Bills by Author for 2018 Session

119 Authors

Anderson - House

HB1664 City of Moss Point; authorize the levying of a tax on restaurants.

Arnold - House

HB 175 Income tax; authorize a credit for taxpayers that employ persons convicted of certain nonviolent offenses.
HB1084 Parental Rights of Rapists; terminate for children conceived of rape.
HB1691 Suffrage; restore to Stanley E. Stubbs of Prentiss County.

Bain - House

HB1461 Ad valorem tax; revise provision regarding payment where county inadvertently allowed exemption to extend beyond period authorized by law.
HB 807 School property; exempt requirement for automatic reverter when property is conveyed to the United States.
HB 806 Alcorn County MDOC property; authorize DFA to transfer certain to City of Corinth, MS and Alcorn County, MS.
HB1467 Sexting by minors; provide as a delinquent act.

Baker - House

HB 706 Tort Claims Act; revise notice of claim requirements.
HB1175 Occupational licensing boards; require to review rules and submit certain summary to Occupational Licensing Review Commission.
HB1177 Mississippi False Claims Act; create.
HB1241 Employment laws; revise those that may be adopted by a local governmental body.
HB1264 Mississippi Terroristic Threats Law; create.
HB 392 Municipalities; authorize to elect 5 aldermen if population is 10,000 or more and certain conditions are met.
HB1238 Office of Consumer Protection; clarify exclusions of provisions regulating.
HB1239 Appeals to circuit court from county or municipal judgments; revise process regarding.
HB1696 West Rankin Utility Authority; require payments made by public agency members be used solely to pay certain bonds.

Baria - House

HB1670 City of Waveland; authorize use of low-speed vehicles or golf carts on certain streets.

Barnett - Senate

SB2841 Re-entry and employability; implement mechanisms to provide.
HB1685 Wayne County; increase contribution amount to Multi-County Community Service Agency, Inc., by.

Barton - House

HB 693 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions regarding appeal of assessment.
HB1164 Counties; provide that Hurricane Katrina slabs below the base flood elevation may be deemed menaced property for purposes of cleaning property.
HB1652 Jackson County; authorize to engage in retail sales of merchandise at county-owned golf course.
HB1676 Jackson County; authorize contributions to Junior Auxiliary of Pascagoula-Moss Point.

Beckett - House

HB1411 Trip optimizer system; exempt youth services counselors.

Bell (21st) - House

HB1306 Construction Dispute Resolution Agreements; declare void if held outside the state.
HB 526 Mississippi Workforce Development Study Committee; create.
HB1305 Appraisal management companies; prohibit criminal background check as a condition of employment.
HB1620 City of Fulton; authorize expansion of water services provided by.

Bennett - House

HB 192 Alcoholic beverages, beer and light wine; make lawful to transport unopened on state and federal highways in dry areas.
HB 840 Alcoholic beverages; revise provisions regarding issuance of on-premises retailer's permit to common carrier operating solely in water.
HB1035 Mississippi Dyslexia Education Forgivable Loan Program; clarify repayment and conversion terms.
HB1037 MS Virtual School Program; require private provider of services to be selected through the MS Online Learning Application Process.
HB1036 Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law; clarify student participation in authorized school activities.
HB1662 City of Long Beach; authorize use of low-speed vehicles or golf carts on certain public roads and streets.
HB1687 Suffrage; restore to Patrick Joseph Fick.

Blackmon - House

HB1091 Wrongful death claims; clarify that such can be opened outside an estate.
HB1549 Motor vehicle license tags; motor vehicle manufacturers may issue for vehicles leased to employees under an employee incentive plan.

Blackwell - Senate

SB2310 Charitable solicitation; revise exemption of humane societies.
SB2311 Insurance companies; revise notice requirements when transferring policies to an affiliated insurer.
SB2698 Public Records Act; exempt certain information technology-related information from.
SB2034 Surplus county road department equipment; authorize transfer to other county departments.
SB2178 Elections; impose residency requirement to run for certain offices.
SB2400 School board members; new staggered-term school board elections beginning with the November 2023 General Election.

Blount - Senate

SB2495 Medical Radiation Technology Registration Law; extend repealer.
SB2893 Secretary of State; authorize to donate certain property in Jackson County, Mississippi, to the National Park Service.
SB2895 University of Mississippi Medical Center; authorize to remove and reinter remains reposing in potter's field property.
SB2690 State agency property; authorize DFA as central leasing agent for all state agencies.
SB2787 State land; remove application waiting period on forfeited tax land; clarify procedure for refunds on cancelled patents.
SB2803 Sexting; create delinquent act of.
SB2894 Jackson State University; authorize to sell certain tax-forfeited parcels.

Bomgar - House

HB1092 Privacy; restrict use of certain technologies for gaining access to communications and personal information.

Bounds - House

HB 758 Thermal imaging or heat amplifying device; prohibit use of when hunting, taking or killing deer at night.
HB1115 Hospice; exempt from regulation of licensing agency that requires prescribers of controlled substances for pain to have in-person visit with patients.
HB1389 White-tailed deer; require owner of enclosure preventing the free egress of to make application to and receive permit from the Dept. of Wildlife.
HB1390 Harvest Reporting Program; create for white-tailed deer and wild turkey.

Branning - Senate

SB2043 County veteran service officers; remove prohibition from holding any other elective or appointive position.
SB2418 Motor vehicles; increase weight limit tolerance for harvest permit vehicles and vehicles loading and unloading at state ports.
SB3034 City of Carthage; extend the repeal date on the city's hotel, motel and restaurant tax.

Brown - House

HB 789 MS Workers' Compensation Commission; return to a special fund agency.
HB1242 Medicaid; extend repealer on provisions that levy assessments on certain health care facilities.

Browning - Senate

SB2919 MS Forestry Commission; extend repeal date on authority to appoint law enforcement officers.
SB2308 Child endangerment; clarify elements of the offense of.

Browning * - Senate

SB2293 Local government capital improvements revolving loan program; include municipal natural gas facilities.

Bryan - Senate

SB2635 Mass-fatality incident; clarify authority of State Medical Examiner in recovery and identification operations.
SB2756 Medical examiners and medical examiner investigators; make technical corrections.
SB3070 Monroe County; extend the repeal date on the law that establishes the Monroe County Beautification Commission.
SB3071 Monroe County; extend the repeal date on law authorizing contributions to the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.

Burnett - House

HB 186 Tunica County; authorize contributions to Tunica County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
HB 164 Proclamation of a local emergency; allow president of county board of supervisors to declare.

Burton - Senate

SB2089 Elections; Legislature has exclusive jurisdiction over primary contests when regular session following the election convenes.
SB2484 Perpetual cemeteries; create offense of embezzlement, misapplication or conversion of trust funds.
SB2805 Pyramid promotional schemes; regulate.
SB2808 SNAP fraud cases; revise statutes to comply with federal regulations.
SB2810 Criminal record background checks; allow Department of Human Services to conduct on all employees, contractors and volunteers.
SB2404 Mississippi Underground Storage Tank regulatory law; provide criteria for annual storage tank fee.
SB2485 Solid waste management permits; revise the public hearing requirements for.
SB2607 Municipalities; expedite process for menace property cleanup and limit hold-over/interim service for officers/employees of.

Busby - House

HB1512 BP settlement funds; provide for distribution to applicants for assistance for projects.
HB 80 Motor vehicles; prohibit travel in outermost left lane except under certain conditions.
HB 355 MDOT; remove from State Personnel Board.
HB1003 Mississippi Transportation Commission; authorize to require its contractors to provide work zone safety operations.
HB1004 Toll Roads; bring forward code sections for possible amendment.
HB1343 Platoon; define and exempt certain operators in from traveling distance requirements.
HB1217 Ad valorem taxes; provide certain exemptions for business, residential renewal and residential renovation districts in municipalities.

Butler - Senate

SB3081 Suffrage restored to Edward Carter of Claiborne County.
SB3087 Suffrage restored to Stanley Barnes of Claiborne County.

Carmichael - Senate

SB2464 Counties; authorize to expend funds to maintain personal property acquired through the Firefighter Property Program.
SB2465 Homeowners insurance; require premium discount for new home tornado mitigation construction in any county.
SB2466 State & School Employees Health Insurance; extend repealer on payment of premiums.
SB2468 Bail bondsmen; remove repealer on certain licensing statutes.
SB2492 Insurance policies; certain depreciations may be applied in claims for damage to property.
SB2527 Insurance; prohibit civil liability against a person or entity for reporting insurance fraud.
SB2467 MS Windstorm Underwriting Association; extend repealer on nonadmitted policy fee.
SB3028 Lauderdale County; authorize to fund Chaplaincy Program of the detention facility from revenue of inmate phone services.

Carpenter - House

HB 393 State Inland Port Authority; revise the powers and duties of.

Carter - Senate

SB2312 Sales tax; on admissions; exempt certain events sponsored by municipalities.

Chassaniol - Senate

SB2930 Tourism; create the Mississippi Travel and Tourism Council.
SB2601 Alcoholic beverages; authorize certain distillers to sell their products at the distillery for off-premises consumption.
SB3067 Town of Vaiden; authorize a tax on restaurants to provide funds for tourism and parks and recreation.
SB3013 Town of North Carrollton; authorize a tax on restaurant to provide funds for various purposes.

Chism - House

HB 325 MS Vehicle Insurance Verification System; revise various laws regarding.
HB 323 Homeowners insurance; provide premium discount or reduction for new homes built to resist windstorms.
HB 326 Firefighter Property Program; allow board of supervisors to expend funds necessary to personal property acquired through.
HB1196 MCHIRPA; require Commissioner of Insurance to make certain approvals if ceases operations.
HB 948 Windstorm Underwriting Association; revise various provisions relating to.
HB1202 Kaelin Kersh Act; create.
HB1479 Professional bail agents; delete repealers on certain laws regarding.

Clarke - Senate

SB2458 Memorial highways; designate various portions of highways as.
SB2776 State agency budget information to be submitted to LBO & posted on website; include MOE/MOU agreements & fed. contract information.
SB2777 State agency motor vehicle moratorium; continue.
SB2774 Certified poll managers; clarify payments for online training.
SB2775 Office of Shared Services (OSS) in Department of Finance and Administration; establish.
SB2778 Mississippi Management and Reporting Systems (MMRS); authorize DFA to charge state agencies.
SB2779 Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (MDITS); authorize to charge state agencies for certain services.
SB2773 State budget; provide for transfer of funds.
SB2855 State, county and municipal budget estimates shall not be exceeded; exempt unfunded liability for employee retirement.
SB2944 Appropriation; IHL - General support.
SB2945 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.
SB2946 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.
SB2947 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.
SB2948 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.
SB2949 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.
SB2950 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.
SB2951 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.
SB2952 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.
SB2953 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.
SB2954 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.
SB2955 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.
SB2956 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.
SB2957 Appropriation; Military Department.
SB2958 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.
SB2959 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.
SB2960 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.
SB2961 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.
SB2962 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.
SB2963 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.
SB2964 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.
SB2965 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.
SB2966 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.
SB2967 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.
SB2968 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.
SB2969 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.
SB2970 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.
SB2971 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.
SB2972 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.
SB2973 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.
SB2974 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.
SB2975 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.
SB2976 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.
SB2977 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.
SB2978 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.
SB2979 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.
SB2980 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.
SB2981 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.
SB2982 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.
SB2983 Appropriation; Egg Marketing Board.
SB2984 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.
SB2985 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission.
SB2986 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.
SB2987 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.
SB2988 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.
SB2989 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.
SB2990 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.
SB2991 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.
SB2992 Appropriation; Personnel Board.
SB2993 Appropriation; Secretary of State.
SB2994 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.
SB2995 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.
SB2996 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.
SB3035 Appropriation; additional appropriations for various state agencies for FY 2018.

Cockerham - House

HB1153 Memorial highway; designate segment of MS Hwy 24 in Wilkinson County as "Anne Moody Memorial Highway."
HB1350 Oil and gas severance taxes; extend repealers on lower rate for production from horizontally drilled wells.
HB1349 Adult day care facilities; provide for licensure of and Medicaid reimbursement for.
HB1438 "The Sexual Assault Response for Student Act"; create.

Criswell - House

HB 668 Vagrants and tramps; repeal laws regarding.
HB 413 Stun gun; remove the term from the firearms category.

Currie - House

HB 415 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.
HB1133 Tourism; create the Mississippi Travel and Tourism Council.
HB 419 Mental health courts; authorize to be established throughout the state.
HB1510 Gestational Age Act; create.
HB 985 Children's Cabinet; establish to coordinate services for children in Mississippi.

Dearing - Senate

SB2003 Natchez-Adams Special Municipal Separate School District; elect members of school board.
SB2934 Dog fighting; revise penalty for.

DeBar - Senate

SB2679 Pat Harrison Waterway District; allow certain counties to join.

DeLano - House

HB1344 Alcoholic beverages; authorize DOR to promulgate rules allowing certain permit holders to purchase from manufacturers and distributors.
HB 235 Local Privilege Tax law; authorize tax collectors to use electronic signatures and storage in connection with.
HB 986 Motor vehicle title registration system; revise laws regarding.
HB1185 BP oil spill settlement funds; bring forward section requiring deposit into the BCF.
HB1131 Local governmental entities; authorize to publish notices on a free, publicly accessible, official government website for purposes of transparency.

Denny - House

HB 774 Voter enfranchisement; create joint legislative study committee on.
HB 803 Certified poll managers; revise number to be designated as.
HB 804 Voter identifications; provide procedure for presenting in municipal elections.
HB 937 Election commissioners; revise staggered terms of.

Denton - House

HB1671 Warren County; authorize contributions to various organizations.
HB1693 Warren County; authorize contribution to We Care Communities, Inc.

Dixon - House

HB1077 Alcoholic beverages; revise definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.
HB1067 Oakley Youth Development Center; require to have physical custody of a child within certain time frame once child is ordered to by youth court.
HB1071 Child neglect cases; require CPS to notify the court after three failed attempts to remove child for temporary placement.
HB1079 Eligibility of youth who may be placed in a community home by youth court; revise.
HB1535 City of Vicksburg; authorize contribution to We Care Communities, Inc.
HB1536 City of Vicksburg; authorize contributes to the Heritage Guild of Vicksburg and Warren County.

Doty - Senate

SB2041 Resident real estate broker license; revise qualifications for.
SB2609 State Department of Education to provide central business services for MSA and MSB/MSD; authorize.
SB2618 Alcoholic beverages; revise the definition of "qualified resort area" under the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.
SB2840 Opioid Crisis Intervention Act; create.
SB2599 Wireless communication device; restrict use while driving.
SB2668 Financial institutions; provide the order of priority to access a safe deposit box upon death of lessee.

Eure - House

HB1206 Secretary of State; authorize to donate certain property in Jackson County, Mississippi, to the National Park Service.

Faulkner - House

HB1695 Suffrage; restore to Catina Faulkner Taylor of Marshall County.

Fillingane - Senate

SB2044 Special judges; expand authority of Chief Justice to appoint.
SB2483 State depositories; define "investment quality" with regard to bonds used for security for state funds.
SB2536 Department of Revenue; remove limit on number of employees that may be designated to be law enforcement officers.
SB2277 Salvage certificate of title; vehicles with may not receive a clear title but may receive a branded title.
SB2754 Automated sales suppression devices; prohibit.
SB2766 Voting by affidavit; clarify procedures for providing photo identification in municipal elections.
SB2675 Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services; clarify administrative structure.
SB2858 Oil and gas severance tax; extend repealer on reduced tax on production from horizontally drilled wells.
SB2051 State funds; authorize excess to be invested in bonds issued, assumed or guaranteed by the Country of Israel.
SB2746 Sales tax; revise provisions regarding denial/revocation of permit due to unpaid tax liability.
SB2854 MS Fair Commission; authorize DFA to purchase certain properties for the use and benefit of.
SB3046 Building Roads, Improving Development and Growing the Economy (BRIDGE Act); create.
SB2292 Capitol Complex Improvement District projects; authorize DFA to issue short-term debt to implement and administer projects.
SB2479 Fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes; authorize for projects totaling over $60,000,000.00.
SB3047 Bonds; authorize general obligation bonds for institutions of higher learning, community colleges and state agencies.
SB3048 Bonds; authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds for various purposes.
SB3036 Town of Sumrall; authorize the use of golf carts on the streets of the town.

Foster - House

HB 955 Inactive boards and commissions; repeal certain.
HB1418 Agency Accountability Review Act of 2018; create.

Gibbs (72nd) - House

HB1637 City of Jackson; extend the repeal date on the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau and the tax that supports it.

Gipson - House

HB 387 Re-entry council; implement certain recommendations thereof.
HB 801 Children; authorize emergency placement in home of a relative.
HB 949 Mississippi Judicial Advisory study Committee; repeal provisions which create the.
HB1208 Memorial highway; designate U.S. Highway 49 in Simpson County as "MS World War II Veterans Memorial Highway."
HB1080 "The Mississippi Urine Trouble Act"; create to provide for the crime of selling urine.
HB 541 The Mississippi Anti-Gang Act; create.
HB 802 Sexual battery; conform statute of limitation for to same as rape.
HB 929 Child endangerment; revise elements.
HB1083 Firearms, authorize those with enhanced carry to bring onto public property.
HB1171 Department of Child Protection Services; make technical and substantive changes regarding powers and duties of.
HB1539 City of Mendenhall; authorize use of golf carts on certain public roads and streets within.
HB1686 City of Magee; authorize use of golf carts on certain public roads and streets within.

Guice - House

HB1655 City of Ocean Springs; authorize use of golf carts and/or low speed vehicles on certain public roads and streets.

Gunn - House

HB 354 General fund revenue; provide that percent of growth in will be used for repair and maintenance of state and local roads.
HB 357 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist municipalities and counties with bridge improvements.
HB 359 State road construction; prohibit if construction has not begun and right-of-way has not been acquired.
HB 722 Use tax; use portion of revenue to assist municipalities and counties with road and bridge improvements.
HB 957 Education; establish Mississippi Uniform Per Student Funding Formula Act of 2018.
HB 155 State buildings; rename certain designated building as the "William Lowe (Bill) Waller, Sr., Building."
HB 358 Use tax; provide that portion of revenue collected from certain taxpayers will be used for road and bridge repair and improvements.
HB1500 Counties and municipalities; prohibit certain regulation of the use, disposition, sale or taxing of disposal plastic bags and certain other containers.
HB1553 Bonds; authorize issuance for Reunion Parkway project in Madison County.
HB1645 Bonds; authorize issuance for Byram-Clinton Parkway project and other road projects.
HB1653 City of Clinton; authorize use of golf carts on certain public roads and streets.
HB1657 City of Clinton; authorize levying of additional tourism tax on hotels and motels.

Hale - House

HB 49 Fire trucks; require certain to use blue colored electric lights on the rear of the vehicle.
HB1471 City of Southaven; extend the repeal date on restaurant tax.
HB1472 City of Horn Lake; extend the repeal date on the tax on hotel and motel room rentals.

Haney - House

HB 962 Grandparent visitation; revise requirements to file petition.

Harkins - Senate

SB2047 Institutional research; authorized consent for minors to participate in research shall be in accordance with federal law.
SB2193 Nissan Scholarship Program; authorize Postsecondary Education Financial Assistance Board to administer.
SB2218 Community and junior colleges; may enter into loans for up to 25 years with board of trustees' approval.
SB2376 Mississippi Community College Board accreditation authority over school of practical nursing; revise.
SB2194 Debts; authorize community and junior colleges to collect through setoff against a debtor's income tax return.

Hill - Senate

SB2072 Campaign finance reports; to be available on county and municipal websites.
SB2922 Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; require establishment of a mandatory harvest reporting program for deer and turkey.
SB2473 Residential Landlord/Tenant Act; revise to give more protections to landlords.
SB2474 Dog and cat abuse; create statewide online registry of offenders.
SB2408 State parks; exempt veterans who have been adjudged to have a total 100% service-connected disability from entry fees.

Hines - House

HB1552 Washington County; extend the repeal date on the tax on hotels and motels.

Holland - House

HB1150 Memorial highway; designate a portion of MS Highway 1 in Washington County as "Sonny Merideth Memorial Highway."
HB1643 Lee County; authorize to create a second county court judge position to be designated as Lee County Court Judge Post Two.
HB1690 Suffrage; restore to John Henry Nabors of Lee County.

Holloway - House

HB1692 Copiah County; authorize to provide labor and materials for construction of roadways for campsite for Mississippi's Toughest Kids Foundation.

Hopson - Senate

SB2758 State-owned vehicles; create study committee to study the management of.
SB2138 Code of Judicial Conduct; immunity for members of a special campaign committee.
SB2295 Public Service Commission; extend repealers/clarify enforcement authority and jurisdiction.
SB2477 Emergency telephone service/collection of charges; extend repealer on.
SB2286 Forensic Mental Health Act of 2018; create.
SB2579 Provision of educational services to detained students while school is in session; clarify.
SB2685 Physician contracts; prohibit noncompete clauses.
SB2568 Katie's Law; DNA samples may be destroyed only under certain conditions.
SB2585 Terroristic threat; create offense of.
SB3018 City of Vicksburg; authorize contributions to the Vicksburg-Warren Veteran Transition Center.
SB3019 City of Vicksburg; authorize contributions to We Care Communities, Inc.
SB3020 City of Vicksburg; authorize contributions to the Heritage Guild of Vicksburg and Warren County.
SB3021 City of Vicksburg; authorize contributions to the Kings and Cedars Head Start Centers.
SB3062 Warren County; authorize contributions to various organizations.
SB3077 Warren County; authorize construction of a jail on property outside the City of Vicksburg.

Horan - House

HB1563 City of Grenada; authorize levying of an additional tax on hotels/motels, restaurants and bars and extend repealer on tourism tax.

Hudson - Senate

SB2457 Soil and plant amendments; report of net tonnage distributed to be made annually rather than quarterly.
SB2924 MDAC; authorize cooperative agreement with FDA for enforcement of the Produce Safety Rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act.
SB2936 Livestock facilities; remove date of repeal on provision of law allowing certain groups to use at no charge.
SB3069 City of Hattiesburg; authorize additional tax on hotels, motels and restaurants.

Jackson (11th) - Senate

SB2898 Delta State University property; authorize DFA to transfer to Coahoma County Community College.
SB2939 Tunica County; contribution of funds to the Tunica County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

Jackson (32nd) - Senate

SB2646 Prison Overcrowding Emergency Powers Act; extend repeal date.
SB2647 Electronic home detention; extend date of repeal.
SB2654 State Parole Board; extend repeal date.
SB2655 Parole supervision fees; extend date of repeal on authority to collect.

Johnson (87th) - House

HB 601 Autocycles; revise definition of.
HB1122 Agricultural operations; exempt from local regulations under certain circumstances.
HB1135 Bail procedures; revise.

Johnson (94th) - House

HB1668 City of Natchez; authorize the imposition of hotel/motel tax to promote tourism, parks and recreation.

Jordan - Senate

SB2892 Controlled substances; revise Schedules I and II.

Karriem - House

HB1688 Suffrage; restore to Sandra Beard of Lowndes County.
HB1700 Suffrage; restore to Valeska Summerville of Lowndes County.

Kinkade - House

HB1127 Department of Corrections; provide certain clarification for contracts between the department and contractor for private correctional facilities.
HB1139 County jails that house state inmates; remove condition that jails be an approved county jail for housing state inmates under federal court order.
HB 61 DOC; authorize to transfer disruptive technical violation center offender to general population under certain circumstances.
HB 59 Offenders convicted of a crime of violence; strike reference that such offenders are eligible for parole.
HB1124 Contraband cell phones; provide that it shall be a felony to communicate with inmates on such phones under certain circumstances.
HB1126 Correctional facilities; provide certain penalties for correctional staff who introduce controlled substances into.
HB1142 Unmanned aircraft system; prohibit use of near correctional facilities.
HB1143 Felony extortion; provide when inmates have committed.
HB1172 Case plans for parole eligible inmates; provide Department of Corrections more lead-way in the implementation of.
HB1625 Town of Byhalia; authorize expansion of natural gas system to a certain area outside the town limits.

Kirby - Senate

SB2010 Government self-insurance programs; authorize Commissioner of Insurance to conduct examinations of.
SB2296 Group health insurance plan coverage for prescription drugs; authorize medication synchronization for beneficiaries.
SB2759 "Mississippi Opioid Crisis Commission"; establish to develop comprehensive solution to opioid issues.
SB2480 Practice of Psychology Licensure Law; extend repealer and make technical amendments.

Ladner - House

HB1040 National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS); require all law enforcement agencies to implement reporting system to comply with.
HB1041 Commission on Marine Resources; revise length of time for which permits for governmental entities are valid.

Lamar - House

HB 788 Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority; revise certain authority concerning loan for certain economic development project.
HB1550 Income tax; authorize deduction for certain income earned by recent college graduates.

Mangold - House

HB1359 Income tax; exclude from gross income certain payments made by agricultural disaster programs to agricultural producers and cattle farmers and ranchers.

Massengill - House

HB1012 Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training; revise membership of.

Massey - Senate

SB2590 Certificate of title; require all-terrain vehicles sold by a dealer after July 1, 2018, to be titled.
SB2572 Residential builders/remodelers; revise licensing law.
SB2588 Alcoholic Beverage Control Law; any municipality or may establish leisure and recreation districts if alcohol is legal.

McGee - House

HB1200 Municipal Water, Sewer and Wastewater Systems Repair and Replacement Grant Program; create.
HB1199 USM property; authorize DFA to sell or lease certain parcel in Lamar County.
HB1198 Health insurance policies; require certain to provide infertility coverage.
HB1551 City of Hattiesburg; authorize contributions to Twin Forks Rising Community Development Corporation.

McLeod - House

HB1117 Pat Harrison Waterway District; authorize additional counties to join.

McMahan - Senate

SB3023 Lee County; authorize annual contributions to Sanctuary Hospice House.

McNeal - House

HB1566 Income tax; authorize a credit for contributions to certain charitable organizations.

Mettetal - House

HB 405 "Mississippi Career-Tech Scholars Program"; establish to provide free tuition at community and junior colleges.
HB 938 Commission on College Accreditation; enumerate certain powers and transfer authority over correspondence courses to.
HB 721 Schools of practical nursing; transfer authority for accreditation of from MS Community College Board to MS Board of Nursing.
HB1673 Panola County; authorize to employ a certified professional evaluator to approve or disapprove residential wastewater disposal systems.

Michel - Senate

SB2629 Uniform Highway Traffic Regulation Law; revise definition of the term "autocycle."

Mims - House

HB1525 Scenic Rivers Development Alliance; authorize the establishment of.
HB 331 Mississippi Individual On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Law; extend repealer on and revise various provisions of.
HB 709 Prescription Drugs Consumer Affordable Alternative Payment Options Act; create.
HB 911 DHS; expand authority regarding background investigations to include contractors and subcontractors.
HB 944 MS Support Animal Act; define certain terms and include veterans diagnosed with PTSD in list of persons who may use support animals.
HB1530 Bonds; authorize issuance for infrastructure improvements at Gateway Industrial Park in Pike county.

Moran - Senate

SB2463 Mississippi Rare Disease Advisory Council; establish.
SB3026 Bay St. Louis; may authorize the use of golf carts or low-speed vehicles on certain streets.
SB2940 City of Waveland; authorize use of low-speed vehicles or golf carts on certain city streets.
SB3072 Hancock County; provide manner in which revenue from a hotel/motel tax may be expended.

Morgan - House

HB 423 Forest acreage tax; delete repeal date on requirement that boards of supervisors levy.
HB1333 Honey and honey products; transfer authority to inspect from State Department of Health to the MS Department of Agriculture and Commerce.

Paden - House

HB 700 Delta State University; authorize to transfer certain real property to Coahoma Community College.

Parker - Senate

SB2644 State Veterans Affairs Board; clarify the required qualifications of executive director and deputy director.
SB2220 Community colleges; county taxes collected for shall be transmitted directly to instead of to chancery clerk.
SB2455 Sales tax; divert an additional amount to cities to be used to fund infrastructure projects.
SB2663 Opioid crisis; clarify court-ordered drug testing of drug-impaired drivers.

Parks - Senate

SB2209 Distinctive motor vehicle license tags; authorize for supporters of various organizations.
SB2532 State Inland Port Authority; revise the powers and duties of.
SB2570 Local entities; prohibit ordinances regulating the use of certain containers.
SB2578 Ad valorem tax; revise provision regarding payment where county inadvertently allowed exemption to extend beyond period authorized by law.
SB2508 Personal property; revise definition of when used in any statute.
SB2737 Mississippi Debt Management Services Act; exclude certain for-profit debt settlement providers.
SB2563 Mississippi chartered or domiciled banks; provide for parity with foreign banks when extending open end credit.
SB2592 Banks; revise merger process to align with the Mississippi Business Corporation Act.
SB2929 Guaranteed asset protection waivers; allow sales of and regulate.
SB2564 Pawnshops; revise procedure for the confiscation of pledged goods by law enforcement.
SB2526 Administrative Procedures Act; require certain occupational licensing boards to review their rules every three years.
SB3025 Corinth and Burnsville; Corinth may sell water to Burnsville and Burnsville may contract to purchase the water.

Patterson - House

HB 190 Organized retail theft; provide definition of.

Perkins - House

HB1192 City council and board of aldermen; shall be held personally liable for excess compensation paid to part-time law enforcement under certain circumstances.

Pigott - House

HB 665 Department of Agriculture and Commerce; designate as state agency responsible for enforcement of FDA's Produce Safety Rule Program under the FMSA.
HB 666 "Mississippi Soil and Plant Amendment Law"; revise to require annual reporting of net tonnage distributed in the state.
HB 710 Livestock facilities; delete repealer on authority of certain organizations to hold livestock shows at no charge in.
HB 669 Sixteenth section land; allow current lease holder to re-lease the land on no more than two occasions.

Polk - Senate

SB2170 Consolidation of Lumberton School District with Lamar County School District; ratify agreement between districts.
SB2482 Elections; prohibit incumbent candidates from appearing in publicly funded ads during statewide general election years.
SB2674 Government procurement; authorize local entities to charge a fee for reverse auction and electronic bidding services.
SB2911 Employee Appeals Board; revise membership and terms of office of.

Powell - House

HB1182 Emergency medical technicians; change statutory references for EMT intermediate to EMT-advanced.
HB1631 Bonds and grants; authorize to assist the Rank-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District flood control project.
HB1628 City of Brandon; extend repealer on hotels/motels to fund amphitheater and other ancillary improvements.
HB1629 City of Brandon; extend repealer on tax on sales of prepared food and drink at restaurants and bars.

Read - House

HB 320 Education Enhancement Fund; delete requirement to deposit certain sum from into Working Cash-Stabilization Reserve Fund.
HB 322 Crime Victims' Compensation Fund; delete language providing that expenses of shall be paid from General Fund.
HB 593 Pearl River Basin Development District; provide that it shall be dissolved and DFA shall assume powers of.
HB 897 State assessments; deposit certain into designated special funds instead of General Fund.
HB1059 State agencies; allow to charge each other for MMRS charges and utilities.
HB1234 Budget process; bring forward various sections relating to.
HB1567 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.
HB1568 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.
HB1569 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.
HB1570 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.
HB1571 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.
HB1572 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.
HB1573 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.
HB1574 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.
HB1575 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.
HB1576 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission and Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.
HB1577 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.
HB1578 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.
HB1579 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.
HB1580 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.
HB1581 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.
HB1582 Appropriation; Attorney General.
HB1583 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.
HB1584 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.
HB1585 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.
HB1586 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.
HB1587 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.
HB1588 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.
HB1589 Appropriation; Fire Academy.
HB1590 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.
HB1591 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.
HB1592 Appropriation; Education, Department of.
HB1593 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.
HB1594 Appropriation; Library Commission.
HB1595 Appropriation; Arts Commission.
HB1596 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.
HB1597 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.
HB1603 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.
HB1604 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.
HB1605 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
HB1606 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.
HB1607 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.
HB1608 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.
HB1609 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.
HB1610 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.
HB1611 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.
HB1612 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.
HB1613 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.
HB1614 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.
HB1615 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.
HB1616 Appropriation; reappropriation, DFA - Bureau of Building; FY19.
HB1617 Appropriations; additional for various state agencies for Fiscal Year 2018.
HB 321 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements at the state-owned shipyard in Jackson County.
HB1598 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.
HB1599 Appropriation; Health, Department of.
HB1600 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.
HB1601 Appropriation; Child Protection Services, Department of.
HB1602 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.

Reynolds - House

HB1565 Tallahatchie County; authorize contributions to Mid-State Opportunity, Inc.
HB1623 City of Charleston; authorize to make payment to Michael Simms for certain medical costs caused by his assisting a police officer.

Roberson - House

HB1663 Oktibbeha County; authorize contribution to Institute of Community Services, Inc., for purchase of school bus.

Rogers (14th) - House

HB 756 MS Highway 15 North; designate segment as the "John David Pennebaker Memorial Highway."

Rogers (61st) - House

HB1667 City of Pearl; authorize a tax on restaurants, hotels and motels to promote tourism, parks and recreation.

Rushing - House

HB1029 Income tax; authorize counties and municipalities to collect certain debts by setoff against a debtor's income tax refund.
HB1028 Nancy's Law; create to provide remedies for investigation of vulnerable person abuse.
HB1103 State Veterans Affairs Board; revise qualifications of executive director and deputy director.
HB1114 Menaced municipal property; provide determination of may be designated to municipal officials.

Sanford - House

HB 297 Public Utilities Act; clarify that customer deposit is included in definition of "rate."
HB 380 Municipalities; authorize to enter into interlocal agreement with rural water association regarding sewer services.
HB 243 Littering violations; increase penalties for.
HB1618 Town of Seminary; authorize to establish a town cemetery fund and cemetery advisory committee.

Scott - House

HB1456 Conviction; clarify subsequent for certain crimes and post-conviction relief.

Simmons (12th) - Senate

SB2180 Counties, municipalities and school districts; require to publish their annual budget online.
SB2183 Fourth Circuit Court District; clarify precinct composition of subdistricts.
SB3059 City of Greenville; authorize enforcement of sewer ordinances in areas served outside the city.

Simmons (13th) - Senate

SB2621 Rail crossings; clarify that vehicles approaching a crossing must stop for on-track equipment.
SB2213 Motor carriers; conform code sections to reflect prior transfer of duties of the PSC to the Transportation Commission.
SB2555 MS Transportation Commission; authorize to receive payments for the enforcement of traffic laws in work zones.
SB2225 Alcohol and Drug Treatment Pilot Program in Bolivar County; extend repeal date.

Smith - House

HB1492 Department of Revenue; remove limit on number of employees that may be designated to be law enforcement officers.
HB 812 Sales tax; revise provisions regarding contractors using material purchase certificate to purchase materials that do not become component part of structure.
HB 813 Mississippi Underground Storage Tank Act of 1988; revise tank regulatory fee provisions and create the Underground Storage Tank Advisory Council.
HB 995 Alcoholic beverages; authorize issuance of distillery retailer's permit.
HB1136 Bonds; revise use of proceeds of bonds authorized for the John C. Robinson Aviation Museum and Jackson State University.
HB1138 State variable rate refunding bonds; revise net present value savings to maturity requirement.
HB1355 State depositories; define "investment quality" with regard to bonds used for security for state funds.
HB1132 Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Act; revise certain provisions.
HB 732 Bonds; authorize issuance for the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund.
HB1488 Bonds; authorize issuance for various Mississippi Development Authority programs.
HB1497 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Fund.
HB1499 Ad valorem tax; revise provisions regarding fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes.
HB1543 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of the Pearl River Community College Workforce Development Center.
HB1556 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements to the Department of Revenue liquor distribution center.
HB1557 Mississippi Small Business Investment Company Act; increase the amount of investment tax credits that can be allocated under.
HB1558 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of a multipurpose building at the Greenville Higher Education Center/Mississippi Delta Community College.
HB1559 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of buildings and infrastructure at Camp Kamassa in Copiah County.
HB1564 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist City of Louisville with constructing an access road for economic development project.
HB1649 Bonds; authorize for state agencies, universities and community/junior colleges and other purposes.
HB1650 Bonds; authorize for various purposes.
HB1651 Bonds; authorize issuance for certain railroad purposes.
HB1665 City of Columbus and Lowndes County; extend repealer on restaurant tax and revise composition of Columbus-Lowndes Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Snowden - House

HB 827 Manufactured or mobile home; provide for legal registration as real or personal property.
HB1215 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions relating to assessment of public service corporations.
HB 690 Counties and cities; authorize to employ private firms, subject to the approval of State Auditor; to perform certain audits of.
HB 826 Perpetual care cemeteries; provide criminal penalties for violation of law regulating.
HB1554 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of the Mississippi Children's Museum - Meridian.
HB1680 City of Meridian; authorize by way of quitclaim deed to relinquish the reverter clause and other interests in American Legion property.
HB1681 City of Meridian; authorize provision of wastewater treatment services to Naval Air Station Meridian which is a certain distance outside of corp. limits of.

Staples - House

HB 965 Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board; remove from the provisions of the Mississippi Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.

Steverson - House

HB 20 Motor carriers; conform code sections to reflect prior transfer of duties of PSC to MTC.
HB1161 Railroad grade crossing safety; revise laws regarding motor vehicles and other equipment.

Sullivan - House

HB1630 Clay and Chickasaw Counties; authorize receipt of certain funds from Chuquatonchee Consolidated Drainage District.

Tollison - Senate

SB2763 Mississippi Virtual Public School Program; provider chosen by districts under Mississippi Online Course Application Process.
SB2091 Emergency Medical Technicians; authorize to transport police dogs injured in the line of duty.
SB2097 Free port warehouse; revise property stored in that is eligible for exemption from ad valorem tax.
SB3027 City of Oxford; governing authorities may authorize the use of golf carts in certain areas of the city.

Touchstone - House

HB 185 Lamar county; authorize transfer of certain special funds to the general fund of the county.
HB 815 Insurance; provide depreciation may be applied in certain property loss claims.
HB1045 Mississippi Burn Care Fund; authorize counties to contribute from insurance rebate monies to.
HB1047 Clothing allowance; increase for certain employees employed by a sheriff's office.
HB 708 Licensed professional counselors; revise titles, qualifications and fees of.

Turner - House

HB1325 Governing authorities; authorize to charge fee for electronic bid submission or participation in a reverse auction.
HB 158 Protective orders; prohibit unit prices within procurement contracts from being protected under.
HB 956 Open Meetings Act; revise to require that minutes kept shall be posted on public body's website within certain time after the meeting.
HB1096 Inactive boards, commissions, councils and committees; repeal certain.
HB1097 Deputy sheriffs; allow off-duty use of vehicles under certain circumstances.
HB1095 Employee Appeals Board; revise membership of.

Turner-Ford - Senate

SB3012 City of Starkville; extend repeal date on economic development, tourism/convention tax.

Watson - Senate

SB2197 Criminal immunity; provide for persons when requesting assistance for medical emergency due to alcohol consumption.
SB2278 Alcoholic beverages; allow direct shipment of wines to package retailers and on-premises retailers.

Weathersby - House

HB 559 DFA; authorize to enter into lease with nonprofit entity for the development of Pediatric Care Facility.
HB1520 City of Richland; authorize levying of tourism tax on hotels and motels within.
HB 594 Capers Avenue property; authorize DFA to transfer to the Mayor and Council of the City of Jackson, Mississippi.
HB 735 Tax forfeited land; remove the waiting period on applications to purchase.
HB 736 Space Optimization Act; create to implement efficient assignment and use of office space in state buildings.
HB 766 MS Fair Commission; authorize to purchase certain property located in City of Jackson and contiguous to the State Fairgrounds.
HB 767 Department of Mental Health; authorize to sell certain state-owned real property in Waveland, MS.
HB1102 JSU; authorize to sell certain real property in its possession.
HB1353 University of Mississippi Medical Center; authorize appropriate removal and reinterment of remains in the potter's field.
HB 794 Mississippi Public-Private Partnership Act of 2018; create.
HB1109 MHP Facility; authorize DFA to enter into lease for redevelopment of old headquarters to finance construction of new.
HB1682 City of Crystal Springs; may authorize operation of golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles only on public roads/streets designated by ordinance.
HB1521 City of Richland; revise purpose of food and beverage tax to be used for tourism, parks and recreation after direct vote by electorates.

White - House

HB 878 Community Service Revolving Fund; extend repealer on authority to collect fees from paroled offenders for deposit into.
HB 881 Tax credit; extend repealer on payment credit vouchers for telecommunications companies providing broadband services to IHL's.
HB 885 Income tax; extend repealer on tax credit for taxpayers employing certain veterans.
HB 886 Oil and gas severance taxes; extend repealer on lower rate for production from horizontally drilled wells.
HB 896 State and School Employees Health Insurance Plan; extend repealer on requirement that state pay certain amounts toward cost of.
HB1533 Leake County; Economic Development District may lease property to the state for use as a National Guard Readiness Center.
HB 887 Comprehensive Hurricane Damage Mitigation Program; extend repealer on.
HB 963 Income tax; public community and junior colleges may collect debt by a set-off against a debtor's refund.
HB 876 Child Death Review Panel; extend repealer on.
HB 877 Prison Overcrowding Emergency Powers Act; extend repealer on.
HB 879 Corrections; extend repealer on intensive supervision program and electronic home detention.
HB 880 Nursing home administrators; extend repealer on licensure requirements for.
HB 882 Public Service Commission; extend repealers on its creation and authority to hire attorneys for certain proceedings.
HB 883 Department of Corrections; extend repealer on drug and alcohol program at Bolivar County Regional Facility.
HB 884 Mississippi Forestry Commission; extend repealer on authority to hire law enforcement officers to investigate woods arson.
HB 889 MS Public Defender Task Force; extend repealer on.
HB 890 Emergency Telecommunications Services (911); extend repealer on.
HB 892 State Parole Board; extend repealer on.
HB 901 Agritourism; delete repealer on statutes limiting liability and establishing requirements for professionals engaged in.
HB 904 Bad faith assertions of patent infringement; extend repealer on prohibitions against.
HB 905 Mississippi Professional Massage Therapy Act; extend repealer on.
HB 988 Marriage and family therapists and social workers; delete repealer on licensure laws.
HB1476 Real estate brokers license; revise requirement for.
HB 811 MS Credit Availability Act, Title Pledge Act, and Check Cashers Act; extend repealer on certain provisions of.
HB 898 Medicaid; extend repealers on various provisions relating to.
HB 900 Motor vehicles; delete repealer on prohibition against texting and social networking while driving.

Wiggins - Senate

SB2176 BP Settlement Funds; transfer into Gulf Coast New Restoration Reserve Fund.
SB2912 Mississippi Medicaid Program; extend repealer on provider assessments.
SB2429 Criminal procedure; allow interlocutory appeal by prosecution to stay proceedings and toll statute.
SB2836 Mississippi Medicaid program; revise services, provider reimbursement rates and extend repealer.
SB2868 Delinquency of a minor; provide that those who cause minors to sell drugs or join gangs contribute to.
SB2614 Conflicts of interest for community hospital board members; define.
SB3075 Jackson County; extend the repeal date on the county's hotel and motel tax.
SB3076 Jackson County; authorize contributions to the Mississippi Maritime Museum, Inc.
SB3084 Jackson County; authorize contributions to the Junior Auxiliary of Pascagoula-Moss Point.

Wilemon - Senate

SB3061 Prentiss County; authorize certain expenditures from the county's Inmate Canteen Fund.
SB3037 Town of Tishomingo; authorize extension of the town's natural gas distribution system.
SB3057 City of Fulton; authorize expansion of gas services provided by.

Willis - House

HB1024 Motor vehicle liability insurance; require to renew registration.
HB 974 Controlled Substances Laws; revise Schedules I and II.
HB 997 Shoplifting; revise penalties for.
HB1020 Drug overdoses; provide penalties for failure to report.
HB1288 Crime lab fees; clarify who is required to pay.

Wilson - House

HB 810 Service of process on in-state charities; clarify.
HB 858 Administrative Procedures Act; revise effective period for temporary rules adopted under.
HB1633 Bonds; authorize issuance for Reunion Parkway project in Madison county.

Witherspoon - Senate

SB3031 Alcorn State; buildings erected on university land leased to private entities for student housing are exempt from taxation.

Wooten - House

HB1191 Municipal special sales tax; extend date of repeal on law authorizing certain municipalities to impose.

Young - House

HB 534 Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law; revise certain provisions regarding leisure and recreation districts.

Younger - Senate

SB2459 Military servicemen; extend reemployment protections when activated by other states.
SB2918 Agritourism laws; remove repeal date on.
SB2460 Child abuse; require CPS to notify applicable military installation family advocacy program in certain cases.
SB2998 Sales tax; exempt sales of rotary-wing aircraft if exported from this state within 48 hours.
SB3079 Lowndes County; increase the amount that may be contributed to the United Way.
SB3068 City of Columbus-Lowndes County; extend repeal date on restaurant tax & revise membership of the Columbus Lowndes CVB.

Zuber - House

HB 747 Excess state funds; authorize a portion of to be invested in bonds issued, assumed or guaranteed by the State of Israel.
HB1166 Sales tax; divert a portion of revenue to certain counties in which certain tax increment financing districts are located.
HB 792 MS Debt Management Services Act; exclude certain debt management service providers from the definition of "debt management service provider" under.
HB1169 Personal property; define as tangible and intangible personal property and includes cash, deposit accounts and promissory notes.
HB1338 MS Business Corporation Act; revise bank merger process to be consistent with and revise provisions regarding banks in Mississippi that offer open-end credit.
HB1331 School bus overtakings; provide that all may report.
HB 171 Alcoholic beverages; revise privilege tax for certain manufacturer's permits under Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.