 State agencies; require to provide legislative update section on their websites.Dixon
HB1255 Dental insurance; require State Designated Dental Insurance Plan as option for state employees.Shirley
HB1256 State Auditor; revise provisions regarding organization and staffing of departments.Smith (39th)
HB1258 Public property; authorize Transportation Commission to donate certain to City of Canton and revise state highway system accordingly.Johnson
HB1259 Child abuse; revise elements of felony offense of.White
HB1260 Wild hog control; add to the beaver control program and revise composition and change nomenclature of the advisory board.Bounds
HB1263 Manslaughter; revise penalty for.White
HB1265 State agencies and departments; require to file report with DFA of all transactions for conveyances of real property.Weathersby
HB1266 Energy; modify and update energy code under which DFA designs and constructs projects.Cockerham
HB1275 Public lands; prohibit nonresident aliens and illegal non-U.S. citizens from acquiring.Weathersby
HB1276 State funds; revise certain provisions regarding deposit and investment of excess.Smith (39th)
HB1277 Motor vehicle accident; repeal laws requiring security deposit after.Chism
HB1281 Energy efficiency standards; revise for commercial buildings.Cockerham
HB1285 Local and private taxes; authorize a compensation to taxpayers for collecting and filing returns for.Warren
HB1290 U.S. Highway 61; designate segment in Warren County as "The Purple Heart Trail."Flaggs
HB1293 Public purchasing; limit exemption from bidding for purchases of prison industry products to purchases by Dept. of Corrections.Weathersby
HB1296 Energy Sustainability and Development Act; create.Cockerham
HB1297 Universities & colleges; provide authority to prepay certain expenses.Mettetal
HB1299 Income tax; authorize certain employers to pass tax credits through to employees.Smith (39th)
HB1300 Alcoholic beverages; allow manufacturer with distillery in state to provide samples subject to certain conditions.Martinson
HB1302 Trespass; clarify duty of care of a possessor of real property.Staples
HB1305 Pat Harrison Waterway District; revise procedure for county's withdrawal from.Barton
HB1309 MS Public Records Act of 1983; exempt certain academic records from.Mettetal
HB1320 Family protection specialists and workers; require training in legal duties to protect rights of persons being investigated.Gipson
HB1322 Income tax; authorize a credit for taxpayers that employ veterans.Arnold
HB1326 Counties, municipalities and state agencies; authorize to bear cost of processing electronic payments for retail sales by.Barton
HB1335 Motor vehicles; make unlawful to sell without title and registration in name of owner unless dealer.Gunn
HB1337 Dept. of Revenue; authorize DFA to acquire certain real property in Hinds County, MS, for use and benefit of.Gunn
HB1344 Motor vehicles; revise laws regarding scrapping or dismantling of.DeLano
HB1345 Harrison County Motor Vehicle for Hire Commission; revise authority of.DeLano
HB1371 Memorial highway; designate segment in Clay County as the "Representative David Gibbs Memorial Highway".Ellis
HB1441 Youth Court Act; add definition of "financially" able to.Hines
HB1462 IHL Board; shall manage certain state-funded construction projects for campus homes for university presidents.Perkins
HB1485 Law enforcement officers; revise trainee requirements.Bain
HB1506 County court serving as youth court; clarify that court may appoint a guardian ad litem.Clark
HB1515 Cities and counties; authorize to donate to chapters of YMCA within the city or county.Moak
HB1516 Costs associated for care of certain delinquent children; require itemized bills be given to parents before requiring to pay.Hines
HB1519 Tampering of municipal utility meters; authorize prosecution in municipality when tampering occurs outside municipal boundaries.Blackmon
HB1530 School attendance and absenteeism; standardize for compulsory attendance law & ADA calculations under MAEP.Gunn
HB1537 Municipal prosecuting attorney; authorize to have first option to handle municipal cases transferred to justice courts.Blackmon
HB1538 Memorial highway; designate segments of Interstate 59 in Jones County as "Arwilla Huff Davison Memorial Highway".Scott
HB1550 Memorial bridge; designate certain bridge in Adams County as "Veterans Memorial Bridge".Johnson
HB1568 Justice court judges; revise the number for counties of 35,000 or less.Bain
HB1574 Attorneys; allow courts to sanction out-of-state persons handling cases in MS & associated MS counsel.Baria
HB1584 Pearl River Valley Water Supply District; authorize to provide certain services for residents of.Baker
HB1591 Income and franchise tax; allow refundable credit for costs of purchasing and installing solar energy system or energy efficiency services.Frierson
HB1594 Ad valorem taxation; exempt pollution control equipment mandated by federal or state law.Smith (39th)
HB1595 City of Louisville; authorize to impose tax upon hotels and motels.Evans (43rd)
HB1603 Suffrage; restore to Randall Lamar Bolton of Panola County, Mississippi.Mettetal
HB1606 Corporation franchise tax; phase out for business enterprises classified as manufacturers by the IRS.Smith (39th)
HB1610 City of Fulton; extend repealer on hotel/motel tourism tax.Bell
HB1617 Bonds; authorize issuance for community and junior colleges capital improvements and State Board headquarters building.Smith (39th)
HB1618 Bonds; authorize issuance for IHL capital improvements.Smith (39th)
HB1619 Lauderdale County; authorize to fund Chaplaincy Program of the detention facility from revenue of inmate phone service.Snowden
HB1621 Sales and ad valorem tax; extend exemption for certain equipment used in the deployment of broadband technologies.Smith (39th)
HB1622 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.Frierson
HB1623 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.Frierson
HB1624 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.Frierson
HB1625 Appropriation; Real Estate Commission.Frierson
HB1626 Appropriation; Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.Frierson
HB1627 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.Frierson
HB1628 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.Frierson
HB1629 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.Frierson
HB1630 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.Frierson
HB1631 Appropriation; Coast Coliseum Commission.Frierson
HB1632 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.Frierson
HB1633 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.Frierson
HB1634 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.Frierson
HB1635 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.Frierson
HB1636 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.Frierson
HB1637 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.Frierson
HB1638 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.Frierson
HB1639 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.Frierson
HB1640 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.Frierson
HB1641 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.Frierson
HB1642 Appropriation; Attorney General.Frierson
HB1643 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.Frierson
HB1644 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.Frierson
HB1645 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.Frierson
HB1646 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.Frierson
HB1647 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.Frierson
HB1648 Appropriation; Education, Department of.Frierson
HB1649 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.Frierson
HB1650 Appropriation; Library Commission.Frierson
HB1651 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.Frierson
HB1652 Appropriation; Arts Commission.Frierson
HB1653 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.Frierson
HB1654 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.Frierson
HB1655 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.Frierson
HB1656 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.Frierson
HB1657 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.Frierson
HB1658 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.Frierson
HB1659 Appropriation; Mississippi River Parkway Commission.Frierson
HB1660 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.Frierson
HB1661 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.Frierson
HB1662 Appropriation; Pearl River Basin Development District.Frierson
HB1663 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.Frierson
HB1664 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.Frierson
HB1665 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.Frierson
HB1666 Appropriation; Fire Academy.Frierson
HB1667 Appropriation; Health, Department of.Frierson
HB1668 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.Frierson
HB1669 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.Frierson
HB1670 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.Frierson
HB1671 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.Frierson
HB1672 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.Frierson
HB1673 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.Frierson
HB1674 Appropriation; reappropriation , DFA - Bureau of Building; FY13.Frierson
HB1675 City of Pass Christian; authorize use of golf carts in.Bennett
HB1679 Sales tax; exempt certain sales of concrete and asphalt for use in residential construction.Stringer
HB1680 Sales tax law; include certain recycling activities in the terms "to manufacture" and "manufacturing".Smith (39th)
HB1685 Mississippi Governmental Entities Alternative Fuel Vehicles Revolving Loan Fund; create and authorize issuance of bonds for.Smith (39th)
HB1689 Coahoma County; authorize a donation of real property to Coahoma Community College for expansion of the Allied Health Center.Espy
HB1691 Bonds; authorize issuance for road improvements in oil producing counties & create income tax credit for new oil production jobs.Lane
HB1696 Special fuel excise tax; exempt fuel used by commercial aircraft in new market or for new direct service.Monsour
HB1698 Severance tax; reduce for 24 months for oil and gas produced from and after July 1, 2013, from horizontally drilled wells.Cockerham
HB1703 Suffrage; restore to Jessie Mae Dotson of Tunica County, Mississippi.Burnett
HB1704 Suffrage; restore to Charles L. Bone of Chickasaw County, Mississippi.Sullivan
HB1705 Forrest County; authorize contributions to various organizations.Barker
HB1706 City of Oxford; authorize to issue special assessment bonds to finance certain improvements and to purchase land.Mayo
HB1709 Tallahatchie County; authorize contribution to Mid-State Opportunity, Inc.Reynolds
HB1710 City of West Point; authorize to levy an assessment to fund city's D.A.R.E. Program.Chism
HB1712 Jones County; authorize county to contract with the Jones County Volunteer Fire Department Council for certain purposes.Shows
HB1713 City of Biloxi; authorize to adopt ordinance to permit the use of golf carts & low speed vehicles on certain city streets within.Eure
HB1714 Marshall County; revise geographic description of the Marshall Utility Services Sewer District.Massengill
HB1716 Harrison County Tourism Commission; rename as Gulf Coast Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau & revise composition & certain purpose of.Bennett
HB1717 Warren County; authorize to contract with the Department of Corrections for regional correctional facility.Monsour
HB1719 Hancock County Regional Solid Waste Authority; revise fiscal year of.Baria
HB1720 Humphreys County; authorize to make contribution to Belzoni-Humphreys Development Foundation.Straughter
HB1721 Grenada County; authorize sale of Grenada Lake Medical Center to the University of Mississippi Medical Center.Horan
HB1722 City of Gautier; authorize to revise tax on restaurants, hotels and motels.Read
HB1724 Suffrage; restore to Terry Lee Bates of Lee County, Mississippi.Holland
HB1725 City of Oxford; make certain revisions to the management of Municipal Reserve and Trust Fund.Mayo

Senate Bill

Principal Author
SB2010 Paternity proceeding; court may determine custody.Hopson
SB2015 Grand jurors; revise potential number of.Wiggins
SB2019 Home health services; authorize advanced practice nurses and physician assistants to provide to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries.Burton
SB2023 Adult care facilities; define adult day care facilities for licensure purposes.Burton
SB2026 Mississippi Acupuncture Practice Act; extend repealer.Burton
SB2039 Memorial highway; designate a portion of MS 25 and MS 15 in Louisville as "Blue Star Memorial Highway."Ward
SB2040 Memorial highways; designate Mississippi Highway 6 in Lee County as the "Military Order of the Purple Heart Highway."Collins
SB2042 Scenic byway; create the "Noxubee Hills Route."Jackson (15th)
SB2046 Justice court clerks; clarify annual educational requirement.Tollison
SB2047 Municipal and county law enforcement officer; allow spouse of officer killed in the line of duty to purchase officer's sidearm.Hopson
SB2048 Bow hunting; allow the use of crossbow and bow and arrow during any open season on deer.Ward
SB2054 MDA; authorize to hire consultants to periodically assess economic development incentives offered by the state.Hale
SB2055 SREB contract program at out-of-state college of optometry; students not required to practice in Mississippi.Wilemon
SB2056 Education Achievement Council; make recommendations regarding college readiness, common core and performance budgeting.Burton
SB2066 Public Records Act; cost for records shall be at pay scale of lowest level employee.Collins
SB2067 State agency vehicles; extend moratorium on acquisition of.Collins
SB2068 MS Industries for the Blind; remove provision requiring salary of director to be subject to the State Personnel Board.Brown
SB2070 Notice of state agency meetings; shall be published on the DFA Transparency website.Blount
SB2071 Department of Information Technology Services; may charge vendors a fee to recover cost of providing procurement services.Collins
SB2073 Certified purchasing offices; revise decision procedure for the best value calculation.Carmichael
SB2074 State Personnel Director; revise qualifications of.Brown
SB2076 Youth court; conform time for appeal from to judicial rules of procedure.Hopson
SB2081 Mississippi Department of Mental Health; authorize sale-leaseback of certain facilities.Fillingane
SB2082 Limited institutional medical license; authorize additional extension upon certain conditions.Burton
SB2083 Medical radiation technologists; extend repealers on registration statutes.Blount
SB2084 Mississippi Cosmetology Practice Act; make technical amendments and delete repealer.Blount
SB2102 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize for various supporters.Massey
SB2108 Motor vehicles; jointly owned and one owner claims homestead in a city may be registered outside city under certain circumstances.Kirby
SB2109 Motor vehicle privilege tax; increase the period of time within which a newly acquired motor vehicle must be registered.Hudson
SB2111 Tax sales; revise method of service of notice of expiration of redemption period for property sold at.Kirby
SB2124 State takeover of school districts; provide timeline and exit criteria for school district conservators.Hale
SB2133 Sexual abuse of children; enact policy entitled "Erin's Law."Collins
SB2138 School district financial procedures; clarify distribution of funds and time of payment of school employee salaries.Tollison
SB2141 Local school boards in Mississippi; create task force to study structure of.Smith
SB2147 Economic Redevelopment Act; revise definition of "contaminated site" and time in which county/municipality may apply for.Hopson
SB2150 Driver's license; require license examiner at every county courthouse at least one day a month.Jolly
SB2154 Vulnerable Persons Act of 1986; conform terminology in other statutes.Tollison
SB2163 Drivers' license examinations; require an examiner in each county at least once per month.Wilemon
SB2171 Real estate brokers; not be liable for wrong square footage of property.Longwitz
SB2172 Certificate of merit; require for filing of negligence suits against licensed professionals.Jackson (15th)
SB2173 Public Service Commission; may regulate rates for electricity provided by TVA directly to industrial customers.Brown
SB2177 MS Wireless Communication Commission; revise authority regarding local government entities.Hill
SB2181 Agricultural crimes; revise crime of livestock theft.Hudson
SB2183 Beer; authorize the making of homemade beer for personal, family, domestic or household uses.Horhn
SB2188 Teacher and administrator licensure; clarify grounds for license denial and procedures for reinstatement.Tollison
SB2189 "Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act of 2013"; enact.Tollison
SB2193 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise Schedules III and V.Jordan
SB2194 Loans; Limit to single borrower shall allow for credit exposure from derivative transactions.Jackson (15th)
SB2195 Child Death Review Panel; extend repealer.Bryan
SB2197 Child pornography, possession of; clarify necessary state of mind.Bryan
SB2199 Local school superintendents; all appointed after January 1, 2016, except pursuant to referendum.Tollison
SB2202 State Department of Health regulations for advanced life-support personnel; define EMT-paramedic critical care.Bryan
SB2207 Medicaid; extend repealers on various provisions in Medicaid program.Kirby
SB2208 Mississippi Aboveground Storage Tank Act of 2013; enact.Burton
SB2209 Telemedicine services; health insurance plans must provide coverage to same extent as in-person services.Burton
SB2210 Child support income administrative withholding notice; delete requirement that DHS must file with the court.Burton
SB2212 Weapons; clarify definition of "concealed" and revise gun-carry permit.Ward
SB2215 Domestic violence; revise and clarify elements of the offense.Blount
SB2223 Terrorism; add as an aggravating circumstance for capital offenses.McDaniel
SB2231 Public Service Commission; remove authority to regulate rates of shared utilities in municipalities.Brown
SB2232 Health discount plans; remove repealer on requirements for.Carmichael
SB2233 Memorial highway; designate segment of MS Highway 11 in Lamar County as Tyler R. Kilsby and Leon Sims Memorial Highway.Polk
SB2238 Elections; increase per diem of election commissioners on election days.McDaniel
SB2239 Elections; allow mileage to receiving and returning managers for the use of private vehicles.McDaniel
SB2240 Election commissioners; provide that elections shall be nonpartisan.McDaniel
SB2244 Sales tax; exempt sales of tangible personal property made to raise funds for schools.McDaniel
SB2255 Karen's Law; revise punishment for manslaughter of certain child victims.McDaniel
SB2256 Dogs and cats; clarify humane euthanasia.Blount
SB2302 Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program; increase number of students.Kirby
SB2303 Regional mental health/intellectual disability commissions; define services which may be provided.Burton
SB2308 Commissioners of election; may run for other offices if they resign before they qualify.McDaniel
SB2311 Election commissioners; authorize compensation if they conduct primary elections under an agreement with an executive committee.McDaniel
SB2312 Provide an exclusive procedure to contest the qualification of candidates for county election commissioner and municipal office.McDaniel
SB2314 State agencies; shall submit certain internal audit reports to State Auditor.Massey
SB2322 Public Service Commission; may not regulate management or internal affairs of certain water associations.Lee
SB2328 Military officers and employees; grant leave of absence from civil occupations in any public or private business or industry.Wiggins
SB2338 Child support guidelines; presumed to be reasonable for adjusted gross income within a certain range.Burton
SB2340 Medicaid reimbursement; authorize for licensed professional counselors and clinical social workers.Burton
SB2342 ICFMR operated by Department of Mental Health; authorize transfer of beds to more appropriate setting for clients.Kirby
SB2345 Elections; exclude runoffs from provisions requiring a certain number of machines must be used or a certain number of ballots printed.McDaniel
SB2347 Literacy-Based Promotion Act; establish in public schools to achieve grade-level reading by end of 3rd Grade.Hill
SB2362 Agriculture; establish civil penalties for weight and measures violations.Hudson
SB2375 Guardianships; attorney and accounting not required under certain circumstances.Tindell
SB2377 Murder; distinguish between first- and second-degree of.Wiggins
SB2383 Driver's license suspension; revise course requirements for alternative sentencing of minor offenders.Lee
SB2385 False lien statements; create new crime of.Stone
SB2388 Youth court records; adult can obtain own.Tindell
SB2391 Expunction; provide procedure for certain felonies of persons under 21 years of age at the time of conviction.Simmons (13th)
SB2395 Prekindergarten programs; to be implemented by the State Department of Education on a phased-in basis.Wiggins
SB2396 Accreditation of schools; prescribe standards for single "A" through "F" school and school district accountability system.Tollison
SB2403 Sales and income tax; authorize extensions of examination period by agreement between the Commissioner of Revenue and the taxpayer.Fillingane
SB2405 Retirement; authorize counties to pay PERS employer contributions on net fee income of constables.Blount
SB2411 MS Industry Incentive Financing Revolving Fund; loan repayments used to pay debt service if balance exceeds $50,000,000.Fillingane
SB2418 Perry County property; MS Transportation Commission may donate to US Forest Service or appropriate federal agency.Blount
SB2419 Professional licenses; certain military-trained applicants and military spouses shall receive by reciprocity when in Mississippi.Montgomery
SB2422 Regulation of excavations near underground utility facilities; revise.Burton
SB2424 Natchez Trace Parkway; exempt building that are not visible from the parkway from height restrictions.Horhn
SB2436 Emerging Crops Program; remove reversionary language regarding a certain loan program.Hudson
SB2439 MS Development Authority Job Training Grant Fund; create to provide job training grants for certain eligible business enterprises.Fillingane
SB2443 Sales tax; limit liability if previous Department of Revenue audit determined taxpayer was in compliance with the law.Hill
SB2446 Public property; authorize transfers to Veterans Affairs Board and National Park Service.Montgomery
SB2447 Counties and municipalities; may allow credit card payment of judgments, fines, costs and penalties for criminal/traffic offenses.Montgomery
SB2448 Memorial highways; designate Mississippi Highway 4 in Prentiss county as the Sergeant Jonathan W. Lambert, Memorial Highway.Wilemon
SB2450 Transportation; revise requirements for MS Department of Transportation design-build projects.Simmons (13th)
SB2451 Transportation; extend the repealer on permits for overweight harvest vehicles.Simmons (13th)
SB2453 Municipally owned waterworks; prohibit from charging higher rates to certain customers in another municipality.Blount
SB2455 Memorial Highways; change signage to reflect "Lance Corporal Roy M. Wheat was a Medal of Honor recipient."McDaniel
SB2457 Highways; revise definition of off-road vehicle to include recreational off-highway vehicles and other new designs.Simmons (13th)
SB2462 Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Act; increase the amount of rebates authorized under.Horhn
SB2463 Tourism Project Sales Tax Incentive Fund; increase maximum period of time that MDA may make payments from.Chassaniol
SB2467 Agriculture; revise penalties and administrative procedure for agriculture seeds law.Hudson
SB2468 Agriculture; authorize the MS Department of Agriculture and Commerce to issue certificates of free sale for exporters.Hudson
SB2469 Memorial highways; designate The Mississippi Highway 15 overpass bridge as the "William E. 'Billy' Bowles Memorial Bridge."Jolly
SB2470 Public purchasing; DFA shall receive rebates from state contracts established by DFA.Collins
SB2472 State agency property; authorize DFA as central leasing agent for all state agencies.Blount
SB2473 Minimum wage established by county or municipality; preempt.Smith
SB2479 Controlled substances; enhance penalty for illegal sale in proximity to drug rehab facility.Watson
SB2489 Insurance; prohibit civil liability against a person or entity for reporting insurance fraud.Kirby
SB2491 Scenic byways; designate certain segments as "Delta Bluffs Scenic Byway."Massey
SB2494 Income tax; repeal the provision that requires withholding of a portion of the gain realized on property sold by nonresidents.Fillingane
SB2496 Memorial Highways; direct MDOT to relocate signage for the "Albert B. Shows Memorial Highway."McDaniel
SB2497 Memorial highways; MS 51 in Madison Co. as Deputy Chief W.T. "Bill" Martin Memorial Hwy; MS 47 in Clay County as "Tom Goode Hwy."Harkins
SB2499 Gaming; courses related to service industry may be taught at certain state universities and colleges.Gollott
SB2501 Energy efficiency standards; revise for commercial buildings.Burton
SB2502 Certification requirements for telecommunicators; extend repealer on.Browning
SB2508 Mississippi Corrections Accountability Act; create.Jackson (32nd)
SB2509 Voter assistance; require providers or assistance to complete declaration to provide assistance form.McDaniel
SB2511 Agriculture; revise syrup labeling requirements and provide for administrative penalties for violations.Hudson
SB2513 Agriculture; require certain fish products to meet same labeling requirements of catfish products.Hudson
SB2526 Alcoholic beverages, beer and light wine; lawful to transport through dry areas in unopened containers.Chassaniol
SB2528 Federal disaster; revise provision regarding hiring by a contractor awarded public works bid using funds from.Wiggins
SB2536 Free port warehouse; clarify date ad valorem tax exemption takes effect.Doty
SB2537 Strengthening Mississippi Academic Research Through Business Act; create.Fillingane
SB2540 Corporation franchise tax law; exclude deferred gains and deferred income from certain computations under.Clarke
SB2543 Purchasing Certification Program; require all purchasing officials at state agencies to complete.Collins
SB2547 Leflore County Correctional Facility; authorize the incarceration of federal prisoners at facility.Jackson (32nd)
SB2548 Country/regional correctional facilities; authorize the incarceration of additional offenders in such facilities.Jackson (32nd)
SB2549 Transfer funds for state budget; direct State Fiscal Officer to transfer certain funds.Clarke
SB2553 Cottage food operations; exempt from certain licensing requirements.Hill
SB2557 MS Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer on.Fillingane
SB2563 Agriculture and Commerce; extend repealer on petroleum products inspection law.Hudson
SB2564 Energy Infrastructure Revolving Loan Program; revise.Burton
SB2565 Tourism; create the MS Tourism Advisory Board and the Tourism Advertising and Marketing Fund; create a pilot program to fund.Sojourner
SB2567 Public Service Commission; extend repealer on its creation and ability to hire attorneys for certain proceedings.Burton
SB2570 County affairs; clarify jurisdiction of county over roads originally constructed as a state highway.Browning
SB2571 Mississippi Consumer Alternative Installment Loan Act; create.Brown
SB2572 Memorial highways; designate the Gluckstadt interchange on I-55 in Madison County as the "Adam Lee Weisenberger Memorial Interchange."Longwitz
SB2580 Marine Resources; authorize the Commission on Marine Resources to require completion of educational programs for commercial licenses.Wiggins
SB2583 Community/junior boards; may waive out-of-state tuition for nonresident students employed by Mississippi-based companies.Polk
SB2593 Auto liability insurance; insurance card may be furnished in electronic format.Clarke
SB2601 State procurement cards; prohibit imposition of surcharges by vendors.Clarke
SB2605 Public purchasing; exempt from bidding requirements fuel for certain county-owned machinery and vehicles.Browning
SB2609 UCC; revise Article 9.Doty
SB2613 Scenic byways; designate certain scenic byways in Madison County.Longwitz
SB2625 Public officers and employees; revise punishment for embezzlement and restrict government hiring of felons.Longwitz
SB2626 Law enforcement trainees; revise term of appointment or employment.McDaniel
SB2629 Controlled Substance Law; revise notice for administrative forfeiture.Wiggins
SB2630 Airport authorities; revise venue for trial of offenses committed on municipal airport property located in another county.Hale
SB2631 Domestic Violence Task Force; create.Sojourner
SB2632 Statewide monetary assessments; revise.Bryan
SB2633 "Mississippi Student Religious Liberties Act of 2013"; enact.McDaniel
SB2636 Agricultural high schools; transfer Coahoma Agricultural High School and Hinds Agricultural High School to county school district.Tollison
SB2637 School district consolidation; require in Clay County.Tollison
SB2645 Fraudulent or false filing; allow Secretary of State to refuse or terminate.Doty
SB2647 NICS Improvement Act; create.Hopson
SB2658 Mississippi Education Works Program; enact education reforms.Tollison
SB2659 Mississippi Community Oriented Policing Services in Schools (MCOPS) grant program; establish in the State Department of Education.Tollison
SB2670 Mental Health Reform Act of 2011; reenact and extend repealers.Bryan
SB2674 Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District; technical revisions to certain requirements.Harkins
SB2675 Commissioner of Insurance; increase the amount of reward which may be offered in cases of arson.Carmichael
SB2677 Bail agents; require examination of applicants for certain licenses.Carmichael
SB2679 County fire services coordinators; revise qualifications for.Carmichael
SB2681 State aircraft; remove prohibition on the purchase of liability insurance coverage for.Carmichael
SB2682 Mississippi Reciprocal Insurance Laws; revise.Carmichael
SB2684 Model Business Corporation Act; correct references to in Code.Doty
SB2686 MDA; require annual report regarding tax credits, loans and grants awarded for certain economic development projects.Blount
SB2687 Consumer incentive items/food nutrition labeling; prohibit local government regulation of.Smith
SB2688 Environmental Quality; remove the opt-out provision of the MS Lead Based Paint Activity Accreditation and Certification Act.Gollott
SB2694 MS Auctioneers License Act; extend repealer on.Jackson (15th)
SB2696 Mississippi S.A.F.E. Mortgage Act; make various amendments.Jackson (15th)
SB2698 Home Inspector Regulatory Board; abolish board and transfer duties to Mississippi Real Estate Commission.Jackson (15th)
SB2700 Deer Island Acquisition, Reclamation and Preservation Fund; authorize funds to be utilized for acquisition of Cat Island.Wiggins
SB2702 Lowndes County; create the Lowndes County Reserve and Trust Fund.Brown
SB2703 Tunica County; authorize to contract with and/or contribute to Mid-State Opportunity, Inc.Jackson (11th)
SB2705 Tunica County; authorize contributions to the Institute of Community Services, Inc.Jackson (11th)
SB2719 Human trafficking; revise act and make conforming changes.Bryan
SB2722 Unemployment compensation; place funds under exclusive administrative control of MDES and provide additional funds for WET fund.Fillingane
SB2728 Bonds; revise purposes for which proceeds of bonds for USM/Gulf Coast Campuses may be used.Fillingane
SB2730 Levee commissioners; authorize surveyors to enter on lands.Clarke
SB2732 Lenora's Law; revise sex offender registration and require GPS monitoring of certain registrants.Longwitz
SB2734 Child support program; authorize Department of Human Services to contract to improve performance and efficiency.Collins
SB2735 State Board of Pharmacy; register nontraditional compounding pharmacies.Simmons (13th)
SB2737 Mississippi Professional Massage Therapy Act; extend repealer.Burton
SB2739 Overdue child support; payable to custodial parent after emancipation of child.Burton
SB2743 "Mississippi Asthma and Anaphylaxis Child Safety Act"; enact.Burton
SB2747 Sale or lease of community hospitals; provide procedures and effect of sale or lease.Burton
SB2751 Volunteer fire department; include within the scope of immunity under the Tort Claims Act.Jolly
SB2754 Environmental Quality; maintain directory of certified electronic recyclers and require state agencies to use those listed.Massey
SB2756 Coahoma County; authorize a donation of real property to Coahoma Community College for expansion of the Allied Health Center.Jackson (11th)
SB2758 State ports; revise membership of board.Wiggins
SB2763 Department of Revenue; authorize Department of Finance and Administration to lease or purchase property for DOR's headquarters.Blount
SB2769 Agricultural aviation; extend repealer on safety marking requirements for certain anemometer towers.Simmons (13th)
SB2779 School districts under conservatorship; provide for special election to fill vacant school board positions.Tollison
SB2780 Lien in favor of providers of burn care; create.Kirby
SB2781 Licensed vessel pilots; limit liability of pilots and trainees.Wiggins
SB2786 Mississippi Proprietary School and College Registration Law; revise.Polk
SB2787 MS Telephone Solicitation Act; extend repealer on.Burton
SB2792 "Mississippi Energy Sustainability and Development Act"; create.Burton
SB2795 Women's Health Defense Act of 2013; create.Hill
SB2800 Mississippi Conveyance Safety Act; enact.Carmichael
SB2803 Physician assistant temporary licensure; extend repealer.Kirby
SB2806 Tourism; revise the definition of the term "tourism project" for purposes of the tourism project sales tax incentive fund.Kirby
SB2808 State buildings; revise energy conservation requirements for design and construction of major facility projects.Burton
SB2811 University of Southern Mississippi property; authorize DFA to sell and convey.Polk
SB2816 Homestead exemption; certain leases between physically or mentally disabled and institutions are not homesteads.Wilemon
SB2825 Sales tax law; include certain recycling activities in the terms "to manufacture" and "manufacturing."Fillingane
SB2829 Sales and ad valorem tax; extend exemption for certain equipment used in the deployment of broadband technologies.Fillingane
SB2833 Income tax; credit for adoption expenses is allowed in the same year that the child is claimed as an exemption.Gandy
SB2836 Panola County; authorize the imposition of certain assessments to fund the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Program.Hale
SB2837 City of Horn Lake; authorize the imposition of a tax on hotels and motels.Massey
SB2838 Coahoma County; increase the amount of interest on money in the hospital special fund that may be utilized for certain expenses.Jackson (11th)
SB2839 Tunica County; may enter into contracts to fund capital costs to extend natural gas services.Jackson (11th)
SB2840 Coahoma County; authorize the establishment of the Coahoma County Reserve and Trust Fund for the deposit of certain hospital lease payments.Jackson (11th)
SB2841 Forrest County; authorize contributions to various organizations.Hudson
SB2842 Lee County; authorize annual contributions to Sanctuary Hospice House.Collins
SB2846 Headquarters sales tax and job tax credit; revise number of jobs necessary to qualify for.Kirby
SB2847 Special fuel tax; exempt fuel used by a commercial airline on certain interstate air service.Kirby
SB2851 Appropriation; IHL - General support.Clarke
SB2852 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.Clarke
SB2853 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.Clarke
SB2854 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.Clarke
SB2855 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.Clarke
SB2856 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.Clarke
SB2857 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.Clarke
SB2858 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.Clarke
SB2859 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.Clarke
SB2860 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.Clarke
SB2861 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.Clarke
SB2862 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.Clarke
SB2863 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.Clarke
SB2864 Appropriation; Military - Support.Clarke
SB2865 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.Clarke
SB2866 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.Clarke
SB2867 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.Clarke
SB2868 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.Clarke
SB2869 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.Clarke
SB2870 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.Clarke
SB2871 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.Clarke
SB2872 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.Clarke
SB2873 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.Clarke
SB2874 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.Clarke
SB2875 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.Clarke
SB2876 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.Clarke
SB2877 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.Clarke
SB2878 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.Clarke
SB2879 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.Clarke
SB2880 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.Clarke
SB2881 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.Clarke
SB2882 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.Clarke
SB2883 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.Clarke
SB2884 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.Clarke
SB2885 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.Clarke
SB2886 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.Clarke
SB2887 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.Clarke
SB2888 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.Clarke
SB2889 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.Clarke
SB2890 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.Clarke
SB2891 Appropriation; Egg Marketing Board.Clarke
SB2892 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.Clarke
SB2893 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission.Clarke
SB2894 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.Clarke
SB2895 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.Clarke
SB2896 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.Clarke
SB2897 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.Clarke
SB2898 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.Clarke
SB2899 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.Clarke
SB2900 Appropriation; Personnel Board.Clarke
SB2901 Appropriation; Secretary of State.Clarke
SB2902 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.Clarke
SB2903 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.Clarke
SB2904 Appropriation; Property Insurance, Atty General Settlements, DA; Additional 2013.Clarke
SB2907 Severance tax; reduce for 30 months for oil and gas produced from and after 7/1/13 from horizontally drilled wells.Sojourner
SB2913 Bonds; issued for various purposes.Fillingane
SB2920 Madison County; increase the amount of bonds that may be issued for the Madison County Economic Development Authority.Longwitz
SB2921 City of Pascagoula; authorize the levy of a tax on restaurants.Wiggins
SB2923 Walnut Grove; members of the Board of Commissioners of the Walnut Grove Correctional Authority may receive per diem compensation.Jackson (32nd)
SB2924 City of Southaven; authorize contracts for naming rights for the city's park buildings and structures.Massey
SB2925 Kemper County; authorize a contribution to Mississippi Community Development Empowerment, Inc.Jackson (32nd)
SB2926 Sebastopol Natural Gas District; revise the boundaries of and authorize sale of bonds issued by at public or private sale.Ward
SB2927 Warren County; authorize contributions to various organizations.Hopson
SB2930 Lafayette County Reserve and Trust Fund; make revisions regarding the governance of the trust fund.Tollison
SB2932 City of Drew; authorize expansion of water distribution system to areas more than 5 miles outside city limits.Simmons (13th)
SB2933 City of Greenwood; authorize donations of certain Katrina cottages to nonprofit organizations that provide low-income housing.Chassaniol