Bills by Author for 2015 Session

124 Authors

Arnold - House

HB1170 Local Governments Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Program; revise term "capital improvements" to include municipal gas system improvements.
HB 582 Assistant teachers; increase base salary by $1,000.00.
HB 625 Child neglect; add children left alone in motor vehicles to definitions of.

Bain - House

HB 586 Child abuse; clarify mandatory reporting by school officials.
HB 988 Memorial highway; designate certain segment of MS Highway 2 in Alcorn County as "Agent Harold Lane Caldwell Memorial Highway."
HB1674 Alcorn County; may enter into certain road and bridge maintenance and/or construction contracts even if they extend 30 days beyond board's term.

Baker - House

HB1149 Use tax; distribute to municipalities a portion of revenue collected from certain taxpayers that voluntarily collect and remit.
HB1156 Sales tax; revise provisions regarding erroneous diversion to municipalities.
HB 700 Estate bond requirement; authorize court or chancellor to waive.
HB 703 Judicial redistricting; revise.
HB 709 Public contracts; give preference to veteran-owned small businesses.
HB 710 Suits against the state; Supreme Court to have original jurisdiction for claims seeking injunctive relief.
HB 711 Landlord-tenant; provide for disposition of personal property remaining on the premises after removal of the tenant.
HB 713 Mississippi Private Investigation Regulatory Act; create.
HB 962 Children's Justice Center; change the name to Children's Safe Center.
HB1047 Governmental entities; require certain employees of to file required information with the Tort Claims Board.
HB1192 Statewide Law Enforcement Incident Report and Jail Booking System Task Force; create.
HB1201 Attorney General; require approval by Outside Counsel Oversight Commission to bring certain suits.
HB 443 Weights and Measures Law; establish method of sale for natural gas motor fuel.
HB 208 Election Commissioner; authorize to receive mileage reimbursement.
HB1426 City of Brandon; authorize contracts for naming rights for the city's park buildings and structures.

Banks - House

HB1458 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for improvements to Jackson Zoo.

Barker - House

HB 646 Task Force on the Future of Gifted Education in Mississippi; create to study.
HB 647 Junior colleges; repeal provisions requiring instructors to fill out affidavit of membership in organizations.
HB 905 Municipal Water, Sewer and Wastewater Systems Repair and Replacement Grant Program; create.
HB 906 Regimented Inmate Discipline programs (RID); repeal.
HB 572 School district consolidation; establish Commission on Holmes-Durant Consolidated School District structure.
HB 910 Medicaid recipients; authorize pharmacists to compound & dispense a hormonal supplement to prevent preterm deliveries in pregnant women who are.
HB 831 Mississippi Fines Accountability and Transparency Task Force; create.
HB 915 Legislature's bill status website; authorize members to have website links to info about their introduced bills placed on.
HB 957 Commission on Future of Medicaid and Health Care in Mississippi; create.

Barton - House

HB 966 Counties; clarify authority to collect fees for rubbish and garbage disposal.
HB 216 Homestead exemption; provide additional exemption for certain persons 65 years of age or older or totally disabled.
HB1672 Jackson County; authorize tax on hotels and motels with revenue paid to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Beckett - House

HB 425 Public Service Commission; may not regulate management or internal affairs of certain gas or electricity public utilities.
HB 881 Excavations near underground utility facilities; revise regulations of.

Bell - House

HB 947 Vocational education; provide additional funding to school districts demonstrating needed enhancements for.

Bennett - House

HB 892 Gaming; increase maximum compensation allowed per bingo session for persons conducting licensed games under Charitable Bingo Law.
HB1570 Bonds; authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds for an aquarium located in the City of Gulfport.
HB1662 Harrison County; authorize to clean blighted property.

Blackmon - House

HB 919 Candidate qualifying deadline; revise when such occurs on Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday.

Blount - Senate

SB2170 Municipally owned waterworks; prohibit from charging higher rates to certain customers in another municipality.
SB2437 State land acquisition fund; may be used to repair and renovate facilities on land acquired with monies from fund.
SB2436 Pascagoula Street property; authorize DFA to transfer to MDOC.
SB2685 Wright & Ferguson Funeral Home property; authorize DFA to purchase.
SB2036 Domestic violence; clarify entry of criminal protection orders in the registry.
SB2231 Constables; allow fee for attempt to serve the process.
SB2840 Income & sales tax; job tax credit for supermarkets in economically distressed communities & sales tax exemption for materials.
SB2910 City of Jackson; extend the repeal date on the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau and the tax that supports it.

Bounds - House

HB1054 Transient vendors; revise laws regarding licensing and regulating by municipalities.
HB 420 Emergency management; clarify language that includes MS Band of Choctaw Indians as participant in the Statewide Mutual Aid Compact.
HB 718 Assessments; may be imposed for Class I violation of game and fish statutes.
HB 890 Dept. of Wildlife; authorize to sell certain real property belonging to located in Claiborne County, MS, and part of the Canemount WMA.
HB1394 Hospices; extend repealer on moratorium on processing new applications for licensure.

Boyd - House

HB 839 Nonnative plant species; prohibit cultivation of potentially invasive species without special permit from Dept. of Agriculture & Commerce.
HB1568 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements to the Elvis Presley Birthplace, Museum and Chapel in Tupelo.

Brown (20th) - House

HB 722 Investigational drugs; authorize physicians to prescribe to certain eligible terminally ill patients.
HB1338 Wrongful death; include unborn child.

Bryan - Senate

SB2558 State takeover of school districts; provide for a new school board returning to local selection on phased-in basis.
SB2554 Scrap metal sales; prohibit purchase of burned copper.
SB2780 Mississippi Medical Emergency Good Samaritan Act; create.
SB2914 Monroe County; authorize the establishment of a county beautification commission.

Burton - Senate

SB2013 Newton County property; DFA may transfer to Mayor and Board of Aldermen of Newton on behalf of MS Bureau of Narcotics.
SB2121 Enhanced penalty for simple and aggravated assault; enhance list of protected personnel.
SB2356 Emergency management; clarify language that includes MS Band of Choctaw Indians as participant in the Statewide Mutual Aid Compact.
SB2358 Public Service Commission; shall not have jurisdiction over the internal affairs of cooperative gas or electric power associations.
SB2658 Mississippi Business Finance Corporation; extend repeal date on authority to issue bonds to finance economic development projects.
SB2708 Excavations near underground utility facilities; revise regulations of.
SB2043 Maternal Mortality Review Committee; establish under State Board of Health.
SB2095 Alternative Fuel Revolving Loan Fund; authorize counties to borrow money from.
SB2105 Children in custody of DHS; require notification of parents of child's siblings in conformity with federal law.
SB2107 Individuals with disabilities; require statutes and regulations to use "person first" references.
SB2108 Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act; record family caregivers upon admission to hospital.
SB2118 Controlled substance; revise Schedules I, II, III and IV.
SB2123 Medical Radiation Technologist Registration Law; extend repealers.
SB2124 Hospice licensure; extend moratorium and repealer on new applications.
SB2199 Mississippi Department of Human Services; extend automatic repealers on.
SB2301 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; create (corrected).
SB2687 Mississippi Direct Primary Care Act; create.
SB2093 Certain electric power associations and electric public utilities; authorize to undertake economic development activities.
SB2531 Presidential preference primary; change date to the first Tuesday in March.
SB2110 Adult care facilities; define for licensure and reimbursement purposes.
SB2394 Concealed weapons law; decrease certain fees for licensees.
SB2656 Sales tax; exempt sales to UMC Research Development Foundation.

Busby - House

HB 953 Health plans and policies; prohibit higher co-payments for patient-administered anti-cancer medications.
HB 952 Health plans & policies; prohibit higher copayments for patient-administered anti-cancer medications.
HB 859 Charter schools; revise provisions relating to payments from local school districts and end-of-year balances.
HB 603 Controlled substances; enhance penalty for illegal sale in proximity to drug rehab facility.
HB1214 Engineers and architects; increase amount needed for exemption of public works services from certain requirements and include municipalities.
HB1631 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements at the state-owned shipyard in Jackson county.

Butler (38th) - Senate

SB2455 Natchez Trace Parkway property; MDOT and Secretary of State may transfer portion of to the governing authority of the City of Natchez.

Byrd - House

HB1385 Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program; delete repealer on.

Calhoun - House

HB1623 Special local improvement assessments district; authorize municipalities to create.

Campbell - House

HB1305 Execution team; create and provide exemptions for drugs.

Carmichael - Senate

SB2012 Commissioner of Insurance; authorize to issue cease and desist orders against persons engaged in unlicensed activities.
SB2204 State Employees Health Insurance Plan; extend repealer on provision providing for the payment of premiums.
SB2443 Car rental limited license; provide that employee or agent of company shall not be required to have license.
SB2325 Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool; revise eligibility for coverage/clarify when association may close enrollment.
SB2441 Provider sponsored health plans; authorize formation of/provide certification process.
SB2161 Common Core National Education Standards; SBE shall develop and implement new curriculum and assessment standards.

Carpenter - House

HB1015 Transportation; transfer law enforcement duties of MDOT to the Department of Public Safety.
HB1059 Compact for a Balanced Budget; enact.
HB1319 Marshals and constables; revise fees charged for service of process.
HB1671 Northeast MS Planning and Development District; authorize various counties and cities within district to receive loans or grants for certain purposes.
HB1680 Tishomingo County Water District; revise method in which commissioners are selected.
HB1686 Suffrage; restore to Timothy Wilson of Tishomingo County.

Chassaniol - Senate

SB2039 Memorial highway; designate a portion of Mississippi Highway 8 in Grenada as "Blue Star Memorial Highway."
SB2207 Alcoholic beverage license tax; eliminate portion retained by the state while maintaining portion paid to local governments.

Chism - House

HB 209 Commissioner of Insurance; authorize to enjoin entities from engaging in unlicensed activities.
HB 211 Insurance; require certain signed documents to be retained by insurer or agent for at least three years.
HB 346 MS Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility Law; allow certain exclusions and limitations on liability insurance required under.
HB 448 Car rental limited license; provide that employee or agent of company shall not be required to have license.
HB 548 SR22 certificate; require to be filed with DPS under certain circumstances.
HB 44 Memorial bridge; designate certain bridge in Lowndes County as the "Senator Terry W. Brown Memorial Bridge".
HB 103 Sales tax; reduce rate on retail sales of motorcycles.

Clark - House

HB 959 County court serving as youth court; clarify that court may appoint a guardian ad litem.
HB1253 All-terrain vehicles; clarify inclusion in chop shop act to prohibit altering of VIN.

Clarke - Senate

SB2456 Levee districts; authorize the board of MS Levee Commissioners to enter into agreements with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
SB2506 State budgets; require all state agencies to report sources for all fees, fines and taxes assessed and publish budget requests.
SB2582 Scrap metal stolen property criminal prohibitions; revise definition of "agricultural equipment."
SB2837 Appropriation; Additional for various state agencies for fiscal year 2015.
SB2844 Appropriation; IHL - General support.
SB2845 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.
SB2846 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.
SB2847 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.
SB2848 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.
SB2849 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.
SB2850 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.
SB2851 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.
SB2852 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.
SB2853 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.
SB2854 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.
SB2855 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.
SB2856 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.
SB2857 Appropriation; Military Department.
SB2858 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.
SB2859 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.
SB2860 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.
SB2861 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.
SB2862 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.
SB2863 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.
SB2864 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.
SB2865 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.
SB2866 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.
SB2867 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.
SB2868 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.
SB2869 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.
SB2870 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.
SB2871 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.
SB2872 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.
SB2873 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.
SB2874 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.
SB2875 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.
SB2876 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.
SB2877 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.
SB2878 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.
SB2879 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.
SB2880 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.
SB2881 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.
SB2882 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.
SB2883 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.
SB2884 Appropriation; Egg Marketing Board.
SB2885 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.
SB2886 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission.
SB2887 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.
SB2888 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.
SB2889 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.
SB2890 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.
SB2891 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.
SB2892 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.
SB2893 Appropriation; Personnel Board.
SB2894 Appropriation; Secretary of State.
SB2895 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.
SB2896 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.

Collins - Senate

SB2400 Government purchasing; place restrictions on emergency and single source purchases.
SB2553 Personal Service Contract Review Board; revise membership, eliminate certain exceptions, require additional reporting and recordkeeping.
SB2695 "Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs" program to establish ESAs for certain students; create.
SB2807 Iran Divestment Act of 2015; enact.
SB2814 Lee County; authorize annual contributions to Sanctuary Hospice House.

Crawford - House

HB1096 Alcoholic beverages; authorize issuance of temporary permits for performances at certain theatres.
HB 836 Persons with disabilities; require state agencies to enhance employment opportunities for.

Currie - House

HB1272 Pistols and revolvers; authorize to carry concealed if legally able to possess firearms.
HB 490 UN Agenda 21; prohibit MS and any political subdivisions of from adopting or implementing and prohibit any association with certain.
HB 627 Youth courts; require intake officer, use of MS Youth Court Information Delivery System and expenditure of funds.

DeBar - House

HB 707 Visitation rights; amend Grandparents' Rights Law to include great-grandparents.
HB1006 Chickasa-Leaf Barn Quilt Trail; authorize the Transportation Commission to allow for markers designating.
HB 600 Time served on probation or post release supervision; revise reduction process of.
HB1308 Central Office of the Department of Corrections; exempt from State Personnel Board procedures.
HB1021 Memorial highway; designate a certain segment of Mississippi Highway 63 in Greene County as the "Alan Smith and Dennis Rushing Memorial Highway."

DeLano - House

HB 27 City councils in cities with populations of 50,000 or more; authorize to hire additional staff.
HB 30 Income tax; state agencies and political subdivisions may collect debt by a setoff against the debtor's refund.
HB 215 Physicians; authorize special volunteer medical license for those serving as active duty military or in National Guard or Reserves.
HB 848 Mississippi Coast Coliseum Commission; revise membership and transfer trust fund money for certain purposes.
HB 739 Property Insurance Clarity Act; create.
HB1134 Income tax; authorize establishment of Catastrophe savings accounts and exempt contributions and distributions from tax.

Denny - House

HB 389 Texting and social networking; prohibit while driving.
HB 933 Presidential preference primary; change date to the first Tuesday in March.
HB 340 Ballot box examination; clarify how candidates shall be served notice of.
HB 353 Affidavit ballots; authorize casting of to serve as written request for ward or precinct transfer.
HB 930 Voter rolls; clarify registrars and election commissioners respective duties to furnish and purge.
HB 931 Affidavit ballots; clarify procedures for accepting and handling.
HB 932 Voter Registration; require registrar to mail card to the address on the voter's application.
HB 939 Elections commissioners; increase per diem.
HB 940 Elections; revise training requirements for resolution board members.
HB1069 Runoff election; clarify who can vote.

Dickson - House

HB1689 Suffrage;restore to Orlando Robinson of Noxubee County.

Dixon - House

HB 524 Broderick Rashad Danti Dixon Act; revise.
HB 665 End-of-course subject area tests; prohibit mandatory passing scores as requirement for graduation.

Ellis - House

HB1664 City of Starkville; extend repeal date on economic development, tourism/convention tax.

Espy - House

HB1433 Coahoma County; may enter into certain construction contracts even if they extend 30 days beyond board's term.

Eure - House

HB 879 Commission on Marine Resources; revise authority for regulating the leasing of bottoms.
HB 882 DMR enforcement officers; increase time to complete required training for employment before salary benefits are terminated.
HB 884 Cat Island; authorize the Sec. of State to negotiate with the U.S. government for consolidation of lands located on through exchange.

Faulkner - House

HB1640 Industrial Development Authority of Marshall County; authorize to create Spring Economic Development Area.

Fillingane - Senate

SB2071 Light wine and beer; may be seized and disposed of in the same manner as alcoholic beverages for certain violations of law.
SB2134 Bonds; clarify use of bond proceeds for a multipurpose building for the Department of Mental Health in Kemper County.
SB2003 Municipalities; certain small municipalities may advertise budget hearings by posting notices rather than by publication.
SB2047 False report of child abuse or neglect; provide criminal penalties and civil liability.
SB2275 Local Governments Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Fund; extend repeal date on MDA's authority to use for certain expenses.
SB2589 Sale of property by nonresident; require closing agent or seller to withhold for income taxes rather than the buyer.
SB2591 Mississippi History Trust Fund; create.
SB2022 Voyeurism; prohibit lewd surreptitious viewing and photography.
SB2206 Public works; increase to $100,000.00 the amount exempt from supervision by engineers and architects.
SB2457 Employment Security Law; create the Mississippi Works Fund to fund strategic workforce training needs.
SB2389 Compact for a Balanced Budget; enact.
SB2273 Growth and Prosperity Act; remove application deadline and extend cut-off date for tax exemptions under.
SB2329 Tim Tebow Act; authorize interscholastic extracurricular activity participation of students enrolled in homeschools.
SB2762 Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act of 2015; create.
SB2832 Sales tax; include costs of completing oil and gas wells in the reduced rate levied for drilling oil and gas wells.
SB2839 Taxpayer Pay Raise Act of 2015; phase out income taxation on first $5,000.00 of taxable income; phase out franchise tax.
SB2906 Bonds; authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds for IHL, Community Colleges and certain MDA programs.

Formby - House

HB 257 Violent crimes; require DNA testing for arrests.
HB1401 Mississippi Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer.
HB 186 Dentists; provide immunity for if necessary medical services are provided without expectation of payment.
HB1417 Mississippi Business Finance Corporation; extend repealer on authority to issue bonds to finance economic development projects.
HB 132 Commercial driver's license; exempt church-owned vehicles from definition of commercial motor vehicle for purposes of.
HB1392 State employees health insurance plan; delete repealer on requirement that state pay certain amounts toward cost of.
HB1410 Livestock facilities; extend repealer on authority of certain organizations to hold shows at no charge.
HB1388 American Civil War; delete repealer on State Commission regarding.
HB1391 Medical radiation technologists; extend repealers on registration statutes.
HB1393 Nursing home administrators; extend repealer on licensure requirements for.
HB1397 Drug forfeiture laws; extend repealer on administrative forfeiture provisions.
HB1403 Ignition Interlock Device Fund; extend repealer on provision requiring transfer of all funds from Drug Court Fund.
HB1407 Comprehensive Hurricane Damage Mitigation Program; extend repealer on.
HB1408 Auto club memberships; extend repealer on authority of small loan licensees to sell to borrowers.
HB1409 School district maintenance fund; extend repealer on requirement that districts with low ending balance file budget cuts plan.
HB1413 Mississippi Country and Western Music Commission; remove the repealer on.
HB1414 Bolivar County Regional Facility; extend repealer on drug and alcohol program.
HB1390 Department of Human Services; extend repealers on establishment of.
HB 878 Health insurance; revise assignment of benefits provisions regarding.

Frierson - House

HB 434 State budget; revise authority for expenditures from General Fund and provide for certain transfers to rainy day fund.
HB1070 Dept. of Public Safety; transfer funds in FY15 appropriation among various objects of expenditure and budgets.
HB1078 Deferred Compensation Plan; revise various provisions of.
HB1085 Optional retirement program; authorize participants to join PERS under certain circumstances.
HB1086 Public Employees' Retirement System; revise certain provisions regarding the administration of the system.
HB1141 State assessments; bring forward code section for amendment.
HB1142 State Personnel Board; delete requirement that all staff positions of must be state service employees.
HB1143 Capital Expense Fund; increase amount that may be transferred to provide funds for emergency repairs on state-owned buildings.
HB1511 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.
HB1512 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.
HB1513 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.
HB1514 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission and Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.
HB1515 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.
HB1516 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.
HB1517 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.
HB1518 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.
HB1519 Appropriation; Coast Coliseum Commission.
HB1520 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.
HB1521 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.
HB1522 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.
HB1523 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.
HB1524 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.
HB1525 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.
HB1526 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.
HB1527 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.
HB1528 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.
HB1533 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.
HB1534 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.
HB1543 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.
HB1548 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.
HB1549 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.
HB1551 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.
HB1552 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.
HB1553 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.
HB1554 Appropriation; Fire Academy.
HB1559 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.
HB1560 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.
HB1562 Appropriation; reappropriation, DFA - Bureau of Building;FY15.
HB1529 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.
HB1530 Appropriation; Attorney General.
HB1531 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.
HB1532 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.
HB1535 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.
HB1536 Appropriation; Education, Department of.
HB1537 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.
HB1538 Appropriation; Library Commission.
HB1539 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.
HB1540 Appropriation; Arts Commission.
HB1541 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.
HB1542 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.
HB1544 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
HB1545 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.
HB1546 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.
HB1547 Appropriation; Mississippi River Parkway Commission.
HB1550 Appropriation; Pearl River Basin Development District.
HB1555 Appropriation; Health, Department of.
HB1556 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.
HB1557 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.
HB1558 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.
HB1561 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.
HB1563 Appropriation: Department of Finance and Administration grant to Mississippi Home Corporation.
HB 201 Income & franchise tax; allow refundable credit for costs of purchasing/installing solar energy system or energy efficiency services.

Gandy - Senate

SB2834 Wayne County; authorize assessments on cases filed in, and misdemeanor convictions in justice court to fund a county office building.

Gipson - House

HB 554 Obscene electronic communications; revise provisions regarding.
HB 555 Aggravated domestic violence; remove from exception for dismissal of action.
HB 550 MS Pawnshop Act; revise with restrictions for persons under 21 years of age.
HB 602 Mississippi Re-entry Council; create.
HB 589 Bad Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement; regulate.
HB1049 Court reporters; increase salary for those in circuit, chancery and county courts.
HB1051 Technical violation; revise definition for probationary purposes.
HB1052 Capital murder; revise.
HB1053 Sexual abuse; clarify for crimes against child or vulnerable adult.
HB 556 Domestic violence; revise procedures related to.
HB 946 Public Safety Verification and Enforcement Act; revise.
HB1267 Parole Board; revise powers and duties.

Gollott - Senate

SB2269 Coast Coliseum Commission; authorize expenditure of money in its trust fund for certain purposes.
SB2359 City of D'Iberville; revise purposes for which gaming fees may be expended.

Gunn - House

HB 156 School accountability system; remove requirement for a combined state-federal system and revise name of state standards.
HB 385 Statewide testing program; require contract with single entity for comprehensive assessment system linked to college and career readiness.
HB 395 Public school curriculum; require all school boards to establish for schools within local school district.
HB 153 Rule against perpetuities; revise with respect to certain trusts.
HB 159 Estates; provide for a statutory order of abatement for shares of distributees of property of a deceased.
HB 160 Foreign executor or administrator; revise authority of financial institutions to turn over property or funds of a decedent to.
HB 162 Conservator; allow appointment for a single transaction.
HB 35 School administrators; prohibit districts from hiring as consultant if last employed by a failing district.
HB 441 CON; exempt construction of clinical research unit at UMMC & repair of health care facilities damaged in natural disasters.
HB 33 Income tax; authorize a credit for taxpayers that employ certain veterans.
HB 155 Historic property income tax credit; increase maximum amount of credits available and extend time within which taxpayers may be eligible to receive.
HB1586 Sales tax; exempt sales of tangible personal property and services to the Univ. of MS Medical Center Research Development Foundation.
HB1630 Bonds; authorize issuance for repair of deficient bridges on state maintained highways.

Hale - Senate

SB2517 Mississippi Criminal Information Center; revise reporting to.
SB2040 Admission requirements for examination for cosmetology license; clarify.
SB2817 Town of Pope; authorize an agreement with a water association to terminate water service for delinquent sewer service payments.

Harkins - Senate

SB2281 Small loan licensees; remove repealer on authority to sell auto club memberships to borrowers.
SB2375 State lands; revise procedure for collection of purchase money for.
SB2485 Investigational drugs prescribed by licensed physicians; enact "right to try" provision.
SB2452 MS Works Scholarship Pilot Program to assist Career and Technical Education (CTE) students at community colleges; create.
SB2479 County medical examiners and investigators; revise removal from position for cause.

Harrison - House

HB 123 Disabled veteran license tag; authorized disability decal for certain.

Hill - Senate

SB2282 State employees; clarify administrative leave policy during extreme weather conditions, disasters or emergencies.
SB2328 Memorial highway; designate segment of I-59 in Pearl River County as the Deputy Len J. Rowell Memorial Highway.
SB2618 Concealed weapon; authorize carrying of.
SB2390 Service of process; sheriff may retain fee for attempt to serve.
SB2461 Local option law; cert. qualified resort areas may specify hours, food sale amounts & locations of facilities selling alcohol.

Hines - House

HB 227 MS Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program; revise eligibility through Grade 12.
HB 404 Division of Youth Services; authorize to operate "Adolescent Opportunity Program" instead of Adolescent Offender Program.
HB1436 Washington County; authorize levy of special tax on real and personal property to support operation of fire protection districts.

Holloway - House

HB1422 Copiah County; authorize contribution via funds or services to Calling Panther Heritage Foundation.

Hood - House

HB 583 Health care facility; exempt from CON law for repair or rebuilding when significantly damaged in natural disaster.
HB 551 Mississippi "Gospel Music Trail"; authorize MDA Division of Tourism to establish program and historical markers for.
HB 841 Hunting license; exempt Purple Heart recipients from requirement while hunting nuisance animals.
HB1028 Motor vehicles; allow a person with a valid driver's license from any state to operate owned by a state institution of higher learning.
HB1224 Gun permit for disabled veterans; clarify how exemption from fee applies.
HB1027 Memorial Highway; designate certain segment of Mississippi Highway 25 in Oktibbeha County as the "Hank" McLeod Memorial Highway."

Hopson - Senate

SB2021 Children's Justice Center; change name to Children's Safe Center.
SB2239 Easements; clarify purchase of for access.
SB2364 Real property liens; clarify Notice of Contest of Lien form.
SB2159 Crime Lab; rename "Mississippi Forensics Laboratory."
SB2756 Trial courts; redistrict.
SB2926 City of Vicksburg; authorize a tax on hotels, motels and restaurants for recreation and tourism venues and facilities.

Horan - House

HB1425 City of Grenada; extend the repeal date on the Grenada Tourism Commission and the Grenada tourist and convention tax.

Horne - House

HB 982 Mississippi Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law; repeal.

Howell - House

HB 544 Medicaid; authorize extension of information system and support system contracts.
HB 545 Medicaid; clarify frequency of meetings of P&T committee and required time to file judicial appeals.
HB 843 Medicaid planners; require to register with Division of Medicaid and file a surety bond.
HB1419 Attala County; authorize the issuance of bonds for certain costs related to county-owned hospital.

Huddleston (15th) - House

HB 809 MS First Response Assistance, Safety and Training(FAST)Programs; establish.

Hudson - Senate

SB2058 Headlights; require use during precipitation.
SB2920 Forrest County; authorize contributions to various organizations.

Jackson (11th) - Senate

SB2380 Auto liability insurance; insurance card may be displayed on cellular phone when providing proof of insurance.

Jackson (15th) - Senate

SB2572 Check cashers; reporting of uncollected payment to credit reporting agency by unlicensed check casher is per se violation.

Jackson (32nd) - Senate

SB2331 Bolivar County Regional Facility; extend date of repeal on drug and alcohol treatment program.
SB2332 School Resource Officers; require uniform statewide training program.
SB2804 State Personnel Board procedures; exempt Department of Corrections from.

Jennings - House

HB1124 Mississippi Military Family Relief Fund; allow use for members of MS National Guard or Reserves regardless of mobilization status.
HB 687 National Guard Militia; clarify immunity for members serving in federally funded duty status during declared emergencies.
HB1399 Mississippi Veterans Monument Commission; extend repealer on.
HB1420 DeSoto County; authorize employment of part-time assistant county prosecuting attorneys.

Johnson - House

HB 787 Public property; authorize MS Transportation Commission to transfer certain real property in Adams County, MS, to the City of Natchez.
HB 963 Toll roads and bridges; increase maximum maturity of bonds for from 30 years to 40 years.
HB 995 Culverts; make placement of guide or warning posts on a discretionary function.

Jolly - Senate

SB2241 Bicycles; require lamps and reflectors for safety during nighttime riding.
SB2278 State Liquefied Compressed Gas Board members; allowed to receive per diem expense reimbursement.
SB2912 City of Houston; authorize the imposition of a tax on hotels, motels and restaurants to promote tourism and parks and recreation.

Jones - Senate

SB2279 Towing; limit charges.

Kinkade - House

HB1003 Memorial bridge; designate certain in Marshall County as the "Charles Foster Memorial Bridge."

Kirby - Senate

SB2142 Funeral escort vehicles; may be marked with purple lights when leading a military funeral procession.
SB2230 Limited Lines Travel Insurance Act; enact.
SB2367 "Emergency Response and Overdose Prevention Act"; authorize health care providers to treat opioid overdose.
SB2370 Division of Medicaid; clarify meetings of Pharmacy and Therapeutics (PNT) Committee.
SB2585 Compulsory commitment of active tuberculosis cases who refuse treatment; revise procedures.
SB2355 Weights and Measures Law; establish method of sale for natural gas motor fuel.
SB2588 Mississippi Medicaid law; bring forward sections on services and assessments.

Lamar - House

HB 499 Uninsured motorist coverage; clarify policies must include payment of damages by those immune under MTCA after remedies exhausted.
HB1618 Mississippi Main Street Investment Act; create.

Lee - Senate

SB2495 Driver's license; revise form of.
SB2127 In-state tuition; provide for nonresident students entitled to federal Veterans' Educational Assistance.

Longwitz - Senate

SB2335 Children; clarify reporting of certain crimes against.

Lott - House

HB1685 Suffrage; restore to June L. Carraway-Bourne of Lamar County.

Martinson - House

HB 907 Mississippi Entertainment Investment Act; create.
HB1402 Alcoholic beverages; delete repealer on statute authorizing holder of package retailer's permit to conduct tasting/sampling events.
HB 745 Literacy-Based Promotion Act; clarify good cause exemptions applicable to disabled students.

Massengill - House

HB 885 Autism; require insurance coverage for and regulate practice of applied behavior analysis.
HB 111 Autocycles; define and exempt from helmet and motorcycle endorsement requirements.
HB1263 Cargo theft; provide for crime and penalties of.

Massey - Senate

SB2090 Visitation; allow to third party under certain limited circumstances.
SB2508 State Board of Contractors; revise regulatory laws for commercial and residential builders.
SB2787 DeSoto County; authorize donations to the DeSoto County Economic Development Council, Inc.
SB2786 DeSoto County; authorize conveyance of certain property to the City of Olive Branch.

Mayo - House

HB 387 Licensed professional counselors; revise license renewal fee to conform to amount being charged by the board.
HB1098 Income tax refund; provide checkoff on individual form to allow contribution to State General Fund.
HB1032 MS University Research Authority Act; revise.
HB1099 License tags; Department of Revenue to establish system for marketing and sale of certain.
HB 662 Surplus school property; authorize districts to sell computers to students of issue upon student's high school graduation.
HB1013 Scenic byway; designate certain segment in Union and Lafayette Counties as "William Faulkner Scenic Byway."
HB1629 Income tax; phase out for individuals.

McLeod - House

HB1226 Governmental immunity; authorize to waive under certain circumstances.

Mettetal - House

HB 578 In-state tuition; provide for nonresident students entitled to federal Veterans' Educational Assistance.
HB 661 Universities; revise laws regarding enforcement officers of.
HB 948 Commission on Proprietary Sch. and College Registration; authorize to enter interstate reciprocity agreements for distance education.
HB 949 Licensed school employees; create exceptions to prohibition against using personal leave on certain days.
HB 950 MS Works Scholarship Pilot Program to assist Career and Technical Education (CTE) students at community colleges; create.
HB 951 Commission on College Accreditation; authorize to enter into certain interstate reciprocity agreements for distance education.
HB1038 Corporal Michael Brandon Presley Memorial Highway; designate a certain segment of Highway 51 in Panola County as.

Middleton - House

HB1030 Memorial highway; designate certain segment of highway as.

Mims - House

HB 204 Health care providers; prohibit conditioning of licensure upon participation in certain health plans.
HB 205 MS Responder Mgmt System; registrants receive workers' compensation for death or injury responding to emergency.
HB 987 Memorial highway; designate certain segment of MS Highway 24 in Amite County as the "Agent Kimbrough "Kim" Sterling Memorial Highway."
HB1387 Division of Community Services; revise duties to require development of a standardize risk assessment tool and to delete repealer on.
HB 114 Mississippi Rural Hospital Transition and Improvement Grant Program; establish.
HB 692 Emergency Response and Overdose Prevention Act; create.

Moak - House

HB1356 MS Highway 550; revise posted speed limit on certain portion of in honor of the late Peyton Flowers.
HB 925 Elections; require use of certain equipment to seal ballot boxes.

Monsour - House

HB1121 Industrial life insurers; increase maximum life insurance policy from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00.
HB1655 City of Vicksburg; authorize tax on hotels, motels and restaurants for recreation and tourism venues and facilities.

Montgomery - Senate

SB2811 Memorial highways; designate a certain segment of MS Highway 528 in Jasper County as the Jasper County Veterans Memorial Highway.
SB2228 Mississippi Veterans Monument Commission; extend repealer on.
SB2284 National Guard militia; clarify immunity for members serving in federally funded duty status during declared emergencies.
SB2286 MS Military Family Relief Fund; allow utilization by Mississippi National Guardsmen regardless of mobilization status.
SB2619 Concealed-carry permit; revised enhanced.
SB2710 Nonproducing minerals; annual assessment.
SB2217 Income tax; authorize a credit for taxpayers that employ veterans.

Moore - House

HB 185 Divorce; revise habitual cruel and inhuman treatment to include verbal, emotional or psychological abuse.
HB 464 Education Commission of the States; authorize the entrance of the State of Mississippi into the Compact for Education.
HB 469 New Start School Program; revise provisions relating to the administration of.
HB 489 Teacher/Classroom supply procurement cards; increase allocation percentage for teachers in first three years of educational service.
HB 450 Council on Education Technology; reestablish and define responsibilities.
HB 488 MS Dyslexia Forgivable Loan Program; revise post education employment requirements for recipients of.
HB 452 Compressed Natural Gas School Bus Purchase Grants Program; require State Dept. of Ed. to establish.
HB 455 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; revise administration of.
HB 471 MAEP; determine cost of using average daily membership (ADM) in lieu of ADA with 95% threshold attendance trigger.
HB 474 Universal reading screener; require development and use of for students in Kindergarten and Grades 1-3.
HB 482 School district budget; require State Board of Ed to adopt rules and regulations for examining fiscal stability of ending balances.
HB 484 Reading screening assessment; require MS Reading Panel to make one screener available for required use in Grades K-3.
HB 486 School accreditation; impose administrative sanctions upon districts having had their accreditation withdrawn by the SBE.
HB 873 State Health Insurance Management Board; prohibit from imposing premium surcharge on any class of participant of the plan.

Moran - Senate

SB2234 Diamondhead Water & Sewer District; board members shall be appointed by City of Diamondhead.
SB2686 Memorial highways; designate a certain segment of Kiln Delisle Road in Hancock County as the Dr. Michael Lee Memorial Highway.
SB2810 Bureau of Plant Industry; require wood infestation reports be provided by seller of property & noted on official report of bureau.

Morgan - House

HB1050 School buses; repeal law requiring to be driven less than certain speeds.

Myers - House

HB1684 Suffrage; restore to Marilyn S. Watkins of Pike County, MS.

Nelson - House

HB1022 Delta Bluff Scenic Byway; add certain segments of road to.

Parker - Senate

SB2148 Child support; may continue past age of majority for a disabled child.
SB2225 Motor vehicles; define and regulate autocycles.
SB2677 DeSoto County; authorize employment of part-time assistant county prosecuting attorneys.
SB2079 Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and the Bronze Star motor vehicle tags; exempt from vehicle registration fees and taxes.
SB2788 City of Olive Branch; authorize contracts for naming rights for the city's park buildings and structures.
SB2921 DeSoto County; authorize contribution to Historic DeSoto Foundation, Inc.

Parks - Senate

SB2581 Autism; require insurance policies to offer coverage for/regulate practice of applied behavior analysis.

Perkins - House

HB1378 Elections Contests; clarify jurisdiction of circuit court.

Polk - Senate

SB2154 Mississippi University Research Authority Act; extend eligibility for an exemption to certain university officers or employees.
SB2155 University law enforcement officers; revise jurisdiction to enforce traffic and criminal laws.
SB2453 Interstate reciprocity agreements; to be administered by Commission on College Accreditation.
SB2676 Transportation; authorize the use of autonomous motor vehicles.
SB2519 Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law; repeal.

Read - House

HB1097 Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund; allow repayment of funds to be made at terms consistent with federal law.
HB1105 Community redevelopment areas; authorize creation in urban renewal areas, increase in sales taxes to be used for redevelopment.

Reynolds - House

HB 351 Firearms license; authorize special licenses for honorably retired law enforcement and corrections officers.
HB 507 Noah's Law; create to prohibit sales of certain caffeine products to juveniles.
HB1251 Motor scooters; provide for operation of without motorcycle endorsement under certain circumstances.
HB1435 Tallahatchie county; authorize to assist in the construction, equipping or furnishing of a recreational center or area in Town of Tutwiler.
HB1651 City of Charleston; authorize Tallahatchie County to assist in the acquisition, building, construction and equipping of rec. facility.
HB1658 Tallahatchie County; authorize contribution to Mid-State Opportunity, Inc.

Rogers (14th) - House

HB1659 City of New Albany; authorize to extend its natural gas distribution system to certain areas of Union and Marshall Counties.

Rushing - House

HB 17 Law Enforcement Officers Death Benefits Trust Fund; expand to include coroners and emergency management personnel.
HB1011 Chief William "Bill" Lott Memorial Highway; designate segment of Highway 49 in Sunflower County as.

Scott - House

HB1012 Memorial highway; bring forward section designating certain segment of Interstate Highway 59 for purpose of possible amendment.
HB1024 Memorial Highway; designate a certain segment of MS Highway 528 in Jasper County as the "Will Danzler Memorial Highway."

Shirley - House

HB 172 Utility worker; killing of shall be capital murder.

Shows - House

HB 222 Highway 15; designate certain segment in Jones County as the "Coach Morris Brown Memorial Highway."
HB 984 Marc Lee Whatley Memorial Highway; designate a certain segment of highway 15 in Jones County as.
HB1132 Alcoholic beverages; revise definitions of qualified resort area under the Local Options Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

Simmons (12th) - Senate

SB2141 Motor vehicles; authorize a distinctive motor vehicle license tag for supporters of the Leland School District.
SB2923 Washington County; extend the repeal date on the tax on hotels and motels.

Simmons (13th) - Senate

SB2556 Driving record; authorize Driver Service Division of DPS to monitor and make reports to insurance companies for reinsurance purposes.
SB2539 Memorial Highways; designate a certain segment of U.S. Highway 98 in George County as the "Ricky Murrah Memorial Highway."
SB2566 LSBP and State Aid Roads; revise allocation of monies to.
SB2728 Transportation; make placement of guides or warning posts on culverts a discretionary duty of MS Transportation Commission.
SB2565 Memorial highway; designate a certain segment of U.S. Highway 61 in Bolivar County as the "Henry Butler Memorial Highway."
SB2917 Bolivar County; may enter into certain road and bridge construction contracts even if they extend 30 days beyond board's term.
SB2918 Sunflower County; authorize to borrow money to pay certain ad valorem tax refund for taxes collected in error.

Smith - Senate

SB2569 Transportation; authorize MDOT and DPS to enter into a memorandum of understanding pertaining to superloads on highways.
SB2500 MS Department of Public Safety and MBN sworn officer salary scale and experience increases; enact.

Smith (39th) - House

HB 110 Insurance; remove certain restrictions on political subdivisions to qualify as self-insurer.
HB 177 Courts; prohibit from applying foreign law under certain circumstances.
HB1102 Growth and Prosperity Act; remove application deadline and extend cut-off date for tax exemptions under.
HB1112 Local Governments Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Fund; extend repealer on MDA authority to use certain monies in for expenses.
HB1154 Income tax; public and private hospitals may collect certain debts by a setoff against the debtor's refund.
HB 911 Employment Security Law; create the Mississippi Works Fund to provide strategic workforce training needs.
HB 272 Bad checks; include electronically converted checks and electronic commercial debits.
HB1039 Memorial bridge; designate certain bridge in Lowndes County, Mississippi, as the "Senator Terry W. Brown Memorial Bridge".
HB 38 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Fund.
HB 121 Hearing aids; exempt sales of hearing aids when ordered/prescribed by a physician, audiologist or hearing aid specialist for a patient.
HB 39 Bonds; authorize issuance for repair and renovation of the MS Coliseum and construction of a new trade mart.
HB1114 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist in construction of Mississippi Aviation Museum and Learning Center.
HB1439 Bonds; authorize for community and junior college capital improvements.
HB1452 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of a new Highway Safety Patrol Substation in Starkville.
HB1453 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist City of Columbus with constructing certain improvements in coordination with Columbus Air Force Base.
HB1454 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist Lowndes County with construction of an equine center.
HB1462 Bonds; authorize issuance of general obligation bonds for various Mississippi Development Authority programs.
HB1463 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Mississippi Community Heritage Preservation Grant Fund.
HB1464 Bonds; authorize issuance for the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund.
HB1592 Taxes; exempt public property or facilities financed by New Market Tax Credit transactions from certain taxes.
HB1627 Mississippi Small Business Investment Company Act; increase the amount of investment tax credits that may be allocated under.
HB1638 Income tax credit; allow for businesses that develop or contract for development of mobile apps to promote the business.
HB1639 Bonds; authorize issuance for IHL and state agencies capital improvements.
HB1628 Bonds; increase amount that may be issued to provide funds for the Mississippi Railroad Improvements Fund.

Snowden - House

HB1382 Municipalities; authorize adoption of ordinance for certain system to issue citations and summons to violators of certain municipal ordinances.
HB1168 Board of Tax Appeals; revise certain provisions regarding appeals from orders regarding ad valorem tax assessment.
HB 830 State Liquefied Compressed Gas Board; allow members reimbursement for certain travel expenses to attend board meetings.
HB1108 Powdered alcohol; prohibit in this state.
HB1354 Mandatory Risk Assessment Instrument; require AOC to develop and use in all youth courts.
HB 147 Bonds; authorize general obligation bonds for the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center.
HB1432 Lauderdale County; authorize to fund Chaplaincy Program of the detention facility from revenue of inmate phone service.

Steverson - House

HB 824 Memorial highway; designate the entire Segment of U.S. Highway 72 that lies within Mississippi as the "Veteran's Memorial Highway."

Stone - Senate

SB2376 Memorial bridge; designate a certain bridge in Marshall County as the Charles Foster Memorial Bridge.

Straughter - House

HB1564 Humphreys County; authorize to contribute funds for little league baseball teams within the county.
HB1670 Humphreys County; authorize issuance of bonds to refund certain taxes erroneously collected.

Stringer - House

HB 220 Income tax; authorize a credit for costs incurred for storm shelter/safe room for primary residence.
HB 335 Speed limit; increase maximum for interstate highways and certain controlled access highways from 70 mph to 75 mph.

Sullivan - House

HB1000 Motor vehicle dealers; provide for certain application requirements, and allow wholesalers to purchase tags and be designated agents.

Taylor - House

HB 715 Canteen funds for state offenders; require restitution to be paid from if court has ordered restitution.
HB 894 State-owned vehicles; MDOC Commissioner may request unmarked vehicle for use in official investigations.
HB1055 Person convicted of violent crime seeking pardon; require notification of Parole Board, district attorney and sheriff for hearing.
HB 844 Department of Health; provide that department shall license ex-offender group care homes.
HB 990 U.S. Highway 61; designate as the "Military Order of the Purple Heart Trail".

Thomas - House

HB1423 City of Indianola; extend repealer on authority to fix and collect fees to provide mosquito and pest control services.

Tindell - Senate

SB2310 Mississippi Uniform Limited Partnership Act; revise and expand.
SB2438 Cat Island; authorize Secretary of State to exchange certain property located on with National Park Service.
SB2521 Inmate Welfare Fund; revise administration of.
SB2542 Limited liability companies; delete repeal clause on fees.
SB2562 Prison agricultural lands; revise procedure for leasing.
SB2570 Scenic Byways; designate U.S. Highway 90 within the Cities of Gulfport, Long Beach and Pass Christian as a scenic byway.
SB2484 Medical examiner; require appointment in southern region.
SB2545 Public Defender Oversight and Accountability Commission; create.
SB2716 Tidelands; exempt municipal small water craft harbors from obtaining a tidelands lease from the Secretary of State.

Tollison - Senate

SB2185 CPR/AED; require to be taught as instructional component of physical or health education curriculum.
SB2229 Commercial motor vehicle registration; reenact penalties for unlawful operation of.
SB2291 Memorial highways; designate a certain segment of MS Highway 30 in Lafayette County as the William Faulkner Memorial Highway.
SB2295 Arrest of students on school property; provide for collection of data.
SB2300 Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013; make technical amendments relating to state and local funding.
SB2303 Selection of county superintendent of education; change from elective to appointive method in certain counties.
SB2191 Public School Districts of Innovation; authorize State Board of Education to approve creation of in local school districts.
SB2258 Cheating on statewide tests; financial responsibilities of local school district, licensure sanctions and criminal penalties.
SB2302 Salary supplement for National Board Certified teachers who teach in critical teacher shortage or subject areas; authorize.
SB2692 Council on Education Technology; reestablish and define responsibilities.
SB2691 School district consolidation; require in Holmes County and Durant.
SB2836 Lafayette County; may enter into certain construction contracts even if they extend 30 days beyond the board's term.
SB2925 City of Oxford; authorize the use of the dual-phase design-build method of construction contracting for parking facilities.

Turner - House

HB1127 Iran Divestment Act of 2015; create.
HB 403 Prison lands; transfer authority to manage agricultural leases from DFA to Secretary of State.
SB2586 Memorial highways; designate a certain segment of U.S. Highway 45 Alternate as the Senator Bennie L. Turner Memorial Highway.
HB 861 Districts of Innovation; authorize State Board of Education to approve creation of in local school districts.
HB 400 Corrections; require Inmate Fund to be a special fund; require RFPs for canteen; revise contract amount for review by procurement board.
HB 825 Personal Service Contract Review Board; revise composition, exemptions, expenditures and method for reviewing single source contracts.
HB1044 Department of Corrections; authorize to contract with Lee County and Leflore County for regional correctional facilities.
HB1137 Single source emergency purchases contracts; place restrictions on.

Ward - Senate

SB2209 Expunction of felony; revise.
SB2573 State Board of Architecture; clarify procedure for taking an appeal from an order revoking a certificate to practice.
SB2323 Death benefits trust fund; create for beneficiaries of local emergency management officials, coroners & deputy coroners.
SB2477 Hospital destroyed by natural disaster; exempt repair or rebuilding from CON requirements.
SB2908 Sebastopol Natural Gas District; correct the description of the district.

Warren - House

HB 492 Title disputes; clarify jurisdiction of state courts in certain.
HB 119 Mack Jordan Memorial Highway; designate segment of U.S. Highway 84 in Covington County as.
HB1415 Community Service Revolving Fund; extend repealer on.

Watson - House

HB1677 City of Hattiesburg; authorize annual contributions to Hattiesburg Downtown Association, Inc.

Weathersby - House

HB 412 DFA; authorize to sell or lease certain state-owned real property in the City of Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi.
HB 828 DFA; authorize to transfer certain state-owned real property in Jackson, Mississippi, to MDOC.
HB 837 DFA; authorize to purchase certain real property located within the area of the Capitol Complex.
HB 738 Public lands; revise procedure for purchase money to be collected and deposited into Treasury by Secretary of State.

White - House

HB1418 Attala County; authorize the issuance of bonds for certain costs related to county owned hospital.
HB1233 State Board of Contractors; revise regulatory laws for commercial and residential builders.
HB 559 Penalties for controlled substance crimes; revise.
HB 560 Drug courts; revise participation in.
HB 740 Medicaid & Human Services Fraud Control Act; create.

Wiggins - Senate

SB2704 Legal proceedings; child witness to receive accommodations.
SB2117 Fondling of a child under 18; revise offense and penalty.
SB2126 Witness Protection Program; create.
SB2516 Marine Resources; authorize the Commission on Marine Resources to revoke the license of person violating seafood laws.
SB2407 Community hospitals; revise provisions concerning transparency.
SB2481 Mental Health Task Force; establish.
SB2904 City of Pascagoula; extend the repeal date on tourism tax authorized to be levied on prepared foods sold at restaurants.

Wilemon - Senate

SB2005 Memorial highways; designate segment of MS Highway 371 in the Town of Marietta as the James C. "Jimmy" Pharr Memorial Highway.
SB2287 Motor vehicle; titles of scrapped vehicle don't have to be cancelled if model year is 1969 or earlier or no tag has been issued in 2 years.
SB2835 City of Baldwyn; extend repeal date on tax on hotels, motels, restaurants and convenience stores to promote tourism.

Willis - House

HB1171 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance to supporters of the Mississippi School for the Deaf.
HB 896 Utility districts; revise board of certain, and provide that designated member of certain has same voting power as mayor.
HB 614 Theft; revise penalty when employee gives away merchandise.
HB 616 Shoplifting; revise penalties for.
HB 617 Crime lab fees; clarify who is required to pay.

Younger - Senate

SB2087 Memorial bridge; designate a certain bridge in Lowndes County as the Terry W. Brown Memorial Bridge.

Zuber - House

HB 405 Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act; clarify definition of "commercial real estate" under.
HB 409 Veterans' Home Purchase Law; increase maximum annual cost of administering.
HB 871 Public retirement systems, certain; require to disclose certain information to public and participants.
HB 149 Commercial driver's license; authorize driver with diabetes to be examined by board certified advanced diabetes management nurse.
HB1165 Sales tax; revise time for exemption on retail sales of certain clothing from last weekend in July to first weekend in August.
HB1634 Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Master Plan Act; create to provide certain incentives for certain health care facilities.