Bill List for 2022 Session

The Legislative History Project only provides video of bills that are debated on the House and Senate floor. Bills introduced but not debated are not provided in any form.

Items of Interest

Principal Author
II 1 2022 1st Ex. Session HB 1- Economic Development; provide incentives for certain economic development projects.Lamar
II 2 2022 1st Ex. Session SB 2001- Triple Crown Project Fund; create.Hopson
II 3 2022 1st Ex. Session SB 2002- Appropriation; additional to the Mississippi Development Authority for certain projects.Hopson

House Bill

Principal Author
HB 20 Anatomical gifts; prohibit discrimination against recipient based on disability.Yancey
HB 31 Charter schools; reconstitute authorizer board and require formula to ensure equitable distribution of local funds.Ladner
HB 32 Appointed state officers; provide for the removal of for certain forms of willful neglect.Ladner
HB 33 Campaign finance reports; require those filed by all candidates to be available online.Ladner
HB 43 Nationally certified licensed school employees; delete caps on nurses and speech pathologists and add athletic trainers for salary supplements.Read
HB 127 CDL; prohibit for persons convicted of certain trafficking crimes.Porter
HB 155 State Health Plan; delete prohibition on covering hearing aids.Massengill
HB 158 Off-road vehicles; revise definitions of.Massengill
HB 160 Travel Insurance Act of 2022; create.Zuber
HB 161 State Board of Barber Examiners; authorize elected officials to serve on.Zuber
HB 169 Simple assault; add athletic umpires to list that elevates to aggravated.Shanks
HB 172 Mississippi Architects and Engineers Good Samaritan Act; create.Bennett
HB 175 Bonds; revise purposes for which bonds authorized for City of Hazlehurst may be used.Holloway
HB 180 Headlights; require to be used whenever windshield wipers necessitated.Holloway
HB 192 License plate; revise disability requirement for disabled veterans tag.Mickens
HB 232 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise schedules.Yancey
HB 242 Sales tax; create sales tax diversion to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.Powell
HB 252 PERS; increase maximum percentage of investments of system that are in certain types of investments.Oliver
HB 256 Manufactured and mobile homes; require certain notice to tax collector when relocated to another county.Morgan
HB 258 Harvest reporting program; require the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to create for white-tailed deer and wild turkey.Morgan
HB 260 Inventory of livestock; repeal provision requiring state institutions of higher learning to file quarterly inventory report.Pigott
HB 261 Foundation herds of certain livestock; repeal authority of IHL Board relating to purchase, breeding and maintenance of.Pigott
HB 262 4-H Club Demonstration Camps; repeal authority of MSU Extension Service to create and maintain in Panola and Madison Counties.Pigott
HB 360 State Public Defender; revise certain powers and duties of.Bain
HB 363 Home health services; authorize nurse practitioners and physician assistants to order and certify.Currie
HB 365 MS Rural Hospital Loan Program; establish in State Department of Health.Mims
HB 370 Bail bond; require release when judge approves participation in intervention program.Newman
HB 372 Sixteenth section land; authorize leasing of certain classified land to cities/counties for less than 5% of market value.Barton
HB 379 Property interest; conveyance to married individuals considered to create joint tenancy with right of survivorship.Reynolds
HB 384 Mississippi Congressional district; reapportion.Beckett
HB 400 Riding bailiffs; revise salary of.Wright
HB 416 Public records; exempt the booking information of certain mentally ill patients from.Bain
HB 422 State assessments; deposit certain into designated special funds instead of General Fund.Bain
HB 424 Audiology and speech-language pathology interstate compact; create.Mims
HB 425 Gary Hemphill Commercial Aviation Month; declare the month of April as.Criswell
HB 426 Sales tax; exempt sales of coins, currency and bullion.Ford (73rd)
HB 446 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize for various purposes.Scoggin
HB 451 Nonadmitted policy fee; delete repealer on.Zuber
HB 452 Health insurance; revise mandated coverage for telemedicine services.Ford (54th)
HB 453 Mississippi Tourism Recovery Fund - Round 2 and Mississippi Destination Development Fund; create.Currie
HB 464 "College Sticker Price Act of 2022"; enact to provide students and families certain program and cost information.Bell (21st)
HB 470 Sales tax; extend repealer on exemption of certain sales to Toughest Kids Foundation for Camp Kamassa in Copiah County.Roberson
HB 472 Income tax; extend repealer on credit for certain costs paid by a company in relocating national or regional headquarters to Mississippi.Roberson
HB 473 State Bond Commission; extend reverter on statute prescribing powers and duties of.Roberson
HB 474 Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act; extend repealers on act and related tax incentives.Roberson
HB 475 IHL Board; extend repealer on authority to oversee certain construction projects funded by state general obligation bonds.Roberson
HB 477 Mississippi Qualified Health Center Grant Program; extend expiration date for Department of Health to make physician grants.Roberson
HB 478 Mississippi Forestry Commission; extend repealer on authority to hire law enforcement officers to investigate woods arson.Roberson
HB 481 Commissioner of Banking and Consumer Finance; extend repealer on authority to join certain examinations with Federal Reserve Bank.Roberson
HB 482 Property Insurance Clarity Act; extend repealer on.Roberson
HB 483 Local Governments Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Fund; extend repealer on MDA authority to use certain funds for expenses.Roberson
HB 492 Health Care Expendable Fund; extend repealer on.Roberson
HB 502 School board purchasing agent; increase amount of required surety bond.Boyd
HB 503 Memorial intersection; designate Exit 90 on Interstate 22 in Lee County as the "Sheriff Harold Ray Presley Memorial Intersection."Boyd
HB 504 Memorial highway; designate segment of I-22 in Lee County as the "Korean War Veterans Highway."Boyd
HB 505 Memorial highway; designate segment of I-22 in Lee County as the "Vietnam Veterans Way."Boyd
HB 512 Alcoholic beverages; remove DOR from being wholesale distributor, authorize issuance of wholesaler's permits.Lamar
HB 514 Department of Corrections; extend repealer on drug and alcohol program at Bolivar County Regional Facility.Roberson
HB 515 Prison Overcrowding Emergency Powers Act; extend repealer on.Roberson
HB 516 Mississippi Business Finance Corporation; extend repealer on authority to issue bonds to finance economic development projects.Roberson
HB 521 Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983; exempt certain records of Workers' Compensation Commission from definition of public records.Lamar
HB 522 Nonpublic schools; authorize those accredited by a regional agency to use criminal background check procedures as used by public schools.Lamar
HB 526 "Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Act"; revise definition of "eligible student" and "eligible school" to include students with a dyslexia diagnosis.Byrd
HB 527 Annual salaries of county boards of supervisors; revise.Byrd
HB 530 The "Strategically Accelerating the Recruitment and Retention of Teachers (START) Act of 2022"; create.Bennett
HB 531 Mississippi Tax Freedom Act of 2022; create.Gunn
HB 534 Corrections; extend repealer on intensive supervision program and electronic home detention.Roberson
HB 555 "Mississippi Healthy Food and Families Program"; create.Mangold
HB 567 Radar; revise population threshold for municipal law enforcement to use on public streets of municipality.Harness
HB 586 Pilot work release program that authorizes sheriff to assign offenders to while confined in jail; remove repealer on.Newman
HB 589 The Sexual Assault Response for College Students Act; create.Cockerham
HB 590 Charitable solicitations; revise provisions relating to notice, demand and service of process.Cockerham
HB 591 Community schools; authorize implementation under the administration of a District Innovation.Cockerham
HB 592 Child support; suspend for incarcerated persons under certain conditions.Cockerham
HB 599 MS Accountability and Transparency Act; revise to include certain counties and municipalities.Criswell
HB 604 DUI suspension; clarify how the 120 days are counted.Roberson
HB 606 Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund; create.Lamar
HB 607 First-degree murder; include unlawful distribution of controlled substances, when the distribution is proximate cause of death.Lamar
HB 611 Corporations and limited liability companies; authorize notice from Secretary of State to be served by electronic mail.Deweese
HB 616 Menaced property; authorize municipalities to secure abandoned or dilapidated buildings on such property.McGee
HB 617 Municipalities; authorize waiver of liens, under certain circumstances, for costs associated with cleaning menaced property.McGee
HB 620 Dept. of Public Safety; revise laws regarding Office of State Medical Examiner, Forensics Laboratory and various other laws.Bain
HB 621 Fleeing law enforcement; increase penalties for the crime of.Bain
HB 626 Scrap metal; revise various provisions that regulate.Felsher
HB 629 Expungement; clarify procedures in all courts.Yates
HB 630 Expungement; clarify for qualified electors.Bain
HB 657 Medicaid; delete freeze on provider reimbursement rates and provide for prior review of certain actions by the division.Hood
HB 658 Medicaid; delete freeze on provider reimbursement rates and establish procedure for review of proposed rate changes.Hood
HB 660 Gulf Coast Restoration Fund; limitation on assistance for any one project not applicable to certain public entities.Barton
HB 672 Sexual assault kit; regulate processing of.Cockerham
HB 677 County veteran service officers; revise certain provisions regarding certification.Carpenter
HB 679 Mississippi Pill Press Act of 2022; create.Yancey
HB 681 Kratom; include in Schedule I controlled substances list.Yancey
HB 683 State Parole Board; extend repealer on.Roberson
HB 684 Small Business and Grocer Investment Act; extend repealer on.Roberson
HB 686 Appraisal Management Companies; extend repealer on registration requirements under Mississippi Appraisal Company Act.Roberson
HB 687 Mississippi Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer on.Roberson
HB 688 Public lands; extend repealer on statute prohibiting corporations and nonresident aliens from purchasing.Roberson
HB 689 Community Service Revolving Fund; extend repealer on authority to collect fees from paroled offenders for deposit into.Roberson
HB 695 Intervention courts; revise regulations that govern and add drug abuse prevention to statewide education component.Creekmore IV
HB 698 Rivers McGraw Mental Health Diversion Program; revise to create mental health treatment courts.Reynolds
HB 718 Crime of promoting prostitution; clarify and revise where certain monies are deposited.Gunn
HB 719 Compensation for certain county officials; bring forward sections pertaining to.Barton
HB 720 Mississippi Department of Employment Security; provide requirements related to fraud prevention, detection and recovery.Bell (21st)
HB 732 State Commission on the 9-8-8 Comprehensive Behavioral Health Crisis Response System; create.Felsher
HB 733 Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act; revise various provisions of.Mims
HB 764 "Mississippi Health Care Workers Retention Act of 2022"; create.Gunn
HB 768 Rural Physicians Scholarship Program; expand to include a loan repayment program for graduates who practice in rural areas.Mims
HB 769 COVID-19 Mississippi Local Provider Innovation Grant Program; create to be administered by Department of Health.Mims
HB 770 Mississippi Equal Pay for Equal Work Act; create.Cockerham
HB 778 Appropriation; additional to DPS from Death Benefits Trust Fund to pay benefits covered under First Responder Act.Gunn
HB 779 Law Enforcement Death Benefits Trust Fund; include cause of death covered under First Responders Act of 2020.Gunn
HB 784 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.Weathersby
HB 787 Health insurance; prohibit modifications on renewal of covered and prescribed prescription drug's contracted benefit level.Powell
HB 795 Equal Access to Education Act; create to enhance digital learning opportunities for students and public schools.Roberson
HB 799 Arrest warrants for sex offenses against children; authorize upon oral testimony by person requesting.Sanford
HB 811 Memorial highways; designate in Rankin County, Mississippi.Weathersby
HB 813 Mississippi Study on the Affordability of Insulin Act; create.Yancey
HB 818 MS Computer Science and Cyber Education Equality Act; authorize certified or classified staff to provide instruction under.Zuber
HB 819 Fire Protection Funds; increase and expand purposes for.Zuber
HB 821 Nontransport emergency medical services; develop coordinated entity to provide statewide system for.Zuber
HB 823 Mississippi Electronic Protection Licensing Act; revise regarding battery-charged security fences.Zuber
HB 832 Mental Awareness Program for School Act; enact to provide for mental health service providers and certain trauma-informed training.Cockerham
HB 833 Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission Law; prohibit direct sales by manufacturers except as provided.Lamar
HB 840 State budget; revise provisions of several FY22 appropriation bills.Read
HB 842 Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program; authorize two additional rounds for counties and municipalities.Byrd
HB 843 County or municipal Medicare eligible employees; make clarification regarding ability to receive certain supplemental compensation.Byrd
HB 860 Autopsies; create "Jenna's Law" to require autopsies to include inquiring about whether death was result of seizure or epilepsy.Hood
HB 863 "Mississippi Prison Industries Act of 1990"; bring forward for the purposes of possible amendment.Horan
HB 876 Mississippi Employment Security Law; revise to exclude services of petroleum landman from definition of "employment."Beckett
HB 879 Education Enhancement Fund; revise date of issuance of classroom supply procurement cards.Bennett
HB 881 University-based programs of education for children with developmental disabilities; revise certain provisions.McGee
HB 883 Community College Boards of Trustees; revise composition of Northeast Mississippi and Coahoma Community Colleges.Bain
HB 884 "Accelerate Mississippi Scholarship Program"; establish to provide student with financial assistance for advanced education courses.McCarty
HB 885 Education Enhancement Fund; authorize DFA to issue digital solutions and credentials for use for classroom supply allotments.McCarty
HB 906 Corrections omnibus bill; enact.Horan
HB 907 "Reentry Court Act of 2022"; establish.Horan
HB 917 "Home-based Opportunity Freedom Act of 2022"; create.Owen
HB 918 Alcoholic beverages; authorize issuance of food truck permit.McGee
HB 919 MDOC; require to establish a certain leasing policy with DFA for agricultural equipment.Horan
HB 920 Inmate Welfare Fund; authorize portion of fund to be used to fund Inmate Incentive to Work Program.Horan
HB 927 Newborn screening program; include those conditions listed on the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel within three years after listing.McGee
HB 928 Hospitals; establish grant program for expansions of hospital facilities that increase capacity as needed to treat more COVID-19 patients.McGee
HB 929 Mississippi Freedom Trail Commission; establish.Currie
HB 933 Homeowners' associations; regulate managing agents of and provide certain requirements for.Yancey
HB 935 Nonadjudication; authorize completion of workforce training or similar training as an option for.Horan
HB 936 Hospice care services for terminally ill inmates; authorize MDOC to provide for those confined in facilities under MDOC jurisidiction.Horan
HB 939 Municipalities, certain; extend repealer on authority to create program addressing delinquent customer water bills.Stamps
HB 942 Hunting and fishing; allow online applicants for a license to elect to be an organ donor.Kinkade
HB 961 Personal delivery devices; provide for the regulation of the use of in pedestrian areas.Deweese
HB 971 Driver's license; increase time period to renew expired license without examination.McKnight
HB 972 Bottom land leasing for oyster production; create a pilot program for.Ladner
HB 974 Airport authorities; authorize to provide dependent health insurance coverage as employment benefit.Zuber
HB 976 Sellers of alternative nicotine products and package retailers; require to have a third-party age verification service.Bain
HB 979 Foresters; liable for cost of timber for failure to provide scale tickets to landowners if logger fails to remit payment to forester for timber.Hood
HB 980 Controlled substances; provide automatic defense to prosecution for charge that is brought within two years of a federal declassification of.Bain
HB 990 Memorial highway and bridge; designate in Warren County for Margaret Gilmer.Ford (54th)
HB1001 Alcoholic beverage, beer, light spirit product and light wine; allow any municipality to hold election to permit or prohibit.Scoggin
HB1002 Memorial Highway; designate segment in Copiah County as the "Carroll V. Hood Memorial Highway".Holloway
HB1005 Nursing Education Incentive Program; create.White
HB1006 Community and Junior College Nursing Supplemental Funding Program; establish.White
HB1010 Firearms in possession of a felon; revise regulations for.Barnett
HB1013 Mississippi Forestry Commission; authorize to electronically accept bids for timber sales.Bounds
HB1015 "Property Clean-up Revolving Fund"; establish.Rushing
HB1017 Justice court clerk; authorize two or more counties to enter into an agreement for the appointment of a.Horan
HB1021 Bail; revise procedures to determine for indigent defendants.Newman
HB1028 Public Service Commission; remove from the provisions of the Mississippi Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.Bounds
HB1029 Mississippi Broadband Accessibility Act; create.Bounds
HB1031 Capital City Water/Sewer Projects Fund; create and require DFA to develop plan for improvements projects.Yates
HB1035 Velvet hunting season; authorize Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to establish.Bounds
HB1036 Community colleges; authorize to assess student fees to offset cost of fire protection services by local governing authorities.Evans (45th)
HB1052 MS Department of Corrections; provide for Deputy Commissioner for Workforce Development.Horan
HB1056 Professional Counseling Compact; create.Felsher
HB1057 Department of Marine Resources; revise acreage of bottom authorized to be leased by.Felsher
HB1059 Teacher licensure and qualifications; bring forward provisions relating to alternate route certification.Felsher
HB1061 Residential Landlord Tenant Act; revise evictions procedures of the.Bain
HB1064 Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund; create.Bounds
HB1065 Nuisance animals; bring forward certain sections of law relating to.Pigott
HB1067 Child support; provide for imputation guidelines.Cockerham
HB1068 Mississippi Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Rights Act; bring forward.Deweese
HB1069 Liens for delinquent county garbage fees; require chancery to keep certain record of.Deweese
HB1073 Bridges and culverts; revise laws regarding.Busby
HB1076 Derelict vessels; provide certain requirements for the removal of.Ladner
HB1077 Molluscan shellfish aquaculture operations; revise licensing of vessels used for.Ladner
HB1079 The Sexual Assault Survivors' DNA Bill of Rights; create.McLean
HB1080 Rape trials; revise evidentiary procedures for spousal rape.McLean
HB1093 PEER Committee; require to review effectiveness of the Mississippi Development Authority Tourism Advertising Fund.Currie
HB1097 Counties and municipalities; authorize to lease facilities that are to be utilized as fire stations.Byrd
HB1098 Fire protection districts; prohibit charging of fees when board of supervisors has levied special tax for.Byrd
HB1099 Incarcerated offenders; prohibit from petitioning to change name and/or gender.Hale
HB1101 Trip optimizer system; exempt youth services counselors from.Beckett
HB1105 Notaries; revise residency requirements of.Aguirre
HB1108 Income tax; authorize credit for certain railroad reconstruction/replacement expenditures.Steverson
HB1113 Memorial intersection; designate intersection in Clarke County as the "PFC Damian Laquasha Heidelberg Memorial Intersection."Smith
HB1128 Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center lease contract; remove requirement that the leasing nonprofit organization shall be responsible for utility payments.Calvert
HB1130 Department of Marine Resources; revise license issued for seafood dealers and seafood processors.Ladner
HB1131 Secretary of State; authorize to enter into agreements with online providers to conduct online auctions of state-forfeited tax land.Weathersby
HB1132 Private food service; authorize Department of Finance and Administration to solicit proposals for certain state properties.Weathersby
HB1135 Advanced plastic recycling; define terms relating to.Powell
HB1137 Regional mental health commissions; increase number of commissioners appointed by board of supervisors for certain counties.Barton
HB1139 Warrant applications or signature; authorize for violations of implied consent laws.Deweese
HB1148 Reckless endangerment; create the crime of.Owen
HB1159 Sixteenth section lands; authorize local school boards to enter into public or private contracts for sale of forestry products grown on.Pigott
HB1160 Public Procurement Review Board; revise the qualifications of members on.Turner
HB1162 Income tax; extend repealer on tax credit for certain charges for using certain port and airport facilities.Lamar
HB1163 Sales tax; revise definition of "installation charges" to exclude labor services in connection with residential roofing.Lamar
HB1164 Mississippi Development Authority; revise authority regarding implementation of federal State Small Business Credit Initiative Act of 2010.Lamar
HB1166 Teacher licensure; revise provisions relating to educator preparation programs and standards for nontraditional teaching route through TMI.Bennett
HB1168 Gifted education; require school districts to provide for students in Grades 7 and 8.Bennett
HB1169 Sales tax; exempt sales of tangible personal property or services to the Mississippi Aquarium.Bennett
HB1170 Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program; expand to allow certified academic language therapists (CALT); to provide dyslexia therapy services.Bennett
HB1173 Public purchasing law; revise to provide that reverse auction shall be used by certain schools and districts.McCarty
HB1177 Adjutant General; authorize to convey real property in the best interest of the Mississippi Military Department.Carpenter
HB1179 Civil Air Patrol members; authorize granting of leave of absence to for certain emergency services.Carpenter
HB1180 Mississippi National Guard; revise conditions under which members will be placed on retired list.Carpenter
HB1185 State and Interstate highways; authorize Mississippi Transportation Commission and counties to contract for counties to maintain.Ford (54th)
HB1187 Mississippi Insurance E-Commerce Model Act; enact.Ford (54th)
HB1196 Barbers, nurses and social workers; revise certain qualifications for the purpose of licensing of.Bain
HB1198 "Uniform Athlete Agents Act"; revise to align agency requirement with provisions of the "MS Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Rights Act."Bounds
HB1207 Penalties for electronic crimes by minors; clarify.Darnell
HB1213 School ad valorem tax levy; authorize levying authority for certain districts to approve/disapprove request for certain increases.Burnett
HB1214 Carbon dioxide geologic sequestration; revise laws regarding.Powell
HB1222 Line-Item Appropriation Transparency Act; make certain technical amendments to.Currie
HB1239 School security guard/resource officer; must have required peace officer training to exercise peace officer powers.McKnight
HB1240 MCOPS programs; authorize training for to provide at any approved training academy in the state.McKnight
HB1246 "Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013"; revise funding for.McCarty
HB1247 Institutions of Higher Learning; authorize to negotiate long-term lease of property administered by State Port Authority.Bennett
HB1310 Subpoenas; authorize attorneys who have entered an appearance to issue.Bain
HB1312 "Equity in Distance Learning Act"; revise certain provisions of.Bennett
HB1313 "Fostering Access and Inspiring True Hope (FAITH) Scholarship Program Act"; create to provide postsecondary financial assistance to foster children.Bennett
HB1314 School attendance officers; transfer employment responsibilities from the State Department of Education to local school districts.Bennett
HB1315 State auditor; authorize investigative and audit costs incurred by contracted firms to be paid as percentage of the recovery.Boyd
HB1320 Cat Island; prohibit the use of a purse seine within two miles of.Busby
HB1321 Menhaden; prohibit taking of within one mile buffer of Jackson County, Mississippi.Busby
HB1323 Tallahatchie River Authority; create.Creekmore IV
HB1328 Mississippi Industries for the Blind; revise authority to enter into certain agreements and contracts.Deweese
HB1331 Election commissioners; require skills assessment for every four years instead of every year.Goodin
HB1334 Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund; authorize payment of administrative costs.Hood
HB1340 Family Engagement Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Program; require MDE to establish as a component of the ELC Act of 2013.McCarty
HB1341 Municipal candidates; clarify residency requirements of certain.McGee
HB1343 Columbia Training School property; authorize DFA to transfer and convey certain portion of to Marion County Economic Development District.Morgan
HB1344 Highway Patrol and MBN officers; increase salaries of.Oliver
HB1349 Transfer Mississippi Act; create to permit children to attend school of their choice in any school district.Owen
HB1351 Affidavit of Scrivener's Error; revise recording of.Owen
HB1352 Voter registration files; provide the fees to be charged for providing copies of.Powell
HB1353 Budget process; bring forward various sections relating to.Read
HB1360 Banks and savings associations; align merger approval with the Mississippi Business Corporation Act.Turner
HB1361 Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Law; clarify employees of state licensee may work remotely.Turner
HB1365 Elections; prohibit state and local officials from soliciting and/or accepting private funds for.Gunn
HB1367 Real property; establish process to remove discriminatory language from recorded instruments of conveyance.Owen
HB1374 Obsolete crimes; repeal.Sanford
HB1376 MS Consumer Privacy Act; create to prohibit any agency, department or institution from releasing any personal information.Turner
HB1378 Memorial highways; designate in Prentiss County.Arnold
HB1388 Comprehensive Career and Technical Reform Act; create.Gunn
HB1389 "Mississippi Grain Indemnity Act"; enact.Gunn
HB1394 Dual Credit Community College Scholarship Program; create.Barton
HB1408 Sheriffs' salaries; increase.Gunn
HB1416 "Student Protected Equal Access Rights Act"; establish to provide students to organize partisan political groups in public schools.McCarty
HB1418 Second Amendment Preservation Act; authorize with exclusion for universities and colleges.Oliver
HB1421 ARPA Rural Water Associations Infrastructure Grant Programs; establish under Department of Health.Read
HB1422 Highway Patrol officers and Narcotics Bureau officers; revise the salaries of.Read
HB1423 State Appellate and trial judges and DAs; increase salaries of.Read
HB1424 Criminal investigators; increase salaries of and provide for additional appointments of.Read
HB1425 ARPA Wastewater and Drinking Water Infrastructure Grant Programs; establish under DEQ and Department of Health.Read
HB1426 Salary statutes; revise certain provisions relating to salaries of state employees and officials.Read
HB1427 Law enforcement officers and fire fighters; provide premium pay to.Read
HB1430 Motor vehicle title; authorize beneficiary designation.Sanford
HB1440 City of Natchez and Adams County; authorize contributions to Natchez, Incorporated.Johnson
HB1441 Town of Oakland; authorize tourism tax on prepared food and drinks at restaurants and prepared food at convenience stores.Reynolds
HB1469 Intestate succession; child conceived by assisted reproduction after decedent's death is deemed to be living at time of death.McLean
HB1475 Reverse auction; revise method of receiving bids through for agencies and governing authorities.Bell (21st)
HB1476 Campaign finance reports; revise the time for filing electronically.Sanford
HB1477 Public purchasing laws; revise certain provisions relating to reverse auctions.Steverson
HB1479 Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner; revise authority to inflict the death penalty.Bain
HB1485 Harvest permits; extend repealer on provisions establishing maximum weight and approved routes of vehicles.Roberson
HB1486 CDLs; require Commissioner of DPS to provide for waivers of certain tests.Oliver
HB1487 State song; designate "One Mississippi" as official.Gunn
HB1509 COVID-19 vaccine mandate; prohibit state and local government from imposing.Gunn
HB1510 Elections; revise provisions related to the integrity of.Powell
HB1517 Appropriation; Office of Workforce Development for various activities and programs.Read
HB1518 Appropriation; DFA for providing funds to destination marketing organizations for certain marketing activities.Read
HB1520 Professional employer organizations; provide for registration and regulation by the Insurance Department.Ford (54th)
HB1521 Appropriation; IHL for funding Nursing Education Incentive Program.White
HB1522 Appropriation; Community College Board for Community and Junior College Nursing Supplemental Funding Program.White
HB1523 City of Saltillo; authorize tourism tax on hotels, motels and restaurants.Turner
HB1525 City of Richland; extend repealer on bar and restaurant tourism tax.Weathersby
HB1526 City of Richland; extend date of repeal on hotel/motel; tourism tax.Weathersby
HB1529 Income tax; revise definition of gross income and authorize deduction for certain expenses.Lamar
HB1530 Bonds; authorize issuance for the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund.Lamar
HB1533 Town of Byhalia; reenact hotel and motel tax and extend repeal date until July 1, 2026.Kinkade
HB1534 Sunflower County; authorize contributions to the Sunflower County Ministerial Alliance Counseling Service, Inc.Anthony
HB1535 Sunflower County; authorize contribution to Delta Advantage Center.Anthony
HB1536 Sunflower County; authorize contributions to the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation.Anthony
HB1537 Appropriation; DEQ for ARPA Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program.Read
HB1538 Appropriation; Department of Health for ARPA Drinking Water and Rural Water Associations Infrastructure Grant Programs.Read
HB1542 Appropriation; additional to DPS for providing premium pay to law enforcement officers and firefighters.Read
HB1547 City of Starkville; extend repeal date on economic development, tourism/convention tax.Roberson
HB1548 Trailers and semitrailers; revise alternative highway privilege tax for.Busby
HB1549 City of Charleston; authorize expenditure for asphalt to be used on certain county roads damaged due to needed city sewer repairs.Reynolds
HB1550 Appropriation; add'l to DFA for phased construction of new DPS headquarters; add'l to DOH for Office Against Interpersonal Violence.Read
HB1564 Ad valorem tax; authorize partial exemption for nonresidential use land that is converted to residential use.Kinkade
HB1565 City of Jackson; extend repeal date on convention and visitors bureau.Gibbs (72nd)
HB1581 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.Read
HB1582 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.Read
HB1583 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.Read
HB1584 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.Read
HB1585 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.Read
HB1586 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.Read
HB1587 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.Read
HB1588 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.Read
HB1589 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.Read
HB1590 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.Read
HB1591 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.Read
HB1592 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.Read
HB1593 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.Read
HB1594 Appropriation; Fire Academy.Read
HB1595 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.Read
HB1596 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission and Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.Read
HB1597 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.Read
HB1598 Appropriation; Arts Commission.Read
HB1599 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.Read
HB1600 Appropriation; Education, Department of.Read
HB1601 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.Read
HB1602 Appropriation; Library Commission.Read
HB1603 Appropriation; reappropriation, DFA - Bureau of Building - FY22.Read
HB1604 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.Read
HB1605 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.Read
HB1606 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.Read
HB1607 Appropriation; Mississippi Broadband Commission.Read
HB1608 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.Read
HB1609 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.Read
HB1610 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.Read
HB1611 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.Read
HB1612 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.Read
HB1613 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.Read
HB1614 Appropriation; Health, Department of.Read
HB1615 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.Read
HB1616 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.Read
HB1617 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.Read
HB1618 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.Read
HB1619 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.Read
HB1620 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.Read
HB1621 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.Read
HB1622 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.Read
HB1623 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.Read
HB1624 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.Read
HB1625 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.Read
HB1626 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.Read
HB1627 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.Read
HB1628 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.Read
HB1629 Appropriation; Attorney General.Read
HB1630 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.Read
HB1631 Appropriation; additional for various state agencies for FY22 & FY23.Read
HB1639 Alternative-fuel fueling station; impose tax on motor vehicles charged at.Newman
HB1662 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of a new Mississippi Armed Forces Museum.Lamar
HB1663 Bonds; authorize issuance for various purposes.Lamar
HB1664 Appropriation; DFA - Office of Insurance for State and School Employees' Life and Health Insurance Plan.Read
HB1665 Appropriation; DFA - Bureau of Building for projects at agencies, institutions and colleges.Read
HB1671 Jackson County; extend repeal date on county's hotel/motel tourism tax and authorize to make certain designation of the use of the tax.Barton
HB1674 Town of Raleigh; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.Tullos
HB1675 Bonds; authorize issuance for capital improvements for state agencies.Lamar
HB1684 Income tax; authorize a tax credit for qualified wood energy products and forest maintenance projects.Horan
HB1685 Pregnancy Resource Act; create.Gunn
HB1686 Bonds; authorize issuance for defeasing bonds issued for the purpose of accelerating certain highway projects.Lamar
HB1687 Children's Promise Act; revise certain provisions.Lamar
HB1691 Income tax; revise certain provisions relating pass-through entities.Busby
HB1694 City of Gulfport; authorize to contribute funds to a motor vehicle transportation system commission.Bennett
HB1710 Suffrage; restore to Janice O'Neal of Warren County.Denton
HB1719 Suffrage; restore to Angela Porter-Williams of Amite County.Hines
HB1721 Suffrage; restore to Gerald O. Laird of Jefferson Davis County.Bell (65th)
HB1723 Suffrage; restore to Ronald Brent Self of Tippah County.Yancey
HB1729 Suffrage; restore to Anthony Leroy Wallace of Harrison County.Williams-Barnes
HB1730 Suffrage; restore to Ray Ferrell of Harrison County.Williams-Barnes
HB1731 Suffrage; restore to Deborah Ledbetter of Hinds County.Summers
HB1732 Suffrage; restore to Annie Mae Grant of Hinds County.Summers
HB1735 City of Oxford; authorize expansion of water system for a certain distance outside of city to serve Punkin Water Association.Deweese
HB1737 Suffrage; restore to Kenny Pritchard of Rankin County.Summers
HB1738 Suffrage; restore to Charles Harris of Harrison County.Summers
HB1740 City of Fulton; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.Bell (21st)
HB1742 City of Hattiesburg; extend repealer on tourism commission and hotel/motel tax.McGee
HB1743 City of Kosciusko; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.White
HB1744 Rankin County; authorize contributions to nonprofit organizations that provide recreational/sports activities for county youth.Wallace
HB1745 George County; authorize the repair of certain parking lot located in.McLeod
HB1746 Suffrage; restore to Chester Allen Butler of Tippah County.Steverson
HB1747 City of Clinton; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.Gunn
HB1748 Town of Shuqualak; authorize expansion of water services provided by.Mickens
HB1752 Marshall County; authorize contributions to the Byhalia Area Arts Council.Kinkade
HB1754 City of Jackson; authorize increase hotel/motel tax to provide funding for Jackson Convention Center.Bell (65th)
HB1755 City of Moss Point; extend date of repeal on city's restaurant tax.Anderson (110th)
HB1756 City of New Albany; authorize expansion of its gas system within a certain area outside its corporate limits.Creekmore IV
HB1757 Harrison County; clarify hotel/motel tax for Coast Coliseum and Convention Center shall solely be applied to overnight room rentals.Felsher
HB1758 Suffrage; restore to LaTonya Woodson of Warren County.Denton
HB1759 Holmes County; authorize to provide certain compensation for county patrol officers.Clark
HB1760 Holmes County; authorize contributions to the Durant Foundation.Clark
HB1762 Clinton/Raymond/Bolton Wastewater Authority Act; create.Foster
HB1763 Kemper County; authorize to enter into certain contracts to fund capital costs to extend natural gas services in.Evans (45th)
HB1767 Harrison County; authorize certain tax proceeds to be designated for use by Gulf Coast Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau or for tourism solely in.Bennett
HB1769 Eminent domain; prohibit transfer of property acquired by for 10 years after acquisition.White

Senate Bill

Principal Author
SB2001 Mississippi congressional districts; reapportion.Kirby
SB2002 "Mississippi Grain Producer Indemnity Act"; enact.Younger
SB2004 Public lands; extend repealer on section prescribing who may purchase.Turner-Ford
SB2007 Honey; revise definition of for purposes of labeling requirements enforced by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture.McCaughn
SB2010 Hunting; allow air guns, air bows and pre-charged pneumatic weapons, and authorize special seasons for CWD sample collection.Blackwell
SB2018 MS Department of Banking and Consumer Finance conduct periodic joint-bank examinations; extend repealer.Caughman
SB2019 Mississippi Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer.Caughman
SB2024 Travel Insurance Act of 2022; create.Blackwell
SB2028 Designated bridges; name in honor of Zack Stewart.Chism
SB2029 Laws that provide for camps for 4-H Club and that provide for the maintenance of herds at state institutions; repeal.Younger
SB2033 Recipients of Medicaid; extend postpartum coverage up to 12 months.Blackwell
SB2034 Intestacy; revise provisions for venue.McCaughn
SB2039 Real estate appraisal management companies; extend repealer on registration provisions.Caughman
SB2063 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.McCaughn
SB2064 District attorneys; provide for the appointment of part-time legal assistants.Fillingane
SB2066 District attorneys and investigators; increase annual salaries of.Fillingane
SB2068 State Forestry Commission Law Enforcement Officers; extend repealer on authority to appoint.McCaughn
SB2073 Fleeing or eluding a law enforcement officer; revise offense of.England
SB2074 Memorial highways; designate segments of I-22 in Lee County as "Korean War Veterans Highway" and "Vietnam Veterans Way."McMahan
SB2075 Memorial intersection; designate Exit 90 on Interstate 22 in Lee County as the "Sheriff Harold Ray Presley Memorial Intersection."McMahan
SB2076 Derelict vessels; provide certain requirements for the removal of.Wiggins
SB2077 Mississippi Farms and Families Program; create.Younger
SB2081 Appointed state officers; provide for the removal of for certain forms of willful neglect.Blackwell
SB2083 Open meetings; legislative advisory committee members must be invited to stay during executive session.Boyd
SB2087 Open Meetings Law; require official meetings to be broadcast via video livestream applications, with exceptions.Boyd
SB2090 Distinctive motor vehicle license tags; authorize for Mississippi Book Festival.Blount
SB2092 Mississippi Development Authority; require periodic PEER review of effectiveness of Tourism Advertising Fund expenditures.Blackwell
SB2095 Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act; create.Blackwell
SB2097 MS Real Estate Commission; require to establish program using administrative hearing officers.Sparks
SB2105 School board members; increase pay based on enrollment.Hopson
SB2113 Critical Race Theory; prohibit.McLendon
SB2120 Department of Public Safety; revise salaries of officers.Hopson
SB2154 Town of Monticello; authorize tourism tax on restaurants, hotels and motels.Barrett
SB2155 City of Laurel; authorize tax on hotels and motels to promote tourism.Barnett
SB2158 Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund; authorize payment of administrative costs.McCaughn
SB2159 Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive Act; create.Parker
SB2164 Department of Tourism; create.Thompson
SB2165 State agencies; prohibit travel to any state, county or municipality that has banned employee travel to Mississippi.Polk
SB2188 Driver's license fees; waive for applicants in MDCPS custody.Simmons (12th)
SB2223 Distinctive motor vehicle license tags; authorize for 2021 National Championship Bulldogs.Harkins
SB2224 Arrest warrants; authorize electronic signatures.Blackwell
SB2231 DNA samples; collected from person arrested for any felony and provide for destruction of samples only upon expungement request.Wiggins
SB2235 Terroristic threats; revise elements of.Fillingane
SB2237 Sentence suspension; prohibit for crimes involving the exploitation of children.Fillingane
SB2244 Juvenile offenders; provide alternative sentencing options.Fillingane
SB2245 Voyeurism; revise sentencing.Fillingane
SB2246 Search warrants; authorize issuance for sex offenses against children upon oral testimony.Fillingane
SB2261 Buddy's Law; order psychiatric evaluations for children adjudicated delinquent for abuse of a domesticated dog or cat.Hill
SB2263 Adult adoptions; authorize chancellor to waive procedural requirements.Bryan
SB2264 DPS; implement uniform reporting standards for jail census data and create a centralized database.Barnett
SB2269 Community Service Revolving Fund; extend repealer on authority to collect fees for deposit into.Barnett
SB2272 Department of Corrections; extend repealer on drug and alcohol program at Bolivar County Regional Facility.Barnett
SB2273 Probation and parole; authorize an offender's employer to submit regular information in lieu of meetings.Barnett
SB2275 Pilot Work Release Program; extend repealer.Barnett
SB2276 State Parole Board; extend repealer on.Barnett
SB2277 Prison Overcrowding Emergency Powers Act; extend repealer on.Barnett
SB2280 Corrections; extend repealer on intensive supervision program and electronic home detention.Barnett
SB2281 Advanced recycling; decrease plastic waste.Carter
SB2282 Carbon dioxide geologic sequestration; revise laws regarding.Carter
SB2283 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise schedules.Jordan
SB2306 Campaign finance reports; amend provisions relating to.Tate
SB2319 Child support; authorize DHS to satisfy arrearages with unclaimed property.Michel
SB2321 Human trafficking; create civil cause of action for engaging in or benefitting from.McCaughn
SB2326 Mississippi Insurance E-Commerce Act; create.Michel
SB2335 State Fire Academy; remove limitation on the number of Emergency Medical Responder students trained per year.Michel
SB2336 State and School Employees Health Insurance Management Board; extend repealer on premium payment authority.Michel
SB2338 DHS Fraud Investigation Unit; require to report certain suspected civil or criminal violation to the State Auditor.Wiggins
SB2341 Child support; create presumption that support continues past the age of majority for a disabled child.Parker
SB2350 Certificate of Foreign Birth; allow issuance by Bureau of Vital Statistics.Caughman
SB2357 Volunteer firefighters; allow local governments to pay certain expenses for injury, illness and insurance.Michel
SB2358 Candidate filing fees; authorize parties to determine.Chassaniol
SB2362 Salary cap; exempt certain attorneys employed by Attorney General from.Branning
SB2371 Purchasing law; revise threshold for bid requirement and clarify use of reverse auction.Kirby
SB2373 Professional Engineers & Surveyors Licensing Board; remove provision requiring Governor to make appointments from nominees.Wiggins
SB2397 Controlled substances; authorize automatic defense for charges brought within two years of a federal declassification.Bryan
SB2413 Elections; prohibit spending of private money on communications to electors and other election aspects.Tate
SB2415 Mississippi Adequate Education Program; bring forward statutes for possible amendment.DeBar
SB2416 Unused leave accumulated by teacher who transfers to another school district; allow to be credited.DeBar
SB2419 Hospital Nurse and Allied Health Professional Retention Loan Program; create.Parks
SB2421 Physician grant funding from Qualified Health Center Grant Program; extend date of funding.Bryan
SB2422 Teacher procurement cards; revise deadlines to ensure teachers receive no later than September 1 of each year.DeBar
SB2423 Teacher license; allow supplemental endorsement and revise provisions of issuance.DeBar
SB2424 School district employee payroll; allow monthly or bimonthly payments.DeBar
SB2425 State Superintendent of Public Education and Director of the Community College Board; set maximum salaries.DeBar
SB2428 District of Innovation Task Force of 2022; create.DeBar
SB2430 State aid for construction of school facilities; bring forward sections relating to.DeBar
SB2431 Procedure for the purchase of textbooks by the State Board of Education; revise privisions of.DeBar
SB2437 Pilot Work Initiative; authorize the establishment of at CMCF.Barnett
SB2443 Nationally certified school employees; delete caps on nurses & speech pathologists, add athletic trainers for salary supplements.DeBar
SB2444 Teachers' salaries; provide increase to minimum salary.DeBar
SB2448 Special Care Facility for Paroled Inmates; authorize parole for medically frail inmates, licensure and Medicaid reimbursement.Wiggins
SB2450 MS Windstorm Underwriting Association; divert nonadmitted policy fee to the State and School Employees' Insurance Fund.Michel
SB2451 Mississippi Equal Pay Act; enact.Wiggins
SB2460 Mississippi Domestic Law Task Force; reconstitute.Wiggins
SB2461 Landlord-tenant law; revise provisions of to create procedures and protection for evictions.Wiggins
SB2465 Construction liens; failure to file notice within certain period of time shall invalidate claim of lien.McCaughn
SB2474 Municipally owned electric utilities; shall have same powers as electric power cooperatives.Bryan
SB2476 Shellfish aquaculture farms; authorize Department of Marine Resources to license.Moran
SB2478 Combination seafood dealer and processor license; separate into two licenses.Moran
SB2479 Mississippi grain warehouse and grain dealers licensure law; revise and combine into grain handler license.Younger
SB2480 Highways; conform weight tolerance provision, and remove repealers relating to harvest permits and timber deed grantees.Branning
SB2481 Memorial highways; designate segment of MS-488 in Leake County as Hunky Cross Highway in memory of Austin Morrow & others.Branning
SB2483 Recreational off-highway vehicles; raise width and unladen dry weight limits.Branning
SB2495 Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund; create.Whaley
SB2498 Water skiing; revise safety requirements.Sojourner
SB2499 Solid Waste Disposal Law; define advanced plastic recycling.McDaniel
SB2503 Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; set terms of office.Whaley
SB2504 Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; set term of executive director and create Division of Parks and Recreation.Whaley
SB2505 Hunting and fishing licenses; allow inclusion of organ donor registration.Whaley
SB2506 Bow hunting; establish a three-day season the last weekend between September 10th and 20th for legal bucks.Whaley
SB2507 MS Transportation Commission; repayments to a public entity that advances funds may not include interest or other fees.Harkins
SB2508 Personal delivery devices; regulate.Harkins
SB2509 Outdoor advertising signs; revise height limit provisions.Harkins
SB2511 Saltwater shrimp Captain's License issued by MS Department of Marine Resources; delete requirement.Moran
SB2512 City of Southaven; extend repeal date on restaurant tax.Parker
SB2513 City of Olive Branch; authorize 1% tax on hotels and motels and issuance of bonds for tourism and parks and recreation.Blackwell
SB2514 City of Hattiesburg; extend repeal date on hotel, motel and restaurant tax.Johnson
SB2517 Commercial motor vehicles; authorize voluntary inspection program.Sparks
SB2519 Motor vehicle loads; clarify provisions regarding illumination of loads extending beyond rear of vehicle.Sparks
SB2520 Memorial highways; designate segment of Mississippi Highway 45 for Senator John White.Sparks
SB2525 MS Department of Archives and History property; authorize retention of buffer and access corridor on Champion Hill property.Turner-Ford
SB2530 Department of Information Technology Services; require to report ransonware incidents and revise provisions related thereto.DeLano
SB2531 Mississippi Emergency Communications Act; create.DeLano
SB2536 Offender registry; create registry of individuals whose crimes involve public funds.England
SB2537 Fireworks; reduce offense for violation of law from felony to misdemeanor.England
SB2543 Department of Public Safety; revise provision related to.Fillingane
SB2545 Detached catalytic converter; prescribe criminal penalties for purchase unless certain conditions are met.Thompson
SB2563 Mississippi Pill Press Law of 2022; enact.Sparks
SB2572 Election commissioners; remove skills assessment requirement.Tate
SB2575 Judicial candidates; revise political limitations on.Tate
SB2584 "Reentry Court Act of 2022"; authorize pilot reentry courts in circuit court districts.Fillingane
SB2587 CDLs; treat certain moving violations as regular license holders.Sparks
SB2600 Recidivism; create study committee to review means to reduce through support, supervision and skills attainment.Sparks
SB2601 Mississippi Pink Alert System Act of 2022; create.McMahan
SB2604 Mississippi Broadband Expansion Act; enact.Carter
SB2606 Voter registration; provide for certain procedures upon application.Tate
SB2620 Public records; award attorney's fees for duplicative requests.Thompson
SB2623 Involuntary civil commitments; limit county's liability for costs of medical treatment.Thompson
SB2624 Mississippi Architects and Engineers Good Samaritan Act; create.Thompson
SB2626 Comprehensive Landlord and Tenant Act; enact.Johnson
SB2640 State-chartered banks; revise merger law to conform to the Mississippi Business Corporation Act.Caughman
SB2643 Divorce; authorize where marriage is irretrievably broken.Wiggins
SB2647 Board of Cosmetology and Barbering; create, and abolish Board of Barber Examiners.Blackwell
SB2649 Mississippi National Guard retired list; clarify placement of federally recognized officers or men on.Seymour
SB2658 Mississippi Medicaid Program; make technical amendments to reimbursement and administration.Blackwell
SB2659 Medicaid State Plan; allow to operate under previous plan if disapproved.Blackwell
SB2664 Medicaid services; require Medicaid to reimburse licensed birthing centers and to seek necessary waivers.Blackwell
SB2669 Insurance company licenses; perpetual until revoked or forfeited.Michel
SB2673 "Mississippi Frontline Nurses and Health Care Workers Retention Grant Program"; establish in the Mississippi Department of Health.Bryan
SB2690 Mississippi Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation Act and the Mississippi Uniform Agents act; bring forward sections.Parks
SB2698 Institutions of Higher Learning; authorize to negotiate long-term lease of property administered by State Port Authority.Thompson
SB2700 University construction projects; extend repealer on authority of IHL Board to administer.Harkins
SB2706 Third-grade reading assessment for 2021-2022 school year; allow students who fail to be promoted to fourth grade with remediation.Boyd
SB2716 RegionSmart Development Interstate Compact between Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee; ratify.Parker
SB2719 Annual salaries of county boards of supervisors; revise.Parker
SB2721 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Health/Science Workforce Development and Retention Act; create.Parker
SB2723 Office of Workforce Development; revise provisions regarding appointments to SWIB, funds and collaboration.Parker
SB2724 "MS Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (MAICU) Infrastructure Grant Program Act of 2022"; establish.Parks
SB2725 Medical records; require health care providers to provide within 30 days of patient's request.McMahan
SB2729 Single or loose cigarettes; prohibit sale of and set certain penalties for violations.Barnett
SB2731 Mississippi Department of Human Services; authorize to use a combined reporting system.Fillingane
SB2735 Freestanding emergency room; revise definition to include rural emergency hospital.Suber
SB2738 Health insurance; revise mandated coverage for telemedicine services.Boyd
SB2739 Nonemergency medical transportation providers; require permit and set certain standards related to such service.Parker
SB2747 Mississippi Native Spirit Law; correct privilege license tax amount to conform with Section 27 71 5(d).Chassaniol
SB2764 Local Government Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Fund; extend repealer on MDA authority to use certain funds for expenses.Harkins
SB2769 Ad valorem tax; exempt property owned by a university foundation.Harkins
SB2770 Income tax; extend repealer on job tax credit for certain water transportation enterprises.Harkins
SB2771 Income tax; extend repealer on tax credit for certain charges for using certain port and airport facilities.Harkins
SB2772 State Small Business Credit Initiative; update citations to federal law.Harkins
SB2773 Income tax; extend repealer on credit for certain costs paid by a company in relocating national or regional headquarters to this state.Harkins
SB2776 Health Care Expendable Fund; extend date of repeal.Hopson
SB2778 Line-Item Appropriation Transparency Act; revise.Hopson
SB2780 State budget; bring forward certain provisions, create the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, and transfer funds.Hopson
SB2781 Appropriations; make various corrections to FY2022 appropriation bills.Hopson
SB2782 Law Enforcement Officers Death Benefits Trust Fund; include presumption of eligibility for officers with COVID-19.Frazier
SB2791 Salaries of public officers; bring forward various laws relating to.Hopson
SB2793 Legal service contracts; clarify exemption from Public Procurement Review Board.Blackwell
SB2794 Legislators; allow office expense allowance for every month of the term.Jordan
SB2797 Deficit Prevention Act; require state agencies to notify certain officials when likelihood of a deficit exists.Polk
SB2803 Sheriffs; increase annual salaries of.Carter
SB2806 Public purchases; prohibit reverse auctions for repair and remodeling of public facilities.Harkins
SB2810 State employees; provide the terms and conditions for state employees to engage in telework.Blackwell
SB2814 Mississippi Water Quality Commission; create for the purpose of providing oversight of certain water and sewer systems.Harkins
SB2817 Department of Corrections; authorize the provision of hospice care services to inmates with a terminal illness.Barnett
SB2818 MS Department of Health and MS Department of Revenue; provide exemptions for operation under Medical Cannabis Act.Parks
SB2820 Covid-19 Hospital Expanded Capacity Program; require Department of Health to establish and administer.Butler (36th)
SB2822 "Mississippi Water Infrastructure Grant Program Act of 2022"; establish.Michel
SB2831 Taxation of remote and internet-based computer software products and services; clarify.Harkins
SB2832 Bonds; revise uses of IHL bond proceeds for Mississippi State University College of Architecture, Art and Design.Harkins
SB2839 PERS; increase total book value limit for certain investments from 10% to 20% of total book value of all investments.Harkins
SB2841 State Bond Commission; exend reverter on authority to determine appropriate method for the sale of bonds.Harkins
SB2842 Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act and related ad valorem tax and sales tax exemptions; extend repeal date.Harkins
SB2844 Alcoholic Beverage Control Division; authorize construction of new warehouse and contracting for operations.Johnson
SB2846 Mississippi Business Finance Corporation; extend repeal date on authority to issue bonds to finance economic development projects.Harkins
SB2849 COVID-19 Destination Marketing Organization Grant Program Fund; create.Williams
SB2856 Mississippi Electronic Protection Licensing Act; revise definitions to include a battery-charged security fence.Michel
SB2862 Appropriation; Child Protective Services, Department of-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB2863 Appropriation; Mississippi Emergency Management Agency-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB2864 Appropriation; National Guard,-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB2865 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB2874 Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center; revise lease or contract requirements for the operation of.Tate
SB2875 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of beer.Chassaniol
SB2879 Mississippi Voting Modernization Act; enact.Tate
SB2885 Partnership between Energy High School Academy and Vicksburg Warren and Claiborne school districts; extend date of repeal on.DeBar
SB2887 School Boards; allow to purchase electric vehicles for student transportation.DeLano
SB2893 Jackson State University; authorize public/private partnership to develop property owned by foundation.Horhn
SB2898 Certain municipalities allowed to establish overdue water/sewer payment programs; extend program repeal date.Blount
SB2899 Community mental health centers; provide that health insurers may not deny the right to participate as a contract provider.Boyd
SB2900 Newborn screening program; revise certain provisions of.Johnson
SB2913 Counties; delete the duty of the clerk of the board of supervisors to report to the grand jury.Wiggins
SB2966 Appropriation; additional to the Revenue, Dep of-MS Medical Cannabis Act.Hopson
SB2967 Appropriation; additional to the Health, Dep of-MS Medical Cannabis Act.Hopson
SB2980 City of Jackson; authorize to continue contributions to Keep Jackson Beautiful, Inc.Norwood
SB2981 Bolivar County; authorize contributions to Bolivar County Community Action Agency and Fannie Lou Hamer Breast Cancer Foundation.Simmons (13th)
SB2983 Bonds; authorize issuance for various Mississippi Development Authority programs.Harkins
SB2993 City of Starkville; extend repeal date on economic development, tourism/convention tax on restaurant sales.Turner-Ford
SB2997 City of Batesville; extend repealer on restaurant, hotel and motel tax for tourism.Boyd
SB2998 Town of Sardis; authorize the levy of a tax on hotel, motel and restaurant sales.Jackson (11th)
SB2999 City of Horn Lake; extend the repeal date on the tax on hotel and motel room rentals.Parker
SB3000 Warren County; authorize contributions to various organizations.Hopson
SB3001 City of Bay Saint Louis; authorize election for 3% tax on hotels and motels to promote tourism.Moran
SB3002 Appropriation; IHL - General support.Hopson
SB3003 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.Hopson
SB3004 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural Research, Extension and Land-Grant programs.Hopson
SB3005 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.Hopson
SB3006 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.Hopson
SB3007 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.Hopson
SB3008 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.Hopson
SB3009 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.Hopson
SB3010 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.Hopson
SB3011 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.Hopson
SB3012 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.Hopson
SB3013 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.Hopson
SB3014 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.Hopson
SB3015 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.Hopson
SB3016 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.Hopson
SB3017 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.Hopson
SB3018 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.Hopson
SB3019 Appropriation; Military Department.Hopson
SB3020 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board and Homes.Hopson
SB3021 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.Hopson
SB3022 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.Hopson
SB3023 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.Hopson
SB3024 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.Hopson
SB3025 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.Hopson
SB3026 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.Hopson
SB3027 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.Hopson
SB3028 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.Hopson
SB3029 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.Hopson
SB3030 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.Hopson
SB3031 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.Hopson
SB3032 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.Hopson
SB3033 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.Hopson
SB3034 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.Hopson
SB3035 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.Hopson
SB3036 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.Hopson
SB3037 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.Hopson
SB3038 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.Hopson
SB3039 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.Hopson
SB3040 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.Hopson
SB3041 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.Hopson
SB3042 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.Hopson
SB3043 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.Hopson
SB3044 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.Hopson
SB3045 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.Hopson
SB3046 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.Hopson
SB3047 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.Hopson
SB3048 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.Hopson
SB3049 Appropriation; Gulf Coast Restoration Funds to the Mississippi Development Authority.Hopson
SB3050 Appropriation; Department of Tourism.Hopson
SB3051 Appropriation; Personnel Board.Hopson
SB3052 Appropriation; Secretary of State.Hopson
SB3053 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.Hopson
SB3054 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.Hopson
SB3055 Appropriations; additional appropriations for various state agencies.Hopson
SB3056 Appropriation; additional to Environmental Quality for the MS Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3057 Appropriation; additional to Accelerate MS for the ARPA Nurse/Health Science Workforce Programs-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3058 Appropriation; additional to IHL SFA for the Nurse and Allied Health Loan Repayment Program-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3059 Appropriation; additional to DFA for the COVID-19 DMO Grant Program, -ARPA.Hopson
SB3060 Appropriation; additional to Health Department for the Covid-19 Hospital Capacity Program and operations-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3061 Appropriation; additional to Public Safety, Department of; Coronavirus Death Benefits-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3062 Appropriation; additional to DFA-Bureau of Building,-ARPA Funds.Hopson
SB3063 Appropriation; Additional to Public Safety, Department of; for operations-ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3064 Appropriation; additional to DFA for the MAICU Grant Program, -ARPA funds.Hopson
SB3065 Jackson County; authorize contributions to Friends of Arts, Culture and Education (F.A.C.E.).Wiggins
SB3066 Jackson County; authorize contributions to Junior Auxiliary of Pascagoula-Moss Point.Wiggins
SB3067 City of Meridian; authorize 2% increase in monthly benefits for certain retired police, firemen and employees every year.Tate
SB3068 City of Vicksburg; authorize contribution to American Legion Boys State Program.Hopson
SB3069 Marshall County; add Care Now Food Pantry as a 501(c)(3) qualified charitable organization to which county may contribute.Whaley
SB3150 Bonds; increase amount authorized for Hinds County Development Project Loan Fund, and allow use for additional improvements.Frazier
SB3153 Bonds; authorize to assist in paying costs of IHL, community and junior colleges, and state agencies capital improvements.Harkins
SB3163 Income tax; authorize credit for certain expenditures for railroad reconstruction or replacement or new rail infrastructure.Harkins
SB3164 Taxation; cut grocery tax by 2%, phase out 4% income tax bracket, cut General Fund portion of car tag fees, and give rebate.Harkins
SB3167 Capital Expense Funds; FY2023 appropriation to MDOT for the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund.Hopson
SB3181 City of Grenada; extend repealer on tourism tax.Chassaniol
SB3200 Washington County; extend the repeal date on the hotel and motel tax supporting a sports complex.Simmons (12th)
SB3202 City of Madison; authorize to transfer properties and make other agreements with Madison Square Redevelopment Authority.Michel
SB3206 Marshall County; authorize contributions to Byhalia Area Arts Council.Whaley
SB3208 Rankin County; authorize certain road project contracts extending more than 30 days after term of current board.Kirby
SB3209 City of Hernando; authorize election for restaurant tax to fund capital improvements related to parks and recreation.McLendon
SB3211 Meridian Public School District; authorize transfer of former school property to Meridian Housing Authority.Tate


Principal Author
JR 1 Mississippi House of Representatives; reapportion.Beckett
JR 202 Mississippi Senate; reapportion.Kirby