Bill List for 2019 Session

The Legislative History Project only provides video of bills that are debated on the House and Senate floor. Bills introduced but not debated are not provided in any form.

Items of Interest

Principal Author
II 1 SC 596- United States Constitutional Amendment Convention of the States under Article V; apply for certain restraints on federal government.Hill

House Bill

Principal Author
HB 4 Veterans; establish a permissive preference in private employment for certain veterans.Chism
HB 21 Utility worker; killing of shall be capital murder.Shirley
HB 39 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; revise persons eligible to be issued the gold Star license tag.Hughes
HB 84 Curator of the New Capitol; transfer from Archives to joint jurisdiction of House and Senate.Gunn
HB 98 Haul seine net; prohibit use of for taking of certain fish within one-half mile of the shoreline of Cat Island.Ladner
HB 103 Mississippi Workforce Development Study Committee; create.Bell (21st)
HB 130 Parental Rights of Rapists; terminate for children conceived of rape.Arnold
HB 150 Mississippi Dyslexia Forgivable Loan Program; clarify type of service committee to qualify for.Byrd
HB 222 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance of Iraq veteran tag to recipients of the Inherent Resolve Campaign Metal.Bennett
HB 233 Mississippi Ports Improvements fund; create.Guice
HB 260 "Mississippi Joint Municipal Law Enforcement Act"; create.Clark
HB 273 Community hospitals; authorize board of trustees members to participate in health insurance plan.Bain
HB 281 Suffrage; restore to Larry Braddock of Lowndes County.Chism
HB 322 MS Insurance Guaranty Association Law; revise definition of covered claim under.Chism
HB 323 Insurance companies; require to establish an internal audit function.Chism
HB 324 Insurance companies; require to file a corporate governance annual disclosure with the Commissioner of Insurance.Chism
HB 325 City of Columbus and Lowndes County; authorize restaurant tax to fund Columbus-Lowndes Convention and Visitor's Bureau and revise composition of bureau.Chism
HB 334 Mental health courts; authorize to be established throughout the state.Currie
HB 337 The Landowners Protection Act; create.White
HB 344 Proclamation of a local emergency; allow boards of supervisors to authorize certain county officials to declare.Kinkade
HB 348 Cell phones and other contraband found in correctional facilities; provide certain penalties for.Kinkade
HB 366 Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act; create.Gunn
HB 390 The MS Church Protection Act; clarify that "qualified retired law enforcement" are eligible for immunity as members of a church security program.Bounds
HB 397 Firearms; authorize seizing law enforcement agency to use proceeds.Scoggin
HB 398 Patriotic societies; authorize principal to allow to speak to the student body on importance of civic duty.Scoggin
HB 444 Windstorm Underwriting Association; authorize to levy recoupable and nonrecoupable assessments.Chism
HB 480 Rights of youth taken into custody for delinquent act, certain; require legal counsel be consulted before waiver of certain rights may occur.Dixon
HB 535 MDOT; authorize to sell certain state-owned real property in Neshoba County, Mississippi.Bounds
HB 569 Water service rates; Public Service Commission shall determine for service provided by a municipality for consumers outside of the municipality's corporate boundaries.Rushing
HB 571 Commercial sexual exploitation of children; decriminalize for minors and improve response and support services of government agencies to.Gunn
HB 572 Educator use of personal leave; authorize use of by employees on certain days in the event of death or funeral of an immediate family member.Gunn
HB 576 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize State Superintendent of Public Education to designate individual to serve on.Bennett
HB 578 Teacher and administrator licenses; clarify grounds for disciplinary action and reinstatement.Bennett
HB 580 Mississippi Transportation Commission; authorize to require its contractors to provide work zone safety operations.Baker
HB 581 Mississippi Terroristic Threats Law; create.Baker
HB 584 MS Qualified Health Center Grant Program; extend authority to make grants under.Mims
HB 602 Suffrage; restore to James Vaughn of Tunica County.Burnett
HB 613 MS Public Records Act of 1983; exempt certain information technology records from.DeLano
HB 623 School districts; exempt those with "A" and "B" accountability ratings from certain duties.Gunn
HB 626 CON: provide for direct appeals to Court of Appeals of Department of Health orders pertaining to.Gunn
HB 628 Health insurance; revise mandatory policy provisions to penalize late payments of claims.Chism
HB 630 Insurance producers; create a limited lines producer license for self-storage insurance.Chism
HB 637 voter enfranchisement; create joint legislative study committee on.Denny
HB 642 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Mississippi Watershed Repair and Rehabilitation Cost-Share Program.Smith
HB 653 City of Baldwyn; extend repeal date on tax on hotels, motels, restaurants and convenience stores to promote tourism.Turner
HB 654 County school board trustees; require runoff election if no candidate receives majority of votes cast.Sanford
HB 666 Secure detention; raise minimum age for youth.Dixon
HB 677 School bus overtaking; provide that all may report.Zuber
HB 688 Districts of Innovations; require SDE to recognize use of Cambridge Assessment or other nationally recognized assessment for purposes of school accountability designations.Bain
HB 689 MS School for the Deaf; authorize creation of nonprofit entity for fundraising activities.Sanford
HB 694 Income tax; extend repealer on tax credit for certain charges for using certain port and airport facilities.White
HB 695 Income tax; extend repealer on credit for certain costs paid by a company in relocating national or regional headquarters to this state.White
HB 698 Construction contracts; allow public entities to allocate additional funds to project budget.Weathersby
HB 701 Commissioner George Landon Phillips; rename Highway Patrol Troop K command center located in Biloxi, MS in honor of.Eure
HB 702 Cottage food operation; increase maximum annual gross sales to $35,000.00 and authorize to advertise over the Internet.Eure
HB 704 Jointly held property; authorize to be sold by broker in a commercially reasonable manner.Reynolds
HB 706 Cremation; prohibit until approved by county medical examiner.Oliver
HB 713 Local Government Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Fund; extend repealer on MDA authority to use certain funds for expenses.White
HB 714 Department of Human Services & Department of Child Protection Services; extend repealers on exemptions from certain state agency regulations.White
HB 715 Harvest permits; extend repealer on authority of MDOT to issue.White
HB 724 Memorial highways; designate in Jones and Lee Counties.Staples
HB 725 Coach Phillip James Jr. Memorial Highway; designate certain segment of U.S. Hwy 11 in Jones County as.Staples
HB 726 Glade Memorial Highway; designate certain segment of MS Hwy 15 in Jones County as.Staples
HB 728 Capitol Complex Improvement District; increase amount of short-term debt that DFA may incur to implement and administer projects.Denny
HB 732 Abortion; prohibit when heartbeat is detected.Brown
HB 740 MS State Oil and Gas Board; remove from the provisions of the MS Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.Bounds
HB 751 Commercial Driver's License Act; exclude certain equipment operated by Mississippi Military Department from definition of "commercial motor vehicle."Rogers (61st)
HB 752 Dental Insurance benefits; prohibit the denial or recoupment of a claim in certain circumstances.Steverson
HB 754 Excess weight permits; authorize vehicles hauling bulk feed, wood pellets to apply for harvest permit and extend repealer.Mangold
HB 757 MS Comprehensive Workforce Training and Education Act; codify and extend repealers to 2026.Bell (21st)
HB 761 Israel Support Act of 2019; create.Bell (21st)
HB 763 Spoofing; provide that violation of is a violation of MS Telephone Solicitation Act.Currie
HB 777 Revised Mississippi Law on Notarial Acts; create and repeal existing statutes on notaries public.Aguirre
HB 779 Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund; revise provisions regarding expenditure.Busby
HB 785 Motor vehicle dealers; revise blanket liability insurance requirements for.Wilkes
HB 793 Artificial meat; prohibit meat produced or cultured from animal tissue and plant-or insect-based food products from being labeled as meat.Pigott
HB 798 Physician Assistants; delete repealer on authority for issuance of temporary license to applicants in master's degree program.White
HB 799 Appraisal Management Companies; extend repealer on registration requirements under Mississippi Appraisal Company Act.White
HB 800 MS Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer on.White
HB 801 Health Care Expendable Fund; extend repealer on.White
HB 806 MS Gulf Coast Region Utility Board; extend repealers on.White
HB 807 Public lands; extend repealer on statute prohibiting corporations and nonresident aliens from purchasing.White
HB 808 Income tax; extend repealer on tax credit for new cut and sew jobs in upholstered furniture manufacturing industry.White
HB 816 Mississippi Educational Talent Recruitment Act; create.Lamar
HB 819 Uniform Athlete Agents Act; revise to conform to 2015 amended act adopted by UCC.Lamar
HB 822 Professional privilege tax; impose on attorneys who practice in state, are not domiciled in and do not maintain regular place of business.Lamar
HB 836 Oakley Youth Development Center; require to have physical custody of child within certain time frame when child ordered to.Dixon
HB 850 Public contracts of energy efficiency services; extend repealer on authority and certain requirements for.White
HB 867 Heroin and fentanyl; add penalties for possession, or death resulting from use of.Baker
HB 869 Private project construction bonds; regulate.Baker
HB 870 County prosecuting attorneys; clarify that such attorneys may provide representation in civil cases.Baker
HB 872 Manufacturers of motor vehicles; create standards for relations with its franchisees.Baker
HB 874 County sheriffs; revise daily amount that may be expended to feed county prisoners.Baker
HB 898 Agency Accountability Review Act of 2019; create.Foster
HB 904 Third Circuit Court District; remove residency requirements for judicial office.Steverson
HB 913 Office of Medical Examiner; include within the Office of Forensics Laboratories.Read
HB 914 Precinct boundaries; prohibit altering for certain time of.Denny
HB 925 Vehicle service contracts; revise definitions for laws regulating.Chism
HB 934 Sales tax; exempt sales of tangible personal property and services to the Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi.Smith
HB 935 Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds for the Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Fund.Smith
HB 940 Consigned motor fuels; provide crime for theft of.Smith
HB 943 Department of Revenue; authorize to compromise and settle certain tax liabilities.Smith
HB 958 Bonds; increase amount that may be issued for certain Department of Marine Resources improvements.Patterson
HB 961 Department of Mental Health; authorize to transfer and convey certain real property to Board of Supervisors of Tate County, MS.Lamar
HB 962 Covenants requiring payments of a fee upon transfer of real property; clarify exceptions to.Lamar
HB 963 Bonds; revise certain provisions regarding sale by political subdivisions and other instrumentalities.Lamar
HB 964 Post-conviction relief; authorize successive application when new state law would have adversely affected outcome.Scott
HB 977 Nonresident physicians; allow athletic team physicians to provide treatment to players at sporting events in MS.Mims
HB 980 Agencies; delete provision that contractual obligations of shall be considered as incurred in fiscal period to be paid.Read
HB 981 Budget process; bring forward various sections relating to.Read
HB 983 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements at the state-owned shipyard in Jackson County.Read
HB 991 Income tax; authorize counties and municipalities to collect certain debts by setoff against a debtor's income tax refund.Smith
HB1004 Graves and abandoned public cemeteries; create process to enter and exit without landowner's permission.Barton
HB1009 Suffrage; restore to Catina Faulkner Taylor of Marshall County.Faulkner
HB1013 Child endangerment; include sell, possession or manufacture of controlled substance, except marijuana, as.Baker
HB1045 Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act; increase maximum civil penalties for violations of.Beckett
HB1048 Hemodialysis technicians; provide for registration under State Board of Health.Johnson (87th)
HB1065 Income tax; authorize a job tax credit for certain water transportation enterprises.Ford
HB1067 Youth court; revise who may attend hearings and require to send certain monthly cumulative data to Administrative Office of Courts.Baria
HB1069 Mississippi Real Estate Commission; revise provisions related to.Tullos
HB1074 School district superintendents; clarify duty to submit reports of unlawful activity to SDE as well as law enforcement.Crawford
HB1075 Felony abuse of a vulnerable person; expand crime to include the willful infliction of severe mental anguish.Crawford
HB1084 Drug Court; revise certification schedule.Cockerham
HB1096 Grandparent visitation; revise requirements to file petition.Haney
HB1101 Highway 98; designate segment in Greene County as "Maj. Ed 'Too Tall' Freeman Memorial Highway.McNeal
HB1102 Tourism; create advisory board and divert percentage of restaurant and hotel sales tax revenue for advertising.DeLano
HB1108 Deputy Donald William Durr Memorial Highway; designate segment of U.S. Highway 51 in Lincoln County as.Currie
HB1116 School enrollment; allow for children with documentation of a parent's pending military relocation to the state.Huddleston
HB1117 Child abuse; require CPS to notify applicable military installation family adovacy program in certain cases.Huddleston
HB1122 Local System Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program; revise definition of deficient bridge.Busby
HB1126 Mississippi Home Corporation; extend reverter on authority to issue a certain amount of bonds.Smith
HB1127 Fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes; revise investments required by qualified business under the MS Health Care Industry Zone Act.Smith
HB1128 Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Act; extend authority of Department of Revenue to approve applications for certain rebates under.Smith
HB1129 Variable rate refunding bonds; delete net present value savings to maturity requirement.Smith
HB1131 County industrial development authorities, certain; authorize to sell bonds to the United States.Smith
HB1132 Small Business and Grocer Investment Act; extend repealer on.Smith
HB1136 Administrative leave; authorize for state employees who are members of MS National Guard or reserves and perform emergency/disaster relief duties.Henley
HB1147 Department of Human Services; extend repealers on certain sections relating to.Mims
HB1149 MS Electronic Court System; require all courts to utilize.Lamar
HB1151 "Critical Needs Teacher Forgivable loan Program"; delete automatic repealer on and other applicable provisions.Bailey
HB1152 Electronic communication service provider; prohibit disclosure of information concerning certain subpoenas and search warrants except under limited circumstances.Bailey
HB1160 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of the Mississippi Center for Medically Fragile Children.Smith
HB1161 Mississippi Development Authority; authorize to sell certain property.Smith
HB1162 Airport Authorities Law; revise definition of airport and bring forward section of.Smith
HB1167 Income tax; extend repealer on credit for certain costs paid by a company in relocating national or regional headquarters to this state.Smith
HB1173 2018 Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements Fund; clarify provisions regarding certain projects.Smith
HB1182 Corporal punishment; prohibit use of in public schools to discipline a student with a disability.Crawford
HB1183 Mississippi Development Authority Job Training Grant Fund; repeal and transfer balance to the General Fund.Smith
HB1204 Mississippi Public Records Act; authorize public bodies to continue to contract even though right to protest still available.Turner
HB1205 Public agency; prohibit from requesting or releasing certain personal information from an entity organized under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.Turner
HB1206 Vending machines and micro markets; exempt from regulation by Department of Agriculture and State Board of Health.Turner
HB1226 Pharmacy Board; authorize to conduct criminal background checks on wholesale distributors.Mettetal
HB1230 Trust fund; authorize hospitals to maintain fund consisting of commingled funds of other governmental hospitals for expenses.Zuber
HB1237 Contraband cell phones; authorize circuit court to issue order to disable service from carrier.Kinkade
HB1247 Community college districts boards of trustees; remove requirement for automatic appointment of county superintendent of education to serve on.Bennett
HB1249 Group health insurance; allow local governing authorities to pay employee's benefits for dependents.Bennett
HB1258 Department of Marine Resources Enforcement Officers' Reserve Unit; revise provisions regulating.Ladner
HB1262 Commission on Marine Resources; authorize to re-designate natural/public reefs under certain circumstances.Ladner
HB1264 Department of Marine Resources; authorize unmarked vehicle for law enforcement activities in certain situations.Ladner
HB1268 Appeal from judgement by a county or municipal authority; revise standard of construction for determining constitutionality.Criswell
HB1269 Commission on Marine Resources; establish licensing and fees for vessels used in off-bottom oyster aquaculture.Ladner
HB1283 The "Mississippi School Safety Act of 2019"; enact.Baker
HB1284 Fresh Start Act of 2019; create.Baker
HB1285 GAP (Guard and Protect vulnerable children and adults) Act; revise guardianship and conservatorship laws.Baker
HB1287 Uniforms for certain state offenders; establish pilot program to revise.Kinkade
HB1288 Engineers and land surveyors; provide that certificate for licensure may be for two years.Busby
HB1289 The Law Enforcement Identity Protection Act; create to protect the identities of officers involved in fatalities until investigation is complete.Baker
HB1290 State agencies; require to answer certain question after amending or adopting.Ford
HB1292 Real Estate Commission; require notice of proposed rule changes via email to all licensees.Guice
HB1293 Real estate appraisers; revise provisions regarding licensure requirements and national registry fee.Guice
HB1296 Open Meetings Act; revise to require that minutes kept shall be posted on public body's website within certain time after the meeting.Turner
HB1300 The Sexual Assault Response Act; create.Cockerham
HB1307 Land sold for nonpayment of ad valorem taxes; sale is voidable at option of owner if chancery clerk fails to send required notice.Barton
HB1309 Summary Courts-martial; decision to grant a trial is reserved to the special or general courts-martial convening authority.Rogers (61st)
HB1311 Mississippi Code of Military Justice; increase certain fines provided for commanding officer's nonjudicial punishment.Rogers (61st)
HB1313 Emergency medical technicians; revise definition of EMT-advanced.Powell
HB1320 Sell of urine; prohibit and prescribe criminal penalties for violation of.Bain
HB1321 MS Speech-language Therapy Scholarship Program; revise various provisions.Roberson
HB1322 Eye examinations; require SBE to recommend for first grade students whose initial screening indicates need for comprehensive.Roberson
HB1328 Financial institutions; authorize to delay completion of transaction if it may result in exploitation of certain persons.Zuber
HB1329 Vehicle loads; allow certain front and rear projecting to extend as allowable under federal law.McGee
HB1337 Youth Court Act; implement recommendations of supreme court commission on children's justice.Cockerham
HB1352 Criminal Justice Reform Act; create.White
HB1357 The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act; create procedures to enact.Dortch
HB1362 Energy efficiency standards on buildings; extend repealer on statute requiring certain buildings to meet.Staples
HB1363 Mississippi Railroad Improvements Fund; revise to provide that grants are for short line railroads.Bell (21st)
HB1375 Wills; revise the procedures that regulate administration of.Roberson
HB1378 State budget; revise definition for identifying and inventorying programs used in the budgeting process.Huddleston
HB1386 City of Winona; authorize contribution to the "Donald H. Peterson Memorial Fund."Oliver
HB1387 Montgomery County; authorize contribution to the "Donald H. Peterson Memorial Fund."Oliver
HB1392 School athletics and extracurricular activities; require SBE to review and recommend revisions for administration of for public schools.McLeod
HB1393 Municipal menaced property that is one acre or less; make certain clarifying revisions regarding.McGee
HB1400 School transportation; authorize motor vehicles other than buses for small groups of students traveling to school activities.Hood
HB1411 Pat Harrison Waterway District; authorize additional counties to join.McLeod
HB1423 City of Lexington; authorize a tax on restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.Clark
HB1425 Uniform Probate and Trust Codes; enact portions.Roberson
HB1427 Bonds; authorize issuance for various Mississippi Development Authority Programs.Smith
HB1429 Tax exemptions; revise the requirements that a data center must meet to be eligible for.Smith
HB1430 Income tax; authorize a tax credit for contributions to certain endowed funds held by community foundations.Smith
HB1431 Tax exemptions; revise requirements that a business enterprise in the aerospace industry must meet to be eligible for.Smith
HB1445 Implied Consent Law Violation Assessments; increase general fund of.Johnson (87th)
HB1456 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions regarding the determination of true value of land used for agricultural purposes.Lamar
HB1460 Hospice; allow medical directors to prescribe controlled substances for pain for terminally ill patients without in person visit.Currie
HB1463 Columbia Training School property; authorize DFA to convey certain parcel to the Marion County Economic Development District for industrial purpose.Morgan
HB1465 Assault and aggravated assault; include health care providers in provisions regarding.Carpenter
HB1468 Economic development districts; revise entities to which they may transfer property within industrial parks.Rogers (61st)
HB1474 James Plemon "J.P." Coleman Memorial Highway; designate segment of MS Hwy 759 in City of Ackerman as.Hood
HB1477 Cemeteries; authorize counties and municipalities to expend funds to maintain abandoned nonprofit cemeteries.Snowden
HB1493 Stand-alone ice vending machines; exempt bags or other containers used to store ice from including certain information on its label.Brown
HB1507 Occupational licensing boards; revise procedures for issuing a license to military spouses.Rushing
HB1514 Surveying; revise definition of to exclude certain activities.Aguirre
HB1519 Nurses; authorize Board of Nursing to establish an alternative to discipline program for licensees with certain impairment.Scoggin
HB1530 Employment; clarify that franchisee and franchisee's employees are not employee of franchisor.Gunn
HB1531 IHL construction projects; remove oversight of Bureau of Buildings and Public Prourement Review Board.Lamar
HB1533 Columbia Training School Property; authorize Marion County Economic Development District to transfer portion to Bd. of Supv. of Marion County for law enforcement training.Morgan
HB1535 Window tint; remove medical exemption.Massengill
HB1540 Contracts for collection of city/county solid wastes; authorize to extend without advertising for proposals under certain circumstances.Byrd
HB1547 Controlled substances; revise Schedules I, II, and V.Willis
HB1548 Daylight saving time; observe year-round if the federal law is amended to allow it.Clarke
HB1561 Reverse auction; prohibit use for certain term contract.Byrd
HB1563 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of the Center for STEM Education and Advancement.Smith
HB1564 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist Lauderdale County with improvements at industrial park.Snowden
HB1565 City of Starkville; authorize levying of additional tourism tax on hotels, motels and restaurants.Roberson
HB1568 Bonds; authorize issuance for the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund.Smith
HB1576 Sales tax; exempt sales of lottery tickets.Bennett
HB1579 Bonds; authorize issuance for construction of a multipurpose building at the Greenville Higher Education Center/Mississippi Delta Community College.Hines
HB1581 Firearms; clarify that courtroom includes a judge's chamber, witness room and jury room.Cockerham
HB1584 Historic property income tax credit; increase amount of credits that may be awarded and revise certain other provisions.Gunn
HB1592 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements at Mississippi State Fairgrounds and Agriculture and Forestry Museum.Smith
HB1608 Bonds; authorize issuance improvements to certain state-owned emergency alert transmission towers.Smith
HB1612 Special local improvement assessment districts; authorize municipalities to create.Baker
HB1613 Children's Promise Act; create.Baker
HB1615 Bonds; authorize issuance for improvements at Buccaneer State Park in Hancock County.Ladner
HB1618 Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System.Read
HB1619 Appropriation; Veterans' Home Purchase Board.Read
HB1620 Appropriation; Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists, Board of Examiners for.Read
HB1621 Appropriation; Cosmetology, Board of.Read
HB1622 Appropriation; Psychology, Board of.Read
HB1623 Appropriation; Auctioneers Commission.Read
HB1624 Appropriation; Medical Licensure, Board of.Read
HB1625 Appropriation; Optometry, Board of.Read
HB1626 Appropriation: Real Estate Commission and Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.Read
HB1627 Appropriation; Nursing Home Administrators, Board of.Read
HB1628 Appropriation; Physical Therapy Board.Read
HB1629 Appropriation; Nursing, Board of.Read
HB1630 Appropriation; Barber Examiners, Board of.Read
HB1631 Appropriation; Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional.Read
HB1632 Appropriation; Athletic Commission.Read
HB1633 Appropriation; Legislative expenses.Read
HB1634 Appropriation; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and trial judges services.Read
HB1635 Appropriation; Attorney General.Read
HB1636 Appropriation; District attorneys and staff.Read
HB1637 Appropriation; State Public Defender, Office of.Read
HB1638 Appropriation; Capital Post-Conviction Counsel, Office of.Read
HB1639 Appropriation; Insurance, Department of.Read
HB1640 Appropriation; Fire Academy.Read
HB1641 Appropriation; Public Service Commission.Read
HB1642 Appropriation; Public Utilities Staff.Read
HB1643 Appropriation; Education, Department of.Read
HB1644 Appropriation; Library Commission.Read
HB1645 Appropriation; Educational Television, Authority for.Read
HB1646 Appropriation; Archives and History, Department of.Read
HB1647 Appropriation; Arts Commission.Read
HB1648 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of.Read
HB1649 Appropriation; Health, Department of.Read
HB1650 Appropriation; Medicaid, Division of.Read
HB1651 Appropriation; Rehabilitation Services, Department of.Read
HB1652 Appropriation; Human Services, Department of.Read
HB1653 Appropriation; Forestry Commission.Read
HB1654 Appropriation; Soil and Water Conservation Commission.Read
HB1655 Appropriation; Foresters, Board of Registration for.Read
HB1656 Appropriation; Marine Resources, Department of.Read
HB1657 Appropriation; Environmental Quality, Department of.Read
HB1658 Appropriation; Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission.Read
HB1659 Appropriation; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Department of.Read
HB1660 Appropriation; Oil and Gas Board.Read
HB1661 Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District.Read
HB1662 Appropriation; Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority.Read
HB1663 Appropriation; Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District.Read
HB1664 Appropriation; Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.Read
HB1665 Appropriation; Port Authority, State.Read
HB1666 Appropriation; reappropiation, DFA - Bureau of Building; FY20.Read
HB1667 Appropriation; additional for various state agencies for Fiscal Year 2019.Read
HB1668 Ad valorem tax; revise certain provisions regarding exemptions for new enterprises.Smith
HB1669 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist Scenic Rivers Development Alliance with certain projects.Smith
HB1670 Income tax; exempt income of certain physicians practicing in critical physician shortage areas.Smith
HB1671 City of Clarksdale; public utilities commission may be abolished by majority vote of electors voting in special election.Burnett
HB1674 Bonds; authorize issuance for various purposes.Smith
HB1676 Suffrage; restore to Kathy Whitten Huling of Itawamba County.Bell (21st)
HB1677 Hinds County; authorize contributions to Scott Ford Houses and Jackson Zoological Park.Dixon
HB1678 Hinds County; authorize contribution to Morning Star School, a Mississippi Historic Landmark.Dixon
HB1683 City of Bay St. Louis; authorize levying of tax on bars and restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.Baria
HB1690 Income tax; provide for method of apportioning income for certain freight forwarding businesses.Smith
HB1691 City of Union; authorize expansion of water services provided by.Rushing
HB1692 Suffrage; restore to Anthony Leroy Wallace of Harrison County.Williams-Barnes
HB1693 Suffrage; restore to Shannon B. Oatis of Harrison County.Williams-Barnes
HB1695 Bonds; authorize issuance for repair and renovation of Margaret Martin Performing Art Center in Natchez.Johnson (94th)
HB1697 Bonds; authorize issuance to assist City of Natchez in constructing a Civil Rights Memorial.Johnson (94th)
HB1699 Income tax; provide for method of apportioning income of certain medical laboratory service businesses.Smith
HB1700 Bonds; increase amount authorized for the Hinds County Development Project Loan Fund and allow use for construction of a parking garage.Smith
HB1701 City of Waveland; authorize to offer leasing of Waveland Business Center that binds successor governing authorities of the city.Bennett
HB1705 City of Jackson; authorize to create land banks to address blighted properties more efficiently within the city.Denny
HB1706 City of Jackson; extend repeal date on convention and visitors bureau and reconstitute membership of bureau.Clarke
HB1713 Suffrage; restore to Dexter Lee Foster of Lee County.Kinkade
HB1714 City of Hattiesburg; increase maximum amount of additional annual payments to fire/police retirees.McGee
HB1715 City of Canton; authorize to enter into long-term agreements with Madison county Economic Development Authority concerning industrial park.Blackmon
HB1718 City of Waveland; authorize leasing of Waveland Business Center that binds successor governing authorities.Bennett
HB1720 Warren County; authorize contributions to various organizations.Denton
HB1721 City of Vicksburg; authorize to enter into lease agreements for water park improvements and to acquire such improved property through rental contracts.Denton
HB1722 Suffrage; restore to Jimmie Joseph Webb, Jr., of Harrison County.Patterson
HB1724 City of Gautier; authorize sale or 75-year lease of Singing River Mall for less than fair market value to attract retail.Read
HB1725 Suffrage; restore to Miko Butler of Pike County.Cockerham
HB1727 Marshall County; certain road contacts within Chickasaw Trails Industrial Park may extend beyond of term of board of supervisors.Kinkade
HB1728 Suffrage; restore to Christopher Mathis of Tippah County.Steverson
HB1729 Suffrage; restore to Billy Gene Barnes of Tippah County.Steverson
HB1730 Lauderdale County; authorize to fund Chaplaincy Program of the detention facility from revenue of inmate phone service.Snowden
HB1732 Town of Seminary; authorize use of golf carts on certain public roads and streets within the town.Sanford
HB1738 Tallahatchie County; authorize contribution to City of Charleston for certain maintenance and improvements to city's armory building and grounds.Reynolds
HB1740 City of Moss Point; authorize use of golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles on certain public roads and streets.Anderson
HB1742 City of Waynesboro; authorize governing authorities to impose a tax on hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, bars and restaurants.Barnett
HB1743 Lafayette County; authorize to create the Lafayette County Utility Authority.Massengill
HB1745 City of Gulfport; authorize tax on hotels, motels and restaurants to promote tourism, parks and recreation.Bennett
HB1746 Suffrage; restore to Donna Kaye Taylor of Panola County.Jackson
HB1747 Suffrage; restore to Phillip L. Sterling of Lincoln County.Currie
HB1748 Suffrage; restore to Stanley Love of Tunica County.Burnett
HB1749 Suffrage; restore to Dorothy Jones of Amite County.Cockerham
HB1751 Suffrage; restore to Charles Frank Holloway, Jr. of Copiah County.Holloway
HB1752 Suffrage; restore to Patrick J. Fick.Bennett

Senate Bill

Principal Author
SB2012 Lien for burn care; delete repeal clause.Kirby
SB2014 Domestic abuse; allow protection of pets in a protection order.Hill
SB2017 Mississippi Department of Human Services; extend repealers.Kirby
SB2030 Elections; impose residency requirement to run for certain offices.Blackwell
SB2043 Circuit clerks; increase marriage license fee.Burton
SB2046 Public Records Act; exempt certain information technology-related information from.Blackwell
SB2048 Child abuse; require CPS to notify applicable military installation family advocacy program in certain cases.Younger
SB2049 College tuition; spouses and children of USAF members may keep in-state residency classification throughout enrollment.Younger
SB2050 School enrollment; allow for children with documentation of a parent's pending military relocation to the state.Younger
SB2053 Institutions of higher learning/community colleges; require the award of educational credits for military training or service.Younger
SB2056 Fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes; revise investment required by qualified businesses under the MS Health Care Industry Zone Act.Blackwell
SB2062 Headlights; require use of when windshield wipers necessary.Wilemon
SB2116 Abortion; prohibit an abortion of an unborn human individual with a detectable heartbeat.Hill
SB2130 Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services; change statutory references.Fillingane
SB2133 Department of Employment Security; extend repealer on.Fillingane
SB2141 Terroristic threat; create offense of.Hopson
SB2161 State Medical Examiner; clarify qualifications for office and for deputies.Bryan
SB2185 Town of Carrollton; authorize imposition of tax on restaurants.Chassaniol
SB2193 Tourism; create advisory board and divert percentage of restaurant and hotel sales tax revenue for advertising.Burton
SB2196 Mississippi Foster Care Fund; provide an additional assessment on drug/alcohol violations for foster care programs.Fillingane
SB2210 Income tax; authorize a tax credit for contributions to certain endowed funds held by community foundations.Fillingane
SB2213 Pilot program for managed care payment model for children with complex medical conditions (CMC); Medicaid to implement.Wiggins
SB2229 Sales tax; exempt transfer of motor vehicle between siblings.Hudson
SB2232 Motorcycles and bicycles; allow to proceed through red light if green light is not triggered.Hill
SB2237 Public office; persons convicted of certain crimes are ineligible to qualify as a candidate for or be appointed to.Blackwell
SB2243 Emergency management; local emergency may be declared by the president of the county board of supervisors.Massey
SB2267 Medicaid managed care payment program; Medical Care Advisory Committee shall continue to review.Wiggins
SB2268 Medicaid reimbursement; continue to pay for psychiatric services for patients formerly eligible in acute care setting.Wiggins
SB2269 Payments in lieu of taxes in forest preserve property located in Issaquena and Warren Counties; authorize DWFP to make.Hopson
SB2271 Tax exemptions; revise the requirements that a data center must meet to be eligible for.Fillingane
SB2272 Mississippi Development Authority; revise reimbursement procedure to allow across funds and administered programs.Fillingane
SB2274 City of Newton; allow low-speed vehicles and golf carts on certain public roads.Burton
SB2275 Transportation center and certain historic properties; authorize City of Natchez to transfer to United States.Dearing
SB2276 DeSoto County; authorize contributions to the DeSoto County Economic Development Council, Inc.Parker
SB2279 Lowndes County; change annual valuation date of Reserve and Trust Fund from December 31 to August 31.Younger
SB2282 Mississippi Ports Improvements Fund; create.Gollott
SB2285 Department of Marine Resources; increase oyster shell retention fees.Gollott
SB2305 Human trafficking; revise penalties and definitions.Watson
SB2328 Forensic Mental Health Act of 2019; create and further revise civil commitment.Hopson
SB2365 Pharmacy Practice Act; define biological/interchangeable product.Kirby
SB2383 Outermost left lane of a multilane roadway; prohibit continuous travel by a motor vehicle.Simmons (13th)
SB2392 State agency budgeting; revise definitions and expand agencies required to inventory programs.Burton
SB2400 County coroners; may contract with a private pathologist to perform autopsies.McMahan
SB2420 Indecent assault; create the crime of.DeBar
SB2425 Sales taxation; divert portion of revenue to certain counties in which certain tax increment finance projects are located.Fillingane
SB2427 Mississippi Health Information Network (MS-HIN); extend repealer.Blount
SB2439 Division of Medicaid; clarify authority to apply for waivers, etc.Blackwell
SB2441 MS Debt Management Services Act; extend repealer on.Parks
SB2444 County tax assessors; increase annual salary supplement upon the completion of certain certifications.Blackwell
SB2445 Pay and Trade with Confidence and Electronic Device Tampering Act; create.McMahan
SB2447 Career and technical grants to schools for qualified students; provide for.Tollison
SB2449 Education of students in juvenile detention facilities; define responsibility of home school district.Tollison
SB2451 Appraisal management companies; extend repealer on statute requiring the registration of.Parks
SB2452 Occupational licensing boards; require prompt licensure for certain military spouse applicants.Parker
SB2453 Sheriffs; authorize to provide occupational health services and preventive care to employees.Moran
SB2462 Baby Drop-off Law; revise certain definitions.Hill
SB2470 Forgery; revise penalty for.Fillingane
SB2491 Drug courts; revise time frame of recertification.Hopson
SB2505 Teacher Forgivable Loan Program; available to nontraditional licensed teachers under certain conditions.Tollison
SB2524 Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Residency Program; include psychiatry students.Doty
SB2525 Advocate confidentiality law; protect certain information held by rape crisis and domestic violence programs.Doty
SB2528 Intimate visual material; create civil and criminal liability for unlawful disclosure or promotion of.Doty
SB2532 Sex offenders; employers must notify parent or guardian of certain minors who come in contact with registered employee.Doty
SB2541 State budget; provide for transfer of funds.Clarke
SB2561 Domestic abuse protection orders; revise appellate procedure.Wiggins
SB2570 Special motor vehicle license tags; authorize for supporters of various organizations.Fillingane
SB2576 Fraudulent reports; Child Protection Services may divulge information under certain circumstances.Parker
SB2577 Motor Vehicle Tax and License Synchronization Study Committee; create.McMahan
SB2598 Qualified equity investment tax credits; extend authority of Mississippi Development Authority to allocate.Fillingane
SB2599 Mississippi Development Authority Job Training Grant Fund; repeal and transfer balance to the General Fund.Fillingane
SB2602 Mississippi Home Corporation; continue authority to issue a certain amount of bonds.Fillingane
SB2603 Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Act; extend deadline for approval of rebate for certain nonresident employees.Fillingane
SB2604 Variable rate refunding bonds; delete the requirement issuance of must result in 2% saving over the bonds being refunded.Fillingane
SB2625 Mississippi School of the Arts; provide for administration and clarify employee hiring procedures.Doty
SB2669 Local Governments Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Fund; extend repeal date on MDA's authority to use for certain expenses.Fillingane
SB2675 Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program; extend repealer.Tollison
SB2679 Mississippi Code of Military Justice; increase certain fines provided for commanding officer's nonjudicial punishment.DeBar
SB2680 Summary courts-martial; decision to grant a trial is reserved to the special or general court-martial convening authority.DeBar
SB2681 Jackson State University; authorize to sell certain tax-forfeited parcels.Blount
SB2685 Comprehensive eye examination for students prior to enrollment; recommend.Tollison
SB2687 MS Gulf Coast Region Utility Board; extend repealer on.Doty
SB2697 Real estate appraisers; revise provisions regarding licensure requirements and national registry fee.Parks
SB2698 Veterans; create the Mississippi Veterans Honor Medal Program.Doty
SB2700 Commercial Driver's License Act; exclude certain equipment operated by Mississippi Military Department.Parker
SB2704 Contraband cell phones; courts may issue order to suspend service from carriers.Jackson (32nd)
SB2706 Suffrage restored to James Gregory Banana of Clay County, Mississippi.Turner-Ford
SB2716 Landlord/tenant act; clarify eviction and stay of proceedings.Hill
SB2723 State Veterans Affairs Board; authorize to provide service to state veterans homes.Parker
SB2732 Student Financial Aid; repeal discontinued grant and forgivable loan programs.Harkins
SB2737 Proprietary schools; revise provisions related to surety bonds and permits.Harkins
SB2744 Caller ID Anti-Spoofing Act; conform to federal law and create private right of action.Doty
SB2749 State Board for Community and Junior Colleges; revise the qualifications for board members.Harkins
SB2752 Voyeurism; prescribe criminal penalties for conviction.Doty
SB2754 Critical infrastructure; define crimes of impeding and trespassing against.Doty
SB2759 Mississippi Public Records Act; authorize public bodies to award procurement contract even if protest is still available.Polk
SB2764 Municipalities; extend repealer on provisions providing additional requirements for a certain municipality to annex territory.Polk
SB2766 State Board of Cosmetology; may administer student tests.Dearing
SB2770 Teachers' salaries; provide for $1,000.00 increase phased in over two years.Tollison
SB2772 Dental insurance benefits; prohibit the denial or recoupment of a claim in certain circumstances.Carmichael
SB2774 Commissioner of Banking; salaries of the Commissioner and Deputy shall be fixed by the State Personnel Board.Parks
SB2781 Mississippi Fresh Start Act; create to require the revision of licensing restrictions based on criminal records.Polk
SB2783 Commission on Marine Resources; authorize to re-designate natural/public reefs and establish program for private leases.Gollott
SB2785 Economic development districts; revise entities to which they may transfer property within industrial parks.Parker
SB2790 MS Transportation Commission; authorize to require its contractors to provide work zone safety operations.Hill
SB2802 Airport Authorities Law; limit ad valorem tax exemption to facilities on airport property as result of airport-related contracts & leases.Harkins
SB2803 Office of Shared Services in DFA; establish.Clarke
SB2810 Mississippi Development Authority; authorize to sell certain property.Fillingane
SB2817 Banks; clarify parity provisions by renumbering existing subsection.Parks
SB2818 Electioneering; prohibit for all persons in any public area within 150 feet of polling place.Blackwell
SB2821 Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act; revise to include text messages and solicitations for charitable contributions.Doty
SB2827 Local public officials; increase salaries of.Burton
SB2828 GAP (Guard and Protect vulnerable children and adults) Act; revise guardianship and conservatorship laws.Fillingane
SB2831 Insurance Data Security Law; create.Carmichael
SB2835 Mississippi First Responders Health and Safety Act; create.Carter
SB2839 State Veterans Affairs Board; authorize to be referred to as the "Mississippi Veterans Affairs".Parker
SB2840 Youth Court Act; implement recommendations of Supreme Court's Commission on Children's Justice.Wiggins
SB2844 Local governmental entities; authorize to pay costs of insurance coverage for dependents of employees.Carter
SB2847 Tanning facility regulation; prohibit use by anyone under 18 years of age.Burton
SB2853 City of Saltillo; authorize the governing authorities to impose a tax on hotels, motels and restaurants for certain purposes.McMahan
SB2854 City of Charleston; authorize a tax on restaurants to provide funds for tourism and parks and recreation.Chassaniol
SB2858 Sale of community hospital by owner; revise procedure for referendum by the electors prior to any bid or agreement.McMahan
SB2859 Offender Community Work Programs; require MDOC transparency in approving counties for participation in.McMahan
SB2863 State employment; revise definition of the term "disabled veteran" as used for veterans preference.Parks
SB2864 Mississippi Insurance Guaranty Association Law; revise the definition of "covered claim".Carmichael
SB2867 University construction projects; authorize IHL Board to administer.Harkins
SB2869 Appraisal management companies; reduce the number of days by which an independent contract appraiser must be paid for appraisal services.Parks
SB2870 Financial institutions; authorize to delay a transaction upon good-faith belief that eligible person will be exploited.Parks
SB2876 Public purchasing; extend repeal date on law which regulates contracts for energy efficiency services.Fillingane
SB2885 Growth and Prosperity Act; extend cut-off date for tax exemptions under.Clarke
SB2892 Community hospital service area; may include areas outside of the State of Mississippi.Wiggins
SB2896 Town of North Carrollton; authorize a tax on restaurant to provide funds for various purposes.Chassaniol
SB2898 Memorial highways; designate various portions.Bryan
SB2900 Memorial highway; designate portion of Highway 16 in Neshoba County for Carson W. Bounds.Branning
SB2901 Landowners Protection Act; create.Harkins
SB2916 Judicial offices; change qualifying deadline to March 1.Blackwell
SB2918 State aircraft; Director of DFA shall ensure commercially reasonable procurement practices.Hopson
SB2922 Labeling; prohibit mislabeling of food products derived from animal cultures, plants and insects as meat or meat food products.Hudson
SB2928 Energy High School Academy; authorize Vicksburg-Warren and Claiborne school districts to enter into partnership.Hopson
SB2947 Statutes relating to revision of budget estimates and reduction of funding allocations; applicable to Office of State Aid Roads.Simmons (13th)
SB2955 Sales tax; exempt sales of tangible personal property or services to the Junior League of Jackson.Michel
SB2957 Suffrage restored to Amanda Hamblin of Clay County, Mississippi.Turner-Ford
SB2988 City of Flowood; extend repeal date on hotel and motel tax that may be imposed for construction of a convention center.Kirby
SB2989 City of Diamondhead; authorize city to designate streets upon which golf carts and low-speed vehicles may be operated.Moran
SB2994 Walnut Grove; authorize correctional facility to house prisoners who have been classified to any custody level.Branning
SB2996 Stone County; authorize contracts to complete East McHenry Road project that may extend beyond the term of board of supervisors.Seymour
SB2997 Suffrage; restore to James Maurice Mallett of Hinds County, Mississippi.Frazier
SB3004 Marshall County; certain road contracts within Chickasaw Trails Industrial Park may extend beyond term of board of supervisors.Whaley
SB3005 Appropriation; IHL - General support.Clarke
SB3006 Appropriation; IHL - Subsidiary programs.Clarke
SB3007 Appropriation; IHL - Student Financial Aid.Clarke
SB3008 Appropriation; IHL - University of Mississippi Medical Center.Clarke
SB3009 Appropriation; IHL - Alcorn State - Agricultural programs.Clarke
SB3010 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.Clarke
SB3011 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Cooperative Extension Service.Clarke
SB3012 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Forest and Wildlife Research Center.Clarke
SB3013 Appropriation; IHL - Mississippi State University - Veterinary Medicine, College of.Clarke
SB3014 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Administrative expenses.Clarke
SB3015 Appropriation; Community and Junior Colleges Board - Support for community and junior colleges.Clarke
SB3016 Appropriation; Corrections, Department of.Clarke
SB3017 Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.Clarke
SB3018 Appropriation; Military Department.Clarke
SB3019 Appropriation; Public Safety, Department of.Clarke
SB3020 Appropriation; Veterans Affairs Board.Clarke
SB3021 Appropriation; Judicial Performance Commission.Clarke
SB3022 Appropriation; Ethics Commission.Clarke
SB3023 Appropriation; Employment Security, Department of.Clarke
SB3024 Appropriation; Revenue, Department of.Clarke
SB3025 Appropriation; Tax Appeals Board.Clarke
SB3026 Appropriation; Workers' Compensation Commission.Clarke
SB3027 Appropriation; Mental Health, Department of.Clarke
SB3028 Appropriation; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority.Clarke
SB3029 Appropriation; Transportation, Department of - State Aid Road Construction, Office of.Clarke
SB3030 Appropriation; Chiropractic Examiners, Board of.Clarke
SB3031 Appropriation; Dental Examiners, Board of.Clarke
SB3032 Appropriation; Funeral Services Board.Clarke
SB3033 Appropriation; Massage Therapy, Board of.Clarke
SB3034 Appropriation; Pharmacy, Board of.Clarke
SB3035 Appropriation; Counselors, Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional.Clarke
SB3036 Appropriation; Veterinary Examiners, Board of.Clarke
SB3037 Appropriation; Gaming Commission.Clarke
SB3038 Appropriation; Architecture, Board of.Clarke
SB3039 Appropriation; Geologists, Board of Registered Professional.Clarke
SB3040 Appropriation; Motor Vehicle Commission.Clarke
SB3041 Appropriation; Accountancy, Board of Public.Clarke
SB3042 Appropriation; Contractors, Board of.Clarke
SB3043 Appropriation; Agriculture and Commerce, Department of.Clarke
SB3044 Appropriation; Egg Marketing Board.Clarke
SB3045 Appropriation; Animal Health, Board of.Clarke
SB3046 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission.Clarke
SB3047 Appropriation; Fair and Coliseum Commission - Livestock shows.Clarke
SB3048 Appropriation; Banking and Consumer Finance, Department of.Clarke
SB3049 Appropriation; Finance and Administration, Department of.Clarke
SB3050 Appropriation; Governor's Office and Mansion.Clarke
SB3051 Appropriation; Audit, Department of.Clarke
SB3052 Appropriation; Information Technology Services, Department of.Clarke
SB3053 Appropriation; Personnel Board.Clarke
SB3054 Appropriation; Secretary of State.Clarke
SB3055 Appropriation; Treasurer's Office.Clarke
SB3056 Appropriation; Debt Service-Gen. Obli.Clarke
SB3057 Appropriation; Development Authority, Mississippi.Clarke
SB3062 Appropriation; additional appropriations for various state agencies for FY2019.Clarke
SB3065 Bonds; authorize for various purposes.Fillingane
SB3074 City of Pascagoula; reenact the hotel, motel and bed-and-breakfast tax, and extend the repeal date to July 1, 2023.Wiggins
SB3086 City of Amory; reenact the hotel, motel and restaurant tax, and extend the repeal date to July 1, 2023.Bryan
SB3098 Tunica County; revise distribution of gaming revenue tax.Jackson (11th)
SB3099 Coahoma County; authorize reserve and trust fund trustees to use certain amount to supplement county general fund.Jackson (11th)
SB3100 Marshall County; authorize board of supervisors to contribute to Bishop Houck New Hope Village.Whaley
SB3101 Marshall County; authorize board of supervisors to contribute to ARISE2Read literacy program.Whaley
SB3106 DeSoto County; authorize to complete certain road projects that may extend beyond the term of the board of supervisors.Parker
SB3111 Warren County; authorize contributions to a local, nonprofit Veteran's Transition Center facility.Hopson
SB3114 City of Magnolia and City of McComb; authorize agreements for cooperative wastewater transportation, treatment and disposal.Witherspoon
SB3116 Lafayette County; authorize board of supervisors to contribute to Interfaith Compassion Ministries.Tollison
SB3118 City of Columbia; authorize tax on hotels, motels and restaurants for tourism, parks and recreation.Hill
SB3120 Board of Trustees of East MS Community College District; may enter into long-term lease of certain property it owns in Lowndes County.Younger
SB3121 Simpson County; economic development district may convey water tank, water system and easement to City of Mendenhall.Caughman
SB3122 City of Pearl; expand the boundaries of the West Pearl Tax District.Kirby
SB3123 Clay County; authorize to expend up to $50,000.00 to assist ICS (Head Start) with the purchase of a school bus.Turner-Ford
SB3124 Clay County; economic development district may sell certain land.Turner-Ford


Principal Author
JR 202 Mississippi State Senate; revise composition of Senate Districts 13 and 22.Tollison