Bills by Author for 2020 Session

118 Authors

Aguirre - House

HB 777 Counselors; revise certain provisions of licensing laws.
HB1156 Revised Mississippi Law on Notarial Acts; create and repeal existing statutes on notaries public.
HB1427 Alcoholic beverages; revise certain provisions regarding tasting or sampling events conducted by a holder of a package retailer's permit.

Anderson (122nd) - House

HB 359 Motor vehicles; delete five-day requirement regarding towing and storage of.

Arnold - House

HB 429 Nonadjudication and pretrial intervention; authorize completion of workforce training as a condition that the court may impose.
HB 755 Community colleges; authorize boards of trustees to waive out-of-state tuition to certain students upon agreement to remain in the state.

Bain - House

HB 96 Emergency medical services provider; include fire stations and ambulances in definition under Baby Drop-off Law.
HB1243 Critical infrastructure; define crimes of impeding and trespassing against.
HB1266 Dept. of Agriculture; clarify use of security personnel to provide security services in state buildings under contract with DFA.
HB 97 Sell of urine; prohibit and prescribe criminal penalties for violation of.
HB1024 Habitual offender; revise penalties for.
HB 521 Community College Boards of Trustees; revise composition of Northeast Mississippi and Coahoma Community Colleges.
HB 838 Driver's license; require Department of Public Safety to allow official identifying document of MDOC to suffice for.
HB1407 Alternative nicotine products; regulate.
HB1486 Tobacco products; prohibit wholesalers from directly selling the products to retailers.
HB1778 Alcorn, Benton, Prentiss, Tippah, Tishomingo Counties; extend repealer on authority to contribute to Northeast Mississippi Community Services.
HB 241 Sexting by minors; provide as a delinquent act.

Barnett - Senate

SB2692 Memorial highway; designate portion of Highway 11 in Jones County for Police Chief Tyrone Stewart.
HB1215 Firearms; prohibit state agencies from creating restrictions for possession of.
SB2123 "Mississippi Correctional Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2020"; enact.
SB2125 Veterans Forms DD 214 and NGB-22; provide for recordation by chancery clerk.
SB2279 State offenders serving sentences in county jails; extend repealer on.
SB2696 Corrections; revise qualifications for commissioner and bring forward sections on parole and jails.
SB2702 Walnut Grove Correctional Authority; transfer all rights, benefits, obligations and duties to Dept. of Corrections.

Barton - House

HB 282 Golf carts and low-speed vehicles; allow municipalities to authorize operation on municipal streets.
HB 278 Sixteenth section land; authorize leasing of certain land by cities/counties for less than minimum percentage of market value under certain circumstances.
HB 448 Mississippi Veterans Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund; create.
HB1034 Distinctive motor vehicle license tags; revise provisions regarding issuance of various veterans tags.
HB1522 Mississippi Veterans Home Perpetual Care Fund; create.
HB1579 Jackson County; authorize to allow the payment of certain accounts receivable by credit cards and other forms of electronic payment.
HB 445 State veterans nursing homes; authorize to operate group purchasing programs jointly with other public entities.
HB1485 Corrections; authorize George and Greene Counties to privatize regional correctional facility.

Beckett - House

HB 824 Election commissioners; authorize per diem for primary and runoff election days in addition to general and special election days.
HB 993 Elections; provide penalties for persons who publish campaign materials without certain identifying information.
HB1017 2018 Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements Fund; revise purposes for which City of Bruce may use funds received from.
HB1523 Poll managers; remove limitation on additional that election commissioners may appoint.
HB1521 Absentee ballots; revise procedures and timeline for mailing to voter and receiving from voter.
HB 274 HELP Grant Program; align curriculum with changes for college preparatory as required by IHL.
HB1789 Appropriation; Secretary of State for purposes related to COVID-19.

Bell (21st) - House

HB 336 Mississippi Workforce Development Study Committee; create.
HB1040 Agencies, departments and institutions; require to report workforce monies received and how those monies were spent to the SWIB each year.
HB 341 Career and technical education programs; require SBE and MCCB to collaborate for administration of.
HB1480 Community or junior college; require to include source of funds used to advertise certain workforce development courses and training.
HB1387 Mississippi Workforce Incentive Act of 2020; create.
HB 407 Reverse auction; revise method of receiving bids through for agencies and governing authorities.
HB1425 City of Fulton; extend repealer on hotel/motel tourism tax.
HB 340 Sales tax; exempt sale of tangible personal property or services to Itawamba Crossroads Ranch, Inc.
HB1641 Sales Tax; exempt certain sales of tangible personal property and services to nonprofit organizations that provide workforce training.
HB1795 Appropriation; Department of Employment Security for purposes related to COVID-19.
HB1798 Public purchasing laws; exempt certain procurements related to COVID-19 from.
HB 775 Home inspector license; require applicants to undergo certain background checks.
HB1784 Coronavirus relief funds; transfer to Unemployment Compensation Fund.
HB1785 Mississippi Department of Employment Security; revise certain provisions regarding in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Bennett - House

HB 667 Public special purpose schools; clarify provision related to administrative and licensed instructional personnel of.
HB 672 State Department of Education; permit to receive various contributions from public or private donors.
HB 888 Student club funds; clarify use and accounting practices by school districts.
HB 666 Gifted education; require school districts to provide for students in Grades 7 and 8.
HB 676 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize State Agency executive heads to designate to serve in his or her capacity.
HB1255 National board certification annual salary supplement; remove cap on number of nurses and speech-language pathologists eligible for.
HB1792 Appropriation; "Equity in Distance Learning Fund" for purpose of providing distance learning to public K-12 students.
HB 669 Tate County School Board; require to consolidate system of high schools by closing Coldwater High School.
HB1165 Computer science curriculum; require State Department of Education to implement in K-12 public schools.
HB1786 "Technology Instruction and Digital Access to Learning (TIDAL) Act"; create to establish digital learning programs for K-12 education and provide grants for electronic devices used in instruction.
HB1804 Appropriation; "Equity in Distance Learning Fund" for purpose of providing distance learning to public K-12 students.

Blackmon - Senate

SB2553 Uniform Partition of Heir Property Act; create.

Blackwell - Senate

SB2009 Sex offenders; future contact with victim prohibited (Carly's Law).
SB2737 Marking election ballots; delete option of using indelible pencil to mark ballots.
SB2486 Medicaid; authorize extension of Management Information System and Support contracts.
SB2290 Homestead exemption application form; shall include name, date of birth, SSN, phone number and email address of the applicant and spouse.
SB3040 City of Olive Branch; authorize 1% tax on hotels and motels for tourism and parks and recreation.
SB2006 Depositories; revise bid process for selection by counties and municipalities.
SB2116 Electioneering; prohibit for all persons in any public area within a set distance of polling place.

Blount - Senate

SB2810 Medical records requests; require timely response to patients.
SB2799 Alternative nicotine products; impose a tax upon and regulate under the Tobacco Tax Law.

Bounds - House

HB1415 Public Service Commission; remove from the provisions of the Mississippi Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.
HB1434 Part-time law enforcement officers; revise salary threshold determination for deputy sheriffs and police officers.
HB1561 Public Service Commission; extend repealers and make certain revisions to.
HB1018 Church Protection Act; revise how a church is required to maintain reords of its security team.
HB 884 Sales tax; divert certain sales tax revenue to special fund for state parks improvement.
HB1314 Tribal identification cards; recognize as legal means of personal identification.
HB1416 Tribal regalia; prohibit governmental entity from restricting wear.
HB1797 Appropriation; MDE for Mississippi Broadband Availability Act purposes.
HB1800 Appropriation; DFA for a cooperative and broadband provider grant program funds.
HB 954 ABC Division officers; compensation shall be determined by special plan approved by Personnel Board.
HB1788 Mississippi Pandemic Response Broadband Availability Act; create.

Boyd - House

HB1191 Public Procurement Review Board; exempt certain contracts entered into by Attorney General's office from oversight of.
SB2764 Motor vehicles; allow registrant to indicate condition impeding effective communication for law enforcement notification.
SB2230 Uninsured Motorist Act; provide coverage for claims involving vehicles owned or operated by persons protected by the MS Tort Claims Act.
SB3008 City of Oxford; change governing law for city trust fund investments from PERS to MS Uniform Prudent Investor Act.
HB1422 Regulatory Reduction Pilot Program; create.

Branning - Senate

SB2398 Poll managers; remove limitation on number which may be appointed by local election commissioners.
SB2319 Sales tax; clarify the description of logging equipment that qualifies for a reduced sales tax rate.
SB2396 Motor fuel sales; provide immunity for damages caused by the use of incompatible fuel upon certain conditions.
SB2430 Real estate appraisers, brokers and salespeople; establish statute of limitations for civil actions.
SB2515 Public officers and employees; require surety bond in a certain amount for officers and employees who handle public funds.
SB2527 Intervention courts; technical corrections.
SB2150 Town of Walnut Grove; allow low-speed vehicles and golf carts on certain public roads.
SB2662 County and municipal election commissioners; increase per diem compensation for conducting elections.
SB2595 Governmental entities; may not prohibit wearing of traditional tribal regalia or objects of cultural significance at public events.
SB2603 State Personnel Board; exempt personnel actions of the Attorney General's office from.
SB2744 Tribal identification cards; recognize as legal means of personal identification.

Brown (20th) - House

HB 547 MS Workers' Compensation Commission; return to a special fund agency.

Brown (20th) * - House

HB1353 Solid waste; prohibit new nonhazardous solid waste landfill if within 1 mile of existing permitted landfill, unless referendum held.

Bryan - Senate

SB2311 State Board of Health; delete repealer on authority to increase certain fees before July 1, 2020.
SB2551 Solemnize marriage; authorize certain federal judges to perform rites.
SB2626 Mississippi Qualified Health Center Grant Program; provide for physician grants.
SB2610 Coordinator of Mental Health Accessibility; establish.
SB2307 State Board of Barber Examiners; extend repealer on.
SB3050 Mississippi Public Health and Welfare Emergency Relief Act; enact.
SB3055 The Mississippi ICU Infrastructure Act; enact.
SB3063 Appropriation; revise appropriation addressing the public health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burnett - House

HB1173 Secure detention and state training school; revise conditions under which a child may be ordered to by court.
HB1671 Suffrage; restore to Cassandra M. Jamison of Tunica County.
HB1672 Suffrage; restore to Frankie Lee Davis of Tunica County.
HB1673 Suffrage; restore to Antonio Simpson of Tunica County.

Busby - House

HB1371 DPS division of driver services; make various revisions regarding.
HB1372 Commercial driver's license; revise various laws regarding.
HB1080 Toll roads; revise maximum length of time for public private partnership agreement.
HB1456 Superload vehicles; authorize law enforcement to escort and to charge reasonable fee for escort.
HB1457 Motor Carrier regulation; update and streamline.
HB1736 Jackson County; authorize contribution to various organizations.
HB1081 Local System Bridge Replacement & Rehabilitation Fund; revise allocation formula.
HB 989 School district funding; provide for content of financial reports and prohibiting automatic budget increases for certain school districts.

Byrd - House

HB1063 Certificate of educational recognition for tax assessors; authorize Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service to issue.
HB 494 County purchases; increase the minimum acquisition costs of items and services for certain purposes.
HB 493 Counties; may also maintain electronic format of law books in courtrooms and in county public law libraries.
HB1491 Vehicle weight limits; allow certain excess of limits for vehicles operated by engine fueled with compressed or LNG.
HB 721 Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program; authorize an additional round for counties and municipalities.
HB1608 Forrest County; authorize to maintain electronic format of law books in county courtroom and public county law library.
HB1799 Appropriation; MEMA for Mississippi County and Municipality Emergency Relief Program.

Calvert - House

HB 770 "Trauma-Informed Discipline Practices Act; enact to establish procedures to assess and mediate effects of traumatic events in schools.

Carpenter - House

HB1503 Highway patrolmen; allow active duty to teach driver education and training programs.

Carter - Senate

SB2194 Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act; extend repealer on statute providing for the deposit of fees into the State General Fund.
SB2554 Oaths; revise officers authorized to administer.
SB2761 Oil and gas severance taxes; move remittance date back one month.
SB3046 COVID-19 Broadband Grant Programs; create.
SB2391 Excavations; require use of the Positive Response Information System (PRIS) when marking the location of underground facilities.
SB3054 MS Electric Cooperatives Broadband COVID-19 Grant Program; authorize tertiary applications/create special fund.

Caughman - Senate

SB2546 Dept. of Revenue; authorize to revise individual income tax forms to allow designation of two bank accounts for direct deposit.
SB2187 Certificate of Foreign Birth; allow issuance by Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Chassaniol - Senate

SB2213 Counties; require entry of recommended year-end accounting adjustments.
SB2506 Winona-Montgomery School Board of Trustees; revise membership.
SB2212 County jail census data; facilitate availability of.
SB2924 City of Winona; extend repealer on authority to levy tax on restaurants.
SB2215 Department of Finance & Administration; require to conduct a biennial review of the state agency procurement process.

Chism - House

HB 322 Veterans; establish a permissive preference in private employment for certain veterans.
HB 744 Insurance premium discount for hurricane or windstorm damage mitigation; include commercial property.
HB 461 Workers' Compensation Law; revise various provisions of.
HB 347 Uninsured Motorist Act; provide coverage for claims involving person or entity immune under MTCA.
HB 408 Credit for reinsurance; provide requirements for.
HB 360 Memorial highway; designate segment of U.S. Highway 50 in Lowndes County as "Senator William 'Bill' Canon Memorial Highway."
HB 95 Commissioner of Insurance; provide shall resolve certain disputes between provider and insured regarding billing.
HB 785 Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine; authorize sales and purchase of certain products containing without a prescription.
SB2119 City of Pontotoc; extend repealer on authority to levy tax on hotels, motels and restaurants.
HB 982 Nonadmitted policy fee; delete repealer on and revise distribution of.

Cockerham - House

HB1130 State Domestic Violence Fund; remove match requirement.
HB1127 Durable legal guardianship; revise provisions regarding.
HB1129 Termination of parental rights; clarify jurisdiction of county and youth courts.
HB1131 Child custody orders; change reference to certain terms.
HB1134 Out-of-State Adoptions; clarify certain provisions regarding.
HB1138 Self-storage facilities; regulate rental agreements and owners' liens.
HB1286 Service of summons in youth courts; shall be made pursuant to the Uniform Rules of the Youth Court Practice.
HB 158 The Sexual Assault Response For College Students Act; create.
HB1128 Court ordered home study; revise fee.
HB1135 Law enforcement; allow off-duty use of official vehicles while performing security services in off-duty hours.
HB1136 Guardianships and Conservatorships; revise provision for proceedings.
HB1139 Community schools; authorize implementation under the administration of a District of Innovation.
HB1801 Appropriation; Administrative Office of Courts for purposes related to COVID-19.

Crawford - House

HB1468 City of Pass Christian; clarify operation of golf carts and low-speed vehicles within city.
HB1295 The "Life Equality Act"; create to prohibit abortion based on certain factors.

Criswell - House

HB1343 Institutions of higher learning; require to ensure commercially reasonable procurement practices when purchasing aircraft equipment and services.
HB1398 Seizure and forfeiture; prohibit waiver of forfeiture and revise standard of proof.

Currie - House

HB 450 Chronic wasting disease; require testing of white-tailed deer harvested in enclosures, and designate Class I and II violations.
HB1279 Memorial highways; designate various throughout the state.
HB1290 MS Blues Commission; direct to erect certain Blues Trail marker and add location to trail.
HB1520 Hospice; allow medical directors to prescribe controlled substances for pain for terminally ill patients without in-person visit.
HB1790 Appropriations; DFA for tourism and nonprofit art museum recovery.
HB1791 Mississippi Tourism Recovery Fund and Mississippi Nonprofit Art Museums Recovery Fund; create.
HB 297 Absentee voting; require votes to be cast electronically in registrar's office or by mail.
HB 46 Bonds; revise purposes for which bonds authorized for Town of Wesson may be used.

DeBar - Senate

SB2353 Critical Needs Teacher Forgivable Loan Program; extend repealer on.
SB2508 Provisions of the Mississippi Critical Teacher Shortage Act of 1998; extend repealer on.
SB2509 Failing school districts; extend repealer on.
SB2511 Teachers; revise licensure.
SB2541 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize superintendent of education to name designee.
SB2001 Teachers' salaries; provide for increase.
SB2697 Nonadjudication; mandatory in certain cases.
SB2271 Wayne County; extend repealer on assessment on misdemeanor convictions to fund Wayne County Justice Complex.
SB2885 Greene County; extend repeal date on assessments in justice court.
SB3044 Equity in Distance Learning Act; enact.
SB2594 The Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Act; revise and extend repealer.

DeLano - Senate

SB2596 Alcoholic beverages; revise penalties for sale to minors.
SB2728 Air Operating Permit Program Fee Trust Fund; provide for more efficient management of.
SB2309 Compatibility of land use development with Mississippi military installations; require exchange of information.
SB2746 Mississippi Emergency Communications Authority Act; create.
SB3057 Mississippi Pandemic Response Broadband Availability Act; authorize grant monies to be expended on prepaid services.

Denton - House

HB1368 Armed Services Absentee Voting Law; expand definition of "absent voter" to include those working in federal waters of United States.
HB1176 School bus drivers; increase maximum speed limit on interstate highways.

Doty - Senate

SB2365 Motor vehicles; provide that ad valorem tax receipts shall not specify legislative session in relation to tag credit.
SB2403 Veterans; create the Mississippi Veterans Honor Medal Program.
SB2510 Foreign limited liability companies; revise administrative revocation.
SB2523 Law enforcement officers and firefighters; increase the death benefits payable to.
SB2386 PSC; extend repealers, remove Motor Carrier Law references, treat renewable purchases like other power purchases.
SB2715 Highways; require Dept. of Transportation to erect signs directing motorists to Lynyrd Skynyrd Monument in Pike County.
SB2797 Appellate judges and justices; revise geographical limitation on expense allowance for.
SB2872 Critical infrastructure; define crimes of impeding and trespassing against.
SB2557 Advocate confidentiality law; protect certain information held by rape crisis and domestic violence programs.
SB2674 Community public water systems; require continuing education for board members.
SB2800 Withholding orders for child support; shall be in compliance with federal Consumer Protection Act.
SB2877 Paternity; authorize written declaration to establish.
SB2850 Small estates; clarify muniment of title and affidavit of succession.
SB2874 Guardianships and conservatorships; revise GAP Act.
SB2802 Controlled substance prescriptions; require electronic prescribing.
SB2851 Uniform Probate and Trust codes; enact portions.
SB2340 Historic structure tax credit; extend deadline for eligibility.
SB2420 Public official corruption; prosecution by Attorney General upon request of the State Auditor.
SB2522 Equal pay for equal work; require for employees of opposite sex in the same work establishment.
SB2876 Law enforcement officers; immunity under certain circumstances.
SB3032 Suffrage for Marty Langley.
SB3049 Mississippi Back-to-Business Liability Assurance and Health Care Emergency Response Liability Protection Act; create.

England - Senate

SB2636 Mississippi Corrupt Persons List; create.
SB2131 Secretary of State's official seal; include the phrase "In God We Trust" at the bottom.

Eure - House

HB 326 Cottage food operation; increase maximum annual gross sales to $35,000.00 and authorize to advertise over the Internet.

Faulkner - House

HB 117 Water well contractor's license; remove requirement that applicant must present three affidavits to the DEQ examining committee.
HB1669 Suffrage; restore to Catina Taylor of Marshall County.

Felsher - House

HB1516 City of Biloxi; remove restriction to provide annual cost-of-living increases for retired members of city's disability and relief fund for firemen/policemen.
HB1517 City of Biloxi; remove restriction to provide annual cost-of-living increases for members of the city's general municipal employees' retirement system.

Fillingane - Senate

SB2348 Abandoned manufactured or mobile homes; establish procedure for disposition.
SB2467 Weight limits; allow certain vehicles fueled by compressed or liquefied natural gas to exceed on interstate highways.
SB2660 Superload vehicles; authorize law enforcement to escort and to charge reasonable fee for escort.
SB2078 Motor vehicle towing; revise towing at the direction of real property owner.
SB2585 State Personnel Board procedures; exempt Department of Transportation for a period of one year.
SB2633 Driver's licenses; revise various laws regarding.
SB3052 Driver's licenses; credit time of inability to apply due to COVID-19 closures toward period for holding prerequisite permit.

Ford (54th) - House

HB 468 Mississippi Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act; revise.
HB 773 Commercial Lines Modernization Act; enact.

Ford (73rd) - House

HB1500 Board on law enforcement officer standards and training; authorize to consider certain military training when determining qualification of applicant.

Guice - House

HB1071 Property exempt from seizure under execution or attachment; include Roth individual retirement accounts.

Gunn - House

HB1556 Career and technical education; revise curriculum, instructor license requirements and certain assessments.
HB1559 Human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation; provide services for victims through approved services.
HB1573 MS Law Enforcement Officers' Training Academy; name firing range as the "Lieutenant Colonel Pat Cronin Firing Range."
HB1577 Hunter safety course; authorize school districts to offer as part of their curriculum.
HB1796 State Flag; revise with a commission and require words "In God We Trust."
HB 499 Memorial Highway; designate U.S. Highway 45 in Alcorn County and Prentiss County as "Speaker William J. 'Billy' McCoy Memorial Highway."
HB1647 Local governmental entities and school districts; authorize grant of admin leave with pay in event of certain disasters or emergencies.

Harkins - Senate

SB2288 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance for Robotics Alliance of Mississippi.
SB2488 Motor vehicle title; change vehicle age from 10 to 20 years for odometer disclosure exemption to conform with federal mandate.
SB2864 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; revise.
SB2257 State Auditor; authorize to examine tax returns necessary for auditing certain federal benefits.
SB2054 Capitol mail carrier and post office; repeal certain provisions relating to.
SB2333 Fees; authorize Department of Revenue to charge and place in special fund to defray costs of shipping alcoholic beverages.
SB2369 Ad valorem tax; remove reverter on provision waiving penalty and interest when county inadvertently extended exemption.
SB2433 Taxation; amend code sections to make interest rates consistent with other tax statutes.
SB2434 Sales Tax Taxation of Construction-Related Activities Study Committee; create.
SB2470 Taxation; allow denial of permit to engage in business as a different legal entity until previous taxes have been paid.
SB2824 Higher Education Legislative Plan; align core curriculum with the required IHL College Preparatory Curriculum.
SB2849 Board of supervisors; authorize to pay employees every two weeks.
SB2484 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" to include land owned by a certain state institution of higher learning.
SB2600 Oil and gas distributors; allow bonds to exceed limit in certain instances, remove class distinctions and require e-filing.
SB2601 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions relating to assessment of public service corporations.
SB2785 Taxation; allow Commissioner of Revenue to reduce tax based on additional information after order of Board of Tax Appeals.
SB2881 Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program; revise comprehensive investment plan and investment options for.
SB2807 Mississippi Liquor Distribution Corporation; create study committee on.
SB2847 Tourism Project Incentive Program; extend deadline on MDA's authority to approve participants.
SB2830 Right-to-Try Act; revise definitions to include traumatic injury and adult autologous mesenchymal stem cell.
SB2324 Alcohol; revise certain provisions regarding authority of Department of Revenue to dispose of seized alcohol.
SB2325 Public officials and employees; allow Department of Revenue appraisers to receive same pay increases as county tax assessors.
SB2435 Motor vehicles; remove requirement for apportioned vehicles to have decal with expiration month and year on license tag.
SB2771 Children's Promise Act; remove reverter and extend repealer on tax credits, and increase certain limits on credits authorized.
SB2774 Bonds; authorize issuance for various purposes.
SB2680 County sheriffs; revise recordkeeping requirements for meals served to prisoners.
SB3048 Ad valorem taxes; extend deadline for free port warehouses to submit required inventory to tax assessor due to COVID-19.
SB2439 Taxation; extend exemptions and credits for certain equipment used in the deployment of broadband technologies.
SB2848 MS Conveyance Safety Act; exempt conveyances that serve only two adjacent floors from annual inspection requirement.
SB3056 Uniform Controlled Substances Act; automatically schedule any federally-scheduled, COVID-19 drug.

Hill - Senate

SB2366 Tax assessors; revise type of educational recognition certificate necessary to receive annual salary supplement.
SB2536 Counties; authorize civil debt for cost of cleaning real property.
SB2853 Service of tax sale notices; revise to allow service by a constable.
SB2053 Governmental entities; prohibit public funding of advertising lobbying activities and certain conventions.
SB2099 Motor vehicles; clarify that receiving title is not contingent on tag purchase if vehicle will not be driven.
SB2658 Domesticated dogs and cats; revise offense of abuse of.
SB2049 Baby Drop-off Law; revise certain definitions.
SB2102 Motor vehicles; clarify permission for wrecker and repair services to sell vehicles not titled and registered in their names.
SB3047 The Mississippi County and Municipality Emergency Relief Program; establish.

Hobgood-Wilkes - House

HB 363 Motor vehicles; add exception for title and/or registration upon selling for wrecker and auto repair service businesses.
HB1200 "Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act"; establish.

Hood - House

HB1309 Air bow; authorize use during certain open seasons for individuals exempt from hunting license requirement by reason of disability.
HB1307 Medicaid; authorize division to extend certain contracts for two years without complying with state procurement regulations.

Hopkins - House

HB1510 Occupational licenses; revise provisions regarding licensing for certain military applicants.

Hopson - Senate

SB2395 School board members; increase pay.
SB2565 16th section trust interest; authorize districts to spend once loan payments are current.
SB2926 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.
SB2928 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.
SB2929 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.
SB2931 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.
SB2944 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.
SB2949 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.
SB2978 Appropriation; IHL - General support.
SB2149 Appropriation; additional appropriation to Department of Finance & Administration for the 2020 Census.
SB2061 Arrest warrant; opportunity for probable cause hearing before issuance.
SB2552 Brewpubs and small craft breweries; remove certain limits and prohibitions.
SB2979 Appropriations; additional appropriations for Veterans Affairs Board for FY20.
SB2921 City of Vicksburg; authorize city to adopt ordinance to permit motor-assisted scooters to operate on certain city streets.
SB2906 Warren County; authorize to contribute funds to certain organizations.
SB2947 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.
SB2927 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.
SB2930 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.
SB2932 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.
SB2933 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.
SB2934 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.
SB2935 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.
SB2936 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.
SB2937 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.
SB2938 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.
SB2939 Appropriation; Military Department.
SB2940 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.
SB2941 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.
SB2942 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.
SB2943 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.
SB2945 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.
SB2946 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.
SB2948 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.
SB2950 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.
SB2951 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.
SB2952 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.
SB2953 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.
SB2954 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.
SB2955 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.
SB2956 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.
SB2957 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.
SB2958 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.
SB2959 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.
SB2960 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.
SB2961 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.
SB2962 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.
SB2963 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.
SB2964 Appropriation; Egg Marketing Board.
SB2965 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.
SB2966 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission.
SB2967 Appropriation; Department of Agriculture and Commerce - Livestock shows.
SB2968 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.
SB2969 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.
SB2970 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.
SB2971 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.
SB2972 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.
SB2973 Appropriation; Personnel Board.
SB2974 Appropriation; Secretary of State.
SB2975 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.
SB2976 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.
SB2977 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.
SB2980 Appropriations; additional appropriations for various state agencies for FY20.
SB3011 Appropriation; Dept. of Health for COVID-19 expenses incurred by hospitals for FY20 and FY21.
SB3012 Appropriation; Dept. of Finance and Administration for COVID-19 expenses incurred by municipalities and counties for FY 20 and FY 21.
SB3013 Appropriation; Dept. of Education, IHL and Community Colleges for COVID-19 expenses for FY20 and FY21.
SB3014 Appropriation; Dept. of Finance and Administration for COVID 19 expenses for FY20 and FY21.
SB2772 Coronavirus relief monies; transfer federal funds received, and provide small business relief.
SB2421 Municipalities; establish expedited procedure to acquire and clear title on tax-forfeited lands.
SB3059 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Bd.-CARES Act.
SB3060 Appropriation; ICU Infrastructure Fund -COVID-19.
SB3061 Appropriation; Poultry Farmer Grant Program Fund, Covid-19.
SB3053 Coronavirus relief monies; amend certain provisions pertaining to small business relief.

Horan - House

HB1149 DUI; revise time period for fourth offense.
HB 756 Walnut Grove Correctional Facility; require DFA to ascertain certain cost estimates to make repairs at the facility.
HB 851 Corrections and Criminal Justice Oversight Task Force; revise composition of.
HB1476 Compassionate Parole Eligibility Act of 2020; create.
HB1678 Grenada County; establish Greater County Partnership as economic and industrial development authority.
HB1376 Commissioner of Corrections, and community corrections; bring forward various sections relating to.
HB1377 Corrections omnibus bill; enact.
HB1513 Inmate Welfare Fund; require DOC to expend unused portions of the fund on reentry purposes.
HB 124 Nonadjudication of criminal case; includes crimes listed as crimes of violence under Section 97-3-2 for felonies.

Horhn - Senate

SB2856 Municipalities; allow certain to establish overdue water/sewer bill programs.
SB3036 City of Jackson; authorize city to adopt ordinance to permit motor-assisted scooters to operate on certain city streets.
SB2759 Fresh Start Act of 2019; revise applicability of.
SB2729 Department of Finance & Administration; authorize to sell, lease or develop the Sun-n-Sand property.

Jackson (11th) - Senate

SB2983 Coahoma County; authorize board of supervisors to contribute to But God Ministries.
SB3010 Tunica County; authorize contributions to the Tunica County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

Jackson (32nd) - Senate

SB2277 Department of Mental Health; authorize to sell certain state owned property located in City of Meridian.
SB2716 Forestry permits; allow MDOT to issue for transporting of forestry-related equipment.
SB2332 Forest acreage tax; extend repeal date on authority of county boards of supervisors to levy.

Johnson - Senate

SB2905 City of Hattiesburg; correct errors referencing county instead of city, and extend repealer on tourism tax and commission.

Kirby - Senate

SB2227 MS Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act; revise to include HMO subscriber contracts and certificates.
SB2925 Local governmental entities and school districts; authorize grant of admin leave with pay in certain disasters or emergencies.

Ladner - House

HB 551 "Mississippi Seafood Marketing Law of 2020"; enact to require consumer notice and labeling of country of origin on all foreign and imported seafood.
HB 632 Riparian owner rights; revise for purposes of state-owned lands on Deer Island.
HB 827 Department of Marine Resources Chief Financial Officer; revise the qualifications for.
HB 561 Haul seine net; prohibit use of for taking of certain fish within one-half mile of the shoreline of Cat Island.
HB 649 Department of Marine Resources Enforcement Officers' Reserve Unit; revise provisions regulating.
HB 823 Coastal Wetlands Protection Act; revise definitions to include "ordinary high water mark".

Lamar - House

HB 379 Mississippi Marketplace Facilitator Act of 2020; create.
HB 750 Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983; exempt certain records of Workers' Compensation Commission from definition of public records.
HB1090 Tourism project sales tax incentive program; revise definition of "tourism project," extend authority of MDA to approve participants.
HB 23 Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority; revise certain authority concerning loan for certain economic development project.
HB 24 Bonds; revise certain provisions regarding sale by political subdivisions and other instrumentalities.
HB 565 Bonds; authorize issuance for grants and loans to assist with acquisition of and improvements to North Oak Regional Medical Center in Senatobia.
HB 751 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; remove requirement that the Department of Education administer with the FNMA.
HB 752 Freestanding emergency room; allow to be established near location of a recently closed hospital.
HB 858 Alcohol; revise certain provisions regarding authority of Department of Revenue to dispose of seized alcohol.
HB 861 Taxation; authorize Commissioner of Revenue to reduce a tax assessment based on additional information after order of Board of Tax Appeals.
HB 864 Department of Revenue; allow department appraisers to receive certain pay increases upon completing certain training.
HB1093 Community college boards of trustees; revise composition for Northwest Community College District.
HB 25 MS Electronic Court System; require all courts to utilize.
HB 353 Persons who violate final orders, resolutions or ordinances of local government; require to pay attorney fees to enforce orders, resolutions/ordinances.
HB 859 Taxation; amend certain sections of law to make interest rates for various unpaid taxes consistent with rates provided in other sections of law.
HB 862 Ad valorem tax; revise penalty for failure of public service corporations to render schedules of property to Department of Revenue for assessment purposes.
HB 863 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions relating to assessment of public service corporations.
HB 865 Sales tax; revise provisions regarding denial/revocation of permit due to unpaid taxes.
HB 866 Fuel and lubricating oil taxes; remove bond limit and class distinctions for certain distributors, require electronic filing of returns.
HB 869 Motor vehicle title; change vehicle age from 10 to 20 years for odometer disclosure exemption.
HB1089 Mississippi Development Authority; bring forward various sections relating to.
HB1088 Alcoholic beverages; allow individuals to purchase wine from a winery and have the wine shipped to a package retailer in this state.
HB1087 Alcoholic beverages; revise policy of the state regarding prohibition of possession of.
HB1490 Judicial districts; revise certain chancery and circuit.
HB1730 Bonds; authorize for various purposes.
HB1748 Income tax; revise definition of gross income.
HB1381 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of qualified resort area, revise provisions regarding certain permits and sales.
HB1743 Bonds; increase amount authorized for the Hinds County Development Project Loan Fund and allow use for construction of a parking garage.
HB1746 Oil and Gas severance taxes; temporarily reduce rates.
HB1095 Hunting license; require to be suspended if determined that death or injury occurred because of negligence.
HB1729 Taxation; revise provisions regarding certain income tax credits, sale tax and ad valorem tax exemptions and franchise tax credits.
HB1091 Mississippi Educational Talent Recruitment Act; create.
HB 870 IHL Board of Trustees; require appointments to be made by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House.
HB1227 Ad valorem taxation; bring forward certain sections of law relating to determination of true value of property and assessments.
HB1571 IHL Board; revise authority to choose institution executive heads.
HB1086 Mississippi Liquor Distribution Corporation Law; create.
HB1096 Alcoholic beverages; remove DOR from being wholesale distributor, authorize issuance of wine distributor permits.

Lancaster - House

HB 477 Memorial highways; designate.

Mangold - House

HB1027 Emerging Crops Fund; increase maximum loan amount and total bonding authority under.
HB1028 Air Operating Permit Program fees; revise laws relating to.

Massengill - House

HB1182 Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training; revise membership of.

McCarty - House

HB1336 "Mississippi Learn to Earn Act"; enact to authorize the earning of graduation credit through apprenticeships and other alternative courses.

McCaughn - Senate

SB2195 Memorial highway; designate certain segment of Mississippi Highway 15 in Newton County for Judge Marcus D. Gordon.
SB2394 Revised Mississippi Law on Notarial Acts; create and repeal existing statutes on notaries public.
SB2469 Corrections; senior status judge may authorize parole eligibility for nonviolent offender.

McDaniel - Senate

SB2605 Regulatory reduction program for Commission on Environmental Quality; provide pilot program.

McGee - House

HB1233 School athletic trainers; provide annual salary supplement for those acquiring national certification.
HB1383 Economic Development Highway Act; revise definition of high economic benefit project.
HB 444 Municipal menaced property; make certain clarifying revisions regarding.
HB1542 IHL; authorize to enter into services agreements for certain repairs, maintenance and capitol improvements of a university utility system.
HB1649 Leaf and Bouie River Development District; authorize cities of Hattiesburg and Petal and Forrest County to establish.
HB 837 Health insurance policies; require certain to provide infertility coverage and establish pilot program in State Health Plan.

McLean - House

HB1386 Advocate Confidentiality Law; establish procedures for disclosure.

McLendon - Senate

SB2301 Auto insurance; remove repealer on statute requiring repair business or lienholder to be added as payees on claim checks.

McMahan - Senate

SB2583 2018 Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements Fund; clarify provision relating to City of Guntown.
SB2338 Residential roofing contractors; require licensing.
SB2362 Use tax; revise certain provisions regarding distribution of funds to municipalities for road and bridge improvements.
SB2204 Local government police vehicles; allow off-duty use under certain circumstances.
SB2545 Native wines; allow sampling and sale at public events, pickup at wineries, and sale of alcoholic additives in tasting rooms.

Michel - Senate

SB2723 Commission on WFP; allow to extend open seasons ending Friday until 30 minutes after sunset on Sunday.
SB2709 Insurance premium discount for hurricane or windstorm damage mitigation; include commercial property.
SB2534 Alcoholic beverages; authorize the direct shipment of wine.

Mickens - House

HB1668 Suffrage; restore to Kentrell Liddell of Oktibbeha County.

Miles - House

HB 653 Transportation funding; authorize public-private partnerships to include naming rights.

Mims - House

HB 94 Center for Rural Health Innovation; establish to provide services and resources to rural hospitals.
HB 708 Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act; revise various provisions of.
HB 150 Dentists; provide immunity for providing charitable and emergency services.
HB1640 City of Natchez; authorize contributions to Natchez, Inc., Film Natchez, Inc. and Downtown Natchez Association.
HB1779 Health Care Emergency Response Liability Protection Act; create.
HB1782 Appropriation; several agencies for addressing the public health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
HB1813 Appropriation; Health Department for reimbursing MS specialty hospitals for expenditures incurred due to COVID-19.

Moran - Senate

SB2273 State Port Authority; extend repealer on provision allowing the use of design-build method of contracting.
SB2287 Golf carts and low-speed vehicles; authorize municipalities to allow operation on municipal streets.
SB2717 Wildlife management areas; allow operation of electric bicycles on roads prescribed by the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

Morgan - House

HB 638 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions regarding when an application for change of property assessment may be made.
HB 639 Manufactured and mobile homes; require certain notice to tax collector when relocated from another county.

Newman - House

HB 811 Traffic accidents; require to move vehicle to certain locations in certain situations on a highway.
HB1661 City of Pearl; extend repeal date on tax on hotels, motels and restaurants to promote tourism.

Norwood - Senate

SB2351 Mississippi High School Activities Association; require to comply with Mississippi Open Meetings Law to receive public funds.

Oliver - House

HB1547 Cremation; prohibit until approved by county medical examiner.

Paden - House

HB1586 Coahoma County; authorize reserve and trust fund to be used to finance jail, fire station, bypass.

Parker - Senate

SB2283 School districts; revise employees and administrators subject to conflict-of-interest provisions.
SB2312 Memorial highway; designate portion of Mississippi Highway 302, also known as Goodman Road, in Horn Lake for Sam Dye.
SB2314 State parks; change name of Natchez State Park to "Bob M. Dearing Natchez State Park."
SB2563 Workforce development; create study committee on and require agencies, departments and institutions to report certain monies related to.
SB2564 Office of Workforce Development; establish.
SB3051 Unemployment compensation; create special provisions for 2021 general and individual experience rates due to COVID-19.

Parks - Senate

SB2427 MS S.A.F.E. Mortgage Act; remove repealer, clarify record keeping requirements, clarify estimate of costs provided to borrower.
SB2253 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of qualified resort area, revise provisions regarding certain permits and sales.

Pigott - House

HB1566 "Future of Mississippi Agriculture Act of 2020"; enact.

Polk - Senate

SB2364 State Auditor; increase fee which may be charged for performing audits and other services.
SB2792 Department of Corrections; exempt personnel actions for one year and bring forward employee sections.
SB2838 Department of Tourism; create.
SB2790 Occupational Licensing Review Commission; authorize active supervision over existing occupational regulations.
SB2795 State Personnel Board procedures; exempt the Mississippi Development Authority for a period of 1 year.

Powell - House

HB 415 Counties; authorize boards of supervisors to pay county employees every two weeks.
HB 978 Hazing; increase penalties for.
HB 4 Alcoholic beverages; increase maximum number of package retailer's permits a person may own.
HB 467 Law enforcement officers; allow off-duty use of official vehicles while performing certain volunteer services in off-duty hours.
HB 772 Outdoor advertisement signs; revise height requirements for.
HB1175 Chancery court clerk fees; revise those charged for recording oil and gas assignments.
HB 977 Oil and gas severance; revise date by taxes are due.
HB1810 Rental Assistance Grant Program; create.

Read - House

HB 127 Budget process; bring forward various sections relating to.
HB 265 Elected state officers; salaries shall not be more than average of salaries of equivalent officials in adjacent states.
HB 758 State judges; provide for increase in the annual salaries of.
HB 378 Community colleges; authorize boards of trustees to approve certain policies permitting out-of-state tuition waivers.
HB1713 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.
HB1715 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.
HB1702 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.
HB1726 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.
HB1807 Public Utilities Staff; revise FY 2021 appropriation.
HB 263 School attendance officers; clarify salaries of.
HB 264 Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol officers and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics officers; clarify salaries of.
HB1679 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.
HB1680 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.
HB1681 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.
HB1682 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.
HB1683 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.
HB1684 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.
HB1685 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission and Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.
HB1686 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.
HB1687 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.
HB1688 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.
HB1689 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.
HB1690 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.
HB1691 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.
HB1692 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.
HB1693 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.
HB1694 Appropriation; Attorney General.
HB1695 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.
HB1696 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.
HB1697 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.
HB1698 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.
HB1699 Appropriation; Fire Academy.
HB1700 Appropriation; Education, Department of.
HB1701 Appropriation; Library Commission.
HB1703 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.
HB1704 Appropriation; Arts Commission.
HB1705 Appropriation; reappropriation, DFA - Bureau of Building; FY21.
HB1706 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.
HB1707 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.
HB1708 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.
HB1709 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.
HB1710 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.
HB1711 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.
HB1712 Appropriation; Health, Department of.
HB1714 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.
HB1716 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.
HB1717 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
HB1718 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.
HB1719 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.
HB1720 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.
HB1721 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.
HB1722 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.
HB1723 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.
HB1724 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.
HB1725 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.
HB1727 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.
HB1728 Appropriation; additional for various state agencies for Fiscal Year 2020.
HB1749 Appropriations; Dept. of Health for COVID-19 expenses incurred by hospitals for FY20 and FY21.
HB1750 Appropriation; Dept of Finance and Administration for COVID-19 expenses incurred by municipalities and counties for FY20 and FY21.
HB1751 Appropriations; Dept of Education, IHL, and Community Colleges for COVID-19 expenses for FY20 and FY21.
HB1752 Appropriations; Dept. of Finance and Administration for COVID-19 expenses for FY20 and FY21.
HB 524 Disaster Assistance Trust Fund; expand uses of and increase maximum amount that may be transferred to.
HB 73 Wireless Communication Commission; remove ITS control over.
HB 757 School mobile panic button program; require Department of Education to develop and implement in K-12 public schools.
HB1591 Appropriation; additional for various state agencies for Fiscal Year 2020.
HB1808 MEMA; revise appropriation bill to allow purchase of a building with CARES Act funds.
HB1809 Appropriation; MDA for Rental Assistance Grant Program.
HB1811 State budget; remove provisions addressing disposition of unexpended CARES Act funds.
HB1812 Appropriation; Wireless Communication Commission for upgrades to network.
HB1814 State budget; provide for certain transfers and change date for transfers to Unemployment Compensation Fund.
HB1806 Appropriations. Education, Department of, Additional for School Recognition Program.

Reynolds - House

HB 736 Counties; authorize to offer Medicare eligible county employees supplemental benefits if employees secure Medicare in lieu of using county insurance.
HB1208 "Mississippi Hemp Cultivation Act"; enact to provide for regulation of hemp.
HB1606 City of Water Valley; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.
HB1621 Tallahatchie County; authorize leasing of certain county property for certain lease period to establish memorial sites for the late Emmett Till.
HB1770 City of Charleston; authorize issuance of notes with certain financing to acquire matching funds for city improvements.

Roberson - House

HB 994 Teacher licensure; revise qualifications for candidates to enter an approved teacher education program.
HB1162 Uniform Control Substance Act; revise schedule to add certain substances.
HB 544 DUI suspension; clarify when the 120 day suspensions begins.

Rosebud - House

HB 266 State contract price; authorize rural water associations to purchase commodities under.

Rushing - House

HB 531 Counties and municipalities; encourage to exchange information with military installations relating to land use and development.
HB 730 Municipalities; authorize those of certain size to conduct special elections at one polling place.
HB 741 Use tax; revise certain provisions regarding funds distributed to municipalities/counties for road and bridge improvements.
HB 447 Highway sign; authorize erection of on MS Hwy 25 near Pisgah exit to honor Olympic Gold Medalist Tori Bowie.
HB 529 Memorial highway; designate certain segment of MS Highway 15 in Newton and Neshoba counties as "Judge Marcus D. Gordon Memorial Highway".

Sanford - House

HB 373 Conditional medical release; prohibit offenders convicted of capital murder from receiving.
HB 782 Certificate of rehabilitation; authorize those convicted in another state to apply for a.
HB 658 Felony conviction expungements; revise number that one may be eligible for.

Scoggin - House

HB 984 Mississippi Board of Nursing; revise the notice required for special meeting of.
HB1793 "Postsecondary Education COVID-19 Mitigation Relief Program"; create to provide reimbursements to postsecondary educational institutions for related expenses.
HB1794 Appropriation; IHL for postsecondary board to administer the "Postsecondary Education COVID-19 Mitigation Relief Grant Program."
HB 983 Mississippi Board of Nursing;authorize to collect certain costs and establish procedure for collection.

Seymour - Senate

SB2821 Venue for actions against members of the Mississippi National Guard; shall be brought in state military court.
SB2611 General and special courts-martial; may order forfeiture of all pay of offenders.
SB2225 Disabled veteran with service-connected disability; clarify procedure for concealed weapons permit.
SB2909 Jackson County; authorize to expand or merge existing lighting districts.
SB2118 Pecan Harvesting Law; revise penalties for violating.

Shanks - House

HB1253 State Fire Academy; designate as an authorized medical first responder training program.
HB 943 Terroristic threats; revise provisions regulating.

Simmons (12th) - Senate

SB2550 DUI; nonadjudication of a first offense for CDL holder who was not operating a commercial vehicle.
SB2464 Trusty and earned-time programs; change eligibility to participate in.
SB2461 Medical and geriatric prison release; revise authority of MDOC and MS Parole Board.

Simmons (13th) - Senate

SB2684 Department of Corrections; increase number of offenders in regional facilities and adjust regional per diem.
SB2887 Bolivar County; authorize board of supervisors to contribute to the Bolivar County Community Action Agency, Inc.
SB3045 Suffrage; Azalean Jones Rogers.

Smith - House

HB1587 Clarke County; authorize contribution to the Multi-County Community Service Agency, Inc.

Sojourner - Senate

SB2734 Water skiing; revise safety requirements.

Sparks - Senate

SB2985 Town of Belmont; authorize to expand and operate natural gas distribution system to serve certain areas of Itawamba County.

Steverson - House

HB1334 MS 811 Law; provide for notifications through the Positive Response Information System (PRIS).
HB1332 State land; revise fee for filing patent for conveyance of.
HB 597 Department of Revenue; authorize to revise individual income tax forms to allow taxpayer to designate two bank accounts for direct deposit.
HB1777 Town of Blue Mountain; authorize expansion of water and sewer system for a certain distance outside of town.
HB1572 Fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes; revise certain provisions regarding school ad valorem taxes.

Suber - Senate

SB2209 Memorial highway; designate portion of Old Highway 15/South Jackson Street in Houston for Armis Hawkins.
SB2183 City of Houston; extend repeal date for tax on restaurants, hotels and motels for tourism and parks and recreation.
SB3009 City of Okolona; authorize to use electric power delivery system to provide broadband service to certain counties.

Summers - House

HB1016 Unused ballots; provide for the retention and destruction of.

Tate - Senate

SB3039 Lauderdale County; authorize assessments on misdemeanor convictions and nonadjudications for county government complex.

Thomas - Senate

SB2920 Restore suffrage to Robert Warren.

Thompson - Senate

SB2720 Haul Seine net; prohibit use of for taking of certain fish within one-half mile of the shoreline of Cat Island.

Tullos - House

HB 654 Beer and light wine; allow certain cities and towns with population of 1,000 or more to hold elections to permit the sale of.
HB1103 MS Real Estate Commission; authorize an appeal to act as a supersedeas and to stay any rule or decision until resolved.

Turner - House

HB 679 State Board of Health; extend repealer on authority to charge fees for services based on cost of service.
HB 685 State offenders; extend repealer on authority to house in county jails when state space is unavailable.
HB 686 Patient's Right to Informed Health Care Choices Act & prohibitions against deceptive advertising by providers; extend repealers on.
HB 688 MS Pharmacy Practice Act; extend repealer on.
HB1439 Sixteenth section lands; revise provisions relating to reports and copies of leases to Secretary of State.
HB 687 Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corporation; extend repealer on requirement that audits be submitted by Nov. 15.
HB 691 Auto insurance; delete repealer on statute requiring repair shop and lienholder as additional payees on check paying claim.
HB 689 Petroleum Products Inspection Law; extend repealers on definitions and penalties under.
HB1104 Occupational Licensing Review Commission; authorize to review certain existing occupational regulations to determine compliance with state policy.
HB1438 Individual bond; require for public officers and employees handling or having the custody of public funds.
HB 681 State Port Authority; extend repealer on authority to use design-build method for certain projects.
HB 684 Forest acreage tax; extend repealer on statute requiring counties to levy.
HB 697 Ad valorem taxes; extend reverter on authority for late payment without penalty or interest when exemption was inadvertently extended.
HB1440 Securities registration filings; revise certain provisions regarding fees.

Turner-Ford - Senate

SB2176 Paternity; clarify circumstances under which putative father cannot contest.
SB2908 City of West Point; extend repealer on authority to levy tax on hotels, motels and restaurants.

Wallace - House

HB 576 Livestock on highways; delete burden on owner of livestock to prove lack of negligence when damages from.
HB1733 Suffrage; restore to Randy Beckham of Simpson County.
HB 835 Littering violations; add assessment for LSBP funds.

Watson - House

HB1450 Foreign judgment; authorize courts to consider due process and fraud issues.

Weathersby - House

HB 90 Community or junior colleges; authorize to administer construction contracts of $1,000,000.00 or less, and exempt certain oversight.
HB 999 Amusement rides; provide inspection and incident reporting requirements for.
HB1106 Community college board of trustees; provide for the selection of for Hinds Community College District.
HB1159 City of Florence; extend repealer on bar and restaurant tax.
HB1000 Public property; provide for extinguishment of reverter clause on certain real property upon transfer to the National Park Service.

Whaley - Senate

SB2722 Chronic wasting disease; require testing of white-tailed deer harvested in enclosures, and designate Class I and II violations.
SB2727 Wild hogs; clarify designation of Class I violation for transportation of, and eliminate permits.
SB2982 Marshall County; authorize to contribute matching funds to ICS Head Start and Northeast Mississippi Community Services, Inc.
SB2984 Marshall County; authorize to contribute to a 501(c)(3) qualified charitable organizations to support food pantries.

White - House

HB1212 Real Estate Brokers License; revise the requirements to be granted such a license.
HB1805 COVID-19 Funds; authorize the transfer of certain to the Unemployment Compensation Fund.

Wiggins - Senate

SB2266 Municipal courts; authorize to hold court at municipal detention facilities.
SB2286 Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013; revise funding and specify teaching standards.
SB3033 City of Gautier; allow low-speed vehicles and golf carts on certain public roads.
SB2526 Ex-offender provisional driver's license; provide for.
SB2555 Child advocacy centers; immunity from civil liability.
SB2693 DNA samples; collected from person arrested for any felony and provide for destruction of samples only upon expungement request.
SB2459 Gang act; revise.

Williams-Barnes - House

HB1677 Suffrage; restore to Anthony Leroy Wallace of Harrison County.

Witherspoon - Senate

SB2112 Criminal history; enact "Ban-the-Box Act."

Yancey - House

HB 414 Anatomical gifts; prohibit discrimination against recipient based on disability.
HB 636 Homeowners' associations; regulate managing agents of and require financial reviews by.
HB1533 Abandoned mobile homes; establish a procedure to dispose of.

Young - House

HB 768 Mississippi Board of Mental Health; authorize to sell certain state-owned real property located in Meridian, Lauderdale County, MS.
HB 403 Highway Patrol; impose assessment for certain violations to defray expenses of.

Younger - Senate

SB2291 Sales tax; require Department of Revenue certificate for commercial farmers to receive 1.5% sales tax rate.
SB2272 Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corporation; extend repealer on deadline for annual audit of accounts.
SB2328 Agriculture; revise loans for agribusinesses and obligation bonds for Emerging Crops Fund.
SB2372 Amusement rides; provide requirements for an application to operate amusement rides and inspection requirements.
SB2117 Occupational licensing boards; require prompt licensure and temporary practice permits for certain military applicants.
SB2725 Hemp; create the Mississippi Hemp Cultivation Act.
SB2513 Livestock on highways; delete burden on owner of livestock to prove lack of negligence in an action for damages.
SB3058 The Mississippi Agriculture Stabilization Act; enact.

Zuber - House

HB 273 Municipal judges; authorize to hold court outside municipal boundaries that is more than within a one-mile radius of municipality to accept pleas.
HB 940 Financial institutions; authorize to delay a transaction upon good-faith belief that eligible person will be exploited.
HB1058 Trust fund; authorize hospitals to maintain fund consisting of commingled funds of other hospitals for necessary expenses.
HB1378 Mississippi S.A.F.E. Mortgage Act; remove repealer, clarify record keeping requirements and estimate of costs provided to borrower.
HB 229 MS Accountability and Transparency Act; revise to include certain counties and municipalities.
HB 234 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance to Cold War veterans.
HB 917 Light spirit products; define as no more than 4% alcoholic content by weight, and regulate same as beer and light wine.
HB 230 Daylight saving time; observe year-round if federal law is amended to allow it.
HB 411 Pawnbroker tranactions; clarify items to be included in "transactional information."
HB1783 The Mississippi Back to Business Liability Assurance Act; create.